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11 Best Tablet for Bloggers in 2023: [Personal Experience!]

If you want to find the best tablet for bloggers, you’ve come to the right place!

 Not only will you find my pick for the best one, but I will also share some other great tablets for bloggers too.

If you are wondering if a tablet is a good tool for a blogger, the answer is yes

From personal experience running 5 blogs over the last 5 years, I think tablets are a worthwhile investment because:

  •  it’s so portable
  •  allows you to jot down notes easily, and 
  • you can even write your posts on it

Tablets are often user-friendly for bloggers since we work with images too.

Read on to find out my top pick (and some other great picks) as you look for the best tablet for bloggers.

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If you’re pressed for time, check out my pick for 3 of the best tablets for bloggers!

The Top 3 Best Tablets For Bloggers

Best Tablet For Bloggers Overall

And the winner is…

The Microsoft Surface Go 2!

Best tablet for bloggers

This is my top choice because of all the features this tablet offers. It’s compatible with so many apps, functions more like a computer, and can legitimately replace all of your devices.

It will make your blogging adventures a great success.

Best Tablet For Bloggers On A Budget

The TJD 10.1 Inch Android Tablet is great if you are just starting out and need to pinch some pennies – don’t worry, that will change!

Best tablet for bloggers

But for the time being, this tablet is a wonderful choice. It has many of the same features as tablets twice as expensive and will still allow you to get the job done of creating amazing blog posts on the go.

Best Portable Tablet For Bloggers

While all of these tablets are portable, the Apple iPad Air being so lightweight – as you could have guess by the name – makes it the winner as the most portable tablet for bloggers.

At just a little over a pound, this tablet will not weigh down your work bag, backpack, or even your purse! It will fit perfectly and go with you wherever you do without adding any extra bulk to your commute or travels.

This would be one of the best tablet for travel. It is also the best iPad for blogging.

At a glance, my detailed list for the best tablet for bloggers are:

  1. Apple iPad
  2. Apple iPad Air
  3. Apple iPad Pro
  4. Samsung Galaxy S7
  5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite
  6. Amazon Fire HD 10
  7. Microsoft Surface Go 2
  8. Microsoft Surface Pro 7
  9. Hoozo- 10 Inch Android Tablet
  10. TJD 10.1 Inch Tablet
  11. HP Elite X2

11 Best Tablets for Bloggers in 2023

Best tablet for bloggers

1. Apple iPad

While this is the least expensive iPad on the list, it still carries with it a tremendous amount of blogging power. It’s budget-friendly and great for a beginner.

Being that it’s an Apple product, you are guaranteed quality and a device that is long-lasting. 

Best tablet for bloggers

What I like: The price point! This is a wonderful, budget-friendly option that gives you incredible power. You can also easily transition from work activities to personal ones, all on the same device, and expect it to run smoothly doing it all.

What I don’t like: While this is a top contender for the best device for blogging, you may want or need extra accessories to make it as functional as possible, like a detachable keyboard or an Apple pencil, which are sold separately from the device.  This may be the best tablet out there but this issue is not good.

2. Apple iPad Air

The iPad Air is another fantastic option if you are considering an iPad for blogging. It comes in a variety of stunning colors. It also has a beautiful screen and takes crisp, clear pictures. With a screen that is clear, writing posts would be a joy!

Best tablet for bloggers

What I like: It has the latest chip technology and runs quickly and smoothly. Your tech will always be working for you as you build your blogging business!

What I don’t like: For the price point, it has a low amount of storage capacity. While it will still hold everything you need to blog, if you are working with a lot of videos, you may want to choose one of the other devices from this list!

3. Apple iPad Pro

As you can see, with this being the third iPad on the list, iPad blogging is popular. And for good reason. Apple devices have proven to be user-friendly and reliable time and time again.

This is one of the best tablet for bloggers.

As an added bonus, if you have other Apple products like an iPhone, Apple Watch, or Macbook, all of your devices work seamlessly. You can see messages, pictures, and documents across devices without worrying about transferring files. They will automatically be there for you, making writing your posts a breeze.

Best tablet for bloggers

What I like: It has a fantastic camera! Remember, adding images to your blog posts boosts your SEO, so it is a must to have the ability to take great photos, and this iPad will give you just that!

What I don’t like: This tablet is slightly heavier – as it’s more capable – than previous generations. It’s worth it for speed and a nicer display, but it is something to think about as you carry it with all your other work items in your bag.

Best tablet for bloggers

4.  Samsung Galaxy S7

If you are not an Apple fan, this tablet is the perfect alternative. It’s fast with a beautiful design. It’s qualified as a top contender for the best tablet for writers because of how the pen works on the screen – a favorite feature.

Best tablet for bloggers

The pen is a huge productivity booster. It can do everything from helping to manage moving a presentation along to annotating a PDF. You can also simply take notes with it as well. If you are trying to move away from having so much pen and paper action in your life, this will be a game-changer. 

What I like: This tablet comes with a stylus (pen), making taking notes, researching, and annotating posts a breeze! No separate purchases are required. It is one of the most user friendly tablets.

What I don’t like: With this being a newer tablet, some Android apps have not caught up in terms of speed to the power of this tablet. I’m sure updates are coming soon!

5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite

If you are a Samsung fan but need something slightly more budget-friendly than the S7, this tablet is for you. 

A long-lasting battery and the ability to sync multiple devices and control them all from your tablet make this a great blogging tool

Best tablet for bloggers

What I like: Like the other Samsung option, this tablet also comes with a stylus (pen) for writing and drawing directly on the stunning screen. In addition, when you aren’t on the go, this tablet can easily be part of an extended desktop workstation. This is probably the best tablet to write on.

What I don’t like: The same issues occur with the apps on this tablet that were mentioned before about the other Samsung tablet, but it hasn’t been a deal-breaker for most. They still rave about its superb quality!

Best tablet for bloggers

6. Amazon Fire HD 10

This tablet is one of the most budget-friendly options on the list to figure out the best tablet for bloggers, but it still packs a tremendous amount of power for all your blogging needs! 

For the price point, it is still speedy and has a long battery life, making it great for taking it with you on the go. It is compatible with Microsoft Office, OneNote, and Dropbox, so you’ll be able to access all the files you need to make a whole blog post in no time.

best tablet for bloggers

What I like: The price! This is a considerable amount of value for very little money. It would be great for someone who is just getting started without a lot of disposable income (although that will change when your blog takes off!) This is the best tablet for the money.

What I don’t like: It’s not compatible with some Google products, which could be frustrating if you prefer writing in Google Docs. As you can use Microsoft office though, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker if you are looking for a cheap, functional option.

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7. Microsoft Surface Go 2

This tablet is another to consider as you look for the best tablet for blogging. It’s my winner!

It’s exceptionally lightweight, so it will still be easy to keep up with your blog posts when you travel. 

Best tablet for bloggers

What I like:  The functionality of this tablet is almost identical to a computer – there is nothing left to be desired when you are writing or browsing!

What I don’t like: It uses a USB-C port and headphone jack, and you may not have those chargers on hand. They are simple enough to get, though! For a USB-C cable, this one will do the trick. If you need to convert from USB-A to USB-C, here is another great option.

Best tablet for bloggers

8. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

While this tablet sits at the higher end of the price scale, it’s for a good reason. This is a gorgeous tablet that could replace every other device you own.

It has a massive amount of memory to hold all your files, photos, and whatever else you may need to make your blog a success. It’s quick, light-weight, and has an all-day battery to keep up with you wherever you go.

Best tablet for bloggers

What I like: There is so much to like about this tablet—beautiful screen, fast charging, and ability to use voice commands. Hello, speech-to-text when your fingers get tired from all that fantastic writing you are doing!

What I don’t like: It’s expensive – but 100% worth it if you can afford it!

9. Hoozo 10 Inch Android Tablet

At an amazing price point, this tablet runs the latest Android software, still has dual cameras and a long battery life.

It is also compatible with most apps, including Google suite, which may give this tablet a slight edge over the Amazon Fire as a budget-friendly option.

Best tablet for bloggers

What I like: You will get full access to the Playstore on this tablet to download any apps you may need to make your blogging experience seamless and productive.

What I don’t like: It may bother some that it’s a less recognizable brand, but if that doesn’t bother you at all, this is a great pick!

10. TJD 10.1 Inch Tablet

As the most budget-friendly on the list, this tablet, similar to the Amazon Fire and Hoozo tablets, still does quite a bit for the amount you will pay.

With access to easy controls and a beautiful display, you’ll look forward to writing your posts and putting them out into the world to help your audience!

Best tablet for bloggers

What I like: This is one of the few tablets on the list with an adjustable bracket as a kickstand, so you can adjust it to the best angle for you as you work.

What I don’t like: Not surprisingly, at the price point, it doesn’t live up to the other tablets for video calling or playing movies. That being said, it’s entirely possible to run a blogging business without doing video calls, and you won’t be tempted to watch movies during your work time – win-win!

11. HP Elite X2

The HP tablet I’ve chosen sits in the middle of the pack in terms of price point but is one of my favorites for a few reasons. 

This is a good tablet for bloggers.

It also has an adjustable bracket as a kickstand and comes with a stylus (pen) and keyboard, so you don’t need to purchase a bunch of separate accessories to make this machine start working for you right away!

Best tablet for bloggers

What I like: This tablet, particularly with the accessories included, can replace your laptop completely – it’s truly a 2-in-1. The touchscreen is also responsive.

What I don’t like: If you are using this tablet for an extended period, you may have to turn down the brightness on the screen to get the maximum battery life.

Best tablet for bloggers

Can You Blog With A Tablet?

Yes, you can blog with a tablet. When you began your blog, you may have envisioned sitting at a desk with a couple of monitors, and a full-fledged keyboard, typing away to create your posts. And when you first start out, this may be how things look.

For writing a blog tablet is a convenient device.

But, as your blog takes off and your income with it, you may want to use your newly found freedom to travel! If that’s the case, a desktop isn’t going to cut it, and neither will lugging around a bulky laptop.

A tablet is the perfect solution, so yes, you can blog with a tablet. It’s actually quite an excellent solution.

It’s lightweight and portable but does everything a laptop or larger computer is capable of, all while fitting in a small backpack or work bag so it can come with you wherever you go.

Best tablet for bloggers

Do I Need A Tablet For Blogging?

If you don’t have another computer, you will want to invest in something to get your blog off the ground. As you will soon see, there are budget-friendly options, so a tablet could be the perfect starting point for you as a new blogger.

Is it possible to do blogging on iPad? Yes, sure.

Tablets are ideal for:

  • Writing posts
  • Creating graphics
  • Researching blog topics
  • Taking photos

In the beginning stages of your blog, this is more than enough in terms of the tools you will need.

So while it’s not necessary to have a tablet specifically, if you are looking to begin blogging and want to invest in a piece of technology to get you started, you will want to read the rest of this post.

We will be discussing the 11 best tablets for bloggers in 2022, and I can’t wait to share them with you and read all of the amazing content you will post on your blog!

FAQs: The Best Tablet For Bloggers

Which Device Is Best For Blogging?

Do you wonder which tablet is best for blogging? Laptops are the best devices for blogging! While tablets are incredible- and I definitely recommend getting one for travel! They have a built-in keyboard and plenty of storage. Many laptops now compete with tablets in terms of weight too. The downside is that they are usually more expensive.

Can I Blog On A Tablet?

Absolutely, yes you can blog on a tablet! As a reminder, my top pick is the Microsoft Surface Go 2. While you won’t get 100% of the functionality of a laptop or desktop, this tablet will get you so incredibly close. This is one of the best user-friendly tablet.

Is 4GB RAM Enough For Blogging?

Is 4GB RAM enough for blogging? 4GB is enough for blogging on a tablet. For uploading blog posts to your website, you will probably want to make an upgrade. If the bulk of what you do in your blogging is writing and some light photo editing, then something with 8GB of RAM should suffice

Who Makes The Best Tablet?

Currently, Apple makes the best tablets. As of the fourth quarter of 2022, the Apple iPad held a 49.2 percent share of the global tablet market, up from 37.5 percent in the previous quarter. So on the basis of market statistics Apple makes the best electronic tablets. Besides, an Apple iPad is the best tablet for bloggers.

What Is The Best Tablet For Your Money?

Here are the best tablets for your money:

What Is The Best Tablet In The World?

Do you want to know what is the best tablet in the world? There are quite a few good tablets available in the market today. But the best tablets to buy in 2023 would be: Apple iPad 2022, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, and Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2021)

Who Created The First Tablet?

Do you ever wonder who created the first tablet? In 1972, Alan Kay, an American Computer scientist, came up with the concept of a tablet (named Dynabook), which he detailed in the writings that he later published. Kay envisioned a personal computing device for children that works pretty much like a PC.

Which Tab Is Best For Blogging?

The best tab for blogging depends on your individual preference but the following are some recommended tablets for blogging:

  • Apple 10.2-inch iPad.
  • Amazon Fire HD 10 1080p Screen Tablet.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 FE 12.4-inch Screen Tablet.
  • TJD 10.1-inch Display Screen Tablet.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Next-Gen Convertible Tablet.
  • Hoozo 10-inch Android Tablet.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2018)

Can You Run A Blog From A Tablet?

Yes, you can run a blog from a tablet but it will be much more difficult than a laptop/computer. The main issue is with typing. You can’t type very fast on a tablet. The Blogger mobile app allows you to post, edit, save, and view your blog posts.

Which Tablet Is Best For Working Professionals?

The following tablets are best for working professionals:

  • Best Overall: Microsoft Surface Pro X. 
  • Best for Creative Professionals: Wacom Cintiq 16. 
  • Best for Travel: Google Pixel Slate. 
  • Best Budget: Lenovo Chromebook Duet. 
  • Best for Apple Users: Apple iPad Pro. 
  • Best HD Display: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

What Tablets Do Writers Use?

Writers use the following tablets for writing:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7. $830.00.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. $279.85.
  • Apple iPad Pro. Price not available.
  • HP Spectre ×360. Price not available.
  • Lenovo Yoga 730. Price not available.
  • HP Envy ×2 Detachable Laptop. $439.00.
  • Microsoft Surface Go. Price not available.
  • ASUS ZenPad 10 Tablet. 

Are Chromebooks Good For Blogging?

Yes, Chromebooks are good for blogging. Chromebooks make excellent laptops for blogging, so it makes sense that the best Chromebook ever made, the Google Pixelbook Go, is also the best laptop for blogging.

How Much Ram Do I Need For Blogging?

Do you wonder how much RAM you need for blogging? If you’re only writing, blogging, and performing basic Office tasks on an old computer, 8GB is usually enough to get by. However, if your blogging includes content writing and image or video editing, it is worth choosing a minimum of 16GB.

There you have it, all the best tablets for bloggers!

Knowing which is the best tablet for bloggers and having some other options you can choose from to fit your style and budget will be so helpful.

As your blog becomes more successful and allows you a lifestyle of travel and freedom, you want your technology to be able to keep up with you! 

I know that choosing something from this list to do just that will be extremely beneficial as you grow your blog – you can do it from anywhere now.

Having your trusty tablet by your side, you are sure to create some beautiful posts that will help your audience in unbelievable ways.

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