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81 Most Profitable Crafts (From Personal Experience!) 2024

Are you looking for profitable crafts you can make that sell well? 

Do you want to start a side hustle or do you finally want to make a living from doing crafts, and have no time to waste?

 Then this list of profitable craft ideas is perfect for you! 

People love unique products and they pay good money for them, therefore handmade items are the most profitable crafts to sell. 

If you enjoy working with your hands, nothing is holding you back from selling profitable handmade products. 

Good news is, there are many crafts you can make and sell for profit. But before you put in all the hard work, you want to make sure that you choose one of the crafts that sell well. 

Crafts that make the most money are the ones with low production costs and less time spent working on them. 

So don’t just jump into any type of craft, but first check out my list of the 81 most profitable crafts to sell, and then turn your business idea into great selling crafts and profitable DIY projects. 

Profitable crafts

81 Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit in 2023

1. Abstract Art

2. Scrapbooks

3. Cards

4. Lists, Plans & Charts

5. Embroidery

6. Painted Rocks

7. Paintings


9. Skateboard Wall Art

10. Lotions

11. Bath Bombs

12. Lip Balm

13. Body Scrub

14. Beard Oil

15. Bath Salts

16. Lotion Bars

17. Shower Steamers

18. Foot Soak

19. Resin Art

20. Candles

21. Hand Painted Dishes

22. Painted Pots

23. Signs

24. Confetti Frame

25. Home Fragrance

26. Woven & Knotted Decoration

27. Pantry Labels

28. Wire Rings

29. Earrings

30. Bracelets

31. Necklace

32. Scrunchies

33. Bows

34. Ankle Bracelet

35. Hair Charms & Clips

36. Hair Pins

37. Customized Pet Socks

38. Canvas Prints

39. Photo Bricks & Cubes

40. Personalized Film Strip 

41. Photo Jar Lids

42. Picture Frame

43. Photo Lamps

44. Photo Puzzle

45. Photo Magnets

46. Tote Bags

47. Scarfs

48. Dog Bandanas & Blankets

49. Sleep Eye Mask

50. Clothes Dying

51. Reusable Sandwich Bag

52. Pillow Cases

53. Shopping Bags

54. Airpod Cases

55. Hat

56. T-Shirts

57. Tea Towel

58. Coffee and Tea Cups

59. Name Signs

60. Birthday Cards

61. Decals

62. 3D Flowers

63. Wedding Accessories

64. Candle Holders

65. Jewelry Boxes

66. Money Boxes

67. Kid’s Blocks

68. Dollhouses

69. Birdshouses

70. Cheese Boards

71. Frames

72. Coasters

73. Christmas Ornaments

74. Mini Christmas Trees

75. Gift Baskets

76. Christmas Clothes

77. Stockings

78. Candles

79. Christmas Tree Baubles

80. Decorations

81. Gift Tags

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Profitable crafts

81 Top Selling Crafts in 2023

If you want your business to sell crafts with the highest profit margin, you need to not only choose the best craft to sell but also one that is profitable. 

What you think could be lucrative business craft ideas, might not turn out to be one, if you look at the below characteristics of the best crafts to make and sell for profit. 

The most profitable DIY crafts are a combination of all these points that must be considered if you want to make money from your business. 

Characteristics of Best Selling Crafts

The most wanted handmade items should be: 

  • Unique (don’t do what everyone else does)
  • Personal
  • Easy and affordable to ship

Specializing in a craft that is hard to buy, customers will be happy to pay for it and you can raise your prices pretty quickly. 

Characteristics of Most Lucrative Crafts

  • Low material costs (try to use recycled products)
  • Being able to order supplies in bulk
  • Simple in making so you don’t spend too much time on them (time = money)
  • Creating the craft at home so you don’t need to rent a retail space
Profitable crafts

Most Profitable Art Crafts

Art is one of the best handmade items to sell. 

It’s very subjective and there is no limit to your creativity, as there’s always someone out there who will love your stuff! The crazier, the better. 

Great DIY projects to sell for profit! You can use a lot of recycled materials for art crafts (or go digital) and keep your costs down that way.

9 Profitable Art Crafts That Sell Best

1- Abstract Art

This can be simply anything decorative! You can make stuff out of recycled materials, statues for outside and inside, decorations, or wall prints. 

2- Scrapbooks

You can either make scrapbooks (which is typically a book or photo album) or sell a scrapbook kit including different kinds of stickers, tape, and scissors. 

You can specialize in a specific type of scrapbook or only sell a certain element like the notepaper. 

If you’re new to scrapbooking, get yourself this DIY kit and go put the best handmade crafts on the market. 

3- Cards

Cards are one of the best selling paper crafts. There are just so many different ones you can do!

The best thing with cards is, you can create one original and then sell prints of it or sell them digitally. The low production costs make them one of the most profitable handmade items.

Most popular selling card crafts: 

  • Greeting Cards
  • Invitation Cards for Birthdays, Engagement Parties, or Weddings
  • Save The Date
  • Christmas or Easter Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Happy Birthday Cards
Profitable crafts

4- Lists, Plans & Charts

People love getting organized! I sure know I do and I have lists and plans everywhere. 

Selling lists, plans, and charts are probably one of the most profitable crafts around. Once you have created them, you can simply sell the prints without spending any more time on them. 

Make them look pretty, make them simple yet unique, and leave some room for creativity to whoever buys it. 

High selling organizational crafts

  • To-Do List
  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly Planner
  • Work Planner
  • Financial Planner
  • Travel Planner
  • Fitness Planner
  • Bullet Journal
  • Meal Plan
  • Reward Chart for Kids

5- Embroidery

This might take up a bit more of your time, however, it’s one of the best selling handmade items. 

Putting embroidery up on the wall makes your home look nice & cozy, but people just don’t have the time to sit down and cross-stitch. 

Other top selling homemade crafts that can be embroidered: 

  • Handkerchiefs
  • Ties
  • Scarfs
  • T-Shirts
  • Blankets & Tablecloths

Need some help getting into cross-stitching? Try out this embroidery starter kit and produce the hottest selling crafts out there!

6- Painted Rocks

Super easy crafts to make and sell for profit – painted rocks!

You find the rocks outside, and only have to pay for sandpaper, primer, and paint (and maybe some decoration). Quick & easy, which makes them one of the most profitable DIY projects. 

7- Paintings

Paintings are very profitable crafts to sell. 

Create one original item (which can be sold at a higher value), then sell the prints cheaper as they don’t cost you as much as creating another painting. 

The start-up supplies to make a painting are fairly low and you can buy them in bulk. Brushes and easels can be used for a long time and paint also lasts a while. You just need to get a painting surface like canvas or paper and off you go! 

8- Bookmarks

Yes, there are still people out there who read actual physical books! And they need bookmarks if they don’t want to fold over the pages to remember where they left off. So, bookmarks are super easy crafts to sell for profit. 

9- Skateboard Wall Art

Doing skateboard wall art is a profitable DIY business. You can get creative and niche down, so you can charge a lot for this unique art. 

Profitable crafts

Most Profitable Beauty & Health Crafts

Why would people buy, let’s say, soap from you if they could get it from the supermarket instead? Because they’re looking for something extraordinary. 

So, what crafts sell the most? The ones that you can’t buy from anywhere else. Make something special. Back to soaps, create a certain smell or a certain shape.

Listen to people when they complain about other products and think about how you can make them in a better way!

Soaps are by far the most profitable handmade products. 

They’re easy to sell and easy to ship due to their small size and weight. Soaps make great gifts for birthdays and other occasions. 

9 More Profitable Beauty & Health Best Selling Craft Ideas

1- Lotions

2- Bath Bombs

3- Lip Balm

4- Body Scrub

5- Beard Oil

6- Bath Salts

7- Lotion Bars

8- Shower Steamers

9- Foot Soak

Profitable crafts

Most Profitable Home Decor Crafts

Best crafts to sell for profit are home decor items. People love decorating their homes and are always on the hunt for something special and pretty. 

9 Profitable Home Decor Hobby Crafts To Sell 

1- Resin Art

Resin Art is so popular and super pretty to look at, you won’t have any problems selling this.

Most profitable resin crafts to sell are:

  • Artwork
  • Pet Tags
  • Coasters
  • Chopping Boards
  • Keychains
  • Phone Cases

2- Candles 

3- Hand Painted Dishes

4- Painted Pots

5- Signs

6- Confetti Frame

7- Home Fragrance 

8- Woven & Knotted Decoration

9- Pantry Labels

Profitable crafts

Most Profitable Jewellery Crafts

I believe Jewelry is one of the most profitable crafts to make and sell. 

At every market I go to, people always hover around the jewelry stands! They love getting nice things for themselves or as a gift for their loved ones.

Even though it’s a highly competitive niche, jewelry items are the most lucrative crafts to sell, as people are happy to spend money on them. 

Just be sure to make something simple yet unique, so you don’t spend hours over hours producing one piece.

There are many jewelry craft ideas to make and sell for profit, check them out! 

9 Profitable Jewelry Craft Items That Sell The Best

1- Wire Rings

2- Earrings

3- Bracelets

4- Necklace

5- Scrunchies

6- Bows

7- Ankle Bracelet

8- Hair Charms & Clips

9- Hair Pins

Profitable crafts

Most Profitable Photography Crafts

Photography is one of the best crafts to make money from. We take pictures all the time, so why not learn a few more skills on how to take professional photos?  

Depending on the type of photography craft you have in mind, you might not need to buy an expensive camera, but can just use your phone with a clip-on light. Therefore, photography items can be the most profitable handmade items to sell.

9 Profitable Photography Crafts To Sell For Profit

1- Customized Pet Socks

2- Canvas Prints

3- Photo Bricks & Cubes

4- Personalized Film Strip

5- Photo Jar Lids

6- Picture Frame

7- Photo Lamps

8- Photo Puzzle

9- Photo Magnets

These products can be the most profitable Etsy crafts as well, as they are very personal and a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and other milestones.

If you’re looking to grow your business on Etsy, I highly recommend these 2 courses that can help you kick-start your digital business: SEO Growth with Sale Samurai and E-Printables Course from Gold City Ventures

Most Profitable Fabric Crafts 

Turn your sewing or crocheting passion into the best selling homemade crafts. 

The most profitable sewing projects can be pillows, hair accessories, leather bags, zipper pouches & clothing. 

Here’s a tip: although there are so many baby and kids DIY projects you could make, you would most likely have high costs due to the many safety regulations and label rules. 

That’s why I wouldn’t suggest going down that road but rather look at these top selling DIY crafts.

Profitable crafts

9 More Profitable Fabric Crafts To Make For Profit

1- Tote Bags

2- Scarfs

3- Dog Bandanas & Blankets

4- Sleep Eye Mask

5- Clothes Dying

6- Reusable Sandwich Bag

7- Pillow Cases

8- Shopping Bags

9- Airpod Cases

Most Profitable Cricut Projects

You can do just about anything with a Cricut machine and the produced items can make for the best handmade products!

The most profitable Cricut business is the one that includes handmade products that are easy to make and don’t require much of your time. 

Cricut projects will allow you to make a business profit if you can keep your production costs low and produce many pieces in a short time. 

9 Profitable Cricut Projects

1- Hat

2- T-Shirts

3- Tea Towel

4- Coffee and Tea Cups

5- Name Signs

6- Birthday Cards

7- Decals 

8- 3D Flowers

9- Wedding Accessories

Profitable crafts

Profitable Woodworking Projects

Let’s finally talk about some money making crafts for men (as well as women 🙂) and the different kinds of wood crafts to make and sell for profit. 

Woodwork can get complicated, so you should choose simple profitable woodworking projects, otherwise, you will have too many costs and waste too much time. 

Let’s have a look at some profitable woodworking ideas!

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Profitable crafts

9 Most Profitable Woodworking Projects To Build And Sell

1- Candle Holders

Candle holders are a profitable woodworking item. They don’t take long to make and can be customized to certain types of candles. 

2- Jewelry Boxes

The most profitable woodworking projects to sell are jewelry boxes. If consumers spend a lot of money on their jewelry, they are happy to pay for something that protects their expensive products.  

3- Money Boxes

Money boxes are the best woodworking projects to make money from. They are typically just a square box and super simple to make. 

4- Kid’s Blocks

High profit woodworking projects can be making kid’s blocks. Parents are more likely to buy handmade items from you rather than get toxic mass-produced items out of a huge warehouse. 

Even though these could be the best handmade things to sell, check on the regulations for kid’s products first before jumping into this business. 

5- Dollhouses

Dollhouses are another craft out of the many wood projects to sell for profit. These are typically sold for a lot of money, so they’re the most profitable wood crafts to sell out there. 

6- Birdhouses

Birdhouses are also woodworking projects to make you money. You can sell them in different colors and variations!

7- Cheese Boards

People love showing off handmade and unique stuff to their friends and family when they have them over for lunch or dinner. Very profitable wood crafts!

8- Frames

Frames are woodwork projects to make good money too. They are simple and easy to ship. 

9- Coasters

I hope one of these best selling arts and crafts ideas will turn into the most profitable woodworking business that you really enjoy working on!

Easy Christmas Crafts To Make And Sell For Profit

You would think people stocked up enough on Christmas decorations last year, but they never seem to get enough. Christmas items are by far the most popular crafts to sell. 

Best selling craft items for Christmas include:

1- Christmas Ornaments

2- Mini Christmas Trees

3- Gift Baskets

4- Christmas Clothes

5- Stockings

6- Candles

7- Christmas Tree Baubles

8- Decorations

9- Gift Tags

Most Profitable Craft Business Industries

If you’re looking for profitable craft business ideas, you should choose something from the below categories. People are more likely to spend money in those areas. 

  • Wedding
  • Pets
  • Beauty
  • Season (e.g. Christmas, Easter, Halloween)
Profitable crafts

FAQs to Profitable Crafts

Is Crafting a Good Side Hustle?

Yes, crafting is a good side hustle to make some extra money. You can do the crafts yourself from home, that way you keep the start-up costs low and make profit from your crafting side hustle.  

Crafting is a great side hustle for everyone who wants to make some extra money, including students and stay-at-home moms. 

What Homemade Item Sells The Most?

The best homemade crafts to make and sell for profit are the ones that are unique and serve a purpose. People love craft products, and handmade items that sell well include signs, candles, soaps, planners, and home decor. 

What Crafts Are in High Demand? 

Are you wondering what crafts are selling? High in demand and popular crafts to sell in 2023 are: 

  • Personalised Items 
  • Pet Products
  • Resin Art
  • 3D Items
  • Wood-Burned Gifts
  • Cricut Items
  • Name Signs
  • Coaster Sets
  • Custom T-Shirts
  • Picture Frames
  • Homemade Candles

What Is The Easiest Thing to Make and Sell? 

The easiest thing to make and sell is a craft that doesn’t require much equipment (using recycled materials), can be produced in bulk, and doesn’t take much time to make. The easy things are typically also the most profitable crafts to make and sell.

Profitable crafts

Easy profitable crafts include sweet treats, lip balm, and posters.

Can You Make a Living Off Crafting? 

Yes, you can make a living off crafting, if you choose a profitable craft. The best crafts that make money are the ones that don’t cost much of your time and don’t require many tools or equipment to make them. 

You can definitely make a living off a profitable craft business. 

Final Thoughts on Profitable Crafts

I hope my post about the best crafts to make and sell helped you in making a decision on which of the many profitable crafts you want to go for. 

There are so many high profit crafts to choose from, so I would go for the one you enjoy the most, so you can deliver the best outcome to your customers. 

If you create lucrative crafts that are evergreen and different from what everyone else sells, if you listen to your customers and think outside of the box, you can be sure that your business has the best selling arts and crafts. 

On top of those things, create a little marketing plan on whom you plan to sell your handmade craft to and how you can make your potential clients find your business (this is just as important as the craft you pick!). 

Happy crafting!

Profitable crafts

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