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Coliving in Paris: 11 Chic & Affordable Spaces In 2024!

Are you ready to start coliving in Paris? 

If you are, you might be wondering how to find coliving spaces in Paris that are suitable to your budget and location. 

I am here to help you to lessen your trouble in finding a place to co-living in Paris.

My brother lives in the idyllic countryside in France and I often visit Paris whenever I’m down in France to visit my cutie nephew and my brother.

Living in Paris is a dream for many. It’s a magical place indeed. The idea of strolling down delightful Parisian cafes with a freshly baked croissant and French coffee in your hand can be brought to life.

Embrace being a digital nomad and you can experience living in new countries anytime, and, anywhere you want. 

Many have lived the Parisian dream by coliving paris and now you can do the same. 

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All The Best Coliving in Paris Spots 

  1. (X4)
  2. Livecolonies (X4)
  3. LifeX
  4. Coco Community
  5. Cohabs
  6. Sharedd
coliving in Paris

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If you are a bit more flexible, here are cozy country houses in France, perfect for digital nomads!

All The Best Co Living in Paris Spaces

In no particular order, here are all the best co-living spaces in Paris.

1. Paris 13 – Rue de l’Industrie

Nestled up north in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, this 300m2 coliving space accommodates up to 4 residences.

With a simple but functional decor, this residence is a coliving

coworking Paris for individuals of 18 to 35-year-olds young professionals as well as students. 

This residence is located near Place d’Italie, in the Asian district.

This house has 12 rooms and 7 bathrooms, as well as co living spaces such as a gym, a laundry room, a cinema room, and beautiful common spaces.

The icing on the cake: the beautiful yard to enjoy the warmer days!

The rooms are fully equipped with a queen-size bed, a closet, and a desk. Depending on the room, they may have sinks, private bathrooms, or balconies.

If you are wondering what is the coliving Paris prix for this apartment. The rent is €1,045 a month (all bills included), minimum tenure required is 6 months and the minimum age is 21.

Amenities and Services offered:

  • Weekly house cleaning.
  • WiFi.
  • Cinema room with Netflix.
  • Gym.
  • Laundry.
  • Garden with BBQ
  • Furnished rooms with all the essentials
  • Shared kitchen is fully equipped.
  • Communities events and social activities.
  • Commons groceries every month (salt/pepper, olive oil, toilet paper, soap, washing liquid, sponges, cleaning products,.)

Book coliving Paris 13

Coliving in Paris at Cristol
Coliving in Paris at les ternes

2. Rue du Cambodge – 20th Arrondissement

Situated in the 20th arrondissement sits on Paris’ northwest and once formed the outskirts of the city.

This 11 bedroom house with an added floor to the building, with a huge open kitchen and living space, and a roof terrace! might be your cohousing in Paris solution.

Of all the arrondissements of Paris, the 20th district is the most discreetly romantic. If you are a romantic person and searching for “coloving Paris” this is for you.

Rent is €1090 to €1360 a month (all bills included), the minimum tenure required is 3 months and the minimum age is 20. 

Amenities and Services offered:

  • BBQ and outdoor area.
  • Cable TV.
  • Chill out and dining area.
  • Cleaning (common areas)
  • Coworking and work areas.
  • Dryer and Washer.
  • Fast WiFi.
  • Gym / Fitness Studio.
  • Heating.
  • Iron.
  • Fully equipped shared kitchen with all the essentials.
  • Parking (chargeable).
  • Parties (arranged).
  • Soap and toilet paper.
  • Access to terrace.

Book coliving in Paris at Chez Nestor

Coliving in Paris at champ de mars

3.Rue Faraday, Monceau – Ternes

This Paris co living property can be found in the “Monceau – Ternes” neighborhood, in the heart of Paris. Many public means of transport, shops, restaurants are located nearby.

The co sharing apartment is on floor #3, with an elevator.

This coliving apartment rooms are fully furnished with cleaning items directly in the apartment: broom, bagless hoover, mop, and bucket, dustpan, and brush

The rent includes all bills: unlimited wi-fi, housing insurance, electricity, household waste tax, water, condominium fees. Gas fees are not included in the rent. 

It has many plus point. Strategic location +affordable

An upfront security deposit of €490 is required.

Rent is €915 a month, the minimum tenure required is one month and the minimum age is 18.

Amenities offered:

  • High-speed wi-fi
  • Shared living and dining room
  • Shared kitchen 
  • Dryer and washer
  • Iron

Looking for coworking office space in Ternes? This area can be a great option.

Book coliving in Paris at Rue Faraday (Monceau – Ternes)

Coliving in Paris

4.Avenue Reille (Masséna) · Paris 

Looking for a flatshare in Paris? Masséna is the answer to your search.

The apartment is on the 2nd floor. It is entirely furnished and includes a large kitchen with a fridge, toaster, kitchen utensils, microwave, crockery, kettle, pans.

Masséna, where this stunning furnished flatshare is located, is a new neighborhood in the middle of an architectural revolution .

Impressive and innovative architectural projects such as the Algo-Rythm Project.

A bio-façade made of microalgae intended for organic markets – have been developing in the area. A lot of public transports, restaurants, shops are accessible nearby. 

The rent includes housing insurance, household taxes, condominium fees, water, electricity, heater, and wifi. Gas fees are not included in the rent. 

An upfront security deposit of €490 is required.

Rent is €872 a month and the minimum tenure required is one month. 

Amenities offered:

  • High-speed wi-fi
  • Shared living and dining room
  • Shared kitchen 
  • Dryer and washer
  • Iron

To start coliving in Paris at Avenue Reille (Masséna) 


5. Cristol

Located in the 9th arrondissement, this 11-bedroom residence of cohousing Paris is just a shy 25 minutes away from the city center of Paris.

Cristol is a fully furnished building with a theme that revolves around comfort, modern interiors, and functionality.

A day at the Cristol can look like lounging in the 400m² gardens, soaking up the sunlight while working in the dining area, or enjoying a quiet time in the comforts of your room.

The rent includes utilities such as electricity, gas, water, heating, and internet. Additional services such as cleaning of common areas and home insurance are factored in the rent.

Rent ranges from €890 to €1050 a month, depending on the room.

Amenities offered:

  • High-speed wi-fi
  • Weekly cleaning services
  • Shared kitchen and living room
  • Laundry room
  • Basement storage
  • Parking facility for scooters and bicycles.

Book coliving in Paris at Cristol

Coliving in Paris at gare du nord

6. Gustave

Only 10 minutes away from the center of Paris, Gustave is a gorgeous 14-bedroom residence.

Tucked in a quaint and quiet corner of Villejuif, it is the perfect place to get work done whilst still enjoying the fast-paced life that Paris has to offer. 

Spend the weekend with a barbecue on the spacious terrace.

Have a wind-down evening routine after work in the garden, get cozy with a cup of tea in the comfortable lounge area, or get your sweat on in the fitness room. 

There’s something for everyone in Gustave. 

The rent includes utilities such as electricity, gas, water, heating, and internet. Additional services such as cleaning of common areas and home insurance are factored in the rent.

Rent ranges from €890 to €990 depending on the room.

Amenities offered:

  • High-speed wi-fi
  • Weekly cleaning services
  • Shared kitchen and living room
  • Laundry room
  • Fitness room

Book coliving in Paris at Gustave

Coliving in Paris at Lazare
Coliving in Paris with Gustave

7. Lazare

Try Paris co living with a spacious, ornate, 7-bedroom residence at Paris’ 20th arrondissement. Lazare comes with a home cinema, need I say more? 

This lovely home comes with a barbeque facility on the terrace, a dining table out in the sun, an airy living room, and a home cinema. 

The rent includes utilities such as electricity, gas, water, heating, and internet. Additional services such as cleaning of common areas and home insurance are factored in the rent.

Rent ranges from €860 to €1150 depending on the room.

Amenities offered:

  • High-speed wi-fi
  • Weekly cleaning services
  • Shared kitchen and living room
  • Laundry room
  • Parking for bikes and scooters

Book coliving in Paris at Lazare

Coliving in Paris at Moulin

8. Moulin

If greenery and rustic gardens are right by your book, look no further than Moulin, an 11-bedroom cohousing in Paris home, located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. 

Equipped with 2 beautiful gardens, at the front and rear of the house, you will feel right at home. Moulin has 11 private bedrooms, each decked with its rounded balcony. 

Should you wish to work out of your room, there is a shared common area on the second floor for you to do so. 

The rent includes utilities such as electricity, gas, water, heating, and internet. Additional services such as cleaning of common areas and home insurance are factored in the rent.

Rent ranges from €860 to €1150 depending on the room.

Amenities offered:

  • High-speed wi-fi
  • Weekly cleaning services
  • Shared kitchen and living room
  • Laundry room
  • Parking for bikes and scooters

Book coliving in Paris at Moulin

Coliving in Paris at Jouffey


The LifeX community came around when founders Ritu Jain and Sune Theodorsen discovered that they were not the only ones stumbling upon roadblocks when trying to find a place in a new city. 

Starting in 2017 in Copenhagen, these founders decorated their apartment and invited people to live with them and the rest was history. 

LifeX coliving has four apartments with a total of 22 bedrooms for you to choose from. The apartments are:

Think Nordic designs and Marie Kondo’s minimalistic approach to the decor when it comes to any of these apartments from LifeX.

Functional and sustainable pieces of furniture that are suitable for any digital nomads seeking a residence. 

The rent includes wifi, Netflix and DisneyPlus subscriptions, certain housing tax, and cleaning services.

Utilities such as water, gas, electricity, and heater are not included in the rent. 

Rent ranges from €1200 to €2000 depending on the room. Minimum tenure of 3 months is required to move in. 

You can get a 10% discount for a 6-month stay.

Amenities offered:

  • High-speed wi-fi
  • Flat-screen tv
  • Weekly cleaning services
  • Shared kitchen and living room
  • Laundry room

Book coliving in Paris at LifeX

Coliving in Paris at Coco Community

10.Coco Community

If you are looking for coliving Paris centre, you may be interested to live in Coco Community. Coco community Paris is one of the top coliving communities in Paris.

You can just search “Coco Living Paris” to know about their community.

Coco coliving offers coliving and coworking services at one of the vibrant cities in Paris; Le Marais. 

Have a pick of residing in their handsomely decorated Coco Loft, Coco Standard, or Coco Studio.

The apartments are feasible for short, medium, and long-term residential tenure, and are suitable for singles and couples alike to stay in. 

The rent includes wifi, housing insurance, utility bills, property services fee, and cleaning services fee. 

Rent ranges from €1025 to €1600 depending on the apartment. 

Amenities offered:

  • High-speed wi-fi
  • Fully furnished apartment
  • Sheets, washing machine, and towels
  • High-end kitchen
  • Storage space
  • Shared coworking, terrace, and a meeting room. 

Book coliving in Paris at Coco Community


If you are searching for “coliving space Paris”, look no further. Cohabs it is!

Co living Paris can’t be easier with Cohabs. When you choose to live with Cohabs Paris, you will get access to their apps. Cohab Paris has the best community as well.

From day one you start living your co living in Paris, the app will assist you in the community life and will allow you to have access to services and necessary information during your stay. 

With Cohabs, you can get coliving in Paris Centre at coliving Paris 13, coliving Paris 19, and coliving Paris 20. You just need to choose which area you want to cohousing in Paris.

Rent ranges from €1045 to €1150 depending on the apartment. 

Amenities offered:

  • A fully furnished bedroom with a private or shared bathroom
  • Abundance and well-decorated shared spaces
  • A tech-friendly environment (access to mobile apps, Wi-Fi, Netflix, keyless room)
  • All utilities cost including Wi-Fi
  • Weekly cleaning of the shared spaces
  • Monthly events

Book coliving in Paris at Cohabs


Sharedd has 11 years of experience in managing co living spaces in 9 countries across Europe. 

They offer 3 co-housing in Paris which are located at Mont-Mesly, Buttes-Halage, and Rosny-sous-Bois. These 3 houses have different themes from sport, wellness, and cinema. 

To book, you just need to send a booking request online and their team will process the application through email. 

Using Sharedd platform, all the listings and hosts are personally verified by the team. Making it safe for both future tenants and the hosts. Moreover, it is easy to contact their customer service online.  

Rent ranges from €895 to €938 depending on the house. 

Amenities offered:

  • Equipped and fully furnished deluxe properties
  • All bills included
  • High-speed wi-fi
  • Fully furnished apartment
  • Sheets, washing machine, and towels
  • High-end kitchen
  • Storage space
  • Shared coworking, terrace, and a meeting room. 

Book coliving in Paris at Sharedd

What Is Coliving?

As remote working or the trend of being a digital nomad continues to grow, it has paved the way for many to choose coliving. Coliving start-ups have sprouted in many major cities and countries.

Coliving is essentially a group of like-minded people sharing space with amenities such as a kitchen and bathroom, providing an alternative residential option.

The principle of coliving is centered around community, where those of the same principles and values come together.

The experience of coliving may involve group discussions or sharing meals weekly, but it also extends to working together or individually in the same space leading to more sustainable living.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Coliving?



One of the best elements of coliving is that you don’t have to worry about being tied down to a place. Coliving gives you the flexibility to pay rent every month or have a short-term lease.

2. Cost-saving

Most expenses such as electricity are usually shared among the tenants of the house or included and taken care of by the owner of the space.

You are not required to grab extra furniture.

Most of the coliving spaces Paris are equipped with fully furnished bedrooms, complete wifi setup, kitchen, and common lounge areas for you to mingle around with those sharing the same space.

3. Hassle-free payments

Unlike getting a house on your own and finding roommates to reduce the cost of rent, coliving companies draw up individual lease contracts for each of the tenants.

You will only have to worry about your payment and yours alone.

Chasing down your roommate and trying to get them to pay their lease is not necessary as the rent from all tenants is usually collected via a digital platform.

4. Value for money

Coliving is a popular trend in all the major cities. Living in a major city can be harsh on your wallet on its own.

Most co-living spaces consist of large, renovated, modern units that make it the ideal solution for digital nomads and remote workers alike to relish luxury stays without having to burn a hole in their pocket. 



You will have little to no control over who your roommates are. Coliving companies determine and select the tenants of the space through an online platform.

If you’re an introvert who values quiet downtime after a long day of work, you may find an over-the-top extroverted housemate getting on your nerves and vice versa.

Even though the idea of coliving revolves around grouping like-minded people together, you will never know who shows up to be your housemate.

2. Sharing amenities

The kitchen and bathroom are among the amenities that have to be shared in a coliving situation.

If you end up living with neat and tidy people, then everything will sail smoothly. 

However, if the tables are turned, and you find yourself living with messy, unhygienic people, it will deflate your coliving experience.

Why Try Coliving In Paris?

coliving paris

Although the concept of coliving has been embraced positively in countries like The United States and the United Kingdom, European countries are starting to realize the growth of this trend among digital nomads and remote workers.

Try Paris coliving as it is abundant when art and culture is concerned. Colive Paris, will make your Emily In Paris come true. *Wink*


Searching for reasons for “Coliving En France”? The first reason is the museums.

Even though the world’s famous Musée du Louvre and Musée d’Orsay have made it’s name for being the most prominent museums in the world, Paris has a variety of art displays scattered throughout.

Take your pick between Cathédrale Notre-Dame, the Palace of Versailles, and Sacré-Cœur for a taste of the rich histories of France, when you are starting your coliving in Paris adventures.

coliving paris (4)


The architecture in Paris has influences from the times of the Roman and Italian Renaissance. You will find yourself in awe, looking at every detail, every nook, and cranny that has embedded into these buildings.

Taking a simple stroll along the city is good-enough of an activity to pass your time.


Coliving home to haute couture and big fashion houses, Paris brings a new definition to the shopping experience.

For both men and women alike, you will not be disappointed with choices of clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories in Paris. Guard your credit card when you are coliving in Paris!


coliving paris (3)

Cafes are a way of life in Paris. From freshly baked croissants at the crack of dawn, to hand-crafted cocktails late at night, you will find yourself enjoying every bite and sip of food you take in Paris.

The Paris cafe culture is a big reason why people opt for coliving in Paris France. Petit Paris coliving, is located at a place filled with cafes.


Another reason for you to try coliving paris is that the city is a nature haven. Lush gardens and parks are everywhere with blooming flowers at every corner, especially during the spring season.


Another reason for coliving France is the flowers.

It rains flower boutiques in Paris and all you need to do is take your pick. Studies have shown that having plants and flowers in your room contributes to a reduced stress level, bringing about a calm atmosphere.

Having flowers in your coliving spaces might help to uplift your spirit.

Things You Should Know About Co-Living in Paris

Bang for your buck 

It is a great value deal to pay rent for a fully equipped property without having to worry about the extra money needed for transporting furniture, setting up cable lines, electricity, water, or gas.


The concept revolves around community and you will be making new connections once you’ve decided to embrace this lifestyle. 

Depending on how frequently you’d like to hop from one place to another, your network will expand regardless and when running a business remotely, having connections will always be an added bonus.

Some co-living landlords have engaging events, and activities held for the tenants. Coliving isn’t the same as living in a dormitory or apartment with roommates, the whole idea of this is to engage with people with similar interests.

So, you might find yourself being roped into social conversations with other tenants, to break out of your comfort zone and get comfortable with new people.

Hidden costs

Not all co-living spaces are affordable, go through the blueprint of your lease contract a fine comb to ensure there are no hidden costs in terms of maintenance fees, parking fees, cleaning fees, etc.

If the landlord states that these fees are included in the rent, be sure that it is and you won’t be charged extra later on.


You want a peaceful and comfortable experience with your roommates, so there will have to be some sort of cooperation and toleration among everyone.

Due to the fact you’ll be living with new people, you will face new habits, characters, and personalities from others that you might not be used to.

Be prepared to have your patience tested and learn one or two lessons along the way, be it good or bad.

Cost Of Living In Paris

It is no surprise that living in Paris is a costly venture just like if you were to live in any big cities around the world like New York or London.

However, you may find that some things in Paris are worth the money spent.


In comparison to the US, the healthcare cost in Paris is very much affordable.

If you’re living in Paris, you are required to sign up for the National Social Security System which includes healthcare assistance.  

All those residing permanently in France for over 3 months are entitled to enjoy the privileges of the French healthcare system like a French national.

You will be given a card, Carte Vitale, for your healthcare benefits. The French government will pay up to 70% of your healthcare expenses such as medical treatments, medicines, and visits to the doctor.

However, should you wish to upgrade, you can do so by going for increased medical coverage or utilize the Mutuelle.

It is a supplementary coverage that compensates for the medical cost not covered by your social security number, typically provided by the company you’re employed in under.

The reimbursement percentage may vary depending on the cost of treatment, doctor’s tariff, and cost of medicine but the list of rates can be found l’Assurance Maladie. .

If your company does not provide Mutuelle, you can survey options by insurance agents and companies but be aware of the tricks and over-the-top promises.

To be on the safe side, it is best to consult any of your French friends or consult the local doctor for options.

If you’re self-employed, you need to check out the Sécurité Sociale Indépendant.


The charges for these services are pretty much standard depending on how much you use them, but here’s a breakdown of roughly how much each cost.

Electricity bill: €30 – €50 per month.

Wifi and TV: €30 – €50 per month.

The largest internet service providers are Free, Orange, Bouygeus Telecom, and La Poste Mobile.

These companies offer packages that are at different price points. The packages can be purchased at a discounted rate when you purchase several plans together, like a TV subscription.

Mobile plan services: €3 – €45 per month.

There are two options for this, plans with contracts or plans without one.

Contact-free mobile plans are great because you won’t be tied down to any mobile service provider and you don’t have to pay up cancellation fees should you wish to terminate the contract.

These cost-saving service providers like Free Mobile, Sosh, and La Poste Mobile offer basic plans with limited calls, data, and texts, as well as a more comprehensive option with unlimited international calls, internet, and texts.

Home insurance: €30 – €70 per month.

This varies with the size of your home.


Public transport is the way to go around Paris, and with the Navigo Pass, you will be covered from Zones 1 to 5.

Navigo pass works with the train, bus, trams, and metro.

Weekly rate €22.80

Monthly rate – €75.20

Single metro ticket – €1.90

Food and groceries

Explore different stores for groceries and compare their prices. The two common supermarkets are Monoprix and Franprix.

The former is expensive if compared to the latter but it offers more choices on the products in-store.

For fresh produce, hit the fresh market for the best options.

The cost for both food and groceries depends on your lifestyle and eating habits but generally, they cost around €150 – €350 per month.

  •  Entertainment

There is something for everyone to do in Paris.

If you’re a historical art fan, the array of museums in Paris will not disappoint and the museum entry fee costs around €12 to €20.

If you’re a movie buff, movie tickets cost around €11 to €15. If you’re a nature enthusiast, there are many parks and recreational sites for you to explore, free of charge.

Take your pick and explore the city.



Tourists flock to this City of Lights from March to May as it is spring in Paris where the flowers bloom and the weather is mild. The temperature fluctuates between 41𝇈F to 68𝇈F (5𝇈C to 20𝇈C).


During Summer, from June through August, you will find locals having picnics, multiple outdoor activities, and strolls around the city. The temperature fluctuates between 57𝇈F to 77𝇈F (14𝇈C to 25𝇈C).


Autumn comes around from September to November, and this time is said to be one of the best times to visit Paris.

The crowds are lesser as people have spent their time outdoors after some summertime activities. The temperature fluctuates between 43𝇈F to 70𝇈F (6𝇈C to 21𝇈C).


The festive cheer of winter comes along from December through February when you can find Christmas decors up, lively markets, and year-end sales.

However, it does not snow often in Paris. The temperature fluctuates between 37𝇈F to 46𝇈F (3𝇈C to 8𝇈C).

Best Visas For Digital Nomads In Paris

When you want to start co-living in Paris, you need the right visas to stay!

Let’s cover the basics, what is a digital nomad visa?

A digital nomad visa or a remote worker visa, allows a foreigner to live in a country for an extended period.

Do not confuse this as the road to citizenship or permanent residence in said country. This visa gives you the freedom to stay in a country longer than a normal passport would permit.

A typical tourist visa will allow you to stay in a country for about 30 to 90 days on average but the time frame for a digital nomad visa is from about 6 months and up to 2 years.

Unlike countries like Estonia and Barbados, France has yet to have a visa dedicated to digital nomads. With that being said, here are the types of visas you can apply for your stay in Paris.

1.Schengen Visa

The Schengen Area encompasses 26 different countries in the European Union.

A Schengen visa is a short-term visa that grants an individual to travel to any countries in the Schengen Area, up to 90 days for both business or leisure purposes.

It is one the most frequently used Visa among Europeans. 

Visitors can travel to and leave the Schengen zone freely as there are no border controls inside the Schengen Zone.

If you’re planning for a short-term stay in Paris, and you’re from the countries of the European Union, this is a good visa option for you. 

Apply for a Schengen Visa

2. Working Holiday Visa

This visa is limited to citizens of the countries in a bilateral agreement with France. The countries are:

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan, Uruguay

The working holiday visa allows visitors to work and reside in France for 12 months as a tourist and without a work permit.

This visa is not transferable to other forms of visa or renewable, except for citizens of Canada.

To apply for this visa, you can check out this website on the standard conditions required.

3. Short Stay Visa for Non-Europeans

Several countries that are exempted from applying for a visa to enter France. You will find the list of countries whose citizens can stay from 14 days up to 180 days without a visa on this website.

The fees and processing time for the short-stay visa depend on the country you’re from. It is best to consult with the French embassy in your country. 

4. Long-Term Visa

If you’re planning to stay in Paris for more than 90 days, you will need to apply for a long-term stay visa. However, consider this, your duration of stay must not exceed one year.

 Should you wish to reside in Paris for more than 12 months, you will need to apply for a residence permit. 

  • Self-employed Visa

You will need to apply for this visa within 15 days of your arrival in France. This visa bears the title of entrepreneur/profession libérale which corresponds to VLS or TS residence permit as it is valid for one year. 

The documents that you will need to prepare are:

  • A valid passport
  • Copies of passport size photos
  • Proof of your income to show that you are economically stable to sustain a lifestyle in Paris
  • A criminal report, if you have any, from your country of origin, translated to French
  • A business plan
  • Proof of medical insurance

For more information, you can visit this website.

For all types of visas mentioned above, clarify with the embassy on which documents need to be translated to French to avoid any hiccups when applying for a visa.

Cool Co Working Spaces For Digital Nomads In Paris

A coworking space is essentially a large space where employees from various companies can come and work.

Coworking Paris comes in a variety of stations from your usual office to outdoor cafes. Here’s a list of coworking space Paris that you could check out:

1. Café de la presse

This restaurant cum bar cum club, will not be your typical pick for a working space. It is indeed one of the coolest coworking space in Paris.

However, the hip and fun setup of the café may change your mind.

Decorated with ample sturdy furniture to work from, this is the café coworking paris of choice for many digital nomads.

The café serves meals such as pasta and cheeseburgers, as well as some bites and coffees if you want to go for something lighter.

Free wifi is offered and there are plenty of board games for you to try, should you wish to take a break from work.

Operation hours:

Monday to Saturday – 8 am to 2 am

Sunday – 10 am to 2 am

2. Morning Ballard

This 6000m² space is nestled between Issy les Moulineaux and Paris. Morning Ballard is the perfect Coworking space Paris 15. I will consider this as the best coworking space in Paris.

The interior is modern and crisp, with big open windows, shining light into their wide and open office area.

Facilities such as a lounge, gym, and relaxation room are available to use. These coliving rooms are shared among tenants.

3. Startway

Escape the bustle outside and settle in Startway for a productive day coworking in Paris 11. If you are searching “Paris communal workspace” this is for you.

The choice of space is ample here, as you can choose from a private office, a coworking space, or even a meeting room. Facilities such as showers, interior terrace, and gym are offered.

4. Wellio

This 1400m2 sports-themed coworking space is the one to go for if you’re looking for Coworking paris 16.

Located in the 16th arrondissement, this playful coworking space will jolt your creativity and hype up your energy to work.

Bright colored paint and sports referenced laced throughout the space will bring out a sense of ease, especially if you’re a sports fan.

5. La Villa Sorel

A boutique space for you lot of digital nomad paris. A spread of mini-buffet is offered to satisfy your sweet or savory cravings. 

Take your pick of working indoors with the vibrant interior or outdoor in the crisp air, for a productive day of work.

6. La Felicità

If you’re someone who’s able to get work done despite the noise, or bustle going on around you, then head over to La Felicita for a day of work.

Said to be the biggest restaurant in Europe, this place has ample space equipped with tables and chairs, all under a roof of jungle.

Soothing green plants are placed all over the restaurant to make you feel like you’re away from the busy city.

With plenty of food and drinks to choose from, you will enjoy an entertaining day of work in this facility.

Operation hours:

Monday to Sunday

11.45 am – 2.30 pm || 6 pm – 9.30 pm.

Best Food To Try In Paris

1.French Cheese

You will quickly discover that one of the many delights of French cuisine is the variety of French cheeses offered. 

The famous cheeses such as Camembert, Brie, and Raclette are only a glimpse of what Paris has to offer in terms of the variety because there are 246 types of cheese to savior!

Paris is a haven for cheese lovers for the experts to have their solid recommendations.

Even if you’re someone who’s only just beginning to enjoy eating cheese, fret not for there will just be the perfect cheese for you.

Cheese is prized in France in that it is incorporated in almost every meal though traditionally, cheese is served as a dessert or as a light bite between your main course and the dessert.

For the best recommendations of cheese, visit,

CoLiving In Paris

2. French pastries

  • Croissant

Flaky on the outside, buttery-soft layers on the inside, it is a cheap and delightful pastry that goes with both sweet and savory sides.

coliving paris (2)

Have it on its own! This pastry is one of those life’s simple pleasures.

Head over to La Maison d’Isabelle, Stohrer, and Yann Couvreur for some of the best varieties of croissant that has been perfected over the years.

  • Baguette

This traditional French bread should not come as a surprise to you. Baguettes are one of the quintessential French bread that the Parisians have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even supper.

As the French say, the best way to know if a baguette is good is through its color, a golden-brown crust, through its sound, give it a little squish to hear the crunch, and the smell, a warm freshly baked baguette.

Get your baguettes from these stores to have them with some cheese and wine at the end of your day.

  • Macaron

This infinitely complex dessert has made its way across the globe. Macarons require a delicate process to create them and these French artisan bakeries have been perfecting the recipes for years.

coliving paris (1)

French macarons from Pierre Hermé and Ladurée are recognized worldwide. The slight crunch on the outside with soft chewy centers, filled with the most exquisite flavors.

You can find macarons anywhere in Paris, in restaurants, cafes, patisseries, and even the supermarket.

Here are some alternatives to the ones mentioned above:

3. French Onion Soup

A brothy, flavourful, and comforting soup, traditionally eaten with a chunk of bread. This soup is based on caramelized onion, a meat stock, bread, and cheese.

Onion soup is traditionally made by layering these ingredients, ending with the cheese, and popping them in the oven for a few minutes for the cheese to melt.

Try out these restaurants for some of the best onion soups in Paris:

4. Boeuf Bourguignon

If it’s a favorite of Julia Child, it is a favorite for everyone. Boeuf bourguignon is essentially a beef stew, but make it French.

A hearty stew traditionally made with red wine, good quality beef, beef stock, a bouquet garni, carrots, garlic, onion, and mushrooms.

Here are some of the best restaurants to have a go at this meal:

5. Steak Frites

A staple dish in France, you will easily spot this dish on the menu in most of the restaurants and bars across Paris. Just as it sounds, steak frites is a marriage between steak and fries.

A simple dish that is distinguished through the quality of meat and potatoes chosen.

Check out these places for a good plate of steak frites:

6. Coq Au Vin

Translating to chicken and wine, this is the chicken version of the boeuf bourguignon. Made with chicken, celery, carrots, onions, chicken stock, mushrooms, bacon, and a whole lot of red wine.

Traditionally, the chicken and French mirepoix are marinated overnight in red wine. It is then slow-cooked for at least 2 to 3 hours the next day.

Try out these places for a taste of this dish:

7. Escargot

Yes, snails. Don’t cringe at the word yet. These snails are cooked with various herbs to bring out the flavors, typically served as an hors d’oeuvre.

They can be found in almost any French restaurant and bistro and are served with bread on the side for wiping the plate clean of the dipping sauce.

If it’s your first time with this delicacy, head over to these restaurants for an experience:

CoLiving In Paris 4
Picture from Instagram @reezy_eats

How To Get Around Paris

Traveling in Paris is made simple due to the efficient public transport services available. Now France is segregated into a few zones to distinguish the different regions outside of Paris.

There are 5 zones in total with Paris City itself being zone 1.

There are a few acronyms that you should familiarize yourself with the public transportation in Paris.

First is RATP (Regie Autonome des Transports Parisiens) which runs the tram, metro, RER, and buses in Zone 1.

It is easy to navigate around Paris if you download the app as the app will show the means of traveling and how long it will take you to get to your destination.

You can download apps for Android users, and for download apps for Apple users to help you navigate around Paris.

In the event of loss of internet connections or disrupted phone services, it is useful to keep a copy of the city maps, Metro, RER, and bus maps saved in your phone.

I would recommend you download the pdf maps in case of loss of internet connection.

Second is the SCNF (Société nationale Des Chemins de fer français) which runs the regional trains that transport you to different zones.

Operation hours

1. Metro, buses, trains and trams

Sunday – Thursday, 5.30 am to 1.15 am

Friday – Saturday, 5.30 am to 2.30 am

2. RER trains

Operates daily from 5.30 am to 1.30 am

Bear in mind the destinations you’d like to travel to as transportation mode like the Metro only travels to zone 1 and zone 2.

  •  Metro

You will be cruising Paris with ease as Metro is similar to the Tube system in London and the subway system in the US.

Trying to figure out the Parisian Metro system can be complex and rather trying for first-timers.

Just know that Metro is easily accessible from any part of Paris. The maps for each station are clear and concise, with every destination marked neatly.

Metro stations are scattered throughout the city and while most of the stations are underground, you can easily locate the stations when you see signs that say “Metro” or “Metropolitain”.

As for the tickets, you can purchase them via the ticketing machine or directly at the counter at the station.

It is cheaper to get the tickets in booklets of 10 or 20 pieces as compared to getting them individually each time you travel. These tickets don’t have an expiration date, so don’t worry about getting a few at one go.

Single journey tickets cost €1.90 whereas a booklet of 10 tickets is €14.50, saving you €0.45 per ticket. It may seem like a small amount but when you’re traveling often, these numbers add up.

Get T+ tickets because you will be able to use them on other traveling platforms such as trams, RER, and buses. Each ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the time it is validated.

Every line goes in a couple of directions, with the last destination being the label of each direction.

Every stop is displayed clearly up on the wall in the station so just be clear of your destinations and you’re good to go.

  • RER

RER stands for Regional Trains (Réseau Express Regional) and are categorized alphabetically, (A, B, C, D, E).

This is the train service you’d want to use if you’re looking to travel out of Paris to places such as the airport or Disneyland.

RER transports you to different zones across France and the tickets purchased at any Metro stations.

  • Bus

Taking the bus is another convenient way to get around Paris. All the maps and bus schedules are posted up on the walls of the bus stations.

As for the tickets, you could use the T+ tickets which are valid for 90 minutes. Be sure to validate the ticket when you get on the bus and keep the ticket with you until you get off.

However, bear in mind that the bus services are restricted to the evenings and on Sundays.

 The night bus, Noctilien, is an alternative for when the Metro is closed as it operated from 12.30 am to 5.30 am.

The Noctilien bus webs out from the five main transfer centres; Gare de Lyon, Montparnasse, Châtelet, Gare Saint-Lazare, and Gare de l’Est.

  • Taxi/Uber

This is probably the pricier option for transportation as an Uber ride could easily cost somewhere between €10 to €15 per ride. It is an option if you’re in a hurry and need a ride ASAP.

  • Navigo Découverte Pass

This is how you’re going to save big bucks. The Navigo pass can be used throughout Zones 1 to 5 and covers the Metro, RER trains, buses, and trams.

The card itself costs €5 and you can reload them at any kiosk or counters at the Metro stations.

You can check Navigo to know for all the areas covered by the pass.

Things To Be Know Before Coliving Im Paris

1. Making friends

Parisians are infamously difficult to be friends with and unfortunately, it is challenging to penetrate the inner circle that they’ve built around themselves for years.

Don’t take offense if they don’t smile at you or greet you with open arms.

Expats tend to find similar expat friends and cling to them because it is comfortable to find people who have similar experiences as you.

With that being said, if you’re planning to stay in Paris for a long time or you’ve permanently moved there, you might want to make the effort to get to know the Parisians and develop lasting friendships with them.

Making friends here isn’t how they portray it in the movie, where you get invited to crazy parties and just make friends with the entire crowd.

Lamentably, being invited to parties is a rare occasion especially if you’re new to Paris.

Find some common background to relate to the Parisians, the same workplace, the same yoga class, or perhaps the same French café.

Any common ground that will aid you in meeting and connecting with people in an organic way.

2. Job etiquette

Okay, so let’s get this straight, if you’re not fluent in French, the chances of you landing a job are going to be very slim.

The expat job market is tough and needless to say, the effort has to be top-notch for you to get in.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is considered ‘rude’ to bring up any detail regarding your pay during the first few interview sessions. 

Money is sort of taboo in Paris, especially when it comes to paying because it is then assumed that you care more about the money than the actual job.

3. Learn The Language ASAP

If you know you’re going to be living in Paris, get going with your French lessons, it will make your life easier and that is guaranteed.

Clarify this fact with any expat you know who’s already in Paris and they will agree to this.

Being readily equipped with French knowledge will not only help you in work but it will be of use when you’re sick and need to go to the doctor.

Or when you’re in need of plumbing services, or when you’re hungry and you need that one particular doughnut through food delivery services – knowing the language will be favorable for you.

The French take pride in their language and you should play your part as an expat.

Enroll yourself in any class or programs that allow you to converse in French frequently and practice them.

Some of the useful platforms are ConversationExchange and Polyglot.

4. Civility

Do not underestimate the importance of saying bonjour and merci. Politeness and manners matter to the French.

Bonjour is referred to as an acknowledgement before starting a conversation, a sign of respect, an agreement from both parties before one strikes a conversation.

It is considered rude to go up to a Parisian and ask them something or talk to them directly without acknowledging them with bonjour.

It is a cultural difference and you would do best to respect it.

FAQs On Co-Living Paris

Why Do People Choose Coliving?

People choose coliving because sharing a home with others can help save extra costs like utilities and furniture, and it is a lot more affordable than renting a studio or one-bedroom apartment.

Hence, coliving is affordable and convenient, and its community attracts people to choose coliving. 

What Does Co-Living Include?

Coliving is a group of like-minded people who live together, share spaces, and service costs, and benefit from flexible rental terms.

Coliving is a well-known choice for students, young professionals, digital nomads, or individuals relocating.

What Is Co-Living Apartment?

The co-living apartment is a fully furnished unit with complementary cleaning services to make the renters’ stay trouble-free, comfortable, and enjoyable. 

How Does Co-Living Space Work?

Co-living space work with each resident gets a private bedroom in a furnished home with shared common areas.

It is a modern form of communal living that is popular in major cities due to affordability, convenience, and the community that attracts students, workers, digital nomads, or individuals relocating. 

Is Coliving Cheaper Than Renting?

Coliving might be cheaper than renting based on locations, or the services it provides. It all depends on your preferences.

As coliving is usually full-furnished and has lots of amenities that you can share with other residents compared to renting. Coliving might be more affordable if you researched. 

Is Coliving A Good Idea?

Coliving might be a good idea as it provides fertile ground to grow healthy relationships.

People with like-minded communities can get to know each other, sharing their work and ideas in the same communal space and maintaining a sustainable living environment.

What Are The Characteristics Of Coliving?

A typical characteristic of co-living property is a fully-furnished private studio apartment with shared communal spaces inside an apartment building or a large house.

Each resident rents a self-contained apartment and gets to all of the communal spaces and activities. 

Is Paris Safe?

Paris is moderately safe place compared to other similar capital cities, and safety concerns include pickpocketing, terrorism, and civil protests.

If you know what areas and situations to avoid, Paris can be a very safe place for tourists. 

Can I Live In Paris Without Speaking French?

You can live in Paris without being able to speak French as many people do. It might be acceptable for certain professions but most ex-pats find that it is easier for them if they can pick up French.

Generally, people tend to learn to speak French due to being out of necessity. 

What Is A Good Salary To Live In Paris?

It is possible to live in Paris for £1,500/month by living in shared housing. It is good to know that after taxes, the average gross salary in Paris is around £ 3,921/month.

Rent could take half of the expenses and groceries shopping is around 25%

What Is The Cheapest City To Live In France?

In no particular order, the cheapest or most affordable city to live in France:

  1. Versailles
  2. Montpellier
  3. Grenoble. Coliving Grenoble – is a perfect safe city for digital nomads.
  4. Nantes
  5. Chateauroux
  6. Dordogne
  7. Tarn
  8. Cantal

How Much Is The Average Rent In Paris?

If you are wondering how much is the average rent in Paris, an unfurnished apartment in Paris is approximately 1599 € (1,700 USD).

For a furnished two-bedroom apartment costs approximately 1725 € (1,900 USD).

Other characteristics are to be considered, namely the type of apartment. It varies accordingly. 

Can I Move To Paris Without A Job?

Yes! You can use a visitor visa. This visa allows you to live in France even though you don’t have a French spouse, a job, or plans to study. 

You’ll need a letter explaining how you intend to spend your time in France, proof you can support yourself without work, and proof of medical insurance.

What Is The Difference Between Hostel And Coliving?

Planning to move to Paris but need clarification about the differences between a hostel and coliving? 

In simple words, hostels were created for short-term budget travelers.  

Coliving is an affordable accommodation for long-term professionals, who plan to stay in Paris for a longer time due to work, studies, etc. 

What Is The Best Area In Paris To live?

Planning to move to Paris but wondering what is the best area in Paris to live in. 

Worry not! Below are the top 6 best neighborhoods to live in and experience the best time of your life living in Paris. 

  • Canal St. Martin. 
  • Grands Boulevards. 
  • Le Marais. 
  • Saint-Germain-des-Prés. 
  • Sentier-Montorgueil. 
  • Quartier Latin.

What Is The Co-Living Concept?

A modern approach to living in a community, co-living is trendy among millennials who prefer to live and work on their businesses under the same roof. 

Being more than just a flat or hall of residence in a university, tenants can socialize and form a collaboration that will help to expand their business ventures.

What Are The Cons Of Coliving?

Depending on the capacity, common areas can be full of tenants talking and working regularly. Thus, privacy will be minimal. 

In some instances, you might be living in a dormitory style and sharing a room. 

Sometimes, you will be surrounded by people when waking up. This can be tough to handle especially for introverts.

Paris coliving is entirely possible!

What Is The Difference Between Co-Living And Renting?

Rental spaces are perfect for long-term staying while co-living contracts are for short-term. 

Co-living administrators usually provide short-term rentals ranging from a few days, whereas a minimum of three months rental period will be needed to rent a studio apartment. 

Meanwhile, HDB properties require a minimum of a month’s rental period.

How To Find Flatshare In Paris?

Use online roommate websites to find flatshare in Paris.

You can use websites such as Appartager, La Carte des Colocs, Colocatère,, etc. 

These sites allow you to search for flatshares according to your preferences, such as (neighborhood, price, number of flatmates, etc.) and to contact the owners directly.

What Is The Difference Between Shared Living And Coliving?

Although both shared residence and co-living provide private rooms, the bathroom and kitchen must be shared among housemates in shared housing, whereas you will have these amenities to your own in co-living. 

The spaces in co-living are more expansive due to considerable amount of them. However, you will need to share with other tenants. 

Paris coliving is entirely possible!

There are unlimited reasons for you to try coliving in Paris. Even though it will take you some time to adjust to the City of Lights, you will find yourself falling in love with all that it has to offer. 

Paris is culturally gifted, has great sightseeing spots, amazing local delicacies and many creatives have found this city to be an inspiration for their creativities.

Just like Ernest Hemingway once said, “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

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