How to add etsy link to instagram bio

How To Add Etsy Link To Instagram Bio [2023 Guide]

So, you’re here because you have an Etsy shop and you want to know how to add Etsy link to Instagram bio because you want to tell everyone about your brand-new Etsy shop! 

What you can do is go to ‘Edit Profile’ which is next to your Instagram handle. Just add the Etsy link to the website field and voila, you have your Etsy link on your bio! 

It’s honestly not difficult to learn how to add Etsy shop link to Instagram bio, but trust me, it is a common problem faced by many. Not just yourself.

I too had the same questions and was wondering why is my Etsy link not working when I connect Etsy to Instagram. 

Well, guess what, because I’ve been in the exact same boat, I can share with you in detail how to put Etsy link in your Instagram bio in this article.

And I’ll also answer other questions you might have about this topic! Here’s a quick overview of what I’ll cover:

  • How To Add Etsy Shop Link To Instagram Bio
  • Why Add Your Etsy Link To Your Instagram Bio
  • How to Increase Sales On Etsy Using Instagram
  • How To Share Etsy Shop Link
  • How Do I Copy And Paste My Etsy Link
  • Why Is My Etsy Link Not Working On Instagram
  • How To Add Etsy Link To Instagram Post 
How to add etsy link to instagram bio

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How To Add Etsy Shop Link To Instagram Bio

If you’re caught wondering how to add Etsy link to Instagram bio, don’t worry it’s not as difficult as it seems. 

Adding your Etsy shop link to your Instagram bio just involves three simple steps:

1. Getting Your Etsy Shop Link

How you can do it is by going to your Etsy shop on the mobile app or on a desktop browser and copying the link for your shop.  

On mobile, here’s what you can do:

  • Tap the share icon on your Etsy shop
  • Tap copy to copy your shop address

On the desktop you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Go to your Etsy shop on desktop and highlight the URL on the address bar
  • Right-click the address and select copy to get the shop address

2. Converting Your Etsy Shop Link To An Etsy Me Link For Instagram 

You don’t have to do this step, but if you’ve been wondering how do some people get their shortened link for Instagram, well I’m here to teach you how! 

Simply go to which is a link shortening service and paste your Etsy link there and watch your Etsy link turn into an link!

How to add etsy link to instagram bio

3. Insert Your Etsy Link Onto Instagram  

You’ll want to make sure you’re inserting your Etsy link into the ‘Website’ section of your bio and not the box which says bio if not the link would not be clickable when people go to your profile.

Do note that you can only edit a link on your bio if you are on the mobile app.  

  • Inserting Etsy Link Via Instagram Mobile App

1. On the bottom right of your mobile screen, tap on your profile picture.

2. Then, click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button on your profile page.

3. Click on ‘Add Link’.

4. Click on ‘Add External Link’.

How to add etsy link to instagram bio

5. Fill in the URL and the title of your shop. You can leave the title blank if you don’t mind the URL appearing as it is on your profile.

How to add etsy link to instagram bio

6. Lastly, just click the tick to submit your changes and you are all set! Your Etsy shop link should appear proudly on your bio after you’ve followed these steps! 

And you’re done! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 

If you do want to feature a different link, whether it’s a specific item listing or if you do change your shop name, just repeat the above steps and you’re good to go! 

Bonus: How To Add Etsy Link To Instagram Story

If you’re keen to explore other functions on Instagram apart from learning how to add Etsy link to Instagram bio, how about considering Instagram stories? 

So this function used to be limited to only those with a certain amount of followers but the good news is that as of late 2021, Instagram finally allowed everyone to share links in their stories

How to add etsy link to instagram bio

Sometimes sharing links on your stories can be more impactful than simply having a link on your Instagram bio.

The reason for this is that when you post individual stories, you can showcase new products within your Etsy store and link to them individually, whereas on your profile it is just one generic link to your Etsy shop. 

Here’s how to add your Etsy shop link or listing link to your Instagram story:

  • Take a photo/video or upload one taken previously onto your story
  • Choose the sticker tool on your top navigation bar. The sticker tool looks like a post-it with a smiley face
  • Select the ‘link’ option among all the sticker options
  • You’ll then need to key in your URL and if you want to, a title for the URL. Or you can similarly leave this blank

While it’s easy to get excited with this amazing feature of sharing links on every story with your audience, it’s best to be done in moderation.

Your stories should ultimately still be entertaining and informative for your followers so they will be enticed to keep following them, and not everything should be a flat-out business plug. 

Why Add Your Etsy Link To Your Instagram Bio

The real answer is why not?

When you first launch an Etsy shop, your goal is to market your shop to the best of your ability and ensure that more people know about your shop and visit it so you increase the likelihood of a sale happening. 

Adding an Etsy link to your Instagram bio helps increase the discoverability of your Etsy shop. 

Even if it doesn’t increase sales directly, at least your followers on Instagram will be aware that you have a shop and they would probably click on it every once in a while when they visit your profile. 

How to add etsy link to instagram bio

How to Increase Sales On Etsy Using Instagram

Now, did you know that your Instagram profile too can be optimized to make it easier for others to find you if they’re looking for certain items, say bath salts, or baby socks?

Here are some ways you can move your profile to the top of the search bar when people are typing in random keywords:

  • Optimize your Instagram profile, including your handle and your bio description for search. That means your name should have the item or category of items you’re selling or it should be in your bio description.
  • Use hashtags relevant to your shop when you’re posting on Instagram, but make sure you don’t use too many – about 3 to 5 is ideal.
  • Use a keyword research tool to determine commonly-searched keywords close to what you’re selling in your shop so you know what hashtags to use for your posts and what keywords to use on your profile. 

How To Share Etsy Shop Link

If you’re wondering how to share Etsy shop link to publicize your Etsy shop, you have Facebook and Twitter!

  • Linking Etsy Shop With Facebook
How to add etsy link to instagram bio

1. Go to and click on ‘Your Shop’ at the top of your Etsy page

2. Go to ‘Shop Settings’ and click on ‘Info & Appearance’. 

3. Click on the ‘Connect With Facebook’ option and allow Etsy to access your Facebook page.

And there you have it, your Facebook page is connected to your Etsy shop! 

While you can link your Etsy shop with Twitter, you also need to realize that Etsy is a very visual platform. So it may not do much to link it with a text-heavy platform like Twitter, but if you want to do so anyway.

  • Linking Etsy Shop With Twitter

1. Go to and click on ‘Your Shop’ at the top of your Etsy page

2. Go to ‘Shop Settings’ and click on ‘Info & Appearance’.

3. Click the ‘Connect with Twitter’ option and allow Etsy to access your Twitter page by clicking on ‘Authorize App’.

And that’s done! 

How Do I Copy And Paste My Etsy Link

So, how do I copy and paste my Etsy link? You can simply copy your homepage shop link from the browser’s address bar. Your Etsy URL shop link should look something like this:


If you’re on mobile, you can click on the share icon which is usually on the top-right of the screen which will then allow you to copy the URL. 

Why Is My Etsy Link Not Working On Instagram

Why is my Etsy link not working on Instagram? I get it, if your Etsy link isn’t working on Instagram, it’s easy to think of the worst-case scenario, which is, are Etsy links not allowed on instagram?

The answer is no, it is not true that Etsy links are not allowed on Instagram. It could merely be that you’ve run into an error on Instagram and this can be solved easily. 

Do take note however that if you do receive the “Link Not Allowed” error message it could be because you either have explicit content on your page, you may have misspelled your address, or you simply have a bad connection. 

Here’s how to troubleshoot your Etsy link if it is not working on your Instagram:

  • For your Etsy shop URL, change your link to rather than using
  • Restart your Wi-Fi router as Instagram may have not recognized your IP address or disallowed it temporarily. 
  • Restart your mobile phone to ensure your Instagram app is reloaded and it is connected before you try updating the Etsy link again. 
  • If all else fails and you still cannot post your Etsy shop link to your Instagram bio page, what you can consider is using a tool from Later. This feature allows you to put a URL on your profile and you can then attach individual links to your posts, on this separate page. 

How To Add Etsy Link To Instagram Post 

So, how to add Etsy link to Instagram post? Unfortunately, you will not be able to add hyperlinks to your Instagram post content unless you are using promoted ads or paid advertising, and that includes Etsy links.

One way to get around this is to simply do a regular Instagram post, then share it on your stories, and add a ‘Link’ sticker to your Instagram story! 

Another way is for you to insert tags on your Instagram photos with shopping links so that buyers can immediately go to your listing if they see something they’re keen on.

This is a quick guide on how to do it:

1. Set up your Instagram account as a business account.

2. Make sure you have a Facebook business page and add your Etsy shop name to your Facebook Business Manager by going to ‘Business Settings’, followed by ‘Domains’ and adding your Etsy shop name.

3. Facebook Business Manager will then give you a meta tagline which you should paste into your Etsy Shop Manager when you go into ‘Settings’ under ‘Facebook Shops’.

4. Go to your Instagram profile and do something similar – go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Business’, ‘Shopping’, and ‘Website’ and enter your Etsy shop name ( 

5. Once Instagram has approved your domain, you should be able to see your Etsy shop under the ‘Current Website’ section.

6. All’s good, tag away! 

Now if you’ve been wondering all day how to add Etsy link to Instagram bio, I hope I’ve managed to solve this major bugbear of yours.

Adding a link to your Instagram bio is straightforward and you really shouldn’t let it stop you from publicizing your Etsy shop or from using Instagram as a marketing tool.

Beyond just putting your Etsy shop link in your Instagram bio, I hope you’ve also learned some useful tips on how to leverage your Instagram account to promote your Etsy shop.

It’ll take time and effort but trust me, consistency will get you your sales and your numbers! 

Best of luck!

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How to add etsy link to instagram bio

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