How to add video to etsy listing

How To Add Video To Etsy Listing: 13 Brilliant Tips 2023

Are you a new Etsy seller and you’re wondering how to add a video to an Etsy listing? You’re not alone! 

I’m setting up an Etsy shop with my sister, so I’m learning and have compiled the best tips on how to do this. 

If you’re allergic to technology like me, anything technical might make you feel nervous and intimated. But after researching and doing it myself, it’s much simpler than you think! 

I’m sharing it here with you so you can create a great Etsy listing too and set up your Etsy shop for success :).

In this guide, I will be covering the tips below: 

How To Add Video To Etsy Listing

1. Go To The Shop Manager Dashboard And Click On Listings 

2. Click “Add A New Listing” Or Select An Existing Listing

3. Click “Add A Video” 

4. Crop Your Video

5. Scroll Down And Click Publish 

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How To Add Video To Etsy Listing 

If you already have a video and you’re all set to add it to your Etsy listing, here are 5 simple steps to do it: 

How to add video to etsy listing

1. Go To The Shop Manager Dashboard And Click On Listings 

First, go to your Shop Manager dashboard and on the left side, click on the “Listings” category.

2. Click “Add A New Listing” Or Select An Existing Listing

Once you are on the Listings page, choose an existing listing that you want to add a video to. Click the product listing to open it. 

If you want to add a video to a new listing, click “Add A New Listing” at the top right corner. 

3. Click “Add A Video” 

Now that you’re on the edit listing page, scroll down to the video section just below the photos and product description. 

Click on the box that says “Add A Video”. A window will pop up for you to choose the video file that you want to upload. 

Once you have a video selected, click “Choose” to upload the video. 

4. Crop Your Video

Once the video is uploaded, you have the option to crop and resize your Etsy video aspect ratio. Here are the steps on how to resize a video for Etsy: 

  • Click the “Crop” button 
  • Choose a dimension ratio and preview how the video will look like 
  • You can drag the frame to reposition the cropped area for your video 
  • If you change your mind, you can click “Reset To Original Size” to undo the changes 
  • Click the “Apply” button once you’re done  

5. Scroll Down And Click Publish 

When you’re happy with how the video looks, scroll down and hit publish to add the video to your listing. 

In case the video you want to upload is on your phone and you’re wondering how to upload video to Etsy listing from phone, just follow the same steps but open the Shop Manager dashboard on your phone’s browser! 

If you’re curious and thinking can I add video to Etsy listing on app, unfortunately, you can’t add it through the Etsy phone app yet. 

That’s it, now you know how to upload a video to an Etsy listing from either your computer or your phone! 

How to add video to etsy listing

Etsy Listing Video Specifications 

Before you upload videos to all of your Etsy listings, it’s important to note a few specifications that Etsy has below: 

1. How Long Can The Video Be? 

The video can be between 5 15 seconds long. You are not allowed to exceed that limit and if you do, you will get an error when trying to upload it. 

So keep it short and sweet! 

2. Can I Include Songs In The Video?  

No, you cannot add songs to your video. Even if you do, once you upload it to Etsy they will automatically remove it. All videos will not contain any audio once you upload them to Etsy. 

Keep this in mind so you don’t spend any time picking catchy songs for your videos since there won’t be any audio. 

3. What Video Formats Are Accepted?

Etsy accepts most common video formats like the following: 

  • AAC
  • AVI
  • FLV 
  • MOV
  • MPEG
  • MP4
  • 3GP

The camera you use to record the video will likely already be in an accepted format but if you can’t upload a video to Etsy, you can always refer to this list to double-check. 

4. What File Size Should The Video Be? 

Keep your Etsy video size less than 100 MB which is the maximum limit and the ideal resolution for your video should be at least 1080 px. 

If your video exceeds the size limit, don’t worry! You can compress the video which will help reduce the size. 

5. How Many Videos Can I Upload?  

You can only add 1 video to each listing. Once you publish the video, it will show up as the second media after your primary photo in the listing. 

How to add video to etsy listing

Benefits Of Adding Video To Etsy Listing 

Now you know how to add a video to Etsy listing, you might be wondering why should you and what are the benefits. 

Here is how it will help you and your Etsy shop: 

1. Builds Trust With Your Customers 

Shopping online means your customers can’t physically hold or try the items but watching a video of the product is the next best thing to it! 

Think of the video as a tool to help increase your brand’s credibility and build trust with your customers. 

As an online shopper myself, I appreciate seeing videos of the products before I buy them. I recently bought a bag online after watching an unboxing video. 

I was looking for a tote bag for months and I saw photos of this particular bag many times before but I wasn’t convinced. Once I saw the unboxing video, it sealed the deal for me because I could see the quality and trusted the shop!  

2. Increase Customer Understanding

Including a video in your Etsy listing is the perfect opportunity to show how your product works and how customers can get the most out of it. 

For example, if you are selling handmade jewelry, you can show different ways how to style it in your videos. 

When your customer understands your product, it can increase their overall satisfaction with the product and even help minimize frequently asked questions. 

How to add video to etsy listing

3. Grow Your Sales 

Once you build trust with your customers and help them understand your products better, it will naturally contribute to your sales growth! 

There’s a good reason why Etsy has made the video feature available and it’s probably because customers are more likely to buy if the listings include a video. 

Apart from using videos to appeal to your customers, I highly recommend optimizing your Etsy SEO keywords to skyrocket your sales

A powerful tool that will help you with this is Sale Samurai. It’s an all-in-one Etsy SEO Analytics tool created to help you massively grow your Etsy traffic! 

This is an important step that is worth looking into if you’re serious about growing your Etsy shop! 

13 Best Tips For Adding Video To Etsy Listings 

If this is your first time recording a video for your Etsy shop, you might be wondering how to create a video that will wow your customers. 

Here are 13 brilliant tips on how to add video on Etsy listing: 

1. Show Your Products In Use 

It’s showtime for your products! Let it shine in the video and show your product’s function and details. 

When you demonstrate how to use it and all the details, this helps your customers imagine using it themselves. 

For example, if you sell dresses, you can show how to style the dress, how the fabric drapes, and a close-up shot of details like embroidery or lace! Think about how to highlight your product details that don’t come to life in a static image. 

How to add video to etsy listing

2. Highlight The Creative Details And Unique Story Behind Your Product

There is a lot of competition in the market and chances are, other Etsy shops are selling similar products. So what makes you stand out from the rest? 

Take this opportunity to tell YOUR unique story :). 

Film your video to share the creative process and story of what goes into making or curating the products you sell. 

Customers love going on Etsy to buy products not just because they’re handmade, but because they appreciate the creative process that goes behind it and know that they are supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

A timelapse video is a great way to show your story and process! 

How to add video to etsy listing

3. Address Common Questions

You can write the most detailed listing description but sometimes customers might still miss important information. This could lead to unsatisfied customers if the product they receive doesn’t live up to their expectations. 

Take advantage of creating a video that will address common questions customers might have. 

Show your product from different angles, highlight details of the design, demonstrate the color in different lighting and you can even show the scale of the item. 

If you sell vintage products, a video is useful to show any signs of wear that a customer might overlook in the written description. This will help prevent any unhappy customers! 

4. Focus On Benefits Over Features

It’s great that you highlight the product features but don’t forget to serve your audience by also focusing on how it benefits them!  

How does using your product make them look or feel? In what way will it help or improve their lives? 

Answering these questions will create a more compelling story and convince them to buy from your shop because you show that you care about them and make them feel important. 

How to add video to etsy listing

5. Set The Stage With A Simple Background

When setting the stage to shoot your product, the simpler the better. 

Having a plain or uncluttered backdrop might sound boring but it will actually help make your product pop and highlight it as much as possible. 

Solid colors work well, I prefer white or gray for a neutral look but bold colors can work too as long as it has good contrast against the product. 

If you prefer to have other items in the frame for aesthetics, organize the background items well with the product so that it doesn’t take the focus away from the product. 

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6. Use Good Lighting 

Good lighting can make or break the quality of your video! With good lighting, customers can clearly see the product details. 

You don’t need any fancy studio lighting equipment, just use natural lighting and position the product in a well-lit environment. 

This means you might have to plan your video shoot during certain times of the day. 

I prefer to shoot videos in the morning when the light is softer compared to the afternoon when the sun is more likely to glare and create harsh lighting. 

Usually by the window is a perfect spot to film! 

7. Frame Your Shot

When framing and composing your shot, think about the different aspects of your product that you want to highlight, and the best way to film them. 

For example, you can shoot a few close-up details before switching and filming it from a distance to show the size and scale. This way, you get a few different angles of the product to showcase. 

Composing your shot also reduces the need to edit in post-production. I find that using the rule of thirds always helps me! 

How to add video to etsy listing

8. Include Models 

If you sell clothes or jewelry, including models in your videos will help potential customers imagine what the dress or necklace would look like on them. Show them how it drapes, the material, and the quality. 

Even if you sell a non-wearable item, showing how someone uses it will help customers have a better understanding of how it works! 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to hire models. Just ask your family or friends if they would be willing to help. If you have a tripod, you can even film yourself 🙂 

9. Stabilize Your Camera Movement  

Stabilizing your camera is easy and can level up your video to look professional. 

Have you ever watched a shaky video? It can put off your customers and even make them feel a bit sick! 

You can use a simple tripod or a clip-on stand which will help you have stability and more control over your frame. 

If you’re on a tight budget, simply make your own stand by stacking boxes or books, or place your camera on a solid object like a table. Just make sure it’s a level surface. 

10. Edit Your Video

So now that you have filmed a few amazing clips of your products, what’s next? Time to edit your video! 

Compile, re-order and edit all the short clips together to make a final finished video. Remember to keep it between 515 seconds only and leave out the audio since Etsy will not feature any audio. 

If you shot the video clips with an iPhone or have a Mac to edit, you can use the free iMovie app on your Apple device to edit. 

For Android and Windows devices, you can consider PowerDirector to edit your video. 

How to add video to etsy listing

11. Add Finishing Touches 

As part of the finishing touches of your video, you can add overlay text with a call-to-action. 

For example, “Follow our Etsy shop to be the first to see our latest release!” 

This will prompt your customers to click on that Follow button and stay up-to-date with your shop. They might even be a recurring customer soon 🙂 

12. Crop Your Video 

Remember earlier I mentioned that the video will be displayed as the second media after your primary listing photo? 

To keep a cohesive look for your listing, you can adjust the aspect ratio (just a fancy term for the ratio of width to height) of your video to reflect the same size as your primary listing photo. 

It is also important that you follow the video dimensions and specs Etsy has set so that your video will play correctly when a customer views it. 

To do this, you can simply crop your video when you upload it to the listing. Refer to Step 4 above for a quick refresher! 

13. Be Creative And Have Fun! 

Lastly, get creative and have fun with it! 

As an Etsy seller, being creative probably comes easy to you but here is a great Etsy video listing example if you’re looking for some inspiration. 

As you can see, there are so many different types of videos you can make. But don’t let this overwhelm you, just take action and get started on recording that video. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect 🙂 

How to add video to etsy listing

FAQs  On How To Add Video To Etsy Listing

Where Does A Video Show On Etsy Listing? 

Wondering where does a video show on Etsy listings? The video will show right after the first photo on the Etsy listing. So the aspect ratio of your video needs to match the aspect ratio of the first photo on the listing. 

It’s also important to get your message across visually since there is no audio in Etsy listing videos. 

Can You Add Videos On Etsy From Your Phone?

So, can you add videos on Etsy from your phone? Yes, you can add videos on Etsy from your phone! You can find the option to upload the listing video just below the listing photos section. 

Choose the file from your laptop or phone, wait for the video to upload, and click publish. If your video is longer than 15 seconds, it will be clipped. 

What Is An Etsy Listing Video? 

What is an Etsy listing video? An Etsy listing video is a short video that shows extra details about your listing! Customers have a better idea of your products when you add videos to your listings. 

If you want to add a short video to show additional details, go to the Edit Listing page and click Add A Video. 

Does Etsy Prioritize Listings With Video? 

Does Etsy prioritize listings with video? Yes, Etsy prioritizes listings with video. This is based on Etsy’s beta test that determined if listings with videos perform better compared to listings without video. 

Their results from the beta test concluded yes and Etsy has officially made the video upload option a permanent feature on their platform. 

Ready To Create And Add A Great Video To Your Etsy Listing? 

Well, there you have it! 

I hope you now have a clear idea and know the exact steps on how to add a video to an Etsy listing. It’s super simple, right? 

As for creating a good video to put up on Etsy, remember to have fun with it! There are many ways to make it good but the final video doesn’t need to be perfect. 

Once you have it ready, just add it to your listing so customers can see how unique your product is :). 

Thank you for reading and if you found this comprehensive guide helpful, make sure to share it with your friends! 

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