I Need Money Right Now! 25 Quick Ways To Make Extra Money

Has an emergency or unexpected event happened and you are thinking: I need money right now!

Don’t worry, with a bit of creativity and hard work, it’s possible to make the extra cash you need.

Here are 25 quick ways for you to earn extra money right now!

1. Get paid to sweat

Wait, what? Yes, that’s right. Some companies will pay you to exercise. HealthyWage is a health and wellness company that provides weight loss and fitness challenges with cash prizes.

If you lose weight and win, you win cash. It’s a great motivation to lose weight and earn money.

Sweatcoin will pay for you every step you take. You earn sweat coins, which can then purchase fitness products. Cool eh?

Note- If you love working out you might as well try out some fitness side hustles that could make you some extra cash! If you want to learn more read my article 11 Fitness Side Hustles You Can Start Right Now

make money now with Sweatcoin
Make money now with Sweatcoin

2. Rent your items out

Fatllama lets you rent your items out and even covers any damage of up to 25,000 pounds.

You can rent out your skis, your camera, basically anything that people will want to use really! Its genius and I wish I thought of the idea myself.

Also, if you want to rent something from Fatllama,if you sign up using my link,you get £20 off your first rental! #freemoney

Make money right now with Fatllaama
Make money right now with Fatllama

3. Sell your clothes

Have you ever bought clothes you don’t need and then eventually thrown them away? You may as well get paid to get rid of any clothes you don’t want.

When I was leaving NZ, I made just over $700 selling my used clothes on FB Marketplace.

Here are a few websites that buy second-hand clothes.

Tip-Look at the popular listings and see how they word their clothing descriptions. Also, make the pictures pop with color!

For example, instead of listing a ‘green long-sleeved top’, list it as a ‘silky chic Size 8 top from ZARA. Perfect for work or dinner parties’  ZING! #sold!

Make money right now with facebook marketplace
Make money right now with facebook marketplace

4. Get paid to deliver groceries

One of the quickest ways to start earning money now is to use your free time to deliver groceries and food from restaurants.

You can work whenever you want and have cash in your account on the same day. Here are grocery delivery providers that will pay you to deliver groceries for them:

Note- A lot of the companies I recommend are US/UK based, this is because the majority of you lovely readers are from the USA/UK. HOWEVER, if you see an idea, just google the idea + country name.

Make money right now with Postmates
Make money right now with Postmates

5. Get paid to take surveys online

If you are thinking I need to make money right now! Taking surveys online is a no brainer way to make extra cash.

Why would companies pay you to take surveys?

Because customer insight and data is a valuable commodity. It helps businesses make informed decisions about which products to sell and how to market them. This data can be sold 🙂

Three companies that I hear recommended time and time again are :

If you are looking for a really useful article that shares the best 12 places to find paid online surveys, this one is for you ! 

Make money now with Swagbucks
Make money now with Swagbucks

6. Sell your photos

Do you like taking pictures? Are you that annoying person who whips out their phone at any given opportunity? (That’s me by the way) Its time to get paid!

Why do companies pay for digital photos?

Because it’s cheaper than hiring a full-time photographer.

Tip-Have a look at the well-paid and popular photos. They may not necessarily be photos of beautiful views. Sometimes its pictures of fruit or furniture. Because this is what the market and client are paying for. Copy them and get paid.

Make money right now with shuttershock
Make money right now with Shuttershock

7.Rent out a spare room

If you have a spare room, you may as well rent it out. If you don’t want to be tied to the house, you can fix a lockbox that allows your guest to enter and leave the house without you being present. (That’s what my Maa does and it works just fine!)

8. Deliver food

You can earn extra cash for delivering food. Even if you do a few hours after work one or two days a week, it all adds up!

Make money right now with Deliveroo
Make money right now with Deliveroo

9. Get paid to watch videos online 

This may sound a bit ludicrous but it’s entirely legitimate! I don’t know why the whole world hasn’t jumped on this money-making wagon. You basically get paid to watch videos, play games and take surveys. See the picture below.

Make money with Inboxdollars
Make money now with Inboxdollars

10. Babysit

If you had to look after your siblings while your parents were at an event or if you are a teacher or even if you just love being around kids, get paid to babysit!

Parents will pay good money for someone responsible and reliable to look after their precious children. That’s where you come in!

Make money right now with Yoopies
Make money right now with Yoopies

11. Sell your clutter

If you have bits and bobs lying around which you don’t use, sell them! Great way to earn extra cash from things you don’t want anymore.

Make money right now with Decluttr
Make money right now with Decluttr


12. Rent your car out

If you have a car just sitting on your driveway not being used, did you know you know you can earn money renting it out?

Why and how?

I live in Barcelona with good transport links in the city. This means I only need a car to get around town. However, sometimes, I want to hike and explore places outside the city. But I don’t own a car, so I want to rent one!

Car rental companies are expensive. If only there was an app that connects car owners with potential car renters like me. Voila! Problem solved.

Make money right now with Getaround
Make money right now with Getaround

13. Sell your old books

Despite the rise in iPads and phones, people still love reading a good old book. Sell your second-hand books on these sites:

Make money right now with Bookscouter
Make money right now with Bookscouter

14.Pet Sitting

I don’t know about you but I love animals. You will find me stalking random neighborhood cats trying to cajole them into letting me stroke them. #pleasekitty!

If you are the same, you can actually get paid to feed, stroke and snuggle other people’s animals. Amaaazing.

Make money right now with Rover
Make money right now with Rover

15. Get paid to do little tasks

You can get paid to do little tasks and odd jobs people need doing. It all adds up! Tasks include assembling furniture, lifting heavy things, delivering stuff, anything really!

make money now with taskrabbit
Make money now with Taskrabbit

16.Get paid to participate in a research study

The average interview length is 30 mins and the average hourly pay is $140.

I don’t know about you but I’m signing up right now, that’s a pretty amazing hourly rate O_O

17. Get paid to review music

If you like listening to music and don’t mind giving your opinion i.e. you are the friend that says, this song is SHITE! Then get paid using:

make money now with slicethepie
Make money now with Slicethepie

18. Do quick and easy tasks online

If you need quick money now and want to make money from home doing odd jobs online then these two sites are for you :

Clickworker is looking for Internet users who can create or correct texts, participate in surveys or search and categorize data for them.

A Mechanical Turk Amazon-owned company that pays you to do things like taking surveys, moderate content, edit transcriptions, and other miscellaneous tasks.

make money now with clickworker
Make money now with Clickworker

19. Drive people around

If driving is your thing, you can get paid to zoom zoom around town using :

Tip– Think about the busiest times when people need a lift. Friday and Saturday nights, concert events, airports. If you can make yourself available during those times you are most likely to be booked.

20. Review websites and apps

You can earn up to $60 per test to review websites and apps with :

21. Sell your services

Fiverr is great. You can sell any service you want. Services range from creating logos to planning travel itineraries to giving relationship advice. Seriously, I know it’s possible because I use Fiverr all the time to help me with various jobs related to my website.

Other similar but equally good sites are :

Make money right now with Fiverr
Make money right now with Fiverr

22. Throw a dinner party

If you like cooking and socializing, people pay good money to eat delicious food and experience the local culture. You can make money from home and there is no commute!

What’s good money?

Well, a quick google for a home-made dinner in Barcelona is €49. It looks like the house can host up to 10 guests and this guy is nearly fully booked… you do the math 🙂

make money right now with airbnb

How does it work?

Tourists will book a slot at your dinner party. Everyone eats and gets merry, and you get even merrier, because you are being paid to do what you love.

23. Correct typos and grammar

If you have great attention to detail you and are a bit of a grammar Nazi- you can get paid decent money ( about USD2.7 per page) for your efforts.

Here is a guide to get you started on editing online :

How to Become an Editor for Beginners

Best Work from Home Jobs

make money now by tutoring online

24- Tutor online

Did you know you can get paid to teach people a skill online? Yep, you can make money working from home!


Because there is always someone that wants to pay for the skills you have. For example, some students want to learn English or Math. Others want to improve their design or music skills.

You worked hard to learn and develop your skills, you may as well get paid for it!

How to become an Online English Teacher

25-Freelance writing

Do you enjoy writing or are you a bit of a keyboard warrior? Excellent. Now you can get paid for it. Freelance writing has the potential to pay very well! The average rate is $0.10 per word, so if someone needs a 500-word article, that’s an easy $50 you can earn doing what you enjoy.

All from the comfort of your own home 🙂

If you want to get started in freelance writing, read this article :

Best Work from Home Jobs

There you have it, 25 quick ways to earn extra cash. You may actually end up enjoying them so much, you could turn them into something more permanent.

That’s what I did.

I started editing part-time in my spare time after my day job and eventually transitioned to become a full-time freelance editor.

If you have any other ideas on how to make money right now, share it with us in the comments below!

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