Immediate Hire Work From Home Jobs (In 2022)

Immediate Hire Work From Home Jobs (In 2022)

On today’s episode of how to make money at home, we’re debunking immediate hire work from home jobs. The “immediate hire” part of the title can be a bit misleading but don’t worry about that; we’ll get into it soon. 

Some other topics we’ll also cover is where you can find immediate hire work from home jobs and the types of Immediate work from home jobs you can apply to. 

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, stick around and kick up your feet because I’m about to sprinkle some WFH (work from home) opportunities all over your day.

Summary of where to find all the best immediate hire work from home jobs:

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What Does An Immediate Hire Mean?

The “immediate hire” bit in immediate hire work from home jobs can be problematic because you’d think this would mean that one would immediately be hired and start their duties immediately, right?

 It’s only logical… That is, unfortunately, not how the cookie crumbles.

More often than not, “immediate hire” means that the company has an immediate vacancy or need for the position to be filled, not that you’ll be hired now. 

Which means you’ll still need to go through the whole hiring process and let’s face it, that can take time, and that can be pretty frustrating when you’re looking for immediate hire work from home.

What’s The Difference?

So, what is the difference between the term immediate hire job and hiring now?

Imagine you’re looking for a job right now and scrolling through job boards like Glass Door, Indeed, or Simply Hired, taking the time to comb through various listings based on the wage, hour, location, and job scope. 

You try to narrow down the search by typing in “immediate hire work from home jobs,”  and you now have the valid results on your screen.

These jobs may be available now but you won’t be hired right now. 

When you apply for those jobs, you’re applying to be considered for the position or ‘immediate consideration,” as some companies would list it.

 So, in all honesty, a company that says they’re hiring now, doesn’t actually mean you can start straight away. 

  • There’s still the application process. 
  • Then they’ll review your documents. 
  • Maybe you’ll be accepted for an interview, maybe not. 
  • And then they’ll decide whether or not you’re in the ‘no’ pile or the ‘maybe’ pile. 

And if you manage to jump through all those hoops (which can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a few months) you may just have a job.

And immediate hire jobs? They will hire you now. I’m talking about right now.

How To Find Immediate Hire Jobs:

Are these jobs elusive? Are they a scam? Surely if they’re hiring all the time, they can’t be legit, can they? 

No, yes and no (you always run this risk on the internet), and yes they are legit. 

Here are a few places on the world wide web where you can find immediate hire work from home jobs:


LinkedIn launched in 2003, and we all know it as a professional networking website. 

Like Facebook but for professionals. But did you know that you can search for jobs on LinkedIn? I’ve been approached for a few jobs here and there on the platform myself. 

One simply has to type in the job type in the search bar and filter through the vacancies based on criteria like hours, location, entry level, and salary range.


Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a platform used to connect employees and employers. 

You can apply to a multitude of jobs on this platform by pitching to posts by clients. I frequently use Upwork and have pitched and gotten jobs within a span of 24 hours

Talk about immediate hire remote jobs!

You can sign up for the website for free, create a profile (with your experiences) and apply for any job you want. 

Your dashboard will display vacancies (based on your filters) available for you to pitch to.

An example for an immediate hire job on Upwork can be found below. All I did was search for immediate hiring and customer service, and presto, a range of over 500+ jobs appeared.


Another popular job board is ZipRecruiter

Founded in 2010, the website allows employers to post vacancies on the platform, making it available to viable candidates looking for those jobs. 

They boast over 1 Million Jobs on their platform and I quote, “There’s no need to look anywhere else. With over 1 million jobs, ZipRecruiter is the only site you’ll ever need to find your next job.”

4.Simply Hired

Simply Hired was launched in 2003 and is an employment website that facilitates online recruitment advertising networks. 

Simply Hired, which is owned by Recruit, combines job listings from thousands of websites, which it then publicizes on its website.

Looking for work from home immediate hire jobs? 

Simply Hired has them. For instance, look at the example below. I simply searched the term immediate hire along with the option “remote” for location and found this job listing on their website.


FlexJobs is another great platform if you’re looking for work -remote or not.

But I should mention that having access to job listings on this website does require a membership and that comes with a fee. 

The membership can be purchased based on a weely, monthly, or yearly basis.

So, it’s your call. 

If you’re interested in jobs with immediate hiring like the editor position advertised below, you could consider paying for a weekly membership to test the waters.


Looking for an online job board that specializes in tech, software development, customer service, and more?

 Remotive is the job board for you and it’s absolutely free. 

Plus, the listings redirect you to the company’s internal job post or website if you’re interested in applying. 


Are you a freelancer? 

Have you got experience in social media management, data entry, customer service and more? FreeUp is a platform for freelancers with these expertise.

Freelancers looking to find immediate online jobs on FreeUp should be aware that you will need to go through a vetting process to gain entry into the platform.

They look through your experience, services, resume and even your internet speed. Once you clear that step, you’ll have access to jobs that range from basic to expert level jobs.


Boldly connects people with work from home jobs advertised by relevant business.

The barrier of entry is that it is not new-comer friendly.

To qualify for jobs listed on Boldly, you’ll need to go through an interview process, prove you have a reliable internet connection, time management skills and have at least 7 years of experience in your field. 

And if you meet all of the requirements above, then only will you be matched with businesses.

Part-time jobs, full-time jobs, remote work jobs and more; is a free online job board that advertises vacancies for a variety of remote jobs that span through a plethora or fields.


Outsourcely is another job board that connects freelancers looking for remote work with companies that want to fill these vacancies. 

You can find everything from data entry jobs to virtual assistant positions and project manager vacancies on this website. 

If you’re one of those people that don’t enjoy the uncertainty of freelancing when it comes to project durations, Outsourcely can be a great alternative. 

They specialize in hiring freelancers that are more interested in long-term work rather than short-term projects. 

Much like Upwork, you simply need to sign up and create a profile. Then you’re all set and can start applying to jobs.

11.We Work Remotely

Do you want new job listings dropped into your mailbox?

 We Work Remotely provides that service when you sign up to their website for free. This platform posts remote jobs that vary across many industries. 

Creatives, techies, administrative, educational types and almost anyone can find a vacancy listing on We Work Remotely. 

Immediate Hire Online Jobs 

Now that you know where to find immediate hire work from home jobs, the next question is, “what kind of jobs can I do?” 

Well, I’m glad you asked me that because I’ve put together a whole list of immediate hire work from home jobs you can apply for:

  • Content Creator
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Life Coach
  • Transcriber
  • Delivery Driver
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Conversational English Teacher
  • Survey Taker
  • Fashion Boutique Owner
  • Dog Walker
  • Editing Jobs
  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Online Moderator
  • Create Closed Captions or Subtitles

1.Content Creator

What do you do?

The title says it all. As a content creator, you’ll be tasked with creating engaging content for a target audience on behalf of your client.

The content can range from:

  • videos, 
  • social media or blog posts,
  • articles, images, and
  • anything else the client may need to be used and distributed through various online and offline channels.

Where can you find immediate hire jobs?

To get content creation jobs immediately, I recommend starting your search on platforms like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, and Problogger. These job boards are swimming with various content creation vacancies.

Here is a helpful article related to freelancing:

Also if you want to know how to become a well- paid content creator, when you have NO experience, you can do this epic course. I took it and secured 3 new clients in 3 weeks, wahoo!

Here is the best content writing courses for beginners ever.

2.Virtual Assistant

What do you do?

A Virtual Assistant or VA is someone who offers administrative services to clients from a remote location. 

As a VA, you’ll have the same responsibilities a regular in-person assistant would but you’d be able to carry them out virtually.

 These tasks can range from making phone calls, scheduling appointments, managing travel arrangements and email account management. 

Where can you find immediate hire jobs?

Looking for a guide on becoming a VA without any experience? Look no further. Here’s an article to help you out:

3.Life or Business Coach

You could tell that Uncle across the street that seems to know everything about everything and offers unsolicited life advice about this job since he’s doing it for free.

What do you do?

If you also have nuggets of wisdom (uncomparable to aforementioned Uncle), you can help someone out there by offering them guidance in their personal life or professional career by becoming a life or business coach.

Where can you find immediate hire jobs?

You can sign up to these platforms to start coaching:

Your first task is to sign up, create a profile, and explain your coaching services. From there, the platform takes over and markets you to potential clients.


What do you do?

This job is as straightforward as it gets and, more often than not, has an exceptionally low barrier of entry. 

All you have to do is listen to an audio file and type out what you hear. Tada! You’re a transcriber.

Where can you find immediate hire jobs?

Transcribing is one of those jobs people often equate to terms like ‘scam’ or ‘dodgy’ but there are plenty of reputable companies that offer legitimate immediate hire work from home job opportunities:

Here are a few articles you may find useful to help you navigate through the transcription world:

5.Delivery Driver

What do you do?

The 2020 pandemic caused a surge in delivery services and many companies are looking for hires these days. 

You can work as a delivery driver for Amazon Flex, pick things up “on the way” with Roadie, or grocery-shop for others through Instacart.

Where can you find immediate hire jobs?

It’s not an immediate hire job per se because it can take 3-5 days for you to get approved* but that’s not too bad considering you can make $200 a Day with Postmates.

Try your hand at delivery driving with these companies:

*Oh, that little delay? It’s because you have to pass a background check.

6.Customer Service Representative

What do you do?

Customer service roles are all the hype in the WFH field these days. 

The low entry barrier makes it accessible to anyone and if you’re someone who loves talking, why not get paid for it?

As a customer service representative, your tasks will be to answer queries and help consumers on behalf of brands.

Where can you find immediate hire jobs?

You can work as a chat support representative for Amazon or badger people with unpaid parking tickets with Direct Interactions.

Interested in jobs like these and want to know where to find more? 

I’ve got just the article for you:

7.Conversational English Teacher

What do you do?

Aside from the registration process you go through, becoming a conversational English teacher can be considered an immediate hire job.

This is because once you’ve passed that hurdle, you can start teaching straight away.(I know this from personal experience )

Another great job for people that fancy chit-chat and want to get paid for it.

Where can you find immediate hire jobs?

Companies like DaDa, Magic Ears, and Open English regularly hire conversational English teachers to help students polish their English language skills.

Other related articles that you’ll find helpful in your English teaching journey:

8.Survey Taker

What do you do?

Your job is to fill in surveys.

As many as you can to be precise but that won’t be a problem considering most surveys only take a few minutes to fill and just like that, you can get paid.

Where can you find immediate hire jobs?

You can do more than take surveys on these websites. You can also watch videos, answer polls, play games, fill in questionnaires, and get *paid for all of it.

Other companies that hire immediately:

*Be sure to read the fine print on payment options.

 Some companies offer points that you can redeem for prizes, miles, visa points, or gift cards instead of cash.

9.Fashion Boutique Owner

What do you do?

Have you ever wanted to own or open your very own clothing store but the intricacies and risk of starting a physical business threw you off? 

Well, this is your time to fulfill that dream because, guess what? 

The advancements in technology have made it possible for you to open your own clothing store online for FREE.

Where can you find immediate hire jobs?

These companies will let you sell clothing online for free:

This site lets you create your own products (T-shirt, totes, hoodies, etc.) 

10.Dog Walker

What do you do?

Turn your love for animals into a day job and earn money caring for other people’s furbabies. Immediate hire jobs don’t get as instant as this. 

Once you sign up for a website, you can start working straight away.

Where can you find immediate hire jobs?

Here are a few companies that you can sign up with:

11.Proofreading Jobs

What do you do?

You can edit anything these days; pictures, videos, audio files, books, novels, legal documents, and many more. 

For the purpose of this list of instant hire work from home jobs, I’ll be focusing on editing and proofreading jobs.

If you get a kick out of correcting spelling and grammar, then you should consider getting paid for it by taking up editing jobs. 

And if you’re interested in pointing out mistakes but not fixing them, stick to proofreading.

Where can you find immediate hire jobs?

Ready to grab that virtual red pen and start correcting? 

Try applying for jobs on these sites:

Related articles on proofreading jobs:

12.Data Entry Jobs

What do you do?

Work from home immediately with data entry jobs. 

This is one of those work from home jobs that will continue to stay relevant and never go out of style, especially in the digital age we live in. 

Your role as someone who does a data entry job is to enter data (shocker) into various company computer systems for management and processing.

Where can you find immediate hire jobs?

You can find find data entry jobs below:

13.Online Moderator

What do you do?

Online moderator is another one of those instant immediate hire jobs and work from home jobs you’ll want to try out if you’re a patient and objective person that likes to keep the peace. 

As an online moderator your job is to make sure visitors or members on a website or forum follow the rules and guidelines set by its owners.

This can mean removing offensive or inappropriate comments or posts on social media, answering comments, de-escalating heated situations, etc.

Where can you find immediate hire jobs?

Live World is the perfect place to find immediate hire work from home jobs with no experience. 

They offer many services, online moderation being one of them. You can earn anywhere between $7.50 and $20 per hour with them.

14.Create Closed Captions Or Subtitles

What do you do?

Isn’t this a form of transcription?

Not really no, transcription services can range from legal, medical, personal, and academic audio files. 

Creating closed captions or subtitles means listening to an audio track from a video and creating text for the closed caption or subtitles for said video.

Where can you find immediate hire jobs?

Rev is great if you’re starting out in this field because they’re continually looking to hire and the requirements are probably things you already possess. 

To work for Rev you’ll need strong English skills and reliable internet connection.

Here are some other companies that will hire you to create subtitles or closed captions:


If you’ve dreamed of working from home, then why not look for immediate hire work from home jobs and make that dream a reality by starting today? 

Applying for immediate hire jobs could give you that push you needed since it forces you to start (almost) immediately. 

You know what they say, there’s no better time to start than the present. 

That’s all from me folks, GOOD LUCK! 

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