adthrive requirements

AdThrive Requirements: Ultimate Guide for 2023

If you are looking for AdThrive requirements, I am pretty sure your blog already has very high traffic. 

AdThrive is a premium display advertising management company dedicated to making sure you make the most money from your site.

 They run on a collaborative business model where you will be very involved in the custom ad strategy for your blog site. 

If you are looking to monetize your high-traffic blog from display ads, look no further as AdThrive is a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

You need not worry about having to keep up with the ever-changing ad optimization and policies.

If you are ready to increase your earnings through your blog, read on to find out what you need to get on board with AdThrive.

adthrive requirements


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What Is AdThrive?

AdThrive is one of the top global advertising networks. They are known to pay publishers who join their network very highly. 

Started by a blogger team of husband and wife in 2013, they realized that it would be possible to improve how bloggers used ads in their content by making the system more professional. 

They focused on helping bloggers grow their ad income by serving their advertising partners more effectively.

AdThrive now serves publishers who are lifestyle content writers blogging in the food, parenting, home, and travel niches. 

These are highly profitable niches. These bloggers earn a high payout from AdThrive which is their main source of income.  

Today, AdThrive manages display advertising across more than 2600 websites. 

adthrive requirements

5 AdThrive Requirements To Meet

Your website will need to meet these 5 requirements to be accepted by AdThrive: 

1. Monthly Minimum Of 100,000 Page Views

It is no surprise that AdThrive is very particular in choosing who should be a part of its premium network. The high number of page views needs to be verified by Google Analytics. Your website will need to show a good track record. 

At a minimum of 100,000 page views monthly, this ensures that everyone who is involved in the network, including publishers and advertising partners will profit off the website handsomely. 

At a minimum of 100,000 page views monthly, AdThrive makes sure that anyone who joins their community can live up to the standards of their current pool of websites. 

This also ensures that premium advertisers choose AdThrive above all other ad network providers. Advertisers are willing to spend more to reach the intended audience because they trust the community.

2. Majority Of Traffic From US, Canada, UK, Australia, Or New Zealand

The primary source of your website traffic must be from either the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand. 

The main reason is that the advertising partners target audiences from these countries. 

3. No Previous Advertisement Violations And Not Blocked By Google Or Other Major Ad Providers

For your website to be eligible for all of the ads coming from AdThrive’s advertising partners, its content cannot be offensive. 

Hateful speech, gambling or porn do not make it into AdThrive’s network. 

Keeping your website content brand-safe like telling a story or solving problems will likely get you accepted. 

4. Content Is Engaging, Original, And Unique 

Your website will be sought after by AdThrive if your content is engaging, original, and unique. Articles that are generally feel-good and genuinely authentic will always attract readers to come back for more. 

This will result in more impressions and high RPMs (Revenue Per 1000 iMpressions). The AdThrive average RPM is between $13 to $15.

Content that “makes the Internet a better place” is always advertiser-friendly.

5. Secured With HTTPS 

Your website should have a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate which will then make it secured with HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). 

A padlock icon should appear on the left of your domain name if it already has an SSL certificate.

Having HTTPS on your website shows that it is secured and that all the information on your website is running through an encrypted connection. It protects your website’s integrity. 

A secured website puts the visitor of your website at ease knowing their data is kept confidential. 

Once your website is encrypted with HTTPS, you can be confident of its credibility. 

Why AdThrive?

AdThrive provides full-service advertising strategies that all bloggers and website owners strive to get accepted into. 

They understand how technical components of running a blog website can be off-putting. 

AdThrive handles all of your website’s advertising so you can focus on content creation.  

With AdThrive, you get access to the best advertising technology and support team. AdThrive publisher dashboard is user-friendly and makes it easier for you to view your website’s insights. 

Before we get too excited to join the best digital advertising network, there are 5 main requirements you need to meet. 

How To Join AdThrive

AdThrive application and onboarding process is known to be simple and quick. Here are the steps you need to go through to join AdThrive. 

1. Submit Your Application

You will be asked to fill up the form on AdThrive application page. Basic details are required such as information on yourself and your website. 

You will be required to submit your site’s traffic data. 

2. Your Application Manually Reviewed

Your website will be manually analyzed by AdThrive’s experts. 

They will look into your website design and traffic data to create a custom ad-optimized layout. You will be involved in the decision-making of how your ads will be placed on your website. 

Due to the nature of the manual review, this process may take up to a week.

3. Acceptance Of Your Application

It is essential that you run at least three ads on highly viewed areas of your website. 

Once AdThrive is confident that they can help you earn money, your application will be accepted and you will be able to move forward. You will also have an AdThrive Setup Assistant to guide you through the acceptance process. 

4. Onboarding & Integrating AdThrive To Your Website

The onboarding process is said to be quick and easy according to AdThrive reviews.

You will have an onboarding team who takes care of your site. They also will help you through each application process step. 

Your ad strategy will be custom-made by the onboarding team who works with the advertising partners too. 

Afterwhich, you will have the option to either self-install or have the AdThrive team help you with your website integration. 

adthrive requirements

Pros & Cons of Joining AdThrive


  • Approval is fast. The review usually takes one week. 
  • Onboarding is quick and easy.
  • Ads quality is excellent.
  • High AdThrive RPM between $13 to $15.
  • AdThrive portal has an extensive range of analytics.
  • Customer support is helpful.
  • Google Certified Publishing Partner.


  • Not easy to meet the requirements of 100,000 page views.
  • No community for support.
  • High barrier to entry.

AdThrive Alternatives

  • MediaVine

MediaVine requirements only need you to have 50,000 sessions in the last 30 days to be considered for MediaVine. ust like AdThrive, it is also a full-service advertising platform. 

It is known to have a very supportive community and customer service. While the revenue is similar to AdThrive, MediaVine has a better website speed. 

  • Ezoic

Ezoic no longer has a limit on page views for new signups. While the revenue is comparably lower than AdThrive and MediaVine, it allows the chance for bloggers and website owners to earn from their content. 

  • AdThrive VS Ezoic

While AdThrive requires 100,000 page views, Ezoic only requires 0 page views. You can earn well on Ezoic however, more effort needs to be made as compared to AdThrive. 

However, it is not fair to compare these two as Ezoic is very much a self-serve platform while AdThrive provides full service.

  • AdSense

AdSense is a Google platform where you can earn from your website based on Per Click. You have the freedom to choose the ad types. It is considered the entry point for bloggers and website owners. 

With minimal and straightforward requirements, there is no number of page views or sessions required by AdSense. 

  • AdThrive VS AdSense

Anyone can apply to AdSense while AdThrive requires high traffic. AdThrive also requires quality content while AdSense can be applied to any kind of website. 

Again, it is unfair to compare AdSense against the mighty giant AdThrive. 

Besides these three alternatives to AdThrive, there are many other advertising companies you can join. You can learn how to choose the most suitable one for your blog

adthrive requirements


How Many Views Do You Need For AdThrive?

You need to hit the AdThrive minimum traffic of 100,000 page views monthly. AdThrive will verify your page views through your Google Analytics data. The majority of your 100,000 page views must be from either of the 5 countries, which are namely the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand. 

What Is The Minimum Page View Requirement For A Publisher To Join AdThrive?

A publisher needs a minimum of 100,000 page views monthly shown on your Google Analytics. The primary source of your website traffic must be from either the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand. If you already have one website with AdThrive, your next site only needs 30,000 page views to qualify. 

Is AdThrive Better Than MediaVine?

The comparison between these two wouldn’t be fair game as AdThrive requires 100,000 page views while MediaVine only requires half of that – 50,000 page views. It is a clear choice which network you will choose if your blog website has not reached 100,000 page views but has hit more than 50,000 page views. 

But let’s just compare these features between the two to see which is better : 

Website SpeedBetter
  • Onboarding

While AdThrive and MediaVine onboarding process is similar, it is quicker with AdThrive as there is a team to guide you along the way. 

Onboarding: AdThrive is better.

  • Payment 

AdThrive pays publishers 45 days after the end of a month. MediaVine, however, only pays after 65 days. 

To receive your AdThrive earnings, you need to have met at least $100 while MediaVine requires $200. 

Both MediaVine and AdThrive payment methods are through Tipalti.

Payment: AdThrive is better. 

  • Website Speed

AdThrive uses a deferred ad loading while MediaVine lazy loads ads. Using the lazy loading for ads, MediaVine claims their ads load faster than the competition. 

MediaVine focuses on the initial loading and rendering of your website. They measure the page speed of your first screen view as Google had rolled out “The Page Experience Update”. 

MediaVine claims their ads load 200% times faster!

Website Speed: MediaVine is better. 

  • Community 

This is where AdThrive lacks. MediaVine has been praised for its excellent community support. 

Community: MediaVine is better. 

It’s quite a fair game comparing AdThrive Vs MediaVine or MediaVine VS AdThrive, with the above features. 

adthrive requirements


The most passive way to monetize your blog is through display ads. AdThrive is the best ad management system for high-traffic blogs. You will be well on the way to earning a higher income, in the long run, should you meet the AdThrive requirements. 

However, if you have not reached the monthly requirement of 100,000 page views, do not despair. The alternative to AdThrive is MediaVine which pays just as good at half of AdThrive’s requirements. 

But if your website page views have yet to reach 50,000, you can always start with AdSense and Ezoic. The low barrier to entry will make it less daunting for you to start earning from your website. 

AdThrive has a lot of benefits for a high-traffic blog. Its high barrier to entry is a gatekeeper of quality content. 

With requirements that are as high as 100,000 page views monthly, you can be assured that you get the quality ads displayed on your blog. 

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