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Barcelona Digital Nomad Guide 2023[Personal Experience!]

Thinking of becoming a Barcelona digital nomad?

4 years ago I thought the same. I ended a long-term relationship, hopped on a plane to Barcelona the next day, and cried throughout my Duolingo app lesson about ‘hairy spiders’, on the plane ride.

(Get it together Duolingo, no one needs to learn about hair spiders!)

As one of the countries with the highest number of digital nomads, you must be wondering why a lot of digital nomads choose to work remotely from Barcelona.

So, what’s so special about Spain’s booming cultural hub?

This article will be looking at why Barcelona is THE destination that digital nomads are looking to work from, the workings of the city, where to stay, the best of Catalan cuisine to try plus events to help you meet and network with Barcelona digital nomads. 

I wish I had this guide to help me when I stepped foot in Barcelona with my snotty tear filled tissue. But I didn’t, so I am creating one for you!

Here’s what I’ll be covering in this article:

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Digital Nomad Spain

Why Become A Digital Nomad In Barcelona?

As one of the top cities for digital nomads, Barcelona hits the right notes with hundreds of productivity-boosting coworking spaces and top notch-brunch cafes (with high-speed WiFi), and tapas bars to last you, well as long as you choose to stay there.

But what makes Barcelona so appealing for digital nomads? If you ask me, it’s these 3 things:

  • Weather
  • Life in Barcelona
  • Food


Knowing Spain as a relatively sunny country, I wasted no time in deciding to head to be a Barcelona digital nomad. 

Living in a sunny city with beaches stretching across 5 kilometers, you know what that means — getting your tan on and staying productive by the beach! I don’t know about you but that’s how I roll.

Life in Barcelona

As a well-known digital nomad spot, Barcelona is perfect for those looking to network and mingle with other nomads during their stay. 

Additionally, with plenty of coworking spaces and cafes to work from, being on the go has never been easier!


Hailing from Malaysia, a country with an array of mouthwatering foods, food is non-negotiable for me as a digital nomad. Fortunately, Barcelona is bursting with culture and that includes a variety of worldwide cuisine to sample. 

So if food is an important deciding factor, you should consider being a digital nomad in Barcelona. 

Barcelona digital nomad

Cost Of Living In Barcelona

As a Barcelona digital nomad, you would spend between $1600 to $2300 in living costs. This includes rent, food for the month, and utilities. The cost depends on each individual’s spending habits.

Here are the breakdowns for each category:


As Barcelona is a metropolitan city, expect to fork out at least €650 ($783) for monthly rent for a studio outside the city center, which can go up to €975 ($1175) if you’re looking at a place near the city center.


Monthly groceries would cost between €150 ($181) to €200 ($241), which again depends on where you shop and what you tend to shop for the most. 

If you’re keen on supporting the local farmers, you can check out Mercado de La Boqueria, a well-loved farmers’ market (among tourists and locals alike), famed for fresh produce and delectable local delights.

However, if you much prefer dining out or go cafe hopping while working, I have good news — eating out in Spain would not break the bank as one meal at a typical restaurant will only cost €10 ($12) at most.


Utilities cost covers electricity, WiFi, water, and gas.  In Spain, each utility is billed differently.

Electricity, WiFi, and gas are billed every month, but you will only have to pay the water bill every 3 months.

As for the cost, your bills should be between €100 ($120) to €150 ($181), depending on your usage.

Based on a rough estimate, in total, you would spend around $1732 (including extra expenses for eating out) each month as a Barcelona digital nomad.

Barcelona digital nomad

Barcelona Weather

Due to its strategic location, Barcelona experiences a warm Mediterranean climate all year round. This is why daily temperatures usually range between 15 – 21°C (59 – 70°F). 

Between June and August, it can get as hot as 34°C (93°F) in summer, whereas between December to February, it can go as low as 5°C (41°F) on winter nights.

Wintertime Activities in Barcelona

We all know that locals, nomads, and tourists prefer to flock to the beach during warmer months. But what do they get up to during winter?

Here are some ideas for things to do around the city during the winter:

Best Beaches in Barcelona

As a digital nomad Barcelona has wonderful beaches for you to enjoy. What’s a stay in Barcelona if not for impromptu beach days? Barcelona is known for its golden sandy beaches, and having access to vitamin sea (get it?) is very convenient.

Here are some of the best beaches in Barcelona:

Barcelona digital nomad
Barcelona digital nomad

Digital Nomad Visas In Barcelona

Working remotely from Barcelona as a digital nomad means that you will need a visa during your stay, especially if you’re a non-EU national. Here’s the list of non-EU countries.

So what are the visas available? 

Generally speaking, you have to first apply for a work permit at the local Spanish embassy or consulate in your country. Some of the documents you have to provide include (but are not limited to):

  • Bank statements to prove that you can financially sustain yourself during your time in Spain
  • Proof of skills relevant to the work you are planning to carry out in Spain
  • Rental agreement to show that you have booked accommodation in advance

Work permits are generally valid for a year, after which they can be renewable subject to certain conditions.

Please consult your local Spanish embassy or consulate before proceeding with the permit and visa applications.

Barcelona digital nomad

Top Destinations For Digital Nomads In Barcelona

Gothic Quarter (Barrio Gótico)

Whether you’re a tourist, traveler, or Barcelona digital nomad, the city’s Gothic Quarter is one you can’t miss. 

You’ll be in awe when you walk by the marvelous architecture of the Barcelona Cathedral. If you’re looking to shop, check out Le Swing Vintage for curated second-hand designer pieces.

For coworking, Barcelona Cathedral is a fantastic inspiration.

Craving for a bite in the middle of exploring? Pop by Artisa Barcelona for a taste of their organic coffee and a selection of small bites (or a brunch if you prefer).

Gaudí’s Architectural Wonders

Let’s be honest; has anyone ever gone to Barcelona and not visited at least one of Gaudí’s notable masterpieces?

Here are some of the ones you should check out:

Mercado de La Boqueria

Barcelona’s famous 180-year-old market has everything you need for your grocery needs — from local olive produce, a variety of cheese as well as fresh fruits.

Take a stroll around the market and choose from over 200 stalls selling groceries and local cuisine you can sample from.

coworking spaces in Barcelona

Cool Co-Working Places For Digital Nomads In Barcelona

Barcelona has hundreds of co-working spaces to choose from, which can get overwhelming.

So I have summed it up and picked out only the best for you!

Cloudworks Sagrada Familia

Arguably the best place for remote work in Barcelona, this coworking space is only a few steps away from the majestic Sagrada Familia.
Facilities: High-speed WiFi, common area, phone booths, a fully equipped kitchen, 24/7 accessible
Cost: From €20/day ($24), €90/week ($109), €170/month ($205)

Betahaus Barcelona

Located in one of the beautiful neighborhoods in Barcelona, Betahaus is suitable for both individual digital nomads and companies looking for a change of scene.

Facilities: Different types of workspaces to suit your needs, free-flow coffee, tea, and water
Day Pass from €15 ($18), Weekly Pass from €69 ($83), Flex Desk from €99/month ($119)


Get a boost of inspiration after a day’s work from the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, located a 3-minute walk from this coworking space.

Facilities: 2 different hubs for different professionals to work from, 24/7 access, high-speed WiFi, meeting rooms
Cost: Daily Pass from €20 ($24), Weekly Pass from €95 ($115), Flex Plus from €180 ($217)

Barcelona digital nomad

Aticco Urquinaona

Aticco is designed with productivity in mind, fully equipped to ensure you have a balance between leisure and work.

Facilities: Canteen, high-speed WiFi, 24/7 access, free coffee, and tea, printers, relaxation zone
Cost: Day Pass from €35 ($42), Monthly Flex Pass from €199 ($240)


A membership at MOB allows you to access all 3 of their coworking spaces around Barcelona. 

Facilities: High-speed WiFi, printing and scanning services, Skype booths, conference rooms
Cost: Day Pass from €15 ($18), Monthly Flex Pass from €70 ($84.50), Monthly Fix Pass from €210 ($253)

Digital Nomad Events in Barcelona

As part of Barcelona’s digital nomad community, many events allow you to network and meet up with other nomads.

The Meetup app is frequently used to announce digital nomad events happening in Barcelona. Simply sign up and join the group that you are interested in.

The Digital People Barcelona is one of the groups available for Barcelona digital nomads.

Alternatively, the Barcelona Digital Nomads Facebook group is a resourceful platform to keep yourself updated on Barcelona’s digital nomad news.

Random Fact: I joined a girls’ hiking group on FB, which introduced me to the Barcelona Gaelic football team, and, ahem! met the love of my life 🙂

They are a great bunch and you can join with no experience! It was awesome being able to travel to Valencia, Madrid, and other parts of Spain with a loud funny team of Irish / Spanish people!

Barcelona digital nomad

Best Places To Stay and Work From in Barcelona 

Being a nomad in Barcelona, choosing where to live and work is important.

 I’ve come up with a summary of the best places for digital nomads in Barcelona to live in and work from. For digital nomads Barcelona is a favorite destination.

Best Places to Stay in Barcelona for Digital Nomads

I have come up with a list of the best places to stay in Barcelona by neighborhoods and coliving spaces.


  • L’Eixample – The Sagrada Familia is located in this iconic district, where cafes are plentiful and the nightlife is vibrant. Everything you need is right by your doorstep — including a shopping mall, supermarkets and restaurants with a variety of food to choose from.
  • Gràcia – Right next to L’Eixample is Gràcia, an artistic neighborhood with a unique personality. Many of Gaudí’s works can be found in the area. It’s perfect for those looking for some quiet after a day of being out and about. Surrounded by restaurants and cafes offering a wide variety of cuisine, including vegan and vegetarian-friendly joints. 
  • El Born – Known for its historic origins, El Born houses some of the oldest and greatest, including Casa Gispert, a food store operating since 1851. Another notable landmark is the Mercat de Santa Caterina, a farmers’ market accommodating residents’ grocery needs.
coliving Barcelona
coliving Barcelona

Coliving in Barcelona is a coliving platform specifically for digital nomads and provides affordable accommodation, good wifi, and excellent workspaces.

Here are a few useful facts about them: 

  • Secure payments
  • Verified properties and guests
  • Flexible lease (from one week to one+ year)
  • Largest coliving booking platform
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Free cancellation (within 24 hours after booking)
  • Advanced search
  • Verified guests and hosts

Book using this link to get 2.5% off your first month’s rent 

A Landing Pad 

Barcelona’s first coliving space. Aside from digital nomads, residents come from different walks of life, including Master students and independent professionals. Every corner of the space is equipped with high-speed WiFi, and rooms are all ensuite to ensure privacy. Rates start from €700 ($845) per month.

Barcelona digital nomad


This coliving space offers more than just accommodation. Residents often participate in many work and social events to bring residents together and network. Additionally, fitness areas and meditation rooms are also provided for those who need them. Rooms are available from €500 ($603) per month.

Kalart Coliving & Coworking

Located in Montseny Natural Park, the founders of Kalart believe that working away from the hustle and bustle of the city will help encourage personal and professional growth, particularly of their residents.

They offer several room options, starting from €18.30 ($22) per night.

Some accommodations also provide hostel work in Barcelona in exchange for lodging. Here are some suggestions if you’re interested:

Cafes with Best WiFi in Barcelona

food in Barcelona

Best Food To Try In Barcelona

As the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is famed for an abundance of fresh seafood dishes which anyone and everyone who visits should try.

Here are some of the best Catalan food to look out for (and taste) when you’re there:

  • Calçots – Seasonal green onion, usually cooked barbecue-style and dipped in romesco sauce (made from tomatoes, red wine, red peppers, and paprika)
  • Pa amb tomàquet – Tomato, garlic, olive oil, and salt mixture are spread across this Catalan bread before it’s savored
  • Escalivada – Vegetables such as eggplant and bell peppers are roasted or smoke-grilled for this enticing dish
  • Esqueixada de bacallà – Unique salted cod salad served with onions, tomatoes, and olive oil
  • Mandonguilles amb sípia – Hearty meatballs and cuttlefish stew
  • Fricandó – Slow-cooked beef shoulder/knuckle stew with mushroom
  • Mel i mató – Dessert made from fresh cheese sourced from goat’s or cow’s milk
  • Coca – This pastry bread is a delight, whether enjoyed with sweet or savory toppings
Barcelona digital nomad

Getting Around Barcelona

Barcelona has one of the most efficient public transport networks in Europe. So it comes as no surprise as to why many have chosen Barcelona to live as digital nomads.

There are four ways to get around the city:

  • Trams
  • Metro
  • Buses
  • By Foot


There are six tram routes available around Barcelona, covering most areas and districts of the city. 


Barcelona Metro runs mostly underground. With 189 stations and 12 lines, it is the fastest and most convenient way to get around the city.


Buses in Barcelona run on a highly efficient schedule, ensuring passengers have a smooth ride throughout their journey.

This network of 3 types of public transport is all integrated, including the fares.

Fares: From €2.40 ($2.90) for a single journey ticket, but travel cards can allow for multiple journeys.

Tip: The travel cards can be used on the metro, tram, and bus.

By Foot

Barcelona is a walkable city, made easier with pedestrian-friendly roads and boulevards. 

If you are sightseeing, for example, you can get from one tourist attraction to another by simply walking a few extra steps.

Barcelona digital nomad

Useful Tips and Things You Should Know 

I’ve put together a list of things that you should know as a Barcelona digital nomad. 

Take note of these when you’re there:

Learn the Language 

Pick up some Catalan or Spanish words. I jetted to Spain knowing only 3 words of the language but a few months in, I could order my favorite tapas in Spanish and get around the city pretty well! 

Savour the Dinner Time 

Living in a vibrant city like Barcelona, especially as a digital nomad, you are bound to make friends, which will lead to fun-filled weekly dinner adventures! I think it’s important to be aware that dinner time in Spain could go on past midnight.

Beware of Pickpockets 

Barcelona is generally safe, but also notoriously known to be a hotspot for pickpockets. Remembering to check that your essentials are tucked away safely before heading out and while touring would help you stay vigilant.

Get Insured

Having been a Barcelona digital nomad, I can’t emphasize enough how important travel insurance is. Some of us plan to be away for months and end up being on the road for years, so booking travel insurance is essential.

World Nomads offers some of the most comprehensive insurance packages, tailor-made for nomads and travelers with different needs.

Barcelona digital nomad

FAQs About How To Become A Digital Nomad In Barcelona

How To Become A Digital Nomad?

The key to becoming a digital nomad with no experience is to start small. Don’t quit your current job and jump right into learning these new skills for your new digital nomad job. Instead, create a plan or schedule to acquire certain skills by a specific date. Spend an hour after work attending an online course.

Do I Have To Pay Taxes As A Digital Nomad?

Yes, digital nomads have to pay taxes. Some taxes that digital nomads might pay include things like income taxes and social security payments. In many countries, digital nomads have to pay income taxes after 183 days of living and working in the jurisdiction, but social security payment rules are not so simplistic.

How Do I Become A Digital Nomad In Spain?

To become a digital nomad in Spain, you can apply for Spain’s digital nomad visa directly through a consulate or embassy in your home country. Alternatively, you can enter Spain on a tourist visa and apply within the first three months. Barcelona digital nomad visa is available for remote workers.

How Much Income For Digital Nomad In Spain?

How much income do you need to make per month to qualify for the Spain digital nomad visa? An individual must earn twice the local minimum wage in Spain to qualify for the Spain Digital Nomad Visa. This means that the current income requirement for the visa is €2,334 per month / €28,000 per year for an individual.

Can I Work As A Digital Nomad In Spain?

Yes, you can certainly work as a digital nomad in Spain. Spain’s digital nomad visa lets remote workers bring their families. Spain’s new “teleworker” visa is open to workers and their families who meet the requirements.

How Do I Start A Digital Nomad Career?

8 steps to becoming a digital nomad

  • Identify your skill sets & strengthen them. 
  • Build a portfolio & start searching job boards. 
  • Use your skills to make money online. 
  • Start networking. 
  • Start simplifying your lifestyle.
  • Build your savings. 
  • Determine your budget & decide on your locations.
  • Get travelers insurance.

Can A Us Citizen Work Remotely In Spain?

Yes, a US citizen can work remotely in Spain. The draft law states that foreign nationals will be able to work remotely for non-Spanish companies while living in Spain without a full work visa for between six and 12 months. It could then be extended up to two times. The new Spanish law is part of the country’s recent Startup Ac

Do Digital Nomads Pay Tax In Spain?

Yes, digital nomads pay taxes in Spain. What is the tax rate for digital nomads in Spain? Remote workers or digital nomads in Spain just pay a flat fee of 24% on their work-related income up to € 600.000, and 48% on any higher amount.

What Is A Digital Nomad Salary?  

A digital nomad’s salary differs from person to person. FlexJobs poll, CDC International Shipping statistics, and findings by Project Untethered all agreed on how much digital nomads make, and it is usually between $50,000 and $99,999 annually.

Is Spain Or Portugal Better For Digital Nomads?

As a digital nomad, Spain is good but Portugal is better. Portugal is smaller in population, and the area offers more advantages to expats as compared to Spain. Affordable living, residency, easy access to social activities, and a pleasant year-round climate make Portugal preferable to Spain.

Portugal ends up being slightly cheaper than Spain and generally has better tax options for expats.

Final Thoughts

Living in Barcelona as a digital nomad has been a fulfilling and uplifting journey and one I’m more than happy to do again. 

The city has a distinctive vibe to it which is difficult to find in other cities, for which hundreds and thousands of other nomads agree. Incredible food with endless options, a vibrant community, and all-year sunny weather are all the reasons you’ll find yourself yearning for once you leave. 

Have you lived in Barcelona before, or planning to head over soon? Share your experiences or plans in the comments section below! 

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