What Are The Best Selling Knitting Items On Etsy

How To Make Money Knitting (28 Cool Ways!)

Hey there my fellow creatives! Do you want to know how to make money knitting? 

Do you love to knit? Are you a fast knitter, who can knock out a thing or two while listening to your favourite podcast? (probably true crime, if you’re anything like me, ha!)  

Or, do you love to work out beautiful designs and create knitting patterns?

Well, you’re in the right place.  I’ve come up with 27 ways you can make money knitting and more importantly, how to start knitting for profit.

Here’s a quick glance at what I’ll walk you through today, as well as the 27 ways I’ve found to answer the question: how to make money knitting?

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How To Make Money Knitting (28 Cool Ways!)

1.Selling Knitting Items Online

how to make money from hand knitting

Interested in how to make money from hand knitting?  

Selling your hand-knitted items has never been easier with access to the Internet.  Here is a list of the top places that answer the question of how to make money knitting:

  • Etsy – a great way to get started while keeping costs low. What’s great about Etsy is that you know people go there specifically to buy unique and handmade items. Check out this article for more details on how to make money on Etsy.

If  you are super busy and you want to start making money selling products  on Etsy asap, you can check out this and this Etsy course, that will step up your Etsy game and start earning within 3 months! Alternatively, you can also check out this free Etsy Ebook that will share a list of best-selling products by month and teach you how to capitalize on seasonal trends to make sales.

  • eBay 
    • Pro – you have access to a wider audience
    • Con – people may not think to go to eBay to look for handmade knitwear
  • Craigslist. Several handmade sweaters are currently selling for $800. Check out the above image if you don’t believe me – wow!
  • Facebook – you could create your own page, join a buy and sell handknit group or sell on your local Facebook marketplace
  • Your blog or website – You could start by providing basic knitting instructions and grow from there. Check out Whimsynorth’s beautiful knitting blog where she talks about how she makes money from knitting.

2.Selling Knitting Items Offline

how to make money from hand knitting

Here are some great examples of where you can sell your knitting in person:

  • Local yarn stores
  • Knitting convention markets – what could be better than getting paid for meeting and spending time with knitters, crocheters & weavers from all over the country and even the world, while being surrounded by beautiful yarn?
  • Arts and crafts markets
  • Craft stores
  • Special holiday markets, like Easter, Christmas and Mother’s Day
  • Car boot & flea markets
  • Weekly farmers’ market
  • Fashion boutiques

3.Selling Knitting Kits Online and Offline

What Are The Best Selling Knitting Items On Etsy

Aside from selling knitted items, you can also create and sell knitting kits.  

They can be sold through the online and offline sources mentioned above. 

What are knitting kits?

 Well, rather than sell an already completed piece of knitting, such as a sweater or scarf.  You can provide ALL the materials and tools your customer needs to make their own knitted creations!

For example, a snood knitting kit:  You provide one skein of yarn, knitting needles, the pattern & instructions and a small hand sewing needle.  

That way your customers get to feel like accomplished knitters while having their hand held through the creative process.  Here’s an example of a knitting kit

You could create a revolution like We Are Knitters who ended up in Forbes and now have close to 700k followers on Instagram!

4.Selling Other People’s Knit Products On and Offline

Surely, like me, you have some non-computer literate knitters in your life?  If so, offer to sell their goods on and offline for a cut of the proceeds.  

You can sell at the same places you sell your own knitted items.  It’s a win-win!

5.Sell Vintage Knitwear For A Huge Profit

make money knitting
source: eBay

If you’re like me, along with knitting, you may love scouring second-hand shops… 

So why not combine these two passions and search your favourite Salvation Army thrift store for the best vintage knits you can find.  Then sell them for a huge markup on eBay or other online and offline marketplaces.

These vintage knits can go for hundreds of dollars, even if they’re not in perfect condition. 

Check out the hole in this incredible 1930s popcorn knit cardigan.  They’re asking $265 for it!

make money knitting
source: eBay

6.Selling Yarn And Other Knitting Accessories Online And Offline

What Are The Best Selling Knitting Items On Etsy
source: Etsy

As well as being able to sell your knitted products and patterns online.  You can also create and sell accessories online and offline. 

Here are a few places you can do this online:

Here is a list of places you can do this offline:

  • Local yarn stores
  • Knitting convention markets – what could be better than getting paid for meeting and spending time with knitters, crocheters & weavers from all over the country and even the world, while being surrounded by beautiful yarn?
  • Arts and crafts markets
  • Craft stores
  • Special holiday markets, like Easter, Christmas and Mother’s Day
  • Car boot & flea markets
  • Weekly farmers’ market
  • Fashion boutiques

7.Creating And Selling Patterns And Designs

selling knitted items
source: Etsy

If you prefer to make something once and sell it many times, then creating knitting patterns and designs may be a more lucrative option than creating one-off handknit pieces.

Here are some places you can do just that:

  • Ravelry – your one-stop shop for knitting aficionados.
    • There are very low start-up costs for new pattern sellers
    • You could offer a few patterns for free, to get your name out there, then add paid patterns once you have some good reviews
  • For inspiration, check out Denise Bayron’s pattern selling page on Ravelry
  • Here is an in-depth post on how to start selling your patterns on this amazing knitting community website.
  • You can also create designs for other companies.  Purl Soho is looking for a handknitting pattern designer
  • Lovecrafts, like Ravelry, is an online marketplace, e-commerce site and crafting community where you can sell your knitting patterns
  • Payhip – gives you a secure place on the web to sell your digital knitting patterns.  It works differently to Ravelry and Etsy, as people will need to know the URL to your pattern to purchase it.  Louise Tilbrook has a nice post about how she uses it to sell her knitting designs
  • Etsy – Although patterns on Etsy sell for a lot less than knitted garments, you have the potential to sell at a very high volume.
  • Instagram – Here are some nice examples of how to do this from Denise Bayron and Jen Knits Things

Facebook – create your own business page or join groups

8.Proofreading Others Knitting Work (Books, Patterns, Articles..)

how to start knitting for profit

Offer your knitting proofreading skills through your own blog and social media, or on online freelancer platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.  

Not sure where to start with proofreading?  Well, I’m here to help…. Did you know proofreading was my first side hustle? You can learn how to get started here.

9.How To Become A Paid Test Knitter 

Knitwear pattern producers always need willing hands to test out their designs.  

You knit the pattern they provide you with, then give them feedback on any issues you find with the pattern and instructions. You will probably be asked to submit photos of your finished product.

It helps if you can knit fast, as the quicker you knit, the higher your hourly rate.  

Reach out to your favourite indie knitting pattern companies or even larger brands to see if they need some extra hands.

Here is an example of a test knitting application request.

10.Knitwear Designer 

how to start knitting for profit

As a knitwear designer, you can work for yourself and provide work to clients or you can be employed by a company.

If design rather than producing knitted items is your jam, then being a knitwear designer may be right up your alley.

Check out these amazing knitwear designers that are killing it:

You can become a Professional Knitwear Designer with the Knitting Guild Association. 

11.Knitting Products For Companies

You can contract yourself out to knit for companies.  There is usually an agreed amount per project paid or an hourly fee agreed in advance.  

You can put a note up at your local yarn shop (LYS) to find customers or advertise your services online, like the above-mentioned Fiverr and Upwork

Hania is a company that employs knitters to create incredible designer knitwear.

12.Knitting Custom Products For Individuals

how to start knitting for profit

Creating custom orders for individuals can be lucrative, as long as your client appreciates the work that goes into creating a one-off piece.

If they don’t, maybe reconsider, as creating custom items can be time-consuming. You may be better off creating a generic one-size-fits best to make the most money.

Remember, as with knitting for companies, you should agree on a payment method and amount in advance.  

Here are some designers who create custom knits for their customers:

  • Hania creates spectacular pieces of both knitwear and knitted homeware pieces for their lucky customers
  • NihanAltuntas offers custom orders from their Etsy store
  • Vincent Williams of Visuvios Crafts also creates one-off peices on request

13.Teach People To Knit In-Person One on One

make money knitting

You have so much flexibility for where you teach people to knit in person.  

Create some flyers on Canva, print them out and pin them up at your local shops, library etc. Then you can teach people to knit in person all over the place.  

Here are some location ideas to get you started:

  • Your home
  • Your student’s home
  • A local cafe
  • A local yarn store
  • A local community centre
  • A local park when the weather’s nice
  • local library
  • Regional knitting events.

14.Teach A Group Of People To Knit Offline

make money knitting

The same advice for teaching one-on-one offline, applies here too.

  • Get your name out there any way you can
  • Name a time and a place and start enrolling participants.

Here are some knitting teachers that teach group classes in person:

15.Teach People To Knit Online (One On One And Group Lessons)

Since 2020 people have become more and more comfortable taking classes online.  If you’re like me, I bet you’ve taken a few online classes yourself!

Zoom is a great choice for giving classes, but there are other options too, like, Google Meet.  

If you don’t have a laptop, why not give it a go from your phone.  You could use the tools mentioned above, or even Facebook messenger and WhatsApp.

Just make sure you have a secure location to rest your phone so you can be hands-free. 

16.Sell Photos Of Your Knitting Online  

If you love photography as well as knitting, why not combine your two loves?  All sorts of online publications, including newspapers and even my blog,  need photos and sometimes the free stock photos just don’t cut it.  

If you want to learn more about how to sell your photos online.  I’ve written a blog post on just that: 21 Best Places To Sell Your Photos Online.

17.Create A Knitting Course and Sell It Online

How To Make Money Knitting

If you love knitting and other crafts, no doubt you’ll have heard of or even taken a course on Craftsy, SkillShare and Domestika or what about a non-craft-focused online course site like Udemy?

If you have a unique knitting skill or pattern you would like to teach people, why not create your own course to sell on one of these online platforms?

18.Create A Blog About Knitting And Monetise It

The knitting blog niche is underserved.  See this list of how to make money knitting with blogging below:

  • Affiliates – anything related to knitting will work: sharing the best Craftsy or Skill Share courses for example. 
  • Display Ads – the best network for beginner sites is Ezoic
  • Physical products – set up an e-commerce shop and off you go
  • Digital products
    • Free patterns bring traffic which will give you ad revenue
    • Printables – you could turn your free patterns on your website into beautiful PDFs and offer those at a cost
  • Ebooks – e.g. how-to guides

Don’t know how to create a blog or even what some of those words mean? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered:

Here are some beautiful knitting blogs to inspire you:

Check out my post and SEO course for step by step guides on how to set up your own blog and get traffic:

19.Create A Youtube Channel About Knitting And Monetise It

If you’re an extroverted knitter and love to create videos, why not get those skills making you money through YouTube

How Do You Earn Money Knitting With YouTube?  

You know those ads you see before you watch your fav YouTube videos?  Every view earns the video creator money!  

Google also seems to rank video content higher than text these days so you may get more views to your youtube channel, where you can link to your other knitting products.

Here are some big and small knitting youtube channels to check out:

  • Tiffany Liew – at the time of writing, Tiffany’s channel has been up for 7 months and she already has over 44,000 subscribers and one video with close to 200,000 views!
  • Winick Mum
  • RJ Knits

20.Write Blog Posts About Knitting For Other People

As mentioned earlier, the knitting blog niche is a goldmine for content writing. If you love writing, and know about SEO (or want to learn), offer your services to knitting and craft bloggers.

Here are some examples of knitting articles on different blogs:

Would you like to try cold pitching directly to knitting companies and bloggers with your ideas but you’re not sure how to do this?

how to become a freelance writer

21.Write An Ebook About How To Start Knitting  

There are many ways to create an ebook about how to start knitting.  You could:

  • Create printable knitting instructions for beginners (using Canva) and sell them on Ravelry or your blog
  • You could create a guide on how to knit for beginners and self-publish on Amazon.

Here are some fantastic knitting eBook examples:

22.Write A Book About How To Knit

If you have success self-publishing a guide on how to knit for beginners or other topics on knitting.  How about publishing an old-school book for sale at yarn shops, book shops, or online book retailers?

Here are some popular knitting books:

23.Technical Editor 

Every yarm company, knitwear designer, knitting magazine and knitting book writer needs a technical editor.

What is a technical knitting editor? 

A knitting pattern technical editor is like a book editor.  You go through knitting patterns with a fine-tooth comb to check for errors, issues and inconsistencies.  

For more in-depth info, check out these resources:

Here is FREE workshop that teaches you how to get started with editing!

24.Create Knitting Samples 

Do you ever wonder where the knitting samples come from in knitting books and company catalogues?  

Knitters just like you!  Google or ask at your local yarn shops may have leads on who currently needs samples knitted.  Purl Soho is currently looking for a freelance sample maker.

25.Open Your Own Yarn Store

how to make money from hand knitting

If you have some capital available, have you considered starting your own yarn store? 

Having your own yarn store would enable you to combine many of the options discussed in this article – or only your favourite ones.

You could:

  • Sell yarn
  • Sell patterns
  • Sell knitting accessories
  • Give group and one on one classes

Your imagination is the limit here.

Here are some inspirational examples of others who have taken the plunge to open their own yarn shops:

26.Knitting Company Copywriter 

If you’re a skilled copywriter, know a lot about knitting and can explain techniques and materials, then there are possibilities to work full time as a copywriter in the knitting industry.  

Here are a few places that are looking for or have hired copywriters in the knitting industry:

  • Purl Soho are currently looking for a full-time copywriter 
  • Mati Ventrillon at Fair Isle Knitwear hired Al to create the copy for their website

27. eCommerce Product Coordinator / Executive

Do you have a background in tech and retail marketing and love working in a creative environment?  

Then there may be a place to combine these skills with your love of knitting.

These Knitting businesses are currently looking for eCommerce buffs:

  • Purl Soho are looking for an eCommernce Product Coordinator
  • Fibre2Fashion are looking for an eCommerce Executive

28.Yarn Spinner and Dyer

How To Make Money Knitting

Perhaps you are not just a knitter but also a creator of the yarn that people knit with?

If so, did you know you can make a living from spinning and dying yarn?  

Here are some examples of beautiful hand died wool available on Etsy.

Here are some amazing examples of people who do this:

Is A Knitting Business Profitable?

Is knitting for profit a thing?  I think the answer,  as with all things in life, is, it depends.

If you become a technical editor, a knitwear designer or a successful online knitting entrepreneur, selling kits and digital products then the answer is a resounding YES! 

The reality is, knitting for money has never been easier thanks to the Internet, as you have global reach to sell your products – especially digital ones.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make money knitting one-off products.  

You just need to make sure you price your products correctly, for the time, money and materials you put into them.  

Although, if you’d be knitting in front of your fav true crime doco anyway – then what’s not to love about getting paid to do two things you enjoy doing at the same time?

Is Knitting A Good Business?

Knitting can absolutely be a good business, if you choose the right option for you, for where you’re at.  

As in, don’t try to become a knitwear designer if you don’t know what a purl stitch is.

If you want to learn more about how to turn knitting into a good business, check out the course by Udemy, called  Your Craft Business: Step By Step Guide To Make Money Online.

What Knitting Items Sell Best?

Here’s a list of some top-selling knitted items I’ve seen on the Internet. Some have thousands of purchases:

Best Fast And Easy And Knitting Items To Sell:

  • Scarves  
  • Blankets
  • Dishcloths – so practical AND quick and easy – it’s just a square!

More Complicated Knitting Items To Sell:

  • Cushion covers
  • Sweaters 
  • Gloves 
  • Socks 

What Are The Best Selling Knitting Items On Etsy?

How To Make Money Knitting
source: Etsy

Curious about the best-selling knitted items on Etsy? 

A search for handknits on Etsy shows a variety of beautiful and popular knitted products. 

Here is a list of the most popular handknit products on Etsy:

  • Socks
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Sweaters
  • Gloves and mittens

Want to learn more about what and how to sell on Etsy?  

Take a look at these comprehensive articles to get you started on your Etsy selling journey:

Tips & Pitfalls To Know About Making Money From Your Knitting

  • Sometimes turning a passion into a business can kill the love you have for it.  Make sure your love of knitting doesn’t die as you start to make money
  • Keep costs low as you start out – if you’re knitting products to sell, unwind old woollen garments you find at thrift stores
  • Use the best quality yarn you can afford
  • Find a community of knitting sellers for support and to help guide you – think Revelry, Facebook groups, Lovecrafts
  • Do not knit and sell copyrighted knit patterns!  This is the fastest way to get banned from Etsy FOR LIFE.  Ask the designer if you’re not sure if their work is copyrighted, otherwise create your own original designs.


Although I’ve only spoken about knitting and US-based resources, you can also use this article to answer these questions:

  • How to make money from knitting in the UK or anywhere else in the world!  Just look up your local options and you too can work from home knitting, or from anywhere you like!
  • How to make money knitting and crocheting? The same “rules” apply.  Follow the same steps in this article for starting your crocheting business! 

Whether you’re contemplating starting a knitting or crocheting business, this article can help you decide what to sell and where to sell it, depending on your knitting skills and what you want to focus on.  

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