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Get Paid To Advertise – Your Ultimate Guide In 2024

If you are a blogger, wouldn’t you want to know if you can get paid to advertise?

When I started my blog (after much procrastination), my friend told me I could place ads on it and get paid. 

And I was like ‘You mean, I can get paid to advertise other people’s stuff on my blog? Oh yeah, baby, like I always say – If it’s free, it’s for me!’. 

Not only that, but I realized I could also get paid to advertise things such as clothes or other people’s companies.  

How did I know all this? 

I had to read through multiple sites so I thought why not make the life of my fellow readers easier and share this good news by compiling all the ideas here? 

So, these are the topics we are going to delve into : 

  • How To Advertise And Get Paid?
  • What Are The Platforms Accessible For Me to Get Paid To Advertise?
  • How Much Can I Get Paid To Advertise?
  • Does Google Ads Pay Money?
  • Can I Earn Money By Watching Videos?

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get paid to advertise

How To Advertise And Get Paid?

I am going to explain two concepts on this and I will elaborate as the article progresses. 

There are two main ways for you to advertise and get paid. There are:  

  • Active 
  • Passive

1. Active

This means you are doing the advertisement actively every day or every once a week. This can be in the form of video posting or even physical ads. 

An example of this is by creating a product reviewing video which will be explained in detail below. And that my friend is how you actively advertise for a company and get paid!

Secondly, you could become an influencer and that looks like being brave enough to show your daily life to your followers. 

For some people, active means of getting paid to advertise looks like hosting an event. You could also actively advertise and get paid by physically handing out brochures for companies. 

2. Passive

This is done by using your existing mediums to make money for you. What does this look like?

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways, which you will see on most websites or blogs. I use this method on my blog since I have a solid amount of traffic visiting my sites.

If this is your first time hearing this term and you feel a bit lost, do not worry. I have got you covered.

61 Best affiliate programs for beginners without a website (2024) is a blog post I wrote and I know this will help the beginners.

If you are someone who does not have a blog but would like to learn affiliate marketing to enhance your Pinterest site, for example, I have just the thing to help you, too!

Check this article out – Affiliate marketing on Pinterest in 11 easy steps and trust me, it will help you site bring in the traffic it needs to thrive!

Renting out your car for companies to advertise or renting out space on your existing podcasts are also different means of how you can get paid for advertising.

Now, let’s explore what this looks like, practically.  

What Are The Platforms Accessible For Me to Get Paid To Advertise?

1. Blogs

The first way is by affiliate marketing. 

Did you realize as you read the articles on my websites, I would have placed a disclaimer either at the beginning or the end of the articles stating that ‘some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you.  

Those links you click on take you to another website that may be selling a type of service or product. 

Not only does that help me get paid, but it also helps the other website get traffic.

Secondly, by posting ads on your websites. How to make money posting ads, you ask?

There are two ways to do this. 

You can either approach trusted companies that share the same values as you.

Then you share a proposal with them to request if they would like to post an ad for their product on your website. 

The other way is to use Google AdSense and Google will help you to get paid to advertise. The income is not much but something is better than nothing right? 

This is an example of a passive way to advertise for money. 

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get paid to advertise

2. YouTube

This is an active means to get paid for advertising. When you share your life by creating videos and posting them on YouTube, you are bound to have a certain amount of followers.

You would have created a sense of trust and bond with your viewers. I have watched videos on YouTube and my favorite part is the comment section.

More often than not, I realize viewers would be asking questions about the product, food, or even a particular drink that the YouTuber was having. 

Some small, new budding companies may use your strong platform to advertise their products and they may pay you a certain amount when your viewers buy their product. 

Another means of using YouTube to get paid for advertising is when people watch your ads between each video. 

You can read more on this YouTube Partner Program.

get paid to advertise

3. Podcasts

I have been listening to this really good podcast called The Diary Of A CEO on Spotify.

I remember listening to him when he first started it which was probably about 3 years ago.

When he first started it, it was a very brief introduction of himself, and he would start the sharing. 

I heard him recently, and for a few of his videos now, there is an advertisement about a product or skill that companies are using his voice and his platform to advertise. 

He is getting paid to advertise certain products or skills via his platform. 

get paid to advertise

4. On Car Advertising

Do you have a car and you would like to make some income with it but you don’t trust strangers driving it? 

You can approach car advertising companies that are willing to help you get paid to advertise on your car. 

Growing up, I used to see cars being wrapped in Red Bull stickers and I used to wonder why would anyone do this to their car. 

Now, I understand that it could have been a means to advertise for money. 

But please do be aware of scams when you decide to venture this idea to get paid to advertise on your car Red Bull. 

Why would this work, you ask? 

Well, I think this is a smart tactic since, more often than not, we all get stuck in a jam, and with nothing much to do, we tend to check out the cars around us.

When you see an ad for a car, which is normally not small, mind you, it attracts your attention. You are bored in the car and you get curious and check it out. 

And that, my friend, is how you would get paid to advertise your car. 

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get paid to advertise

5. Social Media

I once used this super amazing sunblock on my face and loved how it was lightweight and did not leave a cast on my face. 

So I shared these thoughts with the founder of the product.

They were so happy with my feedback that they asked me if I could post a video sharing my feedback on my social media.

They shared a referral code that my followers could use to get the product at a cheaper rate which would also indirectly increase their sales.

This is a form of advertising. You can use this for any form of social media you have, be it Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat.

Another means for you to use your social media to get paid to advertise is by running ads for those companies. 

Let me just warn you, normally companies would check to see if you have a certain amount of followers first before they would agree to allow you to run ads for their companies.  

This can be in the form of a sponsored product. 

Let’s say you have a Pinterest site and would use that to get paid to advertise, you do that through sponsored pins. 

get paid to advertise

6. Companies

Different companies have different means of advertising their product or skill. We have explored a few above.

We are going to explore a few more specific ways a company could approach you to do some advertising for them. 

Did you know marketing agencies are also looking for humans to do the advertising for them but in a non-conventional way?

Sounds weird. But hear me out.

There was a guy who was paid handsomely for wearing a particular company t-shirt every day of his life. That was his way of helping a company advertise their product. 

Another way to advertise for a company and get paid is by placing tattoos on yourself. A Brazilian man earned money for a living by doing this. 

He tattooed his body with different company logos and this is how he gets paid for advertising.  

Mind you, these are all real people, and it works!

get paid to advertise

Besides that, companies will also pay you to use your phone wallpaper to advertise their product or brand. 

So, instead of your cute cat’s face on your phone screen, it will be a company’s logo or tagline. 

Who cares what is on your home screen if it is going to be bringing you some cash, right?

Have you realized that when you get to your car after some lunch, you see a brochure or a pamphlet sticking on your car windshield? 

Some companies pay you well for each advertising pamphlet or brochure you give out physically. 

If companies do not approach you, you are free to approach them. A lot of new budding companies or websites, do not have the mental capacity to figure these things out.

Approaching them with the idea of helping them advertise their product may help ease their burden and can also help fill your pocket with a good amount of cash. 

get paid to advertise

How Much Can I Get Paid To Advertise?

Honestly, this differs because of the method you are choosing to advertise and the kind of crowd you are exposed to. 

It also matters how long you have been in this field of having your own social media platform, blog, or podcast. 

It will take time to earn in the big bucks but all good things come to those who wait, right?

Does Google Ads Pay Money?

Wondering does Google Ads Pay Money? Yes. They operate by Google AdSense. 

How does this work? You sign up with Google AdSense, they will give you a code, and you place that code on your website or blog. 


Google will search for relevant ads to place on your website or blog. When your viewers click on it, you will get paid for advertising online. 

Google has been in the marketing field for over a decade, thus they are more experienced. The more specific your company or blog is in its specific niche, it will help Google Ads redirect users to your site. 

FAQs on Get Paid To Advertise

How To Earn Money On Google Ads?

Planning on advertising through Google Ads and wondering how to earn money through it?

Just follow these 3 steps and Google will help you with the rest.

1. You make your ad spaces available.

2. The highest-paying ads appear on your site.

3. You get paid.

How To Make Money On WhatsApp?

Do you want to use WhatsApp to make money? Come, let me show you how.

You do it by : 

1. Offering services or skills

2. Affiliate marketing 

3. Content creation. 

1. Offering Services Or Skills

Is there something you are passionate about and would like to monetize it? 

Create a template and share it on your WhatsApp profile. As a business.

2. Affiliate Marketing 

If you are a newbie and this word sounds scary to you, check out this article I wrote, 61 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners Without A Website.

Rest assured, there are tips for you to put into practice to help you make money on WhatsApp. 

3. Content Creation

Based on your passion, create some content around it and post it via WhatsApp. 

You can check out step by step on how to do this better by checking out this article I wrote on 47 Online Jobs That Don’t Suck (Personal Experience In 2024!)

Can I Earn Money By Watching Videos?

So, can I earn money by watching videos? Yes, you can certainly earn money by watching videos. Many platforms provide this easy way to make money. 

One of them is via Swagbucks. It is as simple as watching videos and getting paid for it. 

The payment is in gift cards, cash, or other rewards. 

Post-pandemic, there have been lots of job opportunities that have arisen in many different fields. 

As mentioned above, there are many ways to get paid to advertise. Be it advertising physically, via an online platform, or even advertising for companies. 

You can get paid to advertise if you have an active website or blogging site, which can be a form of your active income. 

If you have an existing job already and are looking for a side hustle, you also can get paid to advertise by being an influencer’s social media manager. 

Be it in the form of posting ads on their social media or even using your own space to share about their product or company. 

If you feel you are not a creative person to create video ads or come up with fancy posters, you could even use yourself to wear their products or use your phone to advertise for them. 

You can even get paid to physically go around and hand out advertisements in the form of flyers and brochures. 

Will you give this a try? 

get paid to advertise

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