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Is Upwork Good For Beginners? +Tips To Land First Client!

Are you wondering if is Upwork good for beginners?

Well, I’m here to tell you that YES! Upwork is good for beginners!

Upwork is an excellent way to get your freelance career off to a great start because it allows you to search through millions of projects and pick the ones that are ideal for you.

As a beginner, however, the lack of experience and fierce competition may cause you to wonder if starting your freelancing career is worth your time.

This article will walk you through all there is to know about Upwork along with some tips and tricks to get started on this massive platform. 

Let’s get started!


1. What Is Upwork?

2. Is Upwork Good For Beginners?

3. Who Can Work On Upwork?

4. How To Apply And Get Accepted On Upwork?

5. Types Of Jobs You Can Get On Upwork For Beginners

6. Tips And Tricks For Getting Work On Upwork

7. How Easy Is It To Get Jobs On Upwork

8. Can You Work On Upwork With No Experience?

9. Which Is Better For Beginners Upwork Or Fiverr?

10. What Are The Best Jobs In Upwork For Beginners?

11. How To Land Your First Client On Upwork?

12. Is Upwork Hard For Beginners?

13. Is Upwork A Good Way To Make Money?

14. What Are The Easiest Jobs To Get On Upwork?

is upwork good for beginners

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What Is Upwork?

Upwork is a freelancing platform that was founded back in 2015. 

Today, Upwork brings in over $374 million in revenue and 145,400 core active clients. You can throw the questions “is Upwork genuine” or “is Upwork legit”, out the window because this platform is as real and good as it can get. 

Freelancers in industries such as writing and web development can find work on Upwork. The website assists in finding projects, client communication, and payment for professionals.

You can gain useful experience if you are a budding freelancer or working in a new industry without constantly needing to sell to potential clients.

However, the site is crowded with younger hires who are eager to accept work for less money, which may have an effect on your ability to make money.

With Upwork, you can work from anywhere as long as you want to make money. That’s the thing about freelancing, you are free to put in as much or as little time working on your projects as you like.

is upwork good for beginners

Is Upwork Good For Beginners?

Yes, Upwork is good for beginners. 

Upwork can be a great approach to starting your freelance business because it allows you to search through millions of jobs and choose the ones that are perfect for you.

However, this means that you will have to put in a lot of effort if you want to start working as a full-time freelancer on Upwork. Making it as a beginner on the platform requires patience.

These days, many are looking to go full-time with their freelancing career. This causes the number of freelancers getting on board platforms like Upwork to rise. 

Just like any other job, if you push through the tough bumps at the beginning of your freelancing journey, Upwork can be extremely rewarding. 

Who Can Work On Upwork?

Anyone! That is the beauty of Upwork. The platform caters to anyone who has a skill and would like to start earning money from it. 

You can choose to work part-time on Upwork after your normal 9–5 job or full-time there.

It’s a fantastic alternative for stay-at-home moms, mothers of young children, and anyone else who finds it challenging to leave the house for work. No college degree, master’s, or doctorate of any sort is required for you to start earning money from this platform. 

How To Apply And Get Accepted On Upwork?

  • Work on a skill that is in demand
  • Build your profile on that skill

Of course, there are all the minute details on how to get started with Upwork but in order to get accepted onto the platform, focus on these two things. 

1. Work On A Skill That Is In Demand

Having the right Upwork skills for beginners can make or break your journey on the platform. 

My first piece of advice for newcomers to Upwork is to pick a skill that employers are actively seeking, it could be anything from copywriting to coding. 

Honestly, I’d like to believe that anyone can pick up a skill that you can monetize. Go out and learn it if, however, you feel that you lack that particular skill that people will instantly want.

Platforms like Udemy offers tons of courses that can help you master a new skill. 

is upwork good for beginners

Say you do not know where to begin with freelancing. Pick one skill. 

For example, freelance writing. Now, look for resources on how to become a freelance writer. These are some examples:

Work towards mastering this skill and before you know it, you will have the confidence to start applying for jobs as a copywriter on Upwork. 

It can be intimidating if you do not know where to start when it comes to freelancing. So, start by working on a skill that you can monetize. 

2. Build Your Profile On That Skill

Focus on one item at first, do it well, and only then add other services. If you strive to be everything for everyone, you would not last long on the platform, and Upwork knows this.

Imagine setting up your Upwork profile for beginners with 10 different skills. Upwork will assume that you are trying to bluff your way through. 

To prevent the talent pool from drastically outstripping the available jobs, they have recently been considerably tougher about allowing new users onto the platform. 

Take your time to fill in the application form, and include as much information as possible to convince Upwork that you are sincerely trying to begin your freelancing journey on the platform. 

Now that you have understood the first two steps to getting accepted on Upwork, you can sign up for an account here.

Types Of Jobs You Can Get On Upwork For Beginners

  • Location-Based Jobs
  • Language-Based Jobs
  • Jobs For Newbies
is upwork good for beginners

1. Location-Based Jobs

Anyone may now make a career by freelancing on Upwork from their house, a beach, or even while they are traveling.

Some of the tasks listed on Upwork call for the worker to be in a designated region. The client saves the time and money they would have otherwise spent on travel, lodging, etc.

What makes this an easy job is that it is specialized and location-based and therefore it limits the competition and boosts your chances of getting recruited and being paid well.

is upwork good for beginners

2. Language-Based Jobs

One of the most lucrative fields on Upwork is the ability to translate texts from one language to another without losing the intended context.

Language experts who are fluent in non-competitive language pairs are quickly hired with little effort.

For instance, there are not many freelancers on Upwork who speak Thai, so if you speak both Thai and English, it reduces the competition to find work there.

is upwork good for beginners

3. Jobs For Newbies

If you apply to intermediate or expert-level assignments on Upwork, there is a good possibility the client will choose a freelancer who has experience working there since clients want to see what other clients are saying about you.

Some clients are really kind and encourage applicants because they are aware that we all started off with no work history or comments.

These are the Upwork jobs that are best for beginners.

In the working title or description, clients expressly state that newbies are welcome. The majority of these duties are simple, and some clients even offer training.

Tips and Tricks For Getting Work on Upwork 

  • Focus On Upwork Job Invitations
  • Be Well Prepared For The Interview
  • Aim For Positive Feedback

1. Focus On Upwork Job Invitations

You will begin to receive job invitations once you have successfully completed a few Upwork projects.

When people start inviting you to their projects on Upwork, finding work becomes a lot simpler for you because they have already shown an interest in working with you.

Job invitations on Upwork may be a gold mine and a reliable source of leads for your freelance business. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you should consider whether the job is appropriate to the service you offer and whether the client can afford you before responding to job invitations.

2. Be Well Prepared For The Interview

While it is true that some clients will insist they are interviewing you to determine whether you are qualified for the position, this is also an excellent opportunity for you to interview them.

Find out what their objectives are, what they have accomplished in the past, and why they are hiring now.

Doing this will help you determine whether or not their objectives are doable and realistic, otherwise, you risk receiving negative feedback due to unmet expectations.

Although receiving negative feedback is not the end of the world, it may cause others to hesitate before hiring you.

If everything goes well during the meeting and you believe you can assist the customer, make sure to let them know before moving to the close.

Ask them whether they are prepared to move forwards, and if not, ask what might be holding them back from hiring you right now.

3. Aim For Positive Feedback

Say the rate offered for a task is low. Mention to the client that you are willing to accept the task at a reduced rate if they can provide positive reviews when the job is finished.

You will be able to attract more clients in the future thanks to this feedback, which will also set your profile apart from those of other freelancers who have yet to receive any.

How Easy Is It To Get Jobs on Upwork?

It can be challenging to know how to gain projects on Upwork as a new freelancer because there are so many skilled freelancers there.

Though after you land a job and perform well, the doors will open to further opportunities with better pay. 

When new freelancers have trouble getting recruited, it’s nearly often because their profile needs work or they’re applying to the wrong positions.

You will have no issue getting recruited for more work once you have completed a few assignments.

FAQs On Is Upwork Good For Beginners

Can You Work On Upwork With No Experience?

Yes, you can work on Upwork with no experience. 

There is a misconception that Upwork only employs highly skilled employees and that the most prestigious companies and agencies are its clients. This is definitely not the case.

There are many different types of clientele, and you can find both those wishing to hire highly rated pros and those on a tight budget.

The fact that everything matters on Upwork is excellent news for newcomers who have experience in the real world! You can provide information about your prior employment and education in your profile.

Even if you lack any professional experience, you can still highlight other achievements in your Upwork portfolio to demonstrate your commitment and professionalism.

Do not underestimate the value of a strong portfolio, which can make a lasting impression on potential employers and even draw more traffic to your profile.

When it comes to Upwork bio sample for beginners, try to focus it on the clients. Explain how they should hire you because you can help THEM solve their problem. 

Remember, they are hiring you to ease their workload or problem and your profile should reflect that.

Also, do not pay too much attention to the Upwork rate for beginners you find online, as different people with different skill sets can earn a varied amount. 

Which Is Better For Beginners Upwork Or Fiverr?

Both Upwork and Fiverr are great for beginners. 

Clients on Upwork are frequently more knowledgeable and professional.

They include entrepreneurs, proprietors of small businesses, well-funded startups, as well as businesses, and governmental organizations.

Since they are seeking freelancing professionals, the money tends to be fair and the jobs you are given are typical of a high caliber. 

However, Fiverr is mainly geared toward individuals.

Think bloggers, Etsy sellers, or students in need of help with their assignments. The payment tends to be smaller, and you frequently deal with clients who are unfamiliar with hiring freelancers. 

It may be easier to get started on Fiverr than Upwork due to the difference in client types. 

What Are The Best Jobs In Upwork For Beginners?

  • Content writing
  • Transcription
  • Native language gigs
  • Logo design
  • Voice recording
is upwork good for beginners

1. Content Writing

Writing blogs, articles, and other types of content takes time, and most clients do not have the time to do it themselves.

They hire content writers who are dependable, specific to their budgets, and can churn out content for them. A content writing job on Upwork might therefore be quite helpful for you to earn money if you enjoy playing with words.

To write a certain kind of post and blog, you may also choose a niche, such as the finance niche, lifestyle, or travel.  Here are the 21 Most Profitable Freelance Writing Niches (In 2022) to look into.

Keep your prices low at first, and as you gain experience, you can progressively raise them. The typical word count is between 500 and 2000, and you can get paid appropriately. Like in the sample below, you can see that the required word count is 600-1000.

2. Transcription

Transcription gigs positions are typically classified as general, legal, and medical transcription.

A transcriptionist is someone who converts an audio file into written text. If you have fast typing speed, strong attention to detail, and are proficient in multiple languages, this job is waiting for you on Upwork. 

Here are some resources to help you out:

3. Native Language Gigs

It will be advantageous for you to be able to earn money as a freelancer on Upwork if you are fluent in another language other than the official international language. 

Many people can complete activities in English, but not everyone can complete tasks in other languages such as German. Due to your native language, you can add more skills and reduce the level of competition. 

On Upwork, you can use the search box to look for the relevant work in the languages you are familiar with.

4. Logo Design

Many logo designers market their services by creating distinctive and one-of-a-kind logos for businesses or private clients.

Typically, logo designers create a portfolio to show their clients the caliber of their work. Prior to offering high-quality services on Upwork, they assess the client’s brand, research the market, and sketch designs.

Here are some courses for you to check out:

5. Voice Recording

As many businesses use voice recorders and look for affordable, highly-rated voice recorders on Upwork, voice recording is one of the simpler tasks available.

You can get numerous businesses as your customers if you have the ability to communicate clearly and convey the idea of a written piece of work.

How To Land Your First Client On Upwork?

1. Make An Extra Effort With Your Application

Not just anyone is allowed to overload Upwork’s website and not all applications will be accepted. Your profile is likely to be declined if there is not enough need for your particular range of skills.

So, if you are wondering how to work on Upwork for beginners, start by putting in the effort for your application. 

Since you will eventually develop your general and specialized profiles, I advise including everything you can think of in your profile application, regardless of whether it appears important to you at the time.

You can market yourself as an authority in a particular niche in which you truly want to work.

2. Create A Winning Portfolio

If you have completed numerous tasks that are significant before joining Upwork, then that’s great! A piece of advice is to try to include projects that are relevant to the job you are aiming to pursue on the platform.

This is undoubtedly one of the best upwork tips for beginners. Now, depending on your area of expertise, your portfolio will vary. For example, if you are into designing, here are some great guides on how to create a winning portfolio:

If you are going for a freelance writing gig, all you will need is Google Docs. Compile all your work into a folder and link them to your future clients, and you have a portfolio in hand!

One tip to bear in mind is that some tasks do not accurately reflect our abilities, so keep them out of your portfolio. 

Do not worry if you have not had the opportunity to work on projects for clients before. Simply design your own projects with the intention of including them in your portfolio.

3. Personalized Proposals

If you want to know how to be successful on Upwork, pay close attention to your client’s needs and adjust your proposal as necessary.

Address any issues that may have been mentioned by your client in their job description and explain your strategy to them. For instance, say that you will call them as soon as they make the decision to hire you to go over all the details.

Be sure to provide a work sample that is suitable. You can submit one if you have one that meets the requirements of your client. If you don’t, spend the time making one just for them.

Is Upwork Hard For Beginners?

Yes, Upwork can be hard for beginners. 

As a beginner, you would not have as many ratings and reviews for clients to look through before hiring you. 

However, this only means that you should apply to as many jobs as possible in your initial stages to begin accumulating stellar reviews. It gets easier once you have your ratings sorted. 

Is Upwork A Good Way To Make Money?

60% of freelancers who quit their full-time employment to work for themselves make more money than they did in those positions, according to Upwork’s industry data. So, stop worrying if is Upwork worth it.

Freelancers in the United States make an average of $20 per hour, according to a study from 2020.

I think even though it takes some time to establish rapport and build your client base, Upwork is a great place to make money. 

What Are The Easiest Jobs To Get On Upwork?

1. Low-Priced Jobs

I’m sure everyone here wants to get rich. In actuality, a lot of beginner Upworkers ignore the low-paying jobs on Upwork and only focus on high-end assignments. Even though this is a good strategy, it rarely works.

Avoid turning down low-paying projects if you’re new to Upwork and trying to secure your first job because they not only give you experience but also have the potential to earn you a great review.

You can increase your price and look for positions with greater salaries after your first few low-paying jobs.

2. Newbie Friendly Gigs

Many job advertisements mention that new applicants are welcome or that employers are eager to provide freelancers with training. This suggests that clients are solely interested in hiring dependable people.

Type words like “newbie” or “beginners” into the search area to identify positions that are welcoming to new employees.

3. Quick Turn-Around Gigs

Some customers are in a rush and need their projects to be finished within a short period of time.

In the job description, they frequently use language like:

  • Quick turn around needed
  • Need this completed within a few hours

Target assignments with a short turnaround time, do a fantastic job on them, the client will be happy, and you will have landed yourself a positive rating!


There you go! Hopefully, this article will solve your doubt if is Upwork good for beginners. 

The potential for Upwork is huge. You can study the ins and outs of the freelance business while gaining experience and money and this platform can serve as a launching pad for your career.

You can use the examples you gain from this experience to eventually obtain better-paying gigs. 

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