Babysitting jobs 13 year olds

31 Babysitting Jobs 13 Year Olds That Pay Well 2023!

Have you been considering looking for babysitting jobs 13 year olds can do?

Maybe you are 13 and are thinking about babysitting or maybe you’re a parent of a 13 year old who wants to babysit.

Taking care of kids is lots of fun but it’s also a big responsibility. 

However, if you feel that you are ready for that responsibility then maybe you’re trying to work out how to get started – that’s where I can help you!

Unlike waiting tables or doing jobs such as washing cars or walking dogs, babysitting is a job I found I could enjoy. Spending time with young children helped my imagination grow larger than I believed it could.

I found myself making easy cash while having fun playing with children who made me feel like a child myself. 

You may be wondering how to get started and have questions like : 

  • How do you find people who need a babysitter? 
  • Are there any weekend babysitting jobs near me for 13 year olds? 
  • Which is better: summer babysitting jobs for 13 year olds or weekend babysitting jobs for 13 year olds? 
  • Can you find babysitting jobs hiring 13 year olds?

I’ve put together a list of ways to get started babysitting. Once you’ve got some experience under your belt there are a few babysitting apps for 13 year olds. 

You can also search babysitting websites for 13 year olds and look to find babysitting jobs 13 year olds can benefit from.

Here are my top 31 ways to find babysitting gigs for 13 year olds.

Direct Marketing

  1. Babysit relatives
  2. Advertise Locally
  3. Ask Family Friends If They Need A Babysitter
  4. Help Out At A Nursery
  5. Partner With A Local Nursery
  6. Help At An After School Group For Young Children
  7. Set Up A Babysitting Business
  8. Make Business Cards
  9. Word Of Mouth
  10. Get A Parent Or Guardian To Post On Social Media
  11. Facebook Ads

Use A Website Or An App

  3. SOSSitter
  4. Babysits
  5. Sitter
  6. Bambino
  7. Sittercity
  8. Sittr
  9. Juggle
  10. Bubble
  12. WeNeedDateNight
  13. Helpr
  14. Indeed
  15. SimplyHired
  16. ZipRecruiter
  17. GlassDoor
  18. LinkedIn
  19. Snagajob
  20. Bright

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1.Babysit Relatives

A great way to start babysitting is with relatives. Whether that’s siblings, cousins, nieces, or nephews (If you have them) babysitting family is not only a simple way to get started, it’s also a great way to learn.

Whether you are trying to find babysitting jobs 10 year olds can do or babysitting jobs 11 year olds can do, then looking after relatives is the best place to start.

Babysitting jobs 13 year olds

 Note that many people would consider 10 and 11 years old too young to take care of their children.

However, if you can watch your siblings for a few hours while your parents or guardians work or go for a walk then you can begin to gain some experience in childcare which will then help when you begin to babysit for other people.

2.Advertise Locally

If you live in an area that has a local paper, consider asking if you can share an ad, such as “Babysitting jobs for 12-13 year olds wanted”. 

By putting your age in the title, people immediately know your age and remember to include your name and availability.

If you want to set a pay rate then start low and you can always work up. 

Bear in mind that some people may specify what they are willing to  pay you. Also leave some way for people to contact you, preferably an email address.

Set up a business email and give your email details to your parent or guardian so that they can monitor your inbox.

Babysitting jobs 13 year olds

Making leaflets and posting them through letterboxes is a good way to get the word out as well. 

Use Canva to create leaflets with the details mentioned above. Title your leaflets, “Babysitting jobs for 13 year old” or “Babysitting jobs 12 year olds can do”. 

Make sure you double-check with a parent or guardian the details you are providing. . Once your leaflets are ready, go and post them in people’s letterboxes.

Make sure you create a system to help you to remember all the correct information from anyone who replies. This will be vital as you build your babysitting list!.

3.Ask Family Friends If They Need A Babysitter

If your family are friends with people who have small children, ask them if they need a babysitter. They might have a work meeting or a day trip planned, or maybe offer to babysit so that they can have a night away without the kids.

If they know you they are more likely to be ok with babysitting jobs for 13 year olds.

Babysitting jobs 13 year olds

4.Help Out At A Nursery

While at first you won’t be babysitting, helping at a local nursery or children’s group will give you experience and training to help along the way. 

You will be helping to look after a group of children alongside an adult so that if you need help or are not sure about something then you can ask them.

Babysitting jobs 13 year olds

You may also find yourself creating bonds with the children and parents who use the nursery. This could result in you being asked to babysit a child while the parents have a work meeting or event.

5.Partner With A Local Nursery

Partnering with a nursery or daycare is a great way to find a babysitting job for 13 year olds. If you have worked with a local nursery for a while then you could request that they refer you if anyone asked for a babysitter.

Babysitting jobs 13 year olds

You may find that there are parents who need childcare during the evening, however most nurseries and daycares don’t offer care in the evenings. 

Being recommended by your nursery/daycare highlights you as reliable to the parents or carer and could be a lucrative way of finding clients.

6.Help At An After School Group For Young Children

Whether you’re trying to find babysitting jobs 17 year olds can do or babysitting jobs 14 year olds or younger can do, helping at an  afterschool group for younger children is a great way of getting some experience.

As with helping at a daycare or nursery, there will be experienced adults around to help with any problems. The biggest difference will be the age of the kids – usually closer to 6 and 7 in age.

Babysitting jobs 13 year olds

If you are unsure about babysitting young children, then looking after a school aged child might be better. Parents are more likely to be willing to give babysitter jobs for 13 year olds if their child is a bit older.

7.Set Up A Babysitting Business

Using a free website such as Wix or WordPress or Squarespace to set up a business website is a brilliant idea! With the technology available today, there is an excellent chance that people will find your website and book you as a  babysitter.

Babysitting jobs 13 year olds

The more people that find your website, the more babysitting jobs for 13 year olds that pay will come your way!

8.Make Business Cards

Making business cards to give out to people is an excellent way to spread the word about your business. Give them to people you babysit for and ask them to pass them on to anyone they think might need a babysitter.

Give them to local businesses, ask if you could leave them in local shops for people to take, or leave them at a daycare or nursery for parents.

Make sure you have all your key information on the cards, including your name,age and website URL.

Babysitting jobs 13 year olds

There are a few places that you could use to make business cards. Such as VistaPrint, Elite Flyers, Zazzle, Staples and GotPrint are all great websites to make business cards. If you want to make free cards then Canva is a good website to use.

9.Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth is a great way to find business. Ask the parents you already babysit for to let their friends know how great you are and how much their children love having you around!

Babysitting jobs 13 year olds

The more people that hear about your services and your abilities with children, the more people will want to hire you.

10.Get A Parent Or Guardian To Post On Social Media

Social media is a great way to get word out. 

Whether your parents use Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, design a post on canva, write a caption about yourself and your experience and include a link to your website or business email.

Babysitting jobs 13 year olds

Once you have your post ready, ask your parent or guardian to post it on their social media accounts and share it with their friends

11.Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to easily find babysitting if you have a little spare cash to invest as you get started.

Facebook ads allow you to find ideal clients directly and message them with your name and what you do. You may not get many replies but it is a good place to start finding babysitting jobs that hire at 13.

Babysitting jobs 13 year olds

Once you’ve started babysitting, joining a babysitting group on Facebook might be a good idea. That way you are in touch with other babysitters and can ask if they know people in your area.

Use a Website Or An App 

Another great way to find babysitting is to use a website or an app. Here are some babysitting sites for 13 year olds.

Babysitting jobs 13 year olds


Care is an online website that offers services for childcare, senior care, pet and house sitting, special needs and tutoring.

 They operate in many countries including the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Care offers no charge to use their website; it only takes a few minutes to sign up before you can start searching for jobs.


Unlike many other websites, Sitters is only for UK residents. Sitters offer both daytime, and nighttime childcare as well as emergency care and more. 

They have a page on their website where they go through all the forms of childcare they offer. 

One thing to note about Sitters is that they require at least 2 years of childcare experience before you can use their website.

So long as you are over the age of 13 and are a permanent UK resident you can sign up. The website does do background verification so that they know their clients are safe.


SOSSitter is a Canada-based site, so only Canadian citizens can apply. Like Care, they offer childcare, senior care, pet and house sitting, etc.

While this website is easy to use, when you first sign up they will go through thorough background verification so that they know everyone will be safe. Once you have been verified you will be asked to pay a small fee. They will require 10-15% of each payment you receive. 


Babysits offers services to anyone in the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Once you have chosen your region then you can sign up.

Babysits offers you the chance to tell people about your experience and advertize your services. They don’t charge babysitters anything. 


Based in the United States and Canada, Sitter offers child care, home care, pet care and elder care.

Sitter allows you to set up a profile and send messages to potential clients. Most clients on Sitter will define their pay, so you must be willing to earn whatever they pay.


Bambino is a free babysitting app based in the United States.

To use this app you must be at least 13 and to become visible on the app you will need a recommendation from a member already using the app.

Bambino allows you to set your pay rate and clients will pay you through whichever bank account you link to the app.


Sittercity is a free babysitting app based in the United States and you must be 18 or older. 

Before getting a job through this app you will be thoroughly checked, including background checks and safety screenings. You will also need to verify your identity. Remember these checks are all about keeping everyone safe.


Sittr is a free babysitting and nannying app based in Australia that allows you to set your rates and is a very easy-to-use app.

When signing up you will have a background check and id verification. You must have a First Aid certification, so speak with a parent or guardian about obtaining one.


Juggle is an app used in the United States. The app offers jobs for child care, pet care and summer nannying.

Perhaps you have just finished college or are studying at college. Juggle Is a great app for you to use, as they mainly focus on helping college students find part-time jobs.

You must be 18 or older to use Juggle and you must meet all these eligibility requirements. Juggle will charge a certain percentage of your earnings as a commission. The amount depends on how much you earn.


Bubble is one of the best babysitting apps for 13 years olds based in the United Kingdom. The app allows you to set an hourly rate or you can negotiate a rate with parents.

Bubble offers daytime help, evening sitters and after school help. You will be required to do an id verification and a background check and you must submit at least 2 references. Find out more about the T&C here.

BabysittersNow is based in Australia and is the only Australian babysitting platform that is free for parents and babysitters to use. 

To use this website you must be 15 or older and if you are between the ages of 15 and 17 you must use a parent or guardian’s credit card! Read more in the the T&C here.


We Need Date Night is based in Canada. When applying you will have to interview over Skype.

We Need Date Night uses a roster and when they have an available job they will give you the choice of accepting it or declining it.

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Jooble is a worldwide site that offers hundreds of jobs to anyone over the age of 18. Jooble allows you to pick and choose from hundreds of job options, including babysitting and nannying work. 


Indeed is a worldwide jobs website. Enter your area and your preferred job and simply hit search. You will be able to choose from a list of possible jobs.

You can use Indeed from the age of 16 unless applying for a job that includes selling alcohol or tobacco.


Craigslist is worldwide and offers a huge variety of jobs, including babysitting and nannying. You must be 18 or older to use Craigslist. See their T&C here.


ZipRecruiter is an international website that helps people find their ideal jobs. All you do is put in your location and preferred job and press search. ZipRecruiter has a database of jobs all over the world though you must be 18 or older.


SeekingSitters is a USA-based site for people who are 18 or older. 

When applying you will go through background and id checks to make sure you are qualified to look after children. 

You will need first aid qualifications, so speak to your parent or guardian about finding a course that suits you. 


LinkedIn is a worldwide site and has hundreds of jobs on the app. You can set up a profile for free and start advertising and searching for jobs immediately. 

You must be 16 or older to use LinkedIn and while it might be hard to wrap your head around at first, after a bit of time you will be able to navigate the app very easily.


UrbanSitter is a US-based nannying app. You get to set your rate and keep 100% of your pay. Top sitters on this app earn $1000 a week.

You must go through a verification process and be 18 or older.


Bright is a New Zealand-based website for anyone from the age of 18. Bright will charge a fee, depending on your use of their services.

Bright allows you to choose your hours and, depending on the ages and number of children you care for, the rate will be a minimum of $23NZ. 

How Can I Start A Babysitting Job At 13?

1.Advertise locally

2.Ask if friends and family need a babysitter

3.Use a website

4.Help at a local daycare

5.Use Facebook Ads

Is Helpr Free?

Yes, Helpr is free. There is no fee to be a helpr. However, if you are under the age of 18 then you must have a parent or guardian overseeing your use of the website.
So if you are looking for babysitting jobs 15 year olds can do then you must have a reliable adult helping you.

Can You Be A 14 Year Old Babysitter?

YES, you can be a 14 year old babysitter. There’s no legal minimum age a child can babysit. Many parents will be fine giving babysitting jobs for 14 year olds however, some people won’t want to leave their child with anyone under 16.

So if you’re looking for babysitting jobs 16 year olds can do then you should find work pretty easily especially within your existing network.

Can You Do Babysitting At 13?

Yes, you can do babysitting at 13! There is no legal minimum age a child can babysit. However, if you give your child to a babysitter under the age of 16 you are still responsible for that child.

What Is The Legal Babysitting Age In The UK?

The legal babysitting age in the UK is not specified. There are no legal restrictions on what age a babysitter or caregiver must be to be left in charge of a child, if the babysitter is under the age of 16 then they are too young to be legally responsible if the child comes to any harm.

This responsibility remains with the parents or guardians of the child.

How Do I Get Started As A Babysitter?

1.Look into getting a childcare qualification.

Most colleges teach this. However, if you are 13 then best take a first aid course just to be prepared. Maybe ask a parent or guardian if they will take the course with you. 

2.Start small! Look after siblings or relatives.

3.Sign up for a website or app or advertise locally – see my examples above.

4.Start small with one or two children and work up to more as you gain confidence.

Can You Babysit Without Qualifications?

You can babysit without qualifications in most places. As you do not need specific qualifications to babysit in certain areas around the world.

Many parents may require you to have a First Aid Certificate so that if anything happens to the child they know you will know what to do. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you know a few ways to find babysitting jobs for 13 year olds and you know a few places to sign up to find work, there are few things to remember.

While a 12, 13, 14 and 15 year old can babysit, until they are 16 the parent or guardian of the child is still legally responsible. So if any form of harm befalls the child, the babysitter would not be legally responsible. Please remember to be careful.

You might be wondering what is the going rate that babysitting jobs 13 year olds pay? Some clients may set an amount, while others may pay a certain amount of your choosing. 

A child is full of imagination and creation so remember to go into babysitting with room for imagination in your mind. Make the most of your youthful creativity!

Now go ahead and get started, whether you start looking for part time babysitting jobs for 13 year olds or babysitting jobs for 13 and up depending on your age. Go get them!

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