250+ Christmas Blog Post Ideas to Drive Traffic To Your Site

Are you trying to come up with Christmas blog post ideas? 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and I know some of us are feeling the heat (chill?) to search for the best holiday blog post ideas to write this time around. Well, fret not cos I’m here to the rescue. 

The holiday season puts me in a special mood and brings me a whole load of inspiration. And there’s no fun for me to keep it all to myself, so I’ve drawn up here a list of Christmas blog post ideas for every niche imaginable!

With 250+ ideas, I’m sure you’ll find many holiday blog ideas to write content your audience will love!

At a glance, some Christmas blog post ideas include are:

  • Christmas Blog Post: Business 
  • Christmas Blog Post: Career 
  • Christmas Blog Post: DIY & Crafts 
  • Christmas Blog Post: Education 
  • Christmas Blog Post: Events 
  • Christmas Blog Post: Fashion & Beauty 
  • Christmas Blog Post: Finance & Money 
  • Christmas Blog Post: Food & Drinks 
  • Christmas Blog Post: Health and Wellness 
  • Christmas Blog Post: Home Decor 
  • Christmas Blog Post: Lifestyle 
  • Christmas Blog Post: Parenting 
  • Christmas Blog Post: Photography 
  • Christmas Blog Post: Social Media 
  • Christmas Blog Post: Travel
  • What Is Seasonal Content?
  • Why Write Christmas Related Seasonal Content?
  • How To Get People To Enjoy Your Christmas Posts


This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. 

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Christmas Blog Post Ideas: DIY & Crafts 

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Christmas Blog Post Ideas: Education

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Christmas Blog Post Ideas: Events 

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Christmas Blog Post Ideas: Fashion & Beauty 

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79. Skincare Tips For Winter

80. Skincare Tips To Combat All The Holiday Drinks 

81. This Year In Fashion (Monthly Outfit From The Entire Year)

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Christmas Blog Post Ideas: Finance & Money

82. 100+ Thoughtful Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

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86. How To Help A Local Business, And Save Your Money At The Same Time 

87. How To Make Donations For The Underprivileged This Holiday Season

88. How To Save Money During This Season Of Spending 

89. How To Stay On Budget This Holiday Season

90. List Of Stores Having Sales And Promotions This Holiday Season

91. List Of Stores With Coupons For Christmas 

92. List Of Things You Can Give Christmas Carollers Under $5

93. When To Shop For The Best Sales This Christmas

christmas blog post ideas food and drink

Christmas Blog Post Ideas: Food & Drinks 

94. 10 Christmas Cakes Your Grandma Will Approve

95. 10 Fancy Decorative Food To Make This Holiday Season

96. 10 Grinch Themed Cookies 

97. 10 Meals You Can Make From Leftover Turkey 

98. 30 Easy Snacks To Make For Children This Holiday Season

99. Best Christmas Fruit Cake Recipes – With And Without Alcohol

100. Best Eggnog Recipes 

101. Christmas Cookie Ideas – From Easy To Expert Level

102. Christmas Day Recipes For Vegans

103. Christmas Dessert Ideas

104. Christmas Themed Cocktails And Mocktails 

105. Christmas Tree Themed Cookies And Desserts

106. Easy To Make Recipes For Christmas

107.  Healthy Food You Can Make For Christmas – That Is Still Christmassy!

108. Holiday Inspired Charcuterie Board Ideas

109. How To Eat Healthy This Holiday Season

110. How To Make Allergy-Friendly Recipes For Christmas

111. How To Make Christmas Meals For Your Cats And Dogs

112. How To Make A Gingerbread House At Home

113. How To Prep Your Meals For Christmas

114. Light Snacks And Appetizers For Christmas 

115. List Of Christmas Food You Can Prepare And Freeze In Advance

116. List Of Restaurants In (Your City) For A Christmas Meal

117. Non-Traditional Christmas Food To Introduce To Your Family This Year

118. Pet-Friendly Cookie And Cake Recipes This Holiday Season 

119. Restaurant In (Your City) Offering Full Christmas Takeout Meals (We Won’t Tell Anyone You Ordered In)

120. Vegan Alternatives To Old Christmas Favorite

121. Want To Make A Fancy Christmas Dinner? Here Are 10 Easy Recipes You Can Try 

christmas blog post ideas gifts

Christmas Blog Post Ideas: Gifts

122. Best Christmas Gifts For Your Foodie Friend

123. Best Christmas Gifts For Your Virtual Friends

124. Best Stocking Stuffers Anyone Can Use

125. Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

126. Christmas Gifts For Your Grandparents 

127. Christmas Gifts For Children – That Are Not Toys

128. Christmas Gifts For Every Budget

129. Christmas Gifts For Mom And Dad

130. Christmas Gifts For Teenagers

131. Christmas Gifts For The Wonderful Women In Your Lives

132. Christmas Gifts For Your Friends And Colleagues

133. Christmas Gifts For Your Spouse/ Partner

134. Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

135. Fun Christmas Gifts For Secret Santa

136. Funny Gifts Ideas For Your Friends

137. Gift Ideas For Your Rich, Rich, Friends/ Loved Ones

138. Gifts You Can Buy In (Your City) To Support A Local Business

139. Guide To Advent Calendar For Gifting This Holiday Season 

140. How To Personalize Your Christmas Gifts

141. How To Re-Gift Appropriately (Extra Tips On How To Not Get Caught)

142. Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas (That Aren’t Vouchers!)

143. List Of Gifts That Can Be Used All Year Round

144. List Of Online Shops For Christmas Gifts

145. List Of Shops In (Your City) That Allow Exchanges On Gifts Purchased

146. Practical Christmas Gift Ideas 

147. Unique, Non-Traditional Gift Idea

148. Virtual Gifts For Friends You Haven’t Seen In A While

health and wellness

Christmas Blog Post Ideas: Health and Wellness 

149. 15 Wellness Podcasts You Should Listen To This Holiday Season

150. The Best Answer To “Why Are You Still Single” And Other Annoying Questions Family Ask During Christmas

151. How To Keep On Track For Your Health And Fitness Goals

152. How To Deal With Christmas Stress

153. How To Deal With Social Anxiety This Holiday Season

154. How To Deal With Toxic Family Members At Christmas

155. How To Get In The Christmas Season When You Can’t Be Home For Christmas

156. How To Say No To Alcohol This Christmas

157. How To Say No To Sugar During The Christmas Season

158. How To Stay Focused On Your Goals This Holiday Season 

159. How To Stay In Shape This Holiday Season

160. How To Stick To Your Fitness Rituals This Holiday Season

161. Self-Care Tips This Holiday Season

162. The Best Wellness Book This Holiday Season

163. Yummy Food That Can Boost Your Immune System This Christmas Season

home decor

Christmas Blog Post Ideas: Home Decor 

164. 10 Ways You Can Display Your Christmas Cards

165. Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Front Porch 

166. Christmas Decorations You Can Reuse Every Year

167. Eco-Friendly Decorations For This Holiday Season

168. Homemade Decoration Ideas For Christmas

169. How To Child-Proof Your Christmas Decoration

170. How To Decorate Every Room In The House For Christmas

171. How To Decorate Your House With A White Christmas Theme 

172. How To Decorate Your Office This Holiday Season

173. How To Dress Up Your Fireplace This Holiday Season

174. How To Spruce Up A Small Space For Christmas – Fancy Cushion Covers And More!

175. How To Store Christmas Decorations Without Taking Up Too Much Space

176. How To Store Your Christmas Decorations Safely 

177. Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

178. List Of Kid-Friendly Decoration Items (Read: Won’t Break When They Bump Into It)

179. List Of Miniature Decorations For Your Mantel And Kitchen Counter

180. No Place Under The Christmas Tree? Fun Ideas To Place Christmas Gifts 

181. This Year’s Christmas Decoration Trends

182. Top 10 Christmas Candles 

183. Where To Buy Christmas Lights In (Your City) Or Online

184. Where To Buy Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree


Christmas Blog Post Ideas: Lifestyle 

185. All-Time Favorite Holiday Movies To Watch This Christmas 

186. Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Things You Can Do When It’s Too Cold Out

187. Best Christmas Movies To Enjoy This Year

188. Best Christmas Playlists For Your Christmas Party

189. Best Christmas Quotes You Can Use In Your Christmas Cards This Year

190. Christmas Bucket List For Families

191. Fun Holiday Games You Can Play With Your Family

192. Fun Winter Activities For Children

193. How To Clean Up And Organize Your Home Before Christmas 

194. How To Do Self-Care During This Busy Holiday Season 

195. How To Keep Kids Entertained This Holiday Season

196. How To Overcome Homesickness During Christmas Overseas

197. How To Set New Years Resolutions That You Won’t Break

198. How To Start Your Own Christmas Traditions

199. List Of Christmas Carols For Your To Sing To This Christmas

200. List Of Toasts For Christmas – From Funny To Thoughtful 

201. A Roundup Of Shopping Mall Christmas Decorations This Year

202. See How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World

203. Top Christmas Movies On Netflix This Year

204. What You Should Be Reading This Christmas

205. Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?


Christmas Blog Post Ideas: Parenting 

206. 10 Tips On Attending Christmas Parties When You Have Young Children

207. 10 Volunteer Activities You Can Do With Children This Holiday Season 

208. 30 Activities Kids Can Do This Christmas

209. Best Party Ideas That Include Children

210. Here’s A List Of Activities You Can Do With Kids This Holiday Season 

211. How To Celebrate Christmas Without Blowing Your Budget 

212. How To Entertain Your Kids While You Prepare For Christmas Dinner

213. How To Explain The Story Behind Christmas To Children 

214. How To Get Kids To Help With Christmas Preparation

215. How To Teach Your Kids To Be Grateful And Not Compare With Others This Holiday Season

216. Is Santa Real? Answers For Kids Of Every Age Group

217. Shopping Guide For Parents With Large Families

218. Shopping Guide For Parents With Young Children


Christmas Blog Post Ideas: Photography

219. 10 Best Editing Apps For Picture-Perfect Christmas

220. 10 Tips On Taking A Christmas Family Picture

221. Best Lightroom Presets To Use For Christmas

223. Guide To Flat-Lays For This Holiday Season

224. How To Flay-Lay Your Christmas Table For The Perfect Christmas Table Shot

225. How To Make Christmas Photo Ornaments

226. How To Take Photos Of Christmas Lights At Night

227. How To Take Picture-Perfect Christmas Tree Photos

228. How To Take The Best Night Shots This Holiday Season 

229. How To Take The Best Snow Shots 

230. List Of Best Camera Phones To Snap Your Holiday Pictures

231. Unique Instagram Photo Ideas This Holiday Season

social media

Christmas Blog Post Ideas: Social Media 

232. Best Hashtags For Christmas

233. Best Instagram Accounts To Follow This Christmas

234. Best Social Media Planner Apps To Help You Plan Out Your Holiday Content 

235. Check Out The Bts Of My Christmas Dinner Party

236. Christmas Instagram Challenge Ideas

237. How To Combat Social Media Envy This Holiday Season

238. How To Do Your Own Christmas Giveaways

239. How To Grow Your Traffic This Holiday Season 

240. How To Plan Your Content For The Holidays

241. A Roundup Of Instagram Giveaways This Holidays Season


Christmas Blog Post Ideas: Travel

242. Guide On Traveling With Family This Holiday Season

243. How To Survive Long Haul Flights With Young Children 

244. What To Pack With You For A Trip To See The In-Laws

245. Guide On Solo Traveling This Holiday Season

246. 15 Destinations For An All-White Christmas Getaway

247. Tips For Going On A Winter Road Trip

248. Christmas Packing List

249. How To Save On Winter Travel

250. Best Places To See Christmas Lights In (Your City)

251. Best Places For A Quick Getaway This Holiday Season

252. Best Travel Deals This Holiday Season

253. List Of Hotels With New Year Eve’s Packages To Kick Off The Next Year With A Bang!

254. Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday 

What Is Seasonal Content?

Simply put, seasonal content is when you create content that is relevant to the current season. 

For example, during and before Christmas, people will be looking at Christmas blog posts. So if you’re wondering about your December blog post ideas, you simply have to look up what are the high search keywords in December and plan your content accordingly. 

Now, what are high search keywords, you ask.

 Simply put, they are words that have a high volume of searches in the search engine. A search volume would indicate the number of times a keyword has been searched for. The more times a keyword is searched for, the higher the search volume would be.

High search keywords are a very valuable tool for valuable metric in search engine optimization (SEO). One tool I love to use is Keysearch for its straightforward ease of use and also, it’s very affordable compared to other SEO tools!

If this 3-letter-combo scares you, fret not cos I’ve been there, and got past that. 

An SEO beginner’s guide is all you need to get the hang of it. If you already have the basics, you can move on to learn my exact strategies to create SEO optimised blog posts that get thousands of pageviews from Google and you’re all set!

If you are familiar with SEO and are looking to learn some tips and tricks about how to increase traffic to your blog, check out my Triple Your Traffic course. Here I will teach you all you need to know update old content to get thousands more pageviews from Google! 

One of the best Christmas blogs practices is to post your content earlier to give it time to rank on the search engines. A great thing about posting seasonal content is that you only have to do it once. You can repost your content in the next few years as long as you edit to keep your content and Christmas blog titles fresh i.e. current year.

Why Write Christmas Related Seasonal Content?

Writing a Christmas blog post is a great way to boost your blog traffic! Planning multiple Christmas post ideas and curating multiple content pages will help you skyrocket your traffic during this season as your content is in demand and relevant. 

Aside from sending out informative, helpful, and/ or entertaining content to the world, the surge is great to increase your own website traffic and generate additional income for you.

One thing you need to bear in mind is that your posts will not immediately rank and you will likely have to wait until the next year to see better traffic. However, with the right SEO training, you might just beat the seasoned content and be able to rank on the first page even in your first year. 

How To Get People To Enjoy Your Christmas Posts

To help with your Christmas blog ideas – people generally are looking at the following during this season:

  • Gift ideas
  • Decorations
  • Recipes
  • Fashion 
  • Makeup tips
  • Best deals 

You need to touch on this relatable content.  Aside from doing a keyword search, you can also look up the existing content on the internet. 

If plenty of your readers are from a certain locale, it would help to specify the location to see what is trending in that area, for example, you would search for “Christmas Blog UK” if many of your readers are from the UK. 

You can then also add location-specific content like “Best Christmas Getaways in the UK”. 

Christmas content is also a great way to start off a new blog. It might feel daunting to try to entirely start a new blog from scratch but I promise you, it’s not as hard as you think. With the right guidance on how to start a new blog, you’ll be on the right path to having a great blog with great content! 

Christmas, Here We Come! 

So there you have it: 250+ Christmas blog post ideas to get you all geared up for Christmas! I’m sure you’ve already earmarked some content that you know will excite your readers as you read through the list. 

Remember, it’s never too early to start brainstorming Christmas blog post ideas. And the best part, your content stays evergreen. Christmas is, after all, one of the most celebrated holidays in the world; thus, people are always searching for content around it. 

Which ideas do you think will excite your readers specifically? Can you think of more ideas to add to this list? I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Let me know in the comments below! 

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