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Get Paid To Tweet:14 Proven Ways To Earn On Twitter! (2023)

Do you want to get paid to tweet? Do you have a knack for tweeting and creating content?

Are you looking for side hustles and ways to make some money from social media? If yes, well, you’re in luck!

Social media can be a double-edged sword. You can either use it to argue with random strangers or you can benefit from the platforms and make more cash!

With the right strategy, you will have plenty of ways to make money on Twitter, from tweeting sponsored posts to becoming a ghost tweeter.

In this article, I will explore 14 proven ways how to get paid on Twitter, along with tips to maximize your earnings and get paid to tweet on Twitter to make your profile stand out.

If you’re in a rush, this article deals with:

Can You Get Paid On Twitter?

14 Proven Ways To Get Paid To Tweet

1. Sponsored Tweets

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. Digital Products

4. Viral Giveaways

5. Grow Your Email List

6. Twitter Ad Campaigns

7. Host A Twitter Party

8. Manage A Twitter Account For A Client

9. Set Up A Twitter Tip Jar

10. Super Follows Feature

11. Become a Ghostwriter

12. Fiverr Twitter Gigs

Other Ways To Get Paid To Tweet

13. Linqia


What Is Twitter?

How To Set Up An Attractive Twitter Profile?

How To Build Your Twitter Presence?

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Can You Get Paid On Twitter?

Yes! You most definitely can get paid on Twitter. There are many ways where you can get paid to tweet. One of the most popular and effective ways is posting sponsored tweets. 

This is done when you have established a large following on Twitter where brands can reach out to you for product promotions.

My article will provide you with other effective ways along with tips to increase your Twitter following and attract a large audience.

14 Proven Ways To Get Paid To Tweet

If you’re wondering how to get paid for tweets, there are plenty of free and paid methods where you can get paid, whether you’re starting a new account from scratch or you already have a large platform with a big following. 

1. Sponsored Tweets

Posting sponsored tweets is one of the most common and successful ways to make money on Twitter

With sponsored tweets, companies or brands will reach out to influencers on social media and collaborate with them to promote their products and services. 

Depending on the agreement, you will be asked to tweet exactly what the company wants you to say.

The company will pay the influencer for every tweet they make about their products along with a hashtag to link to the company. 

Some will even offer bonuses for achieving more sales or give out discount codes.

Your earning potential will depend on your amount of followers, the number of clicks your tweet generates, conversions, and email leads. But you can expect to earn up to $100 for one sponsored tweet.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another popular way to earn passive income from Twitter

Similar to sponsored tweets, affiliate marketing is a commission-based approach where you receive a commission for every sale you make from your referral link. 

Other brands pay for every click or sign-up the consumer makes.

The way this works, the brands you collaborate with will provide you with an affiliate link or a discount code to share with your audience and convince them to make a purchase. 

Once they click and make a purchase, you will receive a portion of the sale you made. 

You can also join affiliate programs online like and ShareASale to help you manage partnerships. 

Keep in mind that the law requires you to disclose to your audience that this is an affiliate link and you will receive a commission off the product.

Tips On Affiliate Marketing

1. Build trust with your audience. It is essential to gain an audience with similar interests as yours and build trust. This will help you establish a loyal following to keep them coming back for more.

2. Promote products you believe in. Choose products that you believe in and use in your daily life. Take the time to also get to know the brands and campaigns you make. 

This shows the audience your authenticity and reliability when it comes to sharing products with your consumers.

3. Keep up with the trends. Being consistently up to date with current trends will increase your conversion rates and reach a greater audience.

If you want to learn more and master affiliate marketing, I have the perfect affiliate course for you that will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing with a bonus on how to increase your income.

3. Digital Products

If you have created your personal brand on social media, then selling digital products or services is a great step to earn some money. 

You can use Twitter to promote your products on your Etsy stores or websites to your audience by embedding links on your profile or tweeting about your products by offering seasonal discounts.

To avoid promoting your products, it is best if you follow the “Rule of thirds”.

That includes making of your posts about promoting your products, the other for interacting with your audience and other creators, and the last for sharing other people’s content whether that be news or tips for your audience.

Get Paid To TweetTips On Twitter Digital Products

1. Be consistent in interacting with your followers. Frequently engaging with your audience and involving them with your content will help build a trustworthy relationship and allow you to stand out. 

You can do that by asking for feedback, questions or participating in comment discussions.

2. Sell products your followers will be interested in. It is important to create a valuable product or service that your audience will want or need. 

It should be something that you’re also passionate about and that resonates with your personality. 

You can also use Twitter’s tweet promotion feature to reach a targeted audience.

3. Offer deals and promotions. Offering discounts and promotions is an effective way to persuade people to buy your products. Doing so will help expand your reach on Twitter and increase your sales. 

4. Share product reviews. Find creative ways to add customer reviews and feedback on your landing pages as a way to boost sales. 

Sharing reviews will show your potential customers the authenticity of your offers and help them feel more secure when making a purchase. 

4. Viral Giveaways

Another fun yet creative way to make money on Twitter is by doing viral giveaways. Viral giveaways will help increase your Twitter following, increase your brand’s exposure, and boost your sales. 

You can also use this opportunity to partner with brands on a specific prize to create hype for an event or campaign.

The way this works is by offering desirable prizes with great value to people in exchange for actions like following, liking, retweeting, and commenting on your content.

If you have an already established website or brand and you don’t know how to create giveaways, you can use this plugin tool RafflesPress to assist you in creating and running viral giveaways using a special template just for Twitter. The tool helps set up rules, select winners, and offer bonus entries for more retweets.

You can also use other tools like Sweepwidget, Easypromos, and Shortstack to manage and run your campaigns. 

Get Paid To TweetTips On Running Viral Giveaways

1. Choose a unique and valuable prize that will appeal to a broader audience. The prize should also be relevant to your business to encourage more people to participate in the giveaways.

2. Promote your giveaway campaigns. It is important to plan your promoting strategies for your giveaway to increase its awareness and participation. 

You can share it on social media, email lists, run ads, collaborate with influencers, share on groups or forums, and your blogs.

3. Create giveaway hashtags and posts. A giveaway hashtag will create brand awareness and increase your giveaway’s visibility and reach. 

Your giveaway posts should also include attractive images, why they should enter, entry requirements, prizes, and the duration of the giveaway.

5. Grow Your Email List

Building your email list is important to connect with your customers or followers and build a loyal customer base. 

It is great for providing consumers with personalized messages to build trust with them, reach a wider audience and increase conversions.

You can use Twitter to attract potential customers to build your email subscriber list. You can do that by tweeting about joining your email lists and using hashtags to make them more discoverable to those who are interested.

To attract more subscribers, start by offering freebies for signing up and engaging with your followers. 

You can also use “Twitter cards” where you can attach a call-to-action like signup links in your tweets to drive traffic to your websites or email lists. 

Once you have built your email list, you can send out emails to your subscribers on new products, offers, updates, and more. 

Get Paid To TweetTips On Growing Your Email List Using Twitter

1. Have an optimized profile. Make sure your profile is complete and updated with links to your newsletters and websites.

2. Have an opt-in link. Make sure you link your email signup form to your opt-in page with an incentive offer to encourage signups.

3. Share valuable content and pin your tweets. It is important to post content that your audience enjoys and is interested in. This will encourage your audience to sign up, looking for more valuable content. 

Make sure you also pin your tweet with a link to your signup form for it to be seen by new visitors.

4. Promote your offers regularly. Warm up your audience by teasing new releases and sending them to your email signup. Post several tweets throughout the week encouraging those who haven’t signed up to do so.

6. Twitter Ad Campaigns

One of the ways that Twitter allows you to optimize your content is through ad campaigns. 

Using Twitter’s ad campaigns will significantly help grow your reach using demographic segments and audience groups targets with similar interests.

Twitter ads are low-priced compared to other platforms. You can customize your ads to accommodate your budget to keep your costs low without any minimum spending requirements. 

The cost of promoting tweets ranges between $0.50 to $2.00 per action. Twitter ads pricing included:

  • Ad type – Promoted ads ($0.25 to $2 per action), Follower ads ($2 to $4 per follow), Website Card, Twitter Takeover ($200,000 per day) & Branded Assets.
  • Billable actions – The campaign’s objective and ad goals you choose.
  • Bids – How much you’re willing to pay for the billable action of the chosen objective. 

To achieve a successful ad campaign, it is recommended to run your campaign for 3 to 6 weeks and use around 3-5 different ad formats to increase your ad awareness.

Get Paid To TweetTips On Creating Twitter Ads

1. Write simple Tweets with a clear message. People tend to ignore longer tweets. The shorter your tweets are, the faster you will be able to deliver your message.

2. Have a strong call to action. A clear and robust CTA will increase your conversion rates. Include freebies for what they get in return.

3. Avoid overusing hashtags, mentions, and emojis. Only use one to two relevant hashtags and mentions if they will make your copy stronger.

4. Have eye-catching visuals. Strong and eye-catching visuals will help capture your target audience’s attention which will also help you reach a wider audience and increase engagement.

5. Take advantage of trends. Keeping up with trends and adjusting your content accordingly will give you access to more audiences.

7. Host A Twitter Party

A Twitter party is a 30-90 minute live chat event that brings together your audience and connects participants to talk about a specific topic. This is a fun way to increase your followers, engagements and win prizes. 

You can also partner with companies to make a sponsored Twitter party event where you announce new products, bring awareness to campaigns, and grow your social media pages. 

The way a Twitter party works is by creating a hashtag for the event announcing it ahead of time and inviting your audience to join and spread the word. 

You can also announce your partnership with brands and their prizes.

Tips On Hosting A Twitter Party

1. Choose a topic and relevant hashtag. Pick a specific topic of discussion that is attractive for the Twitter party. The topic should be related to the brand or product you’re promoting.

2. Partner with brands and influencers with similar interests and co-host the party. This will help increase your reach and brand presence. 

Make sure you also promote your event across your social media pages or with the help of influencers.

3. Choose the right date & time to announce and host your Twitter party. It is best to pick evening days and avoid important holidays.

4. Plan engaging questions and conversations to encourage discussions. Interact with your participants by answering their questions and retweeting their answers.

8. Manage A Twitter Account For A Client

If you want to get paid to tweet for free without any initial costs, consider starting a social media management service specifically for Twitter

You can offer services where you manage Twitter accounts for clients, curate scheduled tweets, interact with their followers, respond to questions, and run ads and campaigns. 

You can also help set up Twitter accounts for brands and create growth strategies to increase their following. 

This will allow you to make a stable monthly income from Twitter with the flexibility of working anywhere you want. 

Use sites like Upwork to advertise your services and find jobs online. You can charge around $20-$50 an hour for your services as a freelancer.

Tips On Managing Twitter Accounts

1. Use management tools to schedule your tweets. Having a social media management tool will make it easier and more efficient if you have more than one account to manage. 

It will allow you to plan your posts and keep up with engagements.

Use popular tools like Hootsuite and Salesforce. You can also use Tweetdeck, which is Twitter’s free management tool. 

2. Follow accounts relevant to the brand. Be selective with the accounts you follow on your client’s account. 

Avoid following new accounts without a completed profile and follow important figures or influencers instead.

3. Don’t over-tweet or use too many hashtags. Schedule a specific amount of tweets per day with relevant hashtags to avoid your profile from looking messy.

9. Set Up A Twitter Tip Jar

A “Tip Jar” is a feature released by Twitter that allows content creators and other individuals to add links to their profiles and send them money as a way to show support to one another and encourage conversations.

You can choose third-party payment processing services of your choice like Patreon, Ethereum Address, Venmo, Paytm, Wealthsimple Cash, Bandcamp, or Cash App, and include the link on your Twitter bio or tweet about it.

How To Set Up A Twitter Tip Jar?

Setting up a Twitter Tip Jar is super easy and quick:

  • You need to be over the age of 18 to be eligible. You need to also accept the terms and conditions for the payment service of your choice.
  • Go to the editing setting on your profile page, click on “Tips” and click Agree on the general tipping policy.
  • Switch on the “Allow Tips” feature.
  • Choose your preferred third-party payment service and add a username. A “Tip” icon will then show up on your profile next to the follow button.

Tips To Earn More Through Tip Jars

1. Follow Twitter accounts with similar interests and content as yours to increase your chances of getting a follow back or gaining more followers.

2. Choose the best time to tweet. Analyze the days and times your audience is more active and engaged on Twitter.

3. Share high-quality and valuable content. Providing your audience with informative content will increase their appreciation for your efforts and that encourages them to show support in return. 

10. Super Follows Feature

Another valuable feature to make money on Twitter is the “Super Follows” feature which allows you to earn monthly revenue by charging a subscription fee of $2.99 or $4.99 up to $9.99 for your audience to have access to exclusive content.

However, this feature is only available for those who have over 10,000 followers on Twitter, reside in the US, are above the age of 18, and have posted over 25 tweets in the last 30 days.

Tips On Using Supper Follows

1. Share bonus Tips and Tricks. Post exclusive content that can be seen and would benefit your subscribers only.

2. Host subscribers-only conversations. You can make live content and make conversations available to your subscribers and host exclusive Q&As to provide them with more value.

3. Tease new products and announcements. Share snippets of upcoming announcements, discounts, or product offerings. 

11. Become A Ghostwriter

Another creative way to get paid to tweet is by becoming a ghostwriter for popular Twitter accounts and brand pages. Your role as a ghostwriter is to write content for and on behalf of someone else if they’re too busy or have no idea what to write.

You can use scheduling tools or create drafts for your clients on your content plan and get paid every month. 

To get started as a ghostwriter, you must be a good writer with a great understanding of how Twitter content works.

Then, you can approach content creators, entrepreneurs, or new accounts on Twitter if they’re interested. 

You can also offer free or discounted test runs at first to build your portfolio and then create your profile to make people come to you.

Tips On Becoming A Ghostwriter

1. Pick a niche. Choose a niche you are interested in or have knowledge in to show authority. Niching down will also make it easier to find more clients.

2. Research your clients. Learn their communication style and identify any patterns or commonly used words.

3. Have a system in place & meet deadlines. Use tools to help you manage your tweets and schedule them accordingly.

12. Fiverr Twitter Gigs

Another creative way to get paid to tweet is through searching for gigs on Fiverr which involves creating Twitter content for influencers or brands. 

You can offer services like creating content plans, crafting tweets, growth strategies, or just promoting tweets.

This is a great way to make money online, as it gives you the flexibility to work anywhere and at any time.

Tips To Promote Fiverr Gigs

1. Build a portfolio. Before you start advertising and promoting your services, it is important to build your portfolio to allow the buyers to see the work you’ve done. 

2. Create a Twitter account. Create social media accounts to show your online presence and connect with other potential customers. Having social media will show your authenticity and build trust with your customers.

3. Promote your gigs. Use Fiverr’s promotion tools to optimize your gigs and reach a wider audience.

Other Ways To Get Paid To Tweet

13. Linqia

Linqia is an influencer marketing platform that handles campaigns for brands, agencies, and influencers to generate new revenue streams. 

The way the platform works for influencers is by understanding their goals, building a content plan, and connecting them with brands that align with their message.

To be accepted at Linqia as a creator, you need to have at least 10,000 followers, located in the US or Canada, and consistently post original, engaging, and high-quality content with pictures and videos at least once a month.

Your earning potential depends on your number of followers, but you can expect to earn between $10 to $100 per post for 10,000 followers and $100 to $500 per post for 10,000 – 50,000 followers. 


SponsoredTweets is a popular site where you can get paid to tweet by allowing advertisers to post tweets on your behalf. Advertisers use this as a way to reach a wider range of audience while allowing creators to make money.

The way SponsoredTweets works is by creating an account on their site with the necessary information required by the marketers. 

Next, you connect your Twitter and other social media accounts to complete your profile, and you can start applying, making bids, and convincing the advertisers to choose them. 

Once you’ve been chosen, you will be sent a link with a message to tweet with the choice to accept, decline or rewrite the message and wait until it is approved to post. 

With SponsoredTweets, you have the flexibility of setting your pay-per-click price. You can also get paid through referral links.

Keep in mind there are specific requirements to get accepted. Your Twitter account must be at least 60 days old, have at least 50 followers with 100 tweets, and have a $50 balance in your bank account.

What Is Twitter?

Just in case you don’t know what Twitter is, it is a social media platform where users can make short or long posts known as “Tweets”. 

Users can also interact with those tweets through likes, reshares known as “Retweets”, and replies. 

Twitter has over 330 million active users that are popularly used amongst public figures, celebrities, business leaders, politicians, and journalists to reach a broader range of audience. 

Twitter is commonly used to get the latest events, news, and brand promotions updates. 

How To Set Up An Attractive Twitter Profile?

Setting up an attractive Twitter profile is important to attract more audiences and brands to collaborate with you. Here are a few tips to make your Twitter profile stand out: 

1. Choose an attractive and clear picture of yourself. Do not use any fake pictures. Use real pictures of yourself to show your audience who you are to connect with you more. 

Also, include a nice header that represents your profile to grab more attention.

2. Write a compelling Twitter Bio to introduce who you are and what is the purpose of your Twitter account. Make sure to include hashtags and keywords on the type of industry you’re in and your interests for better reach.

3. Add links to your website or other social media platforms on your profile to gain more credibility and send traffic.

4. Be consistent with your tweets to keep your account active, and your followers engaged. You should aim to post around 15 tweets per day. 

Don’t forget to include hashtags in your tweets to increase the chances of getting discovered.

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How To Build Your Twitter Presence?

Building your Twitter presence will allow you to connect more with your audience and make it easier for them to trust you and the authenticity of your content. 

Here are a few tips to increase your Twitter Presence:

1. Follow accounts with similar interests as you, share their tweets, and jump in on conversations with them.

2. Engage with your audience by responding to their tweets, asking questions, resharing their tweets, and encouraging conversations

3. Make sure you tweet regularly at optimal times when people are most active to ensure that your tweets reach a larger audience. 

According to Sproutssocial, it is recommended to post on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 9 am to 2 pm. It is also recommended to tweet 15-20 times per day.

4. Include compelling and popular hashtags in your tweets to boost your chances of getting seen. If someone searches on clicks on those hashtags, they will be able to see your posts.

5. Pin your valuable and popular tweets on the top of your Twitter profile. You can also pin tweets of your recent posts to appeal to a broader audience.

6. Share more videos and pictures with your audience to make your Twitter profile stand out more.

FAQs On Get Paid To Tweet

How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money On Twitter?

The number of followers you need to make money on Twitter should be around 10,000 or more active followers who have posted at least 25 tweets in the last 30 days. 

You must also connect your Twitter account with a verified Stripe account, which is a payment service provider.

How Can I Monetize My Tweets?

If you’re wondering how can you monetize your tweets, here are 7 steps how:

1. Publish sponsored tweets.

2. Use affiliate links in your tweets.

3. Promote products.

4. Make viral giveaways.

5. Promote your website and send Twitter traffic.

6. Have an email list.

7. Charge for promotions per tweet.

How Much Is 10k Followers On Twitter Worth?

If you’re wondering how much 10k followers on Twitter are worth, it will cost around $279 to buy a Twitter account. You can use sites like and to purchase Twitter accounts.

Do You Get Paid For Promoted Tweets?

Yes, you do get paid for promoted tweets (sponsored tweets). They are considered regular tweets that can be liked, replied to, or retweeted. 

The tweets are paid for by the advertising company as a way to increase their Twitter audience and engagement.

How Much Does Twitter Pay For 1000 Followers?

If you’re wondering how much does Twitter pay for 1000 followers, your earning potential will depend on your monetization strategy since Twitter does not pay for the amount of followers you have. 

You can expect to earn as little as $1 per tweet and up to $100 per sponsored tweet. 

How Much Does Twitter Pay For 10,000 Followers?

If you’re wondering how much does Twitter pay for 10,000 followers, you can earn up to $900 a month using one of Twitter’s monetization features like Super Follows and set your prices between $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99

You can also use more than one of the strategies listed above.

How Much Does Twitter Pay For 1 Million Followers?

If you’re wondering how much does Twitter pay for 1 million followers, Twitter does not exactly pay for your tweets or amount of followers. 

But you can follow other strategies listed above like making sponsored tweets and brand partnerships to increase your earnings.

If you’re an influencer with over 1 million followers, you can expect to warm up to $5,000 a month depending on the engagement of your followers.

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How To Make Money On Twitter For Free?

Here are 7 ways how to make money on Twitter for free:

1. User Twitter ads to promote your content.

2. Offer Twitter management services.

3. Sell digital products and services.

4. Make sponsored Tweets.

5. Share affiliate links with your audience.

6. Use Twitter’s Ticketed Spaces.

7. Become an influencer on Twitter.

Does Twitter Pay For Followers?

No, Twitter does not pay for followers because the amount of followers does not guarantee you to get paid from Twitter

But with the right monetization strategy and planning, you can expect to earn money from as low as 50 followers up to 100,000 followers.

How Does Twitter Pay You?

If you’re wondering how Twitter pays you, the way Twitter pays its users is through their bank accounts within sixty (60) days from the last day of the month. 

If you earned money in June, you can expect to get paid automatically at the end of August, followed by an email notification.

There you have it, folks!

14 proven ways to get paid to tweet and turn that tweeting passion of yours into a money making machine!

Whether you will choose to review and promote products or make sponsored posts, there are many opportunities for you to monetize your tweets.

Just remember that you will need to build a strong presence on Twitter with the right strategy and you will make the most of your tweets in no time!

Let me know in the comments below which method you will be trying out. Happy Tweeting!

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