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13 Get Paid To Learn Code Ways Paying WELL In 2024!

Do you want to get paid to learn code?

If you have always thought that learning to code wasn’t for you, read on! 

Everyone who knows me knows that tech and numbers terrify me and I stay away from them if I can.

When I finally started exploring learning to code, I found out that for those without any coding background, learning to code can help you earn a lot more money

You can even get paid while learning to code!

That sounded too good to be true for me but when I started looking, I found a lot of options out there for you to get paid even if you are an absolute beginner who is just learning to code.

As a bit of an introduction, my name is Aisha Preece!

I run 6 blogs despite having ZERO tech experience. Over the years I’ve had to learn to fix my own websites and how to code- while traveling around the world! Learning how to code has skyrocketed my income, I hope it can improve your income too!

Get Paid To Learn Code

13 Ways To Get Paid To Learn Code

1. Join Apprenticeship Programs

2. Participate In Coding Challenges

3.  Find Freelance Coding Jobs 

4. Start A YouTube Tutorial Channel

5. Start A Blog

6. Develop Applications

7. Create Games

8. Make Web Plugins

9. Write An E-Book About Coding

10. Find Freelance Writing Jobs

11. Tutor Other Learners

12. Create Online Courses

13. Create Templates

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13 Ways To Get Paid To Learn Code

There are many different things that you can do to get paid to learn how to code. 

I didn’t know that there were so many options out there! Even for absolute newbies like me!

You can learn to code while getting paid to apply the skills that you are learning. 

You can even reinvest some of the money that you are earning to learn even more coding. 

I always try to set aside some of my income for learning! It’s such a great investment because I keep learning new skills.

As your skill increases, you can continue to get paid to learn programming and apply for even higher-paying jobs.

Get paid to learn code

1. Join Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeship programs are a great way to get paid to learn software development. 

With these programs, you get paid to learn computer programming while the company benefits by having trained staff in the future. It’s a win-win situation and a great opportunity to have a consistent salary as you are learning. 

I think that this is the best way to get paid while you are learning to code. The learning programs are usually very well structured and there is a lot of support as you learn.

A lot of apprenticeship programs will also help with job placements if you are keen to continue working in coding. This means that you get to learn to code and it will pay when you get a job.

2. Participate In Coding Challenges

Coding challenges are another great way to get paid to learn code online. Platforms regularly organize challenges and they offer the chance for you to apply what you are learning while also having the opportunity to earn prizes.

Check out these platforms that offer competitive programming:

I used to think that I had to be an expert before I could join a coding challenge but some of the challenges have different levels so you can compete even if you are still learning to code. 

You can also join group competitions with other coders who may have more experience and it is a great opportunity to learn from them.

3.  Find Freelance Coding Jobs 

Even if you are a beginner, you can find freelance coding jobs that people who are not very tech-savvy will pay you to do. Check out freelance job websites and look for jobs that only require basic skills so that you can get paid to learn code.

If you are keen to learn coding while getting paid, you could even do some research ahead of time and see what types of jobs are in high demand for beginners and choose which programming language and skills you want to learn accordingly.

Tip: I always check out freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork to see the types of coding skills that are in demand. 

You might be surprised how many jobs there are out there that require very basic coding skills.

4. Start A YouTube Tutorial Channel

Starting a monetized YouTube channel can be another great way to get paid to learn coding. Sharing your coding journey can be helpful for other learners and you may be able to get a lot of views just by sharing your learning process and progress. 

If you aren’t sure how to get started, check out this step-by-step guide that walks you through the process.

I really want to start a YouTube channel one day because there is a real potential to earn money!

5. Start A Blog

If you enjoy writing, you could start a blog and write SEO-optimized posts about learning coding. A lot of people are gaining an interest in coding and it is a topic that can get you a lot of views.

Follow along with my guide to start a blog and start writing articles that can help you learn programming and get paid passive income.

A big plus is that you may be learning the technical skills that you need to manage your blog while you are learning coding.

Get paid to learn code

6. Develop Applications

If you thought that you had to completely master multiple coding languages before you could develop applications, think again. 

With just some basic knowledge, you can start developing and selling applications to entertain or help people and get paid to learn coding. 

The best languages to learn if you are interested in developing applications are Java, Swift, and Kotlin.

7. Create Games

Creating games is a great way to get paid learning to code. Not only is creating games enjoyable for you, but it will also be fun to sell the game and share it with others. 

When you are first getting started, it can help to have some free games that people can access easily and then progress to paid games once you are better at creating them.

Get paid to learn code

Python is one of the easiest languages for beginners to use to create games as the syntax that is used is very similar to English. By creating games with Python, you will get paid to learn Python and be able to create even better games.

8. Make Web Plugins

Particularly if you are learning JavaScript, you can develop and sell web plugins for other users to address pain points in their work or lives. A lot of bloggers rely on plugins to manage their blogs more effectively as they may not have the technical expertise.

9. Write An E-Book About Coding

Writing an e-book is also a way to create a product that helps you learn coding and get paid. The e-book can be related to your learning process or maybe highlight helpful tips to learn coding. 

It can be as personalized as you want to make it and you can create it quickly using a tool like Canva.

10. Find Freelance Writing Jobs

If you don’t want the commitment of having your blog but enjoy writing and want to get paid for sharing what you are learning, there are a lot of tech blogs that are always looking for writers with personal experience with coding. 

This is a wonderful way to get paid to code while you learn.

11. Tutor Other Learners

You don’t have to be an expert to teach others. 

You just need to be one step ahead of them. It can be easier and less intimidating for people to learn from someone that they identify with who is just slightly ahead of them in their learning journey. 

Once you have learned some skills and developed a good understanding of the basics, you can start offering tutoring services to those who are just getting started. 

Be honest with your skill level and experience and always make sure that you can deliver what you are promising.

12. Create Online Courses

As you go through your learning journey and find processes that work well for you, you can create online courses to share your learning process with others so that they can learn as well.

There are many different types of learning styles and you would be surprised to find that there are probably many people out there who would benefit from your learning process.

You can sell your courses on many platforms but a popular one is Udemy.

Get paid to learn code

13. Create Templates

Once you have learned some basic coding skills, you can create and sell templates that other users who don’t have any programming skills can use. 

The great thing about creating templates is that you just have to create it one time and you can sell it over and over again. 

How Much Can You Earn As A Beginner Coder?

How much you can earn as a beginner coder will depend on where the job is based. In some parts of the US, a beginner programmer can earn somewhere between $35,000 – $50,000 on average each year. As you gain more experience, that number will only get bigger and bigger.  

Get paid to learn code

​​How to Start Learning to Code

If you want to learn to code and get paid but don’t know where to start, here are some basic steps you can take to get started.

1. Choose Your First Coding Language To Learn

There are many coding languages out there that you can learn. If you are a beginner, you might want to start with coding languages that are easier to understand and learn.

These languages are often rated as the easiest to understand and learn:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • C
  • Python
  • Java

A lot of these languages use relatively simple syntax which means you have less to learn before you can get started writing code that works.

Choose one and move on to the next step. You can always learn other coding languages once you learn the first one.

Since different coding languages are used for different purposes, you should choose a coding language that is suitable for the tupe of work that you want to do.

2. Check Out Free Resources

If you are starting and you don’t have a lot of money to invest in paid resources, you can always check out the free resources that are available and start learning from them.

Here are the top 3 free resources that you can start exploring.

3. Make Coding A Habit

This is probably the most important step that you can take towards learning to code. To get more fluent in any language, practice is very important. The same is true when you are trying to learn a coding language.

Set aside time every single day to learn and you will improve and be well on your way to getting paid to learn coding. 

Try to aim for at least 30 minutes a day to spend on learning and practicing the coding language that you have chosen. The more time that you spend, the faster you will be able to learn. 

But even 5 minutes a day is better than spending a few hours once a week.

4. Invest In Paid Resources

Once you have developed a habit of coding regularly, you may want to start investing in paid resources that often offer more structure and support. A lot of the free resources that you may have explored in the past often have a paid version as well.

You may also choose to get courses that help you create a portfolio that you can use to start applying for jobs.

The biggest benefit of paid resources is usually the access that you will have to support from instructors.

5. Complete Coding Projects

Completing coding projects is another way to build your portfolio so that you can demonstrate to potential clients or employers that you have the technical skills needed.

You can start with using screenshots of your program but it’s always more effective if you can also provide the code that can be run.

By completing coding projects and developing a portfolio, you will have a valuable resource when you start looking for coding work.

Coding projects can also be a lot of fun to do and I always feel like I have achieved something when my project is able to run without any bugs!

Highest Paying Coding Skills

If you are wondering which programming skills are going to help you earn the most, here is a recently released list of the 5 Highest-Paying Programming Languages in the USA

1. Go (Average Salary: $125,000)

2. Rust (Average Salary: $125,000)

3. Scala (Average Salary: $122,000)

4. Objective C (Average Salary: $115,000)

5. Swift (Average Salary: $114,718)

If you don’t have any coding experience and you are keen to learn, these programming languages may be worth investing your time and effort into.

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Get paid to learn code

FAQs On Get Paid To Learn Code

What Is The Company That Pays You To Learn Code?

One of the companies that pay you to learn coding is Multiverse. The Multiverse’s software engineering apprenticeship program sets itself apart from other companies. 

Through this program, you will get paid a salary that ranges from $50,000 to $70,000 for 15 months, starting with a boot camp and ending with a final project.

How To Make Money Coding As A Beginner?

There are many ways that you can make money coding as a beginner. Here are some great opportunities that you can check out.

1. Join Apprenticeship Programs

2. Participate In Coding Challenges

3.  Find Freelance Coding Jobs 

4. Start A YouTube Tutorial Channel

5. Start A Blog

6. Develop Applications

7. Create Games

Can You Make Money Coding On The Side?

If you want to make money by coding on the side, there are plenty of ways that you can turn your coding skills into a side job, from freelancing to tutoring to producing written or video content. You can also explore other types of side hustles to make money on the side.

Can Anyone Learn To Code And Get A Job?

Coding is one of those skills that truly anyone can learn and get a job. You can do this without formal education or working as a programmer, though both are great ways to learn. Putting in the effort to develop your coding skills is the best way to get a job coding.

Is Learning To Code A Good Side Hustle?

Wondering if you should put in the effort to learn coding? If you know how to code, you can absolutely turn it into a fun, lucrative side hustle. There are many different jobs related to coding that you can explore and you are bound to find one that is a good fit for you.


Now that you know how to get paid to learn to code, I hope that you will be more confident to take that first step to get started. Don’t be overwhelmed by your lack of experience or skills. 

If I can learn coding, I truly believe that anyone can. It’s not as scary as it sounds and looks.

Even if you don’t have any coding experience or skills, you can start today and will be able to start earning in no time! Take small steps each day and you will get there eventually.

Explore the many ways that you can get paid to learn code and choose 1-2 to pursue. Instead of you having to pay to learn coding, find those companies and clients that will pay you to learn to code instead! 

Good luck with learning code and getting paid for it!

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