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25 Coliving Portugal Spaces In 2024 (Comfy + Affordable!)

Are you looking for the best coliving spaces in Portugal for a long stay? Look no further!

If you’re exploring the option of relocating there, coliving in Portugal is a great option to fully immerse yourself in the culture with like-minded people.

It’s easy to see why Portugal is such a popular choice for digital nomads.  Portugal has recently emerged as one of the top places to be a digital nomad.

The climate is sunny and mild, the cost of living is very affordable by European standards, and English is widely spoken.

Not to mention, there are gorgeous beaches, charming cities, and some of the best surf spots in the world.

No wonder it has been named one of the best places to live in. 

Having visited this sunny part of the world and gobbled more than a few pastel de nata (Portuguese egg tart).

I am seriously contemplating working as a digital nomad here and staying in some cozy coliving Portugal spaces.

coliving portugal
Portugal has 300 sunny days!
coliving portugal
Livraria Bertrand – the world’s oldest bookstore

In fact, Portugal is incredibly welcoming to digital nomads – they’ve even introduced a special digital nomad visa and a whole digital nomad village

At this point, the question is – why wouldn’t you want to try coliving Portugal? Let’s see how we can make it happen. 

25 Best Coliving Spaces in Portugal

  1. Vibrant Beach House
  2. Sustainable Complex Lisbon
  3. Rural Vibrant Villa
  4. Beach Villa Coliving
  5. Cascais Villa
  6. Outsite Lisbon – Cais do Sodre
  7. Karma Coliving Villa  
  8. Selina Peniche
  9. Selina Secret Garden Lisbon
  10. Pipedream Peniche
  11. Samesame Living 
  12. Quantro Anas
  13. Surf Camp
  14. Traditional Stylish House Porto
  15. BeHappy Lodge
  16. Novovento Coliving
  17. Traditional Sunny House Algarve
  18. SUNAGO House
  19. Outside Cascais- Guincho
  20. YON Living
  21. WOT Peniche
  22. Noma Village
  23. Cecilia’s House
  24. The Sea Office
  25. Villa on Rua dos Loureiros


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coliving portugal

25 Best Coliving Spaces in Portugal

By this point, moving to Portugal already sounds very tempting. 

But wait until you see some of the amazing coliving spaces in Portugal – I wouldn’t blame you if you immediately pack your bags and book the next flight out. 

Here are some of the best co-living Portugal has to offer:

coliving portugal

1.Vibrant Beach House

Looking for a coliving outside the city? Why not consider living in a quaint coastal town, Sines.

It is only 1 hour and 45 minutes by car from Lisbon, you will find yourself at the longest uninterrupted beach in Europe! 

This vibrant Beach Villa makes a perfect coliving stay at Sines as it fosters a strong sense of community.

It is also open to a diverse range of individuals, including digital nomads, remote workers, entrepreneurs from all around the world!

The rooms are designed to make you feel like home, and you will be spoiled with a magnificent view overlooking the blue ocean!

This is truly a great cozy coliving space, equipped with high-speed internet.

With this lisbon co living space you get a great outside coworking Lisbon area so there is no excuse why you can’t work remotely while enjoying the breeze from the ocean.

Residents: 10 residents

Price: From €988 per month

Wifi: Fast wifi

Amenities: Chill out area, outdoor space, workspaces, dining area, parking, meeting room, living area

Other benefits: Community meals, surfing, yoga, cultural excursion, movie nights, workshops and more

coliving lisbon

2.Sustainable Complex Lisbon

This is the first sustainable coliving space in Lisbon, located in the Belem area.

It promotes connections between guests and local non-profit organizations to increase awareness of the impact of the environment and prioritize eco-conscious living.

You will be awed by the beautiful greenery garden, giving you ample outdoor space to work, relax or to enjoy a communal gathering while baking some fresh pizza!

Within the coliving complex, there is a restaurant and cafe available, making it convenient to access to healthy meals while working. 

There are 8 types of rooms in total, and you can choose either a dormitory type room or a private double room.

With the chic and sustainable design of the property, this coliving offers a great opportunity to experience coliving in Lisbon while living sustainably- making it worth the stay! 

Residents: 8 types of rooms

Price: From €862 per month

Wifi: Fast wifi

Amenities: Chill out area, swimming pool, Air conditioning, outdoor space, workspaces, dining area, parking

Other benefits: Community meals, surfing, meditation classes, walking tours, music instruments and more

coliving portugal

3.Rural Vibrant Villa

Looking for a more intimate coliving experience in rural Portugal? This is the coliving space for you!

Located at Algarve, this coliving space welcomes all types of digital nomads to enjoy a calmer and stress-free way of life.

With only a maximum of 8 residents, you get to experience authentic connections not only with the residents, but also a personal arrangement of activities.

Such as a private yoga class and a HIIT class with a personal trainer.

If beach is more of your thing, you can enjoy a variety of excursions at the beach, such as stand-up paddleboarding, kitesurfing, and kayaking.

This coliving space is at the epicenter of the natural paradise of the Algarve, where you can enjoy a sense of tranquility, meaningful connection, ideal place to work, and feeling recharge.

Residents: 8 residents

Price: From €930 per month

Wifi: Fast wifi

Amenities: Chill out area, Gym/ fitness studio, Air conditioning, outdoor space, workspaces, dining area, parking, kitchen, BBQ

Other benefits: Yoga, table tennis, fitness classes, meditation classes, surfing, community meals and more

coliving portugal

4.Beach Villa Coliving

If you are a musician, or want to pick up a new musical instructment skill, this coliving space is perfect for you!

This unique coliving space in Ferrel offers an exciting experience for digital nomads who seek a perfect balance between work and leisure.

With a well equipped music studio and recording equipment available for hire, this is a perfect place to express the creative juice!

Besides the unique music studio, guests can enjoy two larger co-working areas overlooking the pool, and enjoy a regular communal dinner with the residents. 

This coliving is not only ideal for musicians, but also perfect for outdoor seekers, as you can enjoy beautiful nature scape along the beach and also participate in water sports activities- including surfing and kitesurfing.  

Residents: 5 residents

Price: From €1,450 per month

Wifi: Fast wifi

Amenities: Chill out area, swimming pool, Air conditioning, outdoor space, workspaces, dining area, parking, kitchen, BBQ, meeting room

Other benefits: Yoga, kitesurfing, surfing, music instrument, community meals and more

coliving Portugal

5.Cascais Villa

This jaw-droppingly gorgeous co-living space is housed in a villa, with its own backyard terrace, swimming pool, garden, and bar area. 

Just close your eyes and picture yourself working by the poolside in the day, before hanging out with your housemates on the patio after sundown.

Cascais Villa is also just minutes away from some of the most beautiful surfing spots in Europe. The house even has storage for surfboards, and surfing lessons if you’ll like to give it a try!

Here’s an extra bonus: If you’re keen on giving Cascais Villa a try, you’ll also get 2.5% off your first month’s rent if you book via my link. 

Residents: 26 people

Price: From USD 960 a month

Wifi: Fast wifi 

Amenities: Fully equipped kitchen, BBQ, swimming pool, backyard and garden, bar, towels and linens, cable TV, bicycles

Other benefits: Yoga, surf lessons, kite surf and rock climbing.

coliving portugal

6.Outsite Lisbon – Cais do Sodre

There are plenty of coliving spaces Lisbon, but none are quite like this one.

Outsite is a co living Lisbon housed in a traditional Lisbon building – imagine waking up knowing that you’re literally inside a piece of history.

You have the option of going for a room with a view of the water, or a view of the street – perfect for people watching.

This coliving Lisbon is located in the heart of the city, so you’re walking distance from cool coffee bars, the market, the harbor front, and the tram.

You’ll also get to soak up the great local food and indie nightlife in the area. 

Residents: 25 rooms in total

Price: From USD 36 per night

Wifi: 99 mbps

Amenities: Shared kitchen (one kitchen for every 5 rooms), towels and linens, personal desks in every room, printer, Smart TV, onsite laundry

Other benefits: Coworking cafe on site, community events

shared accomodation Portugal

7.Karma Coliving Villa   

Karma is part coliving space, part surf & wellness retreat. They embody the work hard, play hard ethos. 

There is an onsite co-working space with hot desks and printers – all overlooking the ocean.

However, when you’re ready for a break, there is also a meditation & yoga deck, onsite rock climbing, and a pool area with hammocks, a jacuzzi, and a sauna.

Karma has taken care of everything for you, from airport shuttles to complimentary daily breakfasts. 

There’s a shared kitchen that you can use if you like to cook, but there’s also a vegan chef on standby that you can order food from.

They’ve also provided a ton of fun, optional activities. Inhouse guides can teach you yoga, surfing, rock climbing, mountain biking, or bring you on cultural tours to nearby attractions.

Residents: 5 bedrooms + one apartment available

Price: From €500 a month

Wifi: 200 mbps

Amenities: Fully equipped kitchen with onsite vegan chef, weekly cleaning, towels and linen, toiletries, pool and jacuzzi, sauna, sun deck, meditation and yoga deck, on-site rock climbing, billiard table

Other benefits: Daily healthy breakfast, airport shuttle, coworking space on-site, massage therapists on standby, in-house guides for surfing, yoga, and rock climbing.

colive in portugal

8.Selina Peniche

Peniche was once a famed fishing port, but it has now become Portugal’s surf capital. Right at the center of the action, Selina Peniche features are one of the best co living Portugal has to offer!

This coliving Portugal space has multiple room options, depending on your personal preferences and budget.

The house also consists of a Mediterranean restaurant, library, cinema, bar, and rooftop terrace designed for daily yoga.

Selina Peniche is close to the beach, so you’ll be able to squeeze in an early morning surf. Then explore the local markets and enjoy some gourmet delicacies, or follow jagged cliff trails towards Cabo Carvoeiro’s lighthouse. 

Price: from €900 a month

Wifi: High-speed

Amenities: Shared kitchen, cowork Portugal space, library, cinema room, pergola garden, Mediterranean restaurant, bar, and rooftop terrace 

Other benefits: Weekly workshops, live music events

coliving portugal

9.Selina Secret Garden Lisbon

Selina Secret Garden is located in the center of Lisbon, making it very convenient to explore the city by foot. 

With its popularity among digital nomads, it’s a great place to make new connections and friendships during your stay.  

This co living Lisboa space offers a range of well-decorated rooms, each equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. 

If you are looking to stay in one of the best coliving Lisbon, and experience the city’s vibrant culture and lifestyle, Selina Secret Garden is the ideal choice for you!

Residents: 6 types of rooms

Price: From €27 a night

Wifi: Fast wifi

Amenities: Garden, Air conditioning, swimming pool, pool table, housekeeping lounge area, workspaces

Other benefits: Swimming pool, rooftop bar, common kitchen , yoga

shared space Portugal

10.Pipedream Peniche

Pipedream Peniche is another coliving Portugal space; it is all about living, working, and relaxing at the same time and in the same place.

Located in Ferrel, Pipedream Peniche is a traditional Portuguese village with a relaxed blend of locals and surfers. 

It is away from the noise of the big city but big enough to have a range of restaurants and some nightlife. 

There are supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, and restaurants just a few minutes walk from the Pipedream.

The house itself aims to provide that balanced lifestyle. A glass-enclosed coworking space overlooks the pool, allowing for maximum productivity while enjoying the natural surroundings.

If you are looking one of the best coworking coliving Portugal has to offer, Pipedream Peniche checks both of these boxes!

Residents: 4 bedrooms

Price: From €25 a night

Wifi: High speed 

Amenities: Swimming pool, terrace, shared kitchen, hammocks, breakfast space, glass-enclosed coworking space

Other benefits: Surf lessons and gear.


coliving portugal

11.Samesame Living 

If you are a creative looking for a space to live in Lisbon and a creative community, Same Same Coliving is one of the first creative coliving Lisbonne spaces.

Located in the neighborhood of Mouraria, Same Same Co-living is a remodeled old traditional building that aims to provide a place to live and work for creative digital nomads, students, and business travelers.

Samasama is more than just a coliving coworking Portugal accommodation space; it is a well-designed ecosystem that allows you to enjoy life as a co-liver. 

It includes an artistic atelier (Equina), a bar, and an event venue (Insitu).

You can expect monthly and weekly events and activities that will stimulate your creativity and give you a community sense of belonging.

In this coliving Lisbon Portugal space, you can find different living arrangements, from shared apartments and studios to private rooms.

Price: From €20 a night

Wifi: High-speed

Amenities: Weekly cleaning, linens and towels, fully-equipped kitchen, toiletries 

Other benefits: Weekly vegetable and fruit deliveries, community events, Portuguese courses, co-working space, restaurant and bar

coliving Portugal

12.Quantro Anas

Located in the rural countryside of Valongo do Vouga, this quaint farmhouse is an ideal coliving space in the serene countryside! This traditional classic farmhouse is located 20 kilometers from Aveiro City. 

You can enjoy a simpler life with the sound of nature and farm animals, the smell of fresh breads from a  local bakery and a walking distance to plenty of hiking spots. 

To embrace the countryside, you can also learn more about how to grow, harvest and cook your own healthy food! 

Residents: 8 people

You can still stay connected and work in the day time and unplug to join yoga class or an event in the evening with other coliving residents.

If you are looking for a rural coliving in Portugal, this is the place to stay!

Price: From €450 /month

Wifi: Fast Wifi

Amenities: Chill out area, dining area, gym and fitness studio, kitchen, workspaces, Parking, swimming pool, outdoor space, meeting room

Other benefits: Yoga, fitness classes, walking tours, surfing, movie night, swimming pool

coliving portugal

13.Surf Camp Coliving

The Surf Camp is located just outside of Lagos, above Meia Praia beach. As the name suggests, this is the perfect place for surfers or anyone who is looking for a coliving space located near a beach.

Besides surfing, you can enjoy exploring the ancient marine town of Albardeira, known for its historical sites, beautiful beaches with incredible rock formations, and plenty of local bars and restaurants!

The Surf Camp is more than just a coliving space but also a great co-working space for digital nomads.

You can meet likely-minded people here, make new friendships through the stay and enjoy fun communal activities together!

Residents: 20 people

Price: From €665 /month

Wifi: 200 mbps

Amenities: Chill out area, dining area, kitchen, workspaces swimming pool, outdoor space, meeting room

Other benefits: Surfing, kitesurfing, game nights, bar crawl

coliving portugal

14.Traditional Stylish house Porto

Stay in the coolest neighborhood of Porto, which is only a walking distance from most tourist attractions in the city.

This rustic coliving space is designed with a touch of Mediterranean vibe and a mix of Portuguese culture.

With only 8 rooms available, it creates a very tight-knit co-living environment for all the residents staying here.

The huge communal area is where you can work, meet people, cook, have gatherings, or even have a yoga session!

Residents: 8

Price: From €850 /month

Wifi: Fast Wifi

Amenities: Chill out area, workspaces, kitchen, dining area, outdoor space, terrace, washer and dryer

Other benefits: Yoga, workshops, cooking classes, movie night, community meals

coliving portugal

15.BeHappy Lodge

BeHappy Lodge is a sustainable co-living space, located only 1 minute away from the beach! Their clean and cozy hospitality will leave you with a good night’s sleep and feeling energized the next morning. 

You can rent a bike from the lodge and explore the coast and parks nearby.

This is a great co-living and wellness retreat place combined, where you can enjoy a stress-free working life balance while surrounded by other like-minded people.

Residents: 22

Price: From €600 /month

Wifi: Fast Wifi

Amenities: Chill out area, workspaces, kitchen, dining area, outdoor space, terrace, washer and dryer, meeting room, air conditioning, BBQ

Other benefits: Yoga, surfing, workshops, cultural excursion, community meals

coliving portugal

16.Novovento Coliving

If you are looking for co-living on the island of São Miguel, this rustic beach villa is a great space to stay! 

The villa has one of the breathtaking coworking space Portugal has to offer, overlooking the blue sea- a perfect place to be inspired by the beautiful nature of the island.

There are plenty of outdoor excursions you can do here, such as hiking, surfing, whale watching, and catching spectacular daily sunsets at the beach.

Residents: 8

Price: From €600 /month

Wifi: 200 mbps

Amenities: Chill out area, workspaces, kitchen, dining area, outdoor space, terrace, washer and dryer, meeting room, BBQ

Other benefits: Yoga, surfing, musical instruments, game nights, walking tours

coliving portugal

17.Traditional Sunny House Algarve

Stay at a charming coliving Algarve has to offer, located on the oldest streets in Tavira.

Here, you can enjoy a very comfortable co working co living stay with your private room and bathroom and a beautiful rooftop deck where you can work or relax! 

There are also plenty of activities available within Tavira, such as paddle boarding, kitesurfing, kayaking, gym, and more!

If you are planning to stay for a longer period and want to learn some Portuguese, the host can also arrange a Portuguese language lesson for you. 

Residents: 10

Price: From €900 /month

Wifi: 200 mbps

Amenities: Chill out area, workspaces, kitchen, dining area, outdoor space, terrace, washer and dryer, meeting room, air conditioning, BBQ

Other benefits: Yoga, kitesurfing, cooking class, walking tour, language class

18.SUNAGO House

SUNAGO House is a unique coliving and coworking space that offers flexible options for those looking to stay and work in Ericeira.

With the option to rent their coworking space with daily or monthly passes, SUNAGO House provides a comfortable and calm workspace with a beautiful garden view.

No wonder SUNAGO House has become a popular choice for freelancers and digital nomads in search of a co working Portugal space.

The coliving space is equipped with all the essentials you need to feel at home during your stay. During your free time, you can hike around Ericeira’s coast or learn to surf.

Plus, SUNAGO House is conveniently located less than an hour’s drive from Lisbon, making it a great alternative to coliving in the city.

Residents: 4 Types of rooms

Price: From €210 /week

Wifi: High Speed Wifi

Amenities: Chill out area, workspaces, kitchen, dining area, outdoor space, terrace, meeting room, BBQ

Other benefits: Surfing, hiking, community meal

coliving portugal

19.Outside Cascais- Guincho

If you are looking for coliving Cascais spaces, check out this beautiful coliving space located at Guincho.

Only a 25 minutes drive from Lisbon, you will arrive at a scenic town known for its sandy beach and kite surfing sports. 

Here, you can enjoy top-of-the-line coworking Portugal amenities overlooking the ocean, perfect settings to do your work remotely.

With the flexibility to book per night, this is an ideal coliving space if you are looking for a short-stay experience! 

Residents: 6 Types of rooms

Price: From €58 a day

Wifi: Fast Wifi

Amenities: Sauna, swimming pool, laundry, outdoor space, workspaces, lounge area, in-house cleaner

Other benefits: Daily yoga class, Surf & SUP school, city sighting, hiking, community event

coliving portugal

20.YON Living

YON Living is a unique Lisbon coliving concept that emphasizes creating tight-knit communities.

Yon Coliving has 13 coliving houses located in various neighborhoods throughout Lisbon, so you can choose the location that suits you best.

At Yon living Lisbon, the smallest co-living Lisbon space accommodates three people, while the largest can accommodate up to six. 

This intimate setting allows you to connect with the other residents and form strong bonds.

Their Portugal coliving spaces are thoughtfully designed with modern amenities and stylish decor, providing a comfortable and cozy stay during your time in coliving Lisboa!

Residents: 13 homes

Price: From €43/ Day

Wifi: Fast Wifi

Amenities: Sauna, swimming pool, laundry, outdoor space, workspaces, lounge area, housekeeping

Other benefits: Daily yoga class, Surf & SUP school, city sighting, hiking, community event

coliving portugal

21.WOT Peniche

WOT Peniche is one of Portugal’s coliving spaces that are affordable and flexible! Located in the small town of Peniche, you can easily walk around to explore the nearby beaches and nature.  

The main lounging space is bright and spacious, and offers plenty of fun activities and working spaces for your stay.

If you are planning a long stay around Peniche, WOT Peniche is a great and affordable place for a coliving experience! 

Residents: 10 Types of Rooms

Price: From €19/ Day

Wifi: Fast Wifi

Amenities: Workspaces, lounge area, in-house cleaner, pet friendly, BBQ, Indoor play area, performance area, ping-pong

Other benefits: Shared kitchen, game night, bike rental, happy hour, evening entertainment

coliving portugal

22. Noma Village

If you are looking for co living spaces outside of Lisbon and you Google ‘remote work countryside Portugal,’ look no further than the cozy Noma Village in Lagos, Portugal.

Set in the little town of Lagos, the property is just 10 minutes away from the beach, with plenty of hiking trails to explore.  

This family-owned coliving space focuses on providing a pleasant experience for traveling nomads. 

Their motto is to bring together a community that is self-aware, conscious & spiritual human beings who seek meaningful connections.

The property has three houses with pools between them. You will get a private room with a big comfortable bed, a patio (for most rooms), and a private bathroom.

Residents: 13 residents

Price: €960 per month 

Wifi: Fast Wifi

Amenities: 2 fully equipped kitchens, two coworking spaces, two pools, outdoor seating, chill area, laundry, rooftop.

Other benefits: Weekly communal meals, surfing, yoga, and outdoor excursions.

23. Cecilia’s House

Cecilia’s Guest House is part of the Digital Nomad Village in Madeira. 

Located in the magical little village of Jardim do Mar, Cecilia and her family manage and host this coliving Madeira.

The house has its own shared workspace where you can meet and collaborate with your community or simply do your own work with the company of others. 

By staying at the guesthouse, you are welcomed to the whole Madeira Coliving community and can participate in any of the skillshares or workshops organized by the community.

You can also visit any of the other homes within the Digital Nomad Village in Madeira to experience different working environments.

Residents: 11

Price: $750/ month

Wifi: 5G fibre optic internet

Amenities: Kitchen, Barbeque pit, private terrace, private bathroom

Other benefits: Weekly dinners, mountain and ocean views, Purple Fridays party at Ponta Do Sol, and free bananas from the garden. 

24. The Sea Office

If you are Googling ‘coworking hostel Portugal,’ The Sea Office is a cozy, intimate coliving space south of Lisbon.

Susana owns and manages this coliving Costa da Caparica place, which offers a space to work, sleep, and play in the fisherman’s village of Costa da Caparica. 

The Sea Office offers various activities, such as surf lessons, sailing, day Trips, Portuguese short courses, and bike rental.

The architectural villa from the ’60s has three single bedrooms and one suite, each with a shared kitchen, living room, and garden.

It is strategically located near the city center bars and restaurants and just a short 10-minute walk from the beach. 

Residents: 4-5 

Price: €15 a night

Wifi: Fast Wifi

Amenities: Balcony, shared bathroom, kitchen, living room and garden

Other benefits: coworking space

coliving portugal

25. Villa on Rua dos Loureiros

Co living in Lisbon is great, but if you want a change of scenery, try seeking coliving in central Portugal like Aveiro.

You can stay at Country Villa on Rua dos Loureiros, a cozy coliving Aveiro.

This Villa offers shared living and working spaces for digital nomads seeking a dynamic community to work and connect with. 

They have various accommodation options for private rooms and flexible workspaces, from private rooms with desks to outdoor working areas with views of the stunning, serene landscape.

The Villa is only an hour from the city of Aveiro, also known as the Portuguese Venice. 

It has a system of canals with beautiful painted Moliceiro boats, so you can visit the canals and have a pleasant boat tour around them.

Residents: 10 

Price: €725 ($790)

Wifi: Fast Wifi

Amenities: Kitchenettes, coworking space, garden, swimming pool, outdoor space, bikes, washers and more

Other benefits: Free airport shuttle to Porto airport, weekly cleaning and linen and towel change, yoga and barbecue gatherings, community meals, and cultural excursions

FAQ on Coliving Portugal

What Is Coliving?

Coliving is a shared housing concept that has become increasingly popular with the rise of remote working

Residents share common areas like kitchen and bathrooms, with many coliving spaces also providing additional shared facilities like gyms or a pool.

What distinguishes the modern coliving concept from your college dorm is the idea of community. Coliving brings together people with similar values and interests. 

You’re not just living together, but exchanging ideas, having meals, and building your professional network within this community. 

This is incredibly important as the digital nomad trend can be isolating, and you might find yourself in a new city without any friends. Coliving helps you find your tribe, anywhere in the world. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Coliving?

There are always pros and cons to anything, and that includes the idea of coliving:


  • An immediate network and community
  • Cheaper rents, compared to renting a studio on your own
  • All-inclusive bills, that include utilities and taxes
  • Modern, fully-furnished units that also include appliances and bedding – you literally just have to bring your suitcase
  • Flexible lease contracts. Want to stay for one month, or six months? No problem. 
  • No need to look for housemates on your own 
  • Wifi! Almost all coliving spaces come with high-speed wifi, which is crucial for any digital nomad


  • You have to be comfortable about living with strangers as you don’t have a say over who your housemates are
  • There might be a lack of personal space 
  • Shared amenities means you may have to put up with other people’s mess sometimes
  • Coliving spaces are more expensive than hostels, although they’re usually much more comfortable and cozier 

Why Try Coliving In Portugal?

There are many reasons why digital nomads are flocking to Portugal. Here are some of the reasons why communal living in Portugal makes perfect sense:

  • Weather: Portugal enjoys a sunny, mild climate with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, with temperatures ranging between 11-24 degrees celsius. It doesn’t get much better than that.
  • Cost of living: You’ll be able to stretch your buck further, as the cost of living in Portugal is among the lowest in Western Europe. Prices are on average 30% lower than in any other country in the region.
  • The great outdoors: Its long coastline along the Atlantic ocean means Portugal has amazing beaches, world-famous surfing sites, as well as plenty of cliffs and caves to explore.
  • Beautiful cities: Cities like Lisbon and Porto are the perfect blend of modern and historical. They are full of charming cobblestoned streets, colorful buildings, and buzzing cafes. 
  • Infrastructure: The lower cost doesn’t come at the expense of high-quality infrastructure. The country has a great network of roads and airports, as well as good internet access, hence earning its nickname of “gateway to Europe”.
  • Health and safety: Did you know that Portugal is the third safest country in the world? They also have high standards of healthcare, in case any emergency were to happen. 

Things You Should Know About Coliving

For you to be able to make the most out of your coliving experience, you should be aware of some basic etiquette and tips:

  • Clean up after yourself and don’t leave behind a mess
  • Be friendly and open-minded with your housemates
  • Be considerate of others, as it is a shared living space after all
  • Be mindful about noise, and use headphones if you need to listen to audio or have a call
  • Respect the house rules, including rules on visitors or pets

Cool Co-working Places For Digital Nomads In Portugal

If you’re a digital nomad, you may also be looking for co-working places in Portugal. Here are some pretty cool options:

coliving portugal

Things You Should Know About Portugal

  • Brush Up On Portuguese Vocabulary

While English is widely spoken, especially in the major cities, learning a few basic words like bom dia/tarde/noite (good morning/afternoon/night) and obrigado (thank you) can really go far.

  • Know How To Order Your Coffee

Ordering café will get you an espresso, while a meia de leite is half-coffee and half-milk, and a galão is a shot of espresso with triple the milk.

  • Explore

Portugal is a relatively small country, and it takes only about six hours to drive the length of the country.

There is a good inter-city train network that links up the major cities. Within Lisbon and Porto itself, the iconic trams and metro lines can bring you around. 

  • Beware Of Tourist Traps And Inflated Prices

Before deciding on any one restaurant or venue, check the prices and compare them with similar spots in the same neighborhood.

Also, be aware that prices might fluctuate between seasons, with summer being the peak period for tourists.

  • Be Careful

Portugal is relatively safe compared to some of its neighbors, but you should still keep an eye on your belongings, especially in touristy areas.

Ignore drug dealers that may approach you in downtown Lisbon, and always go out in groups at night. 

How Much Money Do You Need to Live Comfortably in Portugal?

One person can live comfortably with an income or allowance of $2000 per month in Portugal. To save more money, it is best to live outside a big city such as Lisbon. Small towns like Peniche, Braga, and Aveiro where you can find affordable accommodations and food!

Where Should I Live in Lisbon as a Digital Nomad?

Lisbon has 24 neighborhoods, from the town center to the seaside area. Depending on your preference and budget, these are the best areas for Digital Nomads to stay around Lisbon:


Lisbon’s oldest headquarters with historical buildings and home to many locals! This is a nice area to stay at to be immersed in the local culture and experience. 


Located in the west of Lisbon, Belém is a great area to stay if you are looking for outside the immediate city center, to avoid the crowd and be closer to nature. 


If you want to stay near the seaside, Cascais is a popular option for many digital nomads.

Although it is a pricier option, the sandy beaches and surrounded by like-minded communities make it a worthy experience! 


The heart of Lisbon’s historical and commercial center. It is a great area to stay in if you enjoy the hustle and bustle. Enjoy the vibrant of the grand plaza and be close to other main attractions in the city!  

Parque das Nações

The modern side of Lisbon, the Parque das Nações is where you can find the main music venue, the oceanarium, and the only casino in Lisbon!

Even though it is more modern, it is less crowded than staying in the city center.

Where to Live in Portugal as a Digital Nomad?

Best destinations for Digital Nomads in Portugal:

  • Lisbon
  • Porto
  • Peniche
  • Braga
  • Sagres
  • Ponta do Sol, Madeira
  • Coimbra

Where is the Safest Place to Live in Portugal?

10 safest cities in Portugal:

  • Lisbon
  • Braga
  • Porto
  • Ponta Delgada (the Azores)
  • Funchal (Madeira)
  • Aveiro
  • Portimao
  • Coimbra
  • Maia
  • Vila Nova De Gaia

What is the Cheapest Month to go to Portugal?

The cheapest time to visit Portugal is in January and February.

Avoid coming during the peak summer season, between July and August as it is a popular summer destination in Europe and during other major holidays like Christmas and Easter. 

Best time to go to Portugal Weather

The best time to visit Portugal is in Spring (March-May) and during the fall (September- October) when the weather is not too hot but the sun’s still shining.

This is the best time to avoid the holiday peak crowd during major holiday seasons! 

During the summer period (June- August) can get very crowded and hot. The beaches are usually packed with visitors enjoying the sun and cooling in the water.

What Is The Difference Between Shared Living And Coliving?

The main difference between shared living and coliving is that co-living allows you to have your bathroom and kitchen, while shared housing involves sharing these amenities with flatmates. 

Co-living spaces offer a wide range of amenities, often including community activities like weekly meal gatherings and more flexible lease terms. 

What Visas Can Digital Nomads Get In Portugal?

Digital nomads can get a national type D visa that comes in two forms.

The first is the short-stay visa, where you can reside in Portugal for a year but can’t be extended or used to get a residency.

The second is the residency visa, or the long-term visa, which can be used to apply for a 2-year residence permit.

Do Digital Nomads Pay Tax In Portugal?

Yes,  digital nomads pay tax in Portugal once they obtain a residency permit.

If you spend more than 183 days in Portugal, you must register as a tax resident. You can do this by visiting a local tax office and providing proof of residence.

It’s time to join one of the co living communities portugal has to offer!

Portugal is truly a dream come true for digital nomads looking to work and live in a beautiful, affordable, and friendly country.

From co-living Lisboa, Porto, Braga, Cascais and more, your options are not limited as a digital nomad in Portugal!

Give coliving in Portugal a try, and you might just find that you don’t want to leave. 

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