how to change a review on etsy

How To Change Review On Etsy [2024 Update]

Are you wondering how to change review on Etsy?

According to Etsy’s review policy, sellers cannot change a buyer’s review because Etsy aims to be a transparent marketplace that neither sides with the seller nor the buyer. 

As a small business owner, I get it. It is hard to see poor reviews on the products you’ve worked so hard on, especially when you’re just starting. 

Imagine you’ve gone on a refreshing walk around your neighborhood and are full of smiles, and you come back to a poor review on Etsy! 

I was the same when I first heard about Etsy. There was a ton of info on how much people were making with their art but not enough about the how & where to start. As I was planning to help my sister with her Etsy account, I decided to learn more about it and share with you too! By the way, here are some pics of her Etsy store!!

How to change review on etsy

While only buyers can change their reviews, there are a few ways to rectify the issue, even if the buyers end up not changing their reviews. 

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, wondering to yourself, “How to change my review on Etsy”, this article is for you! 

How to change review on etsy

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How to change review on etsy

How To Change A Review On Etsy 

Imagine putting your blood, sweat, and tears into making and designing your products, only to receive a poor review on your Etsy shop!

I know it hurts. But it’s all part of being a small business owner. 

Sometimes, it’s the late delivery of items. 

Other times, your items did not match the expectations of the buyers.

Now you’re wondering how to change reviews on Etsy.

As a small business owner, it can be disheartening to see poor reviews on your Etsy shop.

You’re getting worried they might affect the way potential buyers might perceive your shop. You’re wondering if there’s a way you could change the reviews. 

How to change review on etsy

First of all, take a few deep breaths! It’s going to be okay, it’s all part of the journey. 

Now, let’s talk about it! 

As a seller, you can’t change customers’ reviews on Etsy. But the good news is buyers can change their reviews under these conditions:

1. It is within 100 days after the latter date of the estimated delivery date of the items; AND

2. You, as the seller, did not reply to the review. 

The moment you reply to the review, the review and your comment are “locked in” on Etsy. 

The buyer is unable to edit their review, and you are unable to edit your response to the review. 

Even though Etsy sellers can remove their response, they can’t reply to the same review again.

Now you’re probably wondering, can a buyer delete a review on Etsy?

The answer is no. In fact, the only way to get the review deleted would be for the buyer to contact Etsy!

Instead, reach out to your buyer and try to rectify the issue by offering solutions. Be genuine and professional about handling the matter for your buyer. 

Once you’re certain your buyer isn’t facing any other issue about their order, you can approach the buyer. Here is a template for you to use when you contact the buyer: 


Dear (customer’s name),

I’m so glad to hear you have (received the missing item/replacement etc.). Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Also, I would like to thank you for providing me feedback about (the item/matter). I really appreciate the honesty.  

I always want my customers to have the best experience purchasing from me, so I am glad you gave me a chance to make things right.

If you are comfortable updating your review, I would really appreciate it.

To revise your review, you can log in to your Etsy account and click You (on the app) or Your Account (on the website). Select “Purchases And Reviews,” and you’ll see an option to edit and submit your review. 

Once again, thank you so much for being patient! 


(Seller’s name)


However, if the buyer does not respond or refuses to change the review, it is best not to pursue the matter, as it may annoy the buyer. 

Instead, you can comment on the review to reflect on the updated status of the issue within 100 days of the last time the customer wrote or edited the review. 

As you only have one chance to respond, reply in a professional manner to the review, as you are unable to reply to the review again, even if you delete the response later.

Although the buyer is unable to respond to your response to their review, the response is also for future visitors to your Etsy shop.

It demonstrates you are professional and proactive in addressing your buyers’ problems, which will leave a good impression on others!

Your public response to the review should address the issues faced by the review and the steps you took to rectify the issues. It could go something like this: 

Hi, I’m sorry you went through this experience while purchasing from me. However, I’m so glad you’ve received your replacement! 

How to change review on etsy

Ways To Contact Your Buyer

Maybe your buyer gave you a poor review for your item, but you’ve handled the matter. Thus, it has been happily resolved! 

But the poor review is still on your Etsy shop! What can you do about it?

Perhaps you’re planning to contact your buyer about the review in hopes they’ll change it for you? 

You can contact your buyers by messaging them on Etsy.

It is not a good idea to message your buyer on other social platforms, even if you are certain it is the same person. 

Buyers may feel harassed on other social platforms for receiving unsolicited messages from you as they have no contact with you there.

Remember to be polite and professional while contacting your buyer in any situation! 

It could make or break your business and influence the buyer’s decision to change the review.

However, there may be situations (not limited to these) that arise where you need to contact your buyer urgently.

Maybe you run a custom-order business on Etsy where you require information from your buyer to complete your orders. 

But your buyers aren’t responding to you via Etsy after messaging them for a few days! 

How to change review on etsy

What can you do?

As a last resort, you can email your customer as a reminder, as customers don’t check their Etsy messenger every day.

Include screenshots of you messaging the customer on Etsy, the details you require from the customer, and a deadline for a response in the email.

FAQs On How To Change Review On Etsy

Can You Ask A Customer To Change A Review Etsy?

Perhaps you’re wondering whether you can ask a customer to change a review on Etsy.

While it is possible to ask a customer to change a review on Etsy, this would vary on a case-to-case basis.

How to change review on etsy

Some customers may not like being “pestered” to change their reviews. Some may even give a poorer review than before!

A customer can change their review within 100 days of the latter date of the estimated delivery date of the items AND as long as you, as the seller, did not comment on their review. 

By commenting on the review, this “locks” the review in, therefore, the customer cannot change, delete, or add a photo or video to the review. 

In fact, you can’t edit your comment as well. Hence, it is important whenever you comment on reviews, you comment in a professional manner. 

After all, these reviews and comments are for the public to see. Potential buyers could be deterred from buying from your shop if you respond with a poor attitude.

Example 1

A customer could have given a review on the basis they did not receive their items. But the system has shown they received the items the next day. 

As a form of courtesy, you could message the customer first to check whether they’ve received the item. 

Remember to approach your customer politely and be open to communication. 

Once you’re certain there are no other issues, request politely if the customer is willing to change their review. 

Example 2

Someone gave your product a 4-star review (or less) on the basis that the person feels your product isn’t of great quality or function.

Your first step might be to defend yourself and your product! After all, all your blood, sweat, and tears went into making your beloved items!

Take a deep breath before you do that, because you shouldn’t even be doing that! Instead, what you can do is comment (in a professional manner!) on the review. 

Be sincerely apologetic and mention you will strive to create products of better quality in the future. Don’t forget to thank the reviewer for their honest opinion of your product. 

Commenting this way will show the customer (and any potential buyers) that you are serious about what you do and that you are a professional Etsy seller as well. 

How Do I Edit A Bad Review On Etsy?

So, can you edit a bad review on Etsy?

As a seller, you cannot edit a bad review on Etsy. The review is “locked in” the moment you comment on the review. 

But in case your customer wishes to change their review, but you’ve already commented on it, your customer has to contact Etsy directly to get the review deleted. 

How to change review on etsy

What Do You Do If A Customer Won’t Change A Bad Review On Etsy?

What should you do if a customer won’t change a bad review on Etsy?

First, take a deep breath and tell yourself it’s going to be okay. 

The review system on Etsy is meant to be transparent without being biased toward the seller or buyer. 

While you may feel one or two bad reviews may make your shop look poorly, you can approach the matter from another perspective.

Instead, you can reply to the bad reviews. Apologize for the poor experience the customer has experienced and offer ways for the customer to reach out to rectify their issues with their orders. 

This demonstrates you are genuine and professional while handling issues a customer may face. 

From a different perspective, these reviews are offering you a learning opportunity! Consider the feedback as ways to improve your products and customer service. 

In fact, if you have received the same negative feedback often, you can take proactive steps to rectify the problems. 

By embracing positive and negative reviews, you are committed to leveling up your Etsy business, which means more opportunity and growth in the future!

One thing to keep in mind is you should never attempt to compensate your customer with additional free items in exchange for a positive review! It is strictly against Etsy policies!

How to change review on etsy

Can You Delete A Review On Etsy?

But can you delete a review on Etsy?

As a seller, you cannot delete reviews on Etsy, as only a buyer can do so. 

Etsy will not remove reviews where a seller does not agree with the buyer’s opinion of the product and customer experience received. 

However, reporting a review on Etsy is possible if the review has violated Etsy’s policies

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When To Ask A Customer To Change A Review On Etsy?

When should you ask a customer to change a review on Etsy?

You can ask a customer to change a review on Etsy once you’ve handled the matter for the customer and there are no other issues the customer is facing.

Do not contact customers on any platform outside of Etsy. Some might even change the review to worse on the account it is inappropriate to contact buyers on another platform. 

As long as you did not leave a comment on the review and it’s within 100 days, it can still be changed. 

You can request the customer to change by privately messaging them, on the account the issue the customer was facing has been settled. 

If the customer did not change their review, you can reply professionally to the review and move on. 

Remember, you can’t change your reply, so you should respond professionally, as potential buyers might see your reply in the future.

How to change review on etsy

How To Write A Review On Etsy?

How do you write a review on Etsy? 

To write a review on Etsy, sign in on the Etsy website or app and select “Your Account” on the website or “You” on the app. 

Select “Purchases And Reviews” and choose the item you wish to review. 

Next to “Review This Item”, choose the star ratings and proceed to describe the items and service you received from the seller. 

After choosing to add a photo or video (on the app) to the review, select “Submit Review”. 

Why Can’t I Leave A Review On Etsy

Have you attempted many times to leave a review on Etsy, but you keep failing?

There are a few reasons why you can’t leave a review on Etsy:

1. You purchased items from the seller’s website instead of purchasing from Etsy.

2. You purchased items as a guest. To leave a review on Etsy, you must claim the orders.

3. You did not review within 100 days of the estimated delivery date of the order. The review window applies to digital items the moment you download your files. But if the order has an open case, the review window is not paused.

4. There is an open case for your order. 

5. Your order could have been canceled. 

But can you leave a review on Etsy without buying? The answer is no because you must be a verified Etsy customer who bought from the shop.

If you purchased from Etsy as a guest and wish to leave a review, you need to claim your purchases by creating an Etsy account. 

How To Change Reviews On Etsy

So, how to change reviews on Etsy? You can do it on either the app or the website! 

1. How To Change Review On Etsy App

To change reviews on Etsy, log in to the Etsy app. It will apply even if you are wondering how to change reviews on Etsy on iPhone or Android. 

Tap “You”, followed by “Purchases & Reviews”. Tap the order you wish to edit the review and tap “Edit Review”.

Once you’ve edited, tap “Submit”.

2. How To Change Review On Etsy Website

To change reviews on Etsy, log in to the Etsy website on your desktop. 

Go to “Your Account” and select “Purchases And Reviews”. Select the order you wish to edit the review and select “Edit Review”. 

Once you’ve edited, click “Submit Review”. 

And that is how to change a review on Etsy! 

While it may be nerve-wracking to receive a poor review on Etsy, it is important you respond by taking steps to rectify your customers’ problems. 

Even if your customer does not change the review, you can still turn the situation around by leaving a public response for future visitors to read. 

Besides, you could take it as a learning opportunity in life!

Remember not to let one or two poor reviews get you down! Remain positive and consistent in your Etsy side hustle. I believe in you!

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