How to sell slime on etsy

How To Sell Slime On Etsy And Make A Huge Profit! [2023]

Want to start a slime business but don’t know how to sell slime on Etsy?

Perhaps you have seen those satisfying ASMR slime videos on Instagram or TikTok?

 Or maybe your kids keep telling you that their friends brought different slimes to school to play with. 

Have you ever wondered if it’s profitable to sell slime on Etsy? 

Do you know if it’s too late to start a slime business on Etsy?

 If those are the questions you have in your mind, then you have come to the right place. 

In the article below, I will detail the step-by-step guide on how to sell slime on Etsy

The guide is meant to be beginner friendly so don’t worry if you do not have any experience in making slime or starting a business on Etsy

How To Sell Slime On Etsy And Make A Huge Profit! [2023]

1. Create An Etsy Account

2. Set Up Your Etsy Store

3. Put Up Your First Listing

4. Put In Tags Or Keywords

5. Shipping Options

6. Preferred Payment Methods

7. Open Your Store

How to sell slime on etsy

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1. Create An Etsy Account

So, how to start a slime business on Etsy?

First and foremost, you need an Etsy account before you can start selling slime on Etsy. 

This is a relatively easy step. You just need to follow through with the prompts to create an account with your email.

2. Set Up Your Etsy Store

Next up, once you have created an Etsy account for your slime business, you may now set up your Etsy shop.

You will be asked to select your shop country, currency, and name for your Etsy store

This is where you can get creative with your store name, just make sure that the store name matches the products that you are selling.

You will also be asked for the details for you to get paid and pay for Etsy bills, so do make sure you keep your bank and card details handy.

Note: It is recommended that you use a separate business bank account for your slime business on Etsy to facilitate tax processing in the future!

Once you are done with your store details, it’s time for you to add your store logo and banner. You can create your store logo using Canva or hire someone to design it for you with Fiverr at a cheap rate.

How to sell slime on etsy

Picture from Pexels

3. Put Up Your First Listing

You must be wondering how to sell slime after setting up your store preferences. 

For your store to be seen by the public, you will need one item to list in your store.

 It is recommended that you prepare at least 5-10 different slimes to list so that your customers have options to choose the slime that they want to buy. 

To set up the best Etsy slime shops, you should prepare clear and aesthetically-pleasing pictures for your slimes. 

A picture speaks a thousand words. I am sure that you often browse through product pictures before you buy an item online as well. 

Arrange your slimes in different positions and with different decorations (in a clear container, on a table, with small toys, etc.) so that your buyers can have different perspectives. 

How to sell slime on etsy

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4. Put In Tags Or Keywords

You are on your way to being the best slime seller on Etsy!

The next step is putting up the titles, descriptions, tags, and keywords for the slimes that you have listed.

Do not underestimate this step and it will potentially fetch you good profits! When done well, good tags and keywords will drive traffic to your store, resulting in more people discovering your store and making a purchase.

You can use keyword tools like Sale Samurai, Keysearch, and Marmalead to help you find the best keywords so that your store is the best place to buy slime on Etsy.

Note: You may use outandbeyond (all in lowercase) for Sale Samurai to give you 20% off for life and OUTANDBEYOND (all in uppercase) for Keysearch to get 30% off upon sign up.

The best keywords for Etsy are long-tailed keywords and you can put them into several places to be effective:

  • Titles

This is the text above your product listings n your shop and on the search result page. You must use the right words to adequately describe your products so that your customers understand what products you are offering. 

  • Descriptions

This is where you provide more details and explanations for the slime that you are selling. Use targeted keywords to increase the odds of people buying your slime.

You may use short paragraphs or bullet points to provide answers to questions that your buyers may have about your products.

Put in details like the types of slime, colors available for the slime, amount and weight of the slime, etc. so that your buyers can make an informed decision before buying your slimes.

  • Tags

A tag on Etsy is a short phrase that describes your slime. You can add up to 13 tags for each item and you should use all the tags to maximize the chances of people finding your items through searches.

Each tag can contain up to 20 characters so you can pick the variation of long-tailed keywords that best describe your slime.

  • Attributes

Attributes are another piece of information that can help potential buyers to find your products through categories.

It is vital for you to pick only relevant attributes for your products so that buyers see the items that they are looking for when they search for the slime on Etsy.

How to sell slime on etsy

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5. Shipping Options

Etsy recommends free shipping by buyers so it is recommended to offer free shipping or include shipping prices in the slime price that you have listed.

For international shipping, I would advise you to set up international shipping charges as shipping costs vary across countries.

You may refer to Etsy’s write-up on free shipping to set up free shipping hassle-free.

Note: Make sure that you detail your return policy and disclaimer so that if the slime your customers receive differs from how you send it so you can quickly resolve the issue to avoid them leaving you a bad review!

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6. Preferred Payment Methods

Now that you have completed your product listings, it is time to set up your payment methods. You can choose from check, Paypal, money order, or Etsy Payments, which is the primary way to get paid on Etsy.

Etsy Payments allows your buyers to pay through their cards (credit or debit), Etsy gift cards and credits, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many more. 

Sellers with Etsy Payments do not need to have accounts for these services to receive payments through Etsy’s relationships with the service providers. 

7. Open Your Store

Once you have provided your credit card details for authorization and fee charging, you are now ready to click the ‘Open Your Shop’ button!

Setting up a slime store may seem daunting initially, and I understand that. If you follow the steps above, you will know how to make a slime shop on Etsy in no time! 

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of your slime store!

How to sell slime on etsy
Happy boy is stretching a pink slime sitting on the coach and playing. Looking through the slime

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The Best-Selling Slime On Etsy

These are some of the best-selling slimes on Etsy. You may use this as a reference to make your own slime and market them with a similar price range.

How To Make Slime

So what’s next? Looking for slime that you can buy online to resell it? Do you know that you can actually make slime with just a few household items?

Fret not as making your own slime is just a few steps away.

To make your own slime, you will need to prepare a few items that you probably already have at home:

How to sell slime on etsy
Slime making process. Kid making slime, worldwide popular self made toy.

Picture from iStock

Follow the steps below to make your own fail-safe slime:

1. Squeeze 100ml of white glue into a clean mixing bowl. You may get the white glue in the exact volume so you don’t have to measure the glue.

2. Add half a tablespoon of baking soda and mix the content well.

3. Add a few drops of food coloring to your liking and stir the content properly. You may skip this step if you don’t have food coloring.

4. Add a tablespoon of contact lens solution to the mixture and stir slowly. During this step, you will notice that the slime will become stringy. If you are wondering how to make slime not sticky, you can add a bit more solution to make the slime thick.

5. Finally, knead the slime with your hands until it holds together. The slime can be wet and sticky at first but you just need to keep kneading it until it comes together.

6. To keep your slime, you may store it in a clear container or a ziplock bag. Your slime is now ready to play. 

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Slime Business

It actually doesn’t cost a lot to start a slime business. To make your own slime, you will need to consider a few items:

1. Slime supplies ($80)

To ensure that you keep your slime cost low, it is recommended that you always buy your supplies in bulk or large quantities.

How to sell slime on etsy

2. Add-Ins ($25)

Colors and scents can help enhance your slime appearance. Do consider enhancing your slime by adding food coloring, fragrance oil, and glitter to market your slime better.

How to sell slime on etsy

3. Containers ($20)

You will need to store your slime in an airtight container before shipping it out. You can get disposable containers to save the cost.

4. Labels & Packaging ($50)

Adding your store logo on your slime builds brand loyalty. It is the first impression that your slime buyer will have when they purchase slimes from you.

You should also add your contact and shipping details as buyers are more likely to make a return purchase if you offer good quality slimes. That makes it easier for them to contact you again for bulk purchases.

Do consider using Canva or hire someone to design your brand logo for you with Fiverr at a cheap rate.

How to sell slime on etsy

With that, it comes to less than $200 to start your own slime business. With more experiments, I am sure that your Etsy slime store will show up when people search for slime to buy online.

How To Promote Your Slime On Etsy

You may refer to Etsy’s guide on promoting your slime shop on Etsy:

  • Etsy ads campaigns: Set your budgets and pick your listings for Etsy to show your ads at the right places and time. 
  • Offsite ads: Etsy helps to advertise throughout the web including Google and social media like Facebook.
  • Social media: Link your social media accounts to your Etsy store so that your followers can find your store easily.
  • Coupons and sales: Who doesn’t like sales? Provide discounts on your slime store to entice new customers to buy slime from you.
  • Join an Etsy team: Team up with sellers on Etsy to collaborate and support each other.
  • Etsy seller programs: Join Etsy seller programs to learn and connect with other sellers.
How to sell slime on etsy

FAQs On How To Sell Slime On Etsy

Can I Sell Slime On Etsy?

Yes, you can sell slime on Etsy! You can promote your slime on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to new audiences and redirect them to your Etsy slime shop.

By aligning messages across your social platforms, your buyers can easily find the particular slime products that they are looking for from your Etsy slime shop.

Can You Make Money Selling Slime?

Yes, you can definitely make money selling slime! You can set up your own website or use an established website to sell slime. Other than Etsy, Craiglist, eBay, and even Instagram and Facebook found themselves to be popular sites for selling slime. Create an account if you don’t already have one!

How Do I Start A Slime Business?

If you want to start a slime business, you need to focus on: 

  • Branding: Design a logo that best suits your slime business. When it comes to social media branding, you may want to keep the social media handles the same across platforms (TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) for consistency.
  • Shop: Compare prices across Amazon, Walmart, and Target to get the cheapest products.
  • Prototype: This is the fun part. You get to experiment with different recipes and test out the texture of your slime. You may also want to check how long does your slime last and what stuff to put in slime to better suit your customers’ needs. 
  • Packaging: You may want to pack your orders differently (mailers, boxes, etc.) based on the order sizes for cost-effectiveness purposes. Do compare with competitors’ packaging to see how you can stand out among all the slimes.
  • Selling platform: The best place to start your slime business is Etsy. If you are still wondering how to start a slime shop on Etsy, do check out the steps above for your peace of mind!
  • Pricing: Calculate the cost per slime for your slime before you set a price. Do check out your competitors’ slimes and price yours slightly below (or offer a discount) to compete with them.
  • Listing of product: Take high qualities clear photos and provide clear descriptions to ensure that customers can find your slime easily. Detail your shipping and return policies on Etsy to avoid potential disputes.
  • Promote: Promote your slime on your social media platforms. Take videos of your niece or nephew playing the slimes and upload them to TikTok. Upload your recipes and process of making slimes because people like this kind of video.

What Are The Types Of Slime That You Can Sell?

  • Clear slime: Slime made with clear glue.
  • Glitter slime: Slime with colored-glitter powder.
  • Fluffy slime: Slime made with white glue.
  • Butter slime: Slime with added baby oil or lotion for a buttery texture
  • Glue-free slime.
  • Borax-free slime.
  • Crunchy slime: Slime with the addition of foam beads.
  • Glow-in-the-dark slime: Slime with glow powder.
How to sell slime on etsy
Close up of game with two-color blue and pink slime in someone’s hands on a white background. The mucus is crushed, stretched, torn and squeezed by hands.

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Do You Need  A License To Sell Slime On Etsy?

No, you don’t need a license to sell slime on Etsy other than relevant business permits and licenses needed for an online business. 

While there are no specific permits or licenses necessary to sell slime online. Do make sure to detail the business policies and disclaimers on your Etsy store to protect your business and practice safety precautions when selling slime online.

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Is Slime Harmful?

Yes, slime can be harmful if your slime recipe contains Borax which is a strong alkaline substance. You will need to handle it with care. 

Mark Johnston from the Regions Hospital Burn Center warns about Borax that “If used improperly or carelessly, it can cause chemical burns.”. Make sure your child stays safe by closely supervising them.

How to sell slime on etsy

Picture from Pexels

Best Slime Shop Kits

Some of the best Slime Shop Kits are as follows:

How Much Do You Get Paid To Make Slime?

CategoriesAnnual Salaries ($)Hourly Wages ($)
Top Earners100,00048
75th Percentile76,00037
25th Percentile33,50016

ZipRecruiter’s research shows that people who sell slime working from home earn as high as $56.25 and as low as $8.65 per hour. 

It’s worth noting that the majority of slime sellers earn between $16.11 (25th percentile) to $36.54 (75th percentile) which is higher than the minimum hourly wage across all states.

How to sell slime on etsy

Picture from Unsplash

Is There Still A Market For Slime?

Yes, there is definitely still a market for slime! BBC reported that Slime is serious business and shows no sign of losing its slippery appeal among children. 

Some of the YouTube slime “crafters” managed to garner hundreds of thousands of online followers, paving their way to be YouTube celebrities. As a result, suppliers like Blackburn-based Zimpli Kids experienced significant growth in their slime business.


By now you should know how to sell slime on Etsy.

It may seem overwhelming to start an online business and I understand that. I hope that the detailed guide above has helped you learn about the different types of slime you can sell on Etsy and how to set up your store on Etsy.

If you follow the actionable step-by-step guide above, I am sure that you will be able to start your slime business in no time! Start your slime business today and make some money!

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