Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest In 10 Easy Steps [2023 Update]

If you have been contemplating affiliate marketing on Pinterest, this is the time for you to get on the bandwagon. In a January 2022 report, Pinterest has 225.7 million ad reach! 

With a Pinterest Business account, you can start creating your visual pins directed to your affiliate link and earn some money. You do not even need to start a blog!

You have come to the right place to learn affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog. 

If you want to jump straight into it, follow the below 10 actionable steps to boost your affiliate marketing on Pinterest. 

10 Steps: How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

1. Create A Pinterest Business Account

2. Choose A Niche

3. Research Your Niche On Pinterest

4. Sign Up For An Affiliate Program

5. Design Your Pins

6. Create Pinterest Boards

7. Start Pinning With Your Affiliate Link

8. Optimize With Pinterest SEO 

9. Use Tailwind

10. Join Group Boards and Communities

Basic Rules and Guidelines Of Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

  • No Cloaking
  • Disclose Affiliate Links
  • Only Operate One Pinterest Account
affiliate marketing on pinterest


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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10 Actionable Steps For Your Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

1. Create A Pinterest Business Account

You need to create a Pinterest business account to start earning through affiliate marketing. 

  • On the main Pinterest page, click on the ‘Sign up’ button 
  • Look for “Are you a business? Get started here!” at the bottom of the popup

2. Choose A Niche

Choosing a niche – a specific market for a kind of product or service – is an important step that many miss out on. 

You would want to recommend products and services from a niche in which you have a genuine interest. If you do not focus on a niche and start recommending anything and everything, you may risk having your Pinterest account seen as spam. 

If you have no idea which niche to go with, here are some best niches on Pinterest: 

  • Home Decor & Interior Designing
  • Gardening & Plant Care
  • Travel
  • Parenting
  • Fashion
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Making Money Online or via Remote Work

You can find more ideas from my article on Pinterest best niches.

affiliate marketing on pinterest

3. Research Your Niche On Pinterest

Once you have a chosen niche, you will need to do research on the niche. 

This will ensure that your Pinterest pins will receive a high volume of traffic.

Research on relevant keywords which people use to search on Pinterest within the search bar. Enter one or two words in the search bar and you will be given a list of suggestions based on people’s searched words. 

Identifying the relevant keywords will help you to optimize your pins using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) later. 

You may be interested to learn from this list of Pinterest affiliate marketing course

4. Sign Up For An Affiliate Program

After having the keywords for your chosen niche, you need to sign up for an affiliate program. Choose an affiliate program that sells services and products related to your niche.

Here are some of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest you can sign up for without needing a blog: 

  • WayFair for Home Decor & Interior Designing
  • TripAdvisor and
  • Agoda for Travel
  • Amazon for Gardening & Plant Care, Parenting, Fashion, Beauty & Personal Care, and many other niches
  • Canva and
  • Tailwind for Making Money Online or via Remote Work

While these are just some options, you can also search for more affiliate programs for Pinterest through Googling for “your niche” + “affiliate opportunity”. 

Do check on the terms from each of the affiliate programs that you want to sign up with. Take note of their approval process and requirements. This will help you quickly find affiliate programs and opportunities relevant to the niche you have selected

5. Design Your Pins 

Even if you are not a designer, this is the most exciting step! 

Use Canva to help you design your Pinterest pins. Canva has a large collection of templates for Pinterest pins. Templates are the best way to save you time and effort. 

Here are some top tips on designing your Pinterest pins:

  • Brand Your Pins
    Choose a palette of colors to use across your pins to have a consistent look that will be recognized easily. This will help your pins to stand out in the sea of graphics.
  • Create A Variety Of Designs
    For one affiliate link, create a number of designs. You can have multiple pins of the same affiliate link. This will increase the number of reach for that link! 
affiliate marketing on pinterest

6. Create Pinterest Boards

Once you have your pins designed, you will need to create your Pinterest boards according to your niche. Boards are the categories of your niche. 

Take for example Home Decor & Interior Designing, you may have these boards created on your Pinterest: 

  • Bedroom 
  • Bathroom 
  • Paint Colors
  • Wall Art

7. Start Pinning With Your Affiliate Link

After creating your boards, you can start creating your pins on each of the boards.

  • Within the selected board, click on “Create Pin”
  • Choose the image you have created
  • Key in the title and description
  • Add your affiliate link to the “Destination Link” 
  • Click on “Publish”. You can choose to publish your new pin immediately or schedule it for a later date!

8. Optimize With Pinterest SEO 

As Pinterest is a visual search engine, keywords are important for users’ search results.  When creating pins, it is best to use relevant keywords in the title and description to match the users’ search terms.

That is how SEO works. 

When optimized correctly, your pin will be matched with the users’ search results. 

How do you find the relevant keywords to optimize your pins? Use Pinterest Keywords Research Tools I have detailed in this article

There are 3 main areas where your relevant keywords should appear. I include the best practices on how to optimize your Pinterest account in these 3 areas.

  • Pinterest Profile
    • Include the keywords in your account description.
  • Pin Description
    • Your relevant keywords should be as close to the beginning. 
    • Your brand name should be in the first line. 
    • Make your sentence structure sound natural. 
    • Include a call to action and any other enticing details. 
    • Only the first 30 to 60 characters will appear although up to 500 characters are allowed. 
    • Suggested template: [Keywords] + [Brand Name] + [What You Offer] + [Relevant Details] + [CTA]
    • You can find some really good Pinterest description examples here.
  • Board Description
    • Have your relevant keywords as close to the beginning.
    • Explain the topics your board covers clearly.
    • List whom your board serves best or the pain point your board solves.
    • Include a mix of niche, broad, and long-tail keywords and phrases.
    • Up to 500 characters allowed.
    • Suggested template: [Main Keywords] + [Why You Should Care] + [What You’ll Learn (long-tail keywords and search phrases)] + [Core Topics] + [Ideal Audience] + [to Perform (long-tail keywords and search phrases)]

9. Use Tailwind

One of the best tools to manage your Pinterest is Tailwind. It helps you to create and schedule your Pinterest posts efficiently. Tailwind saves you time from having to manually create pins on Pinterest. 

10. Join Group Boards and Communities

Pinterest has group boards created by collaborators. You can request to join or be invited into other group boards within the same niche or community. Some examples of group boards: 

Joining group boards will increase your pins’ reach as your pins are exposed to a wider range of users. While you can join these group boards to post your pins, you have to reciprocate to others’ pins as well. 

​​Even though you can post your pins to these groups’ boards, there must be an equal benefit. The mutual understanding on Pinterest is that you will have to pin others’ posts on your boards too. There are also other basic rules and guidelines of the Pinterest Affiliate Program.

affiliate marketing on pinterest

Basic Rules And Guidelines Of Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

  • No Cloaking
    • Cloaking here means you disguise your affiliate links with a redirect link using a URL shortener like TinyURL or Bitly
    • Cloaking your affiliate link is strongly discouraged as it may be flagged as spam and blocked.
  • Disclose Affiliate Links
    • You must disclose the commercial nature of your Pinterest affiliate links. 
    • It is required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) advertising law.
    • You should use terms like sponsored or affiliate in your description.
  • Only Operate One Pinterest Account
    • You cannot operate multiple Pinterest accounts. 
    • You should only have “one authentic presence on Pinterest”. 

What Is Pinterest? 

Pinterest is an image-sharing platform. It allows you to attach a link of any web page, to the image you post. You can search for a wide range of inspirations from room decor, fashion and food recipes. 

Pinterest is the visual version of Google – a visual search engine. 

Images are referred to as pins. Pins can be collected into categories which are called boards. You can save others’ pins into your own boards. 

When your pins are liked or pinned onto other people’s boards, their followers get to see your pins too. Your pins will get a higher reach from a totally new and different audience than your own followers. 

It’s a great marketing tool if you ask me! And it should work just as great for affiliate marketing. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Have you ever raved to your friends about a product you bought and they eventually buy the product too? Imagine you get paid for each friend’s purchase of the same product after they have heard about it from you. 

While traditional businesses call it a referral program, in digital marketing, this is known as affiliate marketing. 

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

1. You sign up as an affiliate member.

2. You will be issued with a unique affiliate or referral link to a product/service.

3. You recommend or refer the product/service to your followers using your affiliate link.

4. For every click and purchase through your affiliate link, you get a commission for it.

There are 2 main types of commissions to look out for in affiliate marketing, Pay Per Click and Pay Per Action. 

  • Pay Per Click gets you paid for every visitor that clicks through your affiliate link. 
  • Pay Per Action or Pay Per Lead, gets you paid for every visitor that takes action through your affiliate link. It can either be a purchase, simply fill up a form or download a file. 

Pay per action or lead is normally the most common 

How Can You Use Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest Without A Blog

Do you see how simple it is to get paid through affiliate marketing? Using Pinterest, it is as simple as adding your affiliate link to your pin!

There is no need to think of a long body of text to recommend the product or service. 

Your pin has a long life on Pinterest; unlike other social media platforms where a post will be buried according to the timeline. If more people pin or repin your pins, it is more likely that they will show up as part of the search results – even if they were created long ago. 

There is a high possibility of earning from just one pin. You can also increase the possibility of earning from that pin by optimizing it. 

If this excites you, take the above 10 actionable steps to earn through affiliate marketing on Pinterest. 

affiliate marketing on pinterest


How Do I Share Affiliate Links On Pinterest?

Within your Pinterest page, do the following to share affiliate links: 

  • Click on “Create Pin”
  • Choose the image you have created
  • Key in the title and description (remember to disclose that you are sharing an affiliate link as required by the FTC)
  • Add your affiliate link to the “Destination Link” 
  • Click on “Publish” (you may also choose to publish your new pin immediately or schedule it for a later date)

Does Pinterest Allow Clickbank Links?

Yes, Pinterest allows Clickbank links. Clickbank and Pinterest work well together. You can join the Clickbank affiliate program and earn through either Cost Per Action or Revenue Sharing with your Clickbank Pinterest pins. Don’t forget to disclose that you are sharing an affiliate link when you add your Clickbank links to the “Destination Link” of your pins before publishing them!

Can I Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest?

Yes, you can now have Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest. Previously, you could not share your Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest but that has changed now (as of 2022). You need to disclose that you are sharing affiliate links in the “Description Link” before publishing them. Amazon Associates have been known to use Pinterest for their affiliate marketing. 

With the 10 steps above, you are ready to get on the Pinterest affiliate marketing without a blog bandwagon quickly. 

Using Canva, you should be able to create visuals that stand out. Optimizing the description of your pins and boards with SEO would increase your teaching. 

I hope this detailed article has clarified your doubts. You have to start that engine and stay consistent on this road to earn using Pinterest for affiliate marketing. 

All the best in sharing that pie of 225.7 million ad reach! 

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