Become A Virtual Marketing Assistant And Earn From Your Marketing Skills

Become A Virtual Marketing Assistant And Earn From Your Marketing Skills

In the age of digital marketing, being a virtual marketing assistant ‘VMA’, is the equivalent of  hitting the virtual jackpot.

Companies, both big and small, and even startups are constantly churning out digital content. In doing so, the demand for virtual marketing assistants has also been on the rise. 

This is primarily because companies find it more cost-effective to hire a virtual marketing assistant than to hire marketing assistants who are physically required to be in an office space.

This is especially so when these companies may not require digital marketing services on a permanent basis.

If you have got marketing skills and are looking to branch out on your own, this is the perfect time to start your VMA business. 

Here, we delve into:

  • What a VMA does
  • How much a virtual marketing assistant makes
  • The skills you need to become a virtual marketing assistant
  • How to become a virtual marketing assistant

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What Is A Virtual Marketing Assistant?

It is a well-established fact that marketing is the cornerstone of any business. It is how brand awareness is created and how sales and profits are generated. 

However, in recent years, digital and social media marketing have revolutionized how products and services reach the masses. Marketing is no longer confined to advertisements and market research.

There is a whole new world of marketing strategies that allow for marketing to be done from anywhere in the world, even by someone who is not employed on a full-time basis. 

Broadly speaking, a virtual marketing assistant is someone who carries out marketing tasks online and/or remotely. 

A virtual marketing assistant can have many different clients in various commercial fields. Some virtual marketing assistants also work for individual bloggers to help them manage their personal brand. 

One of the primary advantages of being a VMA is the flexibility to work when you want, for who you want, and to niche down into specific virtual marketing services.

What Does A Virtual Marketing Assistant Do?

The job scope of a  virtual assistant for marketing can be said to be limitless! That being said you don’t have to be able to do every single type of virtual marketing to kickstart your career as a virtual marketing assistant. 

There are some very specific things that marketing virtual assistants can specialize in.

At a glance, these include but are not limited to:

  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Writing Blog Posts
  • Managing Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Updating Websites

Let’s take deep dive into what exactly virtual marketing assistants do. 

  • SEO Keyword Research

The importance of SEO (search engine optimization) must never be underestimated. 

A website or blog that is search engine optimized is almost guaranteed to attract substantial traffic. This is great for those businesses that rely on page views and affiliate marketing to earn an income. 

A specialized SEO virtual assistant will have the necessary research skills to identify what people are searching for online. 

Armed with this information, they can assist and advise businesses to customize their marketing strategies and content to meet the demand of the people. 

This is with the ultimate aim of driving organic traffic to the business’ website. 

A virtual assistant for SEO is most certainly a widely sought-after asset for plenty of businesses!

If you are looking to learn a bit about SEO , this is a life changing course I took which helped me get nearly 80k of organic traffic. 

Here is a more budget friendly alternative to learning about SEO. 

  • Writing Blog Posts

Regardless of the type of product or service a particular business is offering, if they have a website, they almost always have a blog.

However, not everyone has the necessary skills and flair to write blog posts that will engage with viewers or customers. 

If you have excellent writing skills, you can be a marketing virtual assistant specifically to write blog posts for clients. 

If you are looking for a fantastic course that will teach you how to monetise your writing and write killer blog posts that clients love, this freelance writing course will help you do that. 

  • Managing Social Media

If you spend your time on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook, why not cash in on it? 

These days, almost all businesses have an account on one of these platforms where they promote their brands, products, and services. 

As a virtual assistant for digital marketing, you can help these businesses to plan and post their content, and more importantly, engage with their customers on their various social media platforms.

If you are looking to learn about managing social media for clients, this training is useful.

  • Email Marketing

Visit any blog these days and you are bound to get a pop-up asking for you to sign up for the blog’s newsletter. This is an extremely popular marketing strategy used by bloggers and small businesses. 

The aim of the newsletter is to update subscribers on new posts, services, or products. Some bloggers send out these newsletters at different frequencies. 

This can range from once a week to once a month.

However, this can be tedious and time-consuming for business owners to do by themselves. 

As such, they usually hire an online marketing virtual assistant who will draft these newsletters and schedule for them to be sent out accordingly. 

This saves the business owner time and they can thus focus on growing their business or enhancing their personal brand. 

  • Updating Websites

This is another crucial aspect of a business’ marketing. 

Not all businesses may be able to afford full-time web designers or pay hefty subscription fees to website developers. 

This may not justify minor regular updates that will need to be done for the website, especially for businesses that regularly have different promotions and/or marketing campaigns. 

This is where marketing virtual assistants come into play. 

If you are familiar with HTML and website development, you can offer this specific type of virtual marketing assistant service to do quick updates and tweaks for your clients’ websites at affordable prices. 

How Much Does A Virtual Marketing Assistant Make?

This is probably the all-important question. Can you make enough money as a VMA to pay your bills as well as save and invest for your future? The answer is a resounding yes!

Let’s go with the basics. According to ZipRecruiter, a VMA can earn an average of $48,776 a year. This roughly translates to $23 an hour. And there you have your average hourly rate!

Of course, when you are just starting out as a virtual assistant for marketing, you may want to keep your rates slightly below average so that you can attract more clients. However, once you gain a few months of experience, you can revise your rates and increase them accordingly. 

Another option for virtual marketing assistants is to get clients on a retainer. This essentially means that you would charge a fixed monthly fee for any virtual assistant marketing tasks that you would need to do for your client. 

There are plenty of small businesses that may be in favor of this option as this allows them to budget a fixed sum each month for all their virtual marketing needs.

Skills Required To Be A Virtual Marketing Assistant

While it goes without saying that you will need to be skilled in the specific type of virtual marketing assistant service you are providing, there are some core skills that all virtual marketing assistants should have, regardless of their niche.

These include:

  • Organizational Skills

This is vital especially if you are juggling multiple clients as a VMA.

As a virtual marketing assistant, it is vital to ensure that the tasks that you are doing for each of your clients are clear and that the relevant deadlines are met.

It is also important to ensure that each client and their requirements are effectively separated. The worst thing that can happen to a social media virtual marketing assistant is to have a mix-up that involves posting up content belonging to another client. 

  • Effective Communication Skills

The whole point of being a VMA is that there is little to no need for physical meetings and conversations.

Most communications occur via email. This includes the negotiation process and the assignment of tasks. 

As such, it is extremely important for all communications with clients and potential clients to be clear and precise.

This will include the exact scope of the work, deadlines, reporting frequencies, as well as how and when payment is to be made for your virtual marketing assistant services. 

  • Negotiation Skills

When you are offering your VMA services to a potential client, it is important to always be polite but firm. 

At the end of the day, it is still a “willing buyer willing seller” situation. 

For example, if you are quoting $500 a month for your virtual marketing assistant service and the potential client informs you that they can’t afford it, craft your reply in a courteous manner. 

If you are willing to charge lower fees, offer this to the client and see if they can meet you at the lower rate.

If you are not able to lower your rates (and don’t feel obliged to), then apologize and perhaps refer them to another virtual marketing assistant or tell them that you hope that they can find someone else who can provide the services that they require. 

Of course, you can also work around their budget and tailor-make your services accordingly. 

The possibilities are endless, as long as negotiations are carried out in a manner that is fair to both parties. 

Best Training To Become A Virtual Marketing Assistant 

You only need to do a quick Google search to check out the many VMA courses that are available out there. 

Some are available for free on YouTube while there may be others that you need to pay for. However, paying for a virtual marketing assistant course is truly an investment in yourself as once you get started, you are likely to be able to make it back in no time!

So if you are ready to monetize your marketing skills, check out this list of the best virtual marketing courses to get you started!

become a virtual marketing assistant with $10kVA course

It features Kayla Sloan’s 10K VA course. This is one of the most popular virtual marketing assistant courses available online. 

Not only does she teach you how to become a virtual marketing assistant, but she also provides a detailed guide as to how to manage your virtual marketing assistant business. This is incredibly useful if you have limited experience in running a business. 

There are also plenty of affordable virtual marketing assistant courses that are available on Udemy to get you started. They are all perfect for beginners as well as those who need to learn the finer aspects of being a virtual marketing assistant. 

These include:

Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant by Tina Marie Hilton

become a virtual marketing assistant with this Udemy course

Tina’s course focuses on the day-to-day running of your business as a VMA.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant by Deborah Snell

This course teaches you how to become a virtual assistant from scratch including how to set up an organized system to ensure that you are always on top of your VMA tasks. 

It also provides plenty of templates that you can use to promote your virtual marketing services and communicate with your clients.

Become A Virtual Assistant by Megan Walker

virtual marketing assistant course

Megan focuses on the digital marketing skills that a marketing virtual assistant would

need to be proficient in.

She also teaches you how to market yourself and guides you on the best places to find virtual marketing assistant jobs online. 

Where To Find Virtual Marketing Assistant Jobs

Virtual marketing assistant jobs are in very high demand. Other than promoting your services to individual businesses directly, there are plenty of job boards online that match VMA’s with the business or companies that require them. 

Some of the platforms for freelancers where you can find VMA jobs are:

There are also some social media and networking platforms that are great for sourcing for virtual marketing assistant jobs:


Virtual assistant marketing jobs are frequently posted on the jobs section of this networking platform. It also doubles up as a great place to promote your services as your clients can leave reviews of your VMA services. 


While it is primarily a social media platform, there are groups within the platform specifically for virtual assistants where jobs are posted and experiences are shared.

Here are a few VA FB Groups.

Virtual Assistant Agencies 

Here are a list of Virtual Assistant Agencies you can apply to :

As you can see, if you are thinking about becoming a VMA , the possibilities are endless. 

You can start with it as a side hustle and then work your way into building up your business. This will allow you to have complete control of your time and who you do virtual marketing for.

In today’s world, you can work from anywhere. Companies and businesses are also more open to outsourcing traditional office jobs to virtual assistants as they realize that physical presence in an office is not necessarily a requirement anymore. 

Truly, it is the best time to seize the opportunity to kickstart your VMA business! 

What are you waiting for? Start that side hustle today! 

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Become A Virtual Marketing Assistant And Earn From Your Marketing Skills

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