How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship

How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship? Etsy Shipping Guide (2024)

How long does Etsy take to ship? Are you asking yourself this question after making an Etsy purchase? 

Do you have a hard time navigating the Etsy shipping tracker after making a purchase? 

As a regular Etsy shopper, I get how frustrating it can be not knowing how long does Etsy take to ship after making a purchase! 

I also helped my sister set up her new Etsy shop, so we are learning together how shipping and all other etsy related processes work, firsthand! 

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In this article, I will uncover everything you need to know to navigate the Etsy shipping process effectively- from understanding how long does Etsy take to ship to what to do when your Etsy shipping goes wrong!


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How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship- Factors Influences Etsy Shipping Times

So how long does Etsy take to deliver? Etsy does not hold stocks of products from the seller. The product shipment is done directly by the individual Etsy seller. 

Therefore, the shipping times depend on the distance of the shipment from the seller and the types of product ordered- as customized order takes longer. 

Besides that, other factors can influence Etsy shipping time:

1. Etsy Processing Time

To put it simply, Etsy processing time is the time it takes between when an order is made and when the order is shipped by the seller. 

Processing time impacts the speed of delivery on Etsy as it depends on the type of item being ordered. 

For example, custom-made orders may have longer processing times, which in turn affects the estimated delivery date. 

Whereas if the item ordered is in stock, Etsy sellers tend to process the shipment within 3 working days to ensure quick delivery. 

If an Etsy seller doesn’t mention a processing time after an order is placed, the default processing time will be 5 days

2. Impact of Etsy Seller’s Location

Etsy’s seller’s location has a huge impact on how long does Etsy shipping take to arrive. 

For domestic delivery, it takes around 3 to 7 business days, whereas if you make an order from a seller in a different country, the shipment time can take anywhere between 10 to 30 working days. 

It is harder to estimate delivery dates for international shipments as Etsy’s seller has no control over the custom duration of the designated country. 

3. Shipping Carrier

For Etsy sellers in the U.S., there are three main shipping carriers supported by Etsy- USPS, FedEx, and Canada Post. 

When an Etsy Seller uses any of the supported postage services, they can directly print the shipping stickers on Etsy from home.  

The seamless shipment process puts less burden on how to ship on Etsy but also comes with an additional advantage, as Etsy sellers can save up to 30% in shipping costs.  

Direct shipping label purchase is also available for Etsy delivery UK if the Etsy seller chooses to ship with Royal Mail or Evri for both domestic and international delivery. 

For example, I sell journals on Etsy and sending it to America VS Malaysia will have different shipping durations!

How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship

How Etsy’s Shipping Estimates Work

1. Estimating Delivery Date on Etsy

The estimated delivery date calculation is a combination of the processing time stated by the seller and the transit time for the package to arrive once the item is shipped. 

Processing Time + Carrier Transit Time= Estimated Delivery Date

The carrier transit time is an estimation based on the usual time it takes for a shipment to reach that particular location. 

2. Is Etsy Estimated Delivery Accurate?

Etsy’s estimated delivery date is not always accurate due to a few factors, such as unexpected delays in transit or Etsy sellers taking a longer time to process an order. 

Since Etsy does not fulfill the product shipment, it is hard to guarantee that the order will arrive according to the estimated delivery date, as it depends on a third-party carrier. 

Assuming there are no unforeseen events, the estimated delivery date is mostly accurate, especially for domestic shipments. 

Whereas for international shipments, it is best to rely on the estimated delivery date once you have received the tracking code from the shipping carrier. 


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How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship: Tips on Tracking Etsy Order

1. How to Track an Etsy Order

For orders that are fulfilled directly by Etsy-supported shipping carriers, here is how to track a package from Etsy from your Purchases page on Etsy. 

Click on the Etsy profile icon on the top right corner > select Purchases > Select Track Page

Once you click ‘Track Package’, you will find details about your package’s status along with Etsy shipping tracker numbers. 

Alternatively, you can check your package’s status from the shipping notification emails received for your order.

However, if the Etsy seller is using other shipping carrier services that are not supported by Etsy, you can find your package’s status by selecting View Receipt on your Purchases page.  

2. Meaning of Various Shipping Statuses on Etsy

Processing: Your order has been received by the seller, and the seller is preparing to ship it. 

Shipped: Etsy seller has fulfilled the order and the package is in the hand of the shipping carrier.

Pre- transit: Your order is being sorted at the shipping facility, but the tracking number has not yet been scanned into the system.

In Transit: Your order has been processed and it’s on the way to you.

Delivered: Your order package has successfully been delivered to you.

Canceled: Your order has been canceled by the seller, and your refund should be issued by Etsy.

3. Contact Etsy Sellers Regarding Shipping Before Purchase

If an Etsy shop does not mention the estimated delivery date before purchase, it is best to contact the seller to get a rough estimation of the delivery date. 

To look for an estimated delivery date on a product listing page, scroll down, and below the Item Details, you can find the listed Shipping and return policies

At the shipping and return policies, Etsy sellers usually mention the estimated delivery date if ‘ordered today’, the cost of shipping to your location, and where it is to ship from. 


Understanding the Cost Involved In Etsy Shipping

1. Breakdown of How to Calculate Shipping Costs on Etsy

There are two ways how to calculate shipping costs on Etsy: Calculated or Fixed Rate. 

Calculated Rate:

With calculated shipping rate, the item’s size, weight, and postal location combined determine how much is shipping on Etsy.

With this method, it gives a more accurate shipping price for the buyers to pay during checkout. Etsy Sellers may also include other Etsy shipping costs, such as the handling fee to cover the cost of packaging and Etsy fees. 

Fixed Rate:

Contrary to the calculated rate, which is manually calculated, a fixed shipping rate is set with a specific flat shipping rate for each product listing on Etsy

This proves advantageous for Etsy sellers offering products that consist of roughly the same sizes and weight, as it is easier to estimate the shipping cost for every order.   

However, the drawback of the fixed rate method lies in the consideration of Etsy international shipping cost.

For Etsy Sellers using this method, the fixed shipping rate is set as an average, factoring in both domestic and international shipping cost estimation.

Consequently, domestic shipments may bear a higher cost, as the shipping cost is the same regardless of the shipping destination. 

2. Who Pays For Shipping on Etsy

For every Etsy order, the buyer always pays for the shipping cost, as it depends on the buyer’s location. 

You might be wondering if this also applies to ‘free shipping’ on Etsy. The short answer is yes! 

For free shipping products, Etsy Seller included a fixed shipping rate into the price of the product. So, in a way, the buyer is paying for the cost of shipping indirectly. 


Photo by Pavel Danilyuk 

3. Why is Etsy Delivery So Expensive

Etsy delivery is expensive in comparison to other online marketplaces because most Etsy Sellers sell handmade goods.

These handmade goods are not made in large volumes. Therefore, it costs more to ship individual products in comparison to mass-produced goods.  

Additionally, for fragile and expensive goods, the shipping cost includes insurance and tracking to ensure the package is safely delivered.

Some Etsy Sellers charge a higher delivery cost to cover Etsy’s 6.5% fee for every item and shipping charged.   


4. Shipping Return Responsibility on Etsy

When encountering a faulty or damaged product from Etsy, the return responsibilities depend on individual shop policies. 

It is important to always read the shop policy before making a purchase to avoid frustration in case of an unfortunate incident, and return cost is not covered by the seller. 

However, for buyers from the EU, all Etsy shops that ship to the EU must comply with the EU regulation that gives buyers the right to cancel or return their orders within 14 days of delivery.   

If an Etsy seller fails to include the return policy for EU residents, the withdrawal period extends an additional year, allowing the buyer an additional one-year period to return the item ordered! 

This return policy for the EU does not extend to every type of product- such as digital products, custom-made products, or any perishable goods. 

Learn more about the EU Consumer Rights regulation on Etsy. 

5. Local Customs Tax Charge 

Custom tax fees are placed on physical goods that are imported from another country. 

Buyers are responsible for paying their own local customs tax, as the cost varies based on the country’s destination.

Etsy sellers, however, are responsible for informing the buyers regarding the customs and import tax responsibility in this shop’s policy. 

Handling Etsy Shipping Issues if Things Go Wrong

1. What To Do If Your Etsy Seller Doesn’t Ship

After placing an order on Etsy, buyers should receive an email confirmation regarding the estimated delivery date and processing time (if needed). 

However, if the product has not been shipped after the estimated delivery date, the buyer should contact the Etsy seller immediately. 

If no response is given from the seller for more than 48 hours, buyers have the right to receive a full refund from Etsy by opening a case. 

Find the exact step-by-step process on how to get help with an order in this Etsy guide.  


2. How To Return Items Purchased on Etsy

If an Etsy shop provides a return policy, buyers have the right to return only if the order received is damaged or doesn’t match the photo or item description (this is essentially a scam).   

To return, the buyer must first message the seller and inform the reason for returning the item. 

If the seller accepts the return, the seller is responsible for providing the return label and sending it to the buyer. 

Unfortunately, if an Etsy shop does not have a return policy, the seller is NOT required to accept returns (unless the buyer resides in the EU).

If the seller refuses to accept the return of the item ordered, it is best to deal directly with Etsy by opening a case

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3. Long Delivery Durations For Your Etsy Order

Once an order is shipped by an Etsy seller and a tracking code is received,  Etsy sellers have no control over guaranteeing when exactly the package will arrive.

If a package has not arrived past the estimated delivery date, do not panic… sending angry messages to Etsy sellers would not resolve any issue at this point. 

Instead, politely message the Etsy seller regarding this issue and ask the seller to find out the cause of the delay from the shipping carrier. 

Once an item is shipped, it is a matter with a third-party carrier. The order could be stuck somewhere during transit or customs check, or in the worst case scenario, it went missing. 

If the shipped item has not arrived after 30 days, the sellers or buyers can open a case to resolve this issue with Etsy. 


FAQs on How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship

How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship?

Wondering how long does Etsy take to ship an order? It depends on the location of the Etsy seller. If it is a domestic delivery, Etsy estimates 3 to 7 business days, whereas for international shipment, it can take longer between 10 to 30 business days. Once an order is made on Etsy, buyers can use the tracking code to get more precise information on the exact delivery date.  

What Happens If Your Etsy Order Is Late?

So what happens if your Etsy order is late? First, you should contact the Etsy seller and ask to instigate the shipping delay. If the seller is not responsive or unhelpful, as a buyer, you can open a case with Etsy for further assistance. If the order cannot be tracked or missing, you are eligible for a full refund under Etsy’s Purchase Protection Program. 

Do Etsy Sellers Take Forever To Ship?

Do Etsy sellers take forever to ship? Well, this depends on the processing time stated by Etsy sellers. For personalized orders, the processing time may take longer before an Etsy seller can ship the product. However, if the order has not been shipped past the processing time frame, message the Etsy seller to resolve the matter. If you wish to cancel the order, you can only do so after the order is processed. 

How Does Shipping with Etsy Work?

So how does shipping with Etsy work? Etsy is not responsible for shipping the orders but the seller does. Once an order is made in an Etsy shop, the seller must promptly process the order and ship it out within 30 days. The seller will ship the order to a chosen package carrier who is in charge of delivering the package to the buyers’ destinations. 

Best Shipping Label Printer For Etsy

Looking for the best shipping label printer for Etsy? Here are the top 5 most recommended and compatible printers for Etsy sellers:

Do You Have to Use Etsy Shipping Labels?

Do you have to use Etsy shipping labels? Etsy shipping labels are optional for Etsy sellers. However, using Etsy labels offers a few advantages– from the convenience of printing labels on your own and can save up to 30% compared to the cost of shipping at retail. Etsy shipping labels are currently available for sellers in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and India. 

How to Set Up Shipping on Etsy?

How to set up shipping on Etsy with these 3 simple steps:

1. Create a shipping profile in the shop’s settings.

2. You can choose between a fixed cost or calculated shipping cost. For a fixed cost, you can enter the cost manually for each item. For calculated cost, you need to know the weight and size of your item for Etsy to calculate the cost. 

3. Save your details and be done! 

Does Etsy Charge When It Ships?

Does Etsy charge when it ships? Yes, Etsy’s shipping fee is typically charged on top of the product fees. The shipping cost depends on the size and weight of the item, as well as the distance of the shipment. Before paying, buyers can see the cost of shipping listed on the product listing page to get an idea of how much it will cost.

Wrapping Up on How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship

Understanding Etsy’s shipping process is essential for a smooth buying experience, so you never have to wonder how long does Etsy take to ship ever again!

Remember to keep in mind when ordering on Etsy next time Etsy does not handle the orders shipping, but the individual sellers on Etsy. 

Various factors can impact Etsy shipping time, from the type of products purchased, Etsy Seller’s location, type of shipping carrier, and other unforeseen shipping circumstances.

Now that you understand how to track an Etsy order and what to do when your Etsy delivery goes wrong, I hope you have a more pleasant Etsy shopping experience! 

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