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Coliving In Taipei- 10 Affordable Spaces in 2023!

Have you ever dreamt of waking up to the glamorous sight of Taipei 101? Well, you can enjoy that by coliving in Taipei as a Digital Nomad.

Taipei is a melting pot of culture, world-famous architecture, museums, shopping and a high-tech lifestyle. 

Taipei caters to various groups such as:

  • Nature-lovers because of their beautiful scenery
  • IT specialists because of its emphasis on researching and producing electronics
  • Bicycle lovers because they have a comprehensive and eco-friendly bike-sharing system called Youbike
  • Street food enthusiasts because you can find authentic street food in every corner selling a variety of treats
  • No visa required for US Citizens for up to 90 days. This is perfect for the short-term Digital Nomad who wishes to work, live and explore Taipei before moving on to your next adventure.
coliving taipei

If you are eagerly waiting to hop on the next flight to Taipei, this guide will show you how you can start living in Taipei.

10 Coliving Spaces In Taipei

  1. Coliving.Com
  2. Ximen
  3. Dongmen 
  4. Songshan 
  5. East District
  6. Zhongshan
  7. 9floor
  8. Home Sweet Home Share House
  9. Mangoroc Zhongxiao Dunhua Co-Living Space
  10. Rooms.Taipei


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coliving taipei

What Is Coliving?

Coliving is the latest style of communal living. You will get a private or shared bedroom depending on your budget. 

While the rest of the facilities will be shared such as the bathroom, kitchen, hall and working space. You just have to pay a fixed price which covers all your utilities.

How is this different from living in a hostel or renting an apartment with housemates?

Why Try Coliving In Taipei?

Taipei is the largest city in Taiwan and boasts a large number of English teaching jobs and other jobs that are friendly to foreigners. 

Naturally, Digital Nomads would do most of their work online. However, if you are interested in soaking up the Taipei culture and working part-time while interacting with locals, you are in the right place. 

In Taipei Digital Nomads can be found in many places. The Taipei cost of living is affordable and modest.

coliving taipei
  • Even better, Taipei is extremely safe, and you need not worry about getting robbed or attacked, even if you are alone at night.
  • Coliving in Taipei is a popular choice among digital nomads.

For all of its grandeur, the cost of living in Taipei is relatively lower compared to neighbouring countries and cities such as Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. Taipei living cost is a major fact that you may consider for living there.

Hence, you can enjoy a higher quality of life when coliving in Taiwan.  For coliving Taipei is a wonderful place indeed. As for cost of living Taipei is an affordable place.

Is Taipei a good place to live? Yes, indeed.

All The Best Coliving Spaces In Taipei

You must be itching to know where you can live once you move to Taipei. Rest assured, you will be treated to a comprehensive list of the best coliving spaces in Taipei. 

1) Coliving.Com

coliving taipei is one of the largest online platforms to find coliving locations all over the world. It is not surprising that they have an extensive variety of coliving spaces in Taipei. 

It is an epic coliving facility in Taipei.

The locations listed on are thoroughly vetted and there are over 20,000 satisfied users. If you are living in Taipei through, you will not regret it.

Residents: They can have from 4 to 25 residents in an apartment. 

WiFi: High-speed internet

Benefits: Some of their rooms even come with an open-air balcony. 


  • Air Conditioner
  • Fully Furnished
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Television
  • Hair Dryer
  • Smoke Detector
  • Fully stocked toiletries
  • Toilet Paper
  • Towels
  • Linen
  • Workspace
  • Bikes
  • Lock Box
  • Weekly Cleaning Service

Here are the most popular cheap rooms for rent in Taipei on

2) Ximen – Generous Modern Apartment With Workspace

coliving taipei

Features: Ximen has 5 bedrooms that contain between 2 to 4 beds. 

Price: Double room: €445 or $542 / month. 

Triple room: €386 or $470 / month. 

Quad room: €415 or $506 / month. 

Benefits: Receive a 2.5% discount for your first month’s rental if you use my link to book this room.

3) Dongmen – Renovated Spacious Modern Apartment With Workspace and Rooftop Deck

coliving taipei

Features: Dongmen used to be a backpacking hostel that has been refurbished into a coliving apartment.

Price: Single room: €460 or $561 / month.

Double room: €460 and €623 or $561 and $760 / month. 

Room with 16 beds: €312 or $380 / month. 

Quad room: €282 or $343 / month. 

Benefits: Receive a 2.5% discount for your first month’s rental if you use my link to book this room.

4) Songshan – Trendy Urban Style Apartment With Workspace

coliving taipei

Features: Songshan has 7 rooms of various sizes and houses 12 residents in total.

Price: Single room: €445 to €712 or $543 or $868 / month.

Double room: €445 to €712 or $543 or $868 / month. 

Quad room: €386 or $470 / month. 

Benefits: Receive a 2.5% discount for your first month’s rental if you use my link to book this room.

5) East District – Colourful Vintage Style Apartment With Workspace and Rooftop Deck

coliving taipei

Features: East District has 8 rooms of various sizes and houses 24 residents in total.

Price: Single room: €564 to €742 or $688 to $905 / month.

Triple room: €386 to €415 or $470 to $506 / month.

Quad room: €386 to €415 or $470 to $506 / month. 

Benefits: Receive a 2.5% discount for your first month’s rental if you use my link to book this room.

6) Zhongshan – Austere And Minimalist Styled Apartment With Workspace

coliving taipei

Features: Zhongshan has 6 rooms of various sizes and houses 18 residents in total.

Price: Single room: €594 or $724 / month.

Double room: €445 or $543 / month.

Triple room: €386 or $470 / month.

Quad room: €341 to €386 to or $416 to $471 / month. 

Benefits: Receive a 2.5% discount for your first month’s rental if you use my link to book this room.

7) 9floor

coliving taipei

9floor has 10 different apartments all located in various parts of Taipei. They carefully renovated their units to fit the tastes of an international community. 

Residents: They have single or double bedrooms. However, their double bedrooms are suitable for couples as they provide a double bed, not 2 single beds.

Price: Single rooms cost €367 or $447 / month. Double rooms cost  €397 or $483 / month. 

WiFi: High-speed internet

Benefits: Some of their units have 5 floors. If you are excited about the opportunity to live with a hugely diverse community, this location may be what you like.


  • Air Conditioner
  • Fully Furnished
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Toilet Paper
  • Workspace
  • Lock Box
  • Weekly Cleaning Service

8) Home Sweet Home Share House

coliving taipei

Home Sweet Home Share House has 5 beautiful Coliving homes that are all based in Central Taipei. Their management is determined to create a beautiful coliving community in Taipei for Digital Nomads, students or professionals.

Share house in Taipei is a popular arrangement for digital nomads.

They have an interview process before you are accepted as their intention is for all residents to live respectfully with each other. All their locations are within walking distance from the MRT Public Transport Stations.

Residents: Their rooms are either single or double sharing. They can have from 4 to 8 residents in an apartment. 

Certain apartments have larger-sized single rooms for those who prefer a bit more space.

Price: Single rooms cost €425 to €485 or $500 to $590 / month. Double rooms start from 350 or $440 / month. 

WiFi: High-speed internet

Benefits: You need not worry about needing to know their local language. Everyone can communicate in English at Home Sweet Home Share House.


  • Air Conditioner
  • Fully Furnished
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Extension Cord
  • Hangars
  • Television
  • Hair Dryer
  • Storage Box
  • Smoke Detector
  • Fully stocked toiletries
  • Weekly Cleaning Service

9) Mangoroc Zhongxiao Dunhua Co-Living Space

coliving taipei

Mangoroc Zhongxiao Dunhua Co-Living Space is located in one of the most easily accessible locations in Taipei. It has more than a hundred restaurants, bars, cafes and shops in its vicinity. 

Residents: They have 4 rooms containing 15 bunk beds. Their rooms are all the same size. 3 rooms have 4 bunk beds and the final room has 3 bunk beds.

Price: As the rooms are all the same, so are the prices. Each resident must pay €267.11 or $325.67 / month. 

WiFi: High-speed internet

Benefits: It is located just 5 minutes away by walking distance from the MRT.


  • Air Conditioner
  • Fully Furnished
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Television
  • Weekly Cleaning Service

10) Rooms.Taipei

coliving taipei

Rooms.Taipei is a modern coliving solution in Taipei. They have apartments in 4 beautiful locations. It offers a comprehensive list of amenities in all their apartments.  

Residents: All their rooms are double rooms only. Each apartment contains 4 bedrooms.

Certain apartments have larger-sized double rooms which will cost slightly more.

Price: Rooms are priced between $270 to $500 or €220 to €415 per month.

WiFi: High-speed internet.

Benefits: All their apartments are within walking distance of the MRT.


  • Air Conditioner
  • Fully Furnished
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Extension Cord
  • Hangars
  • Television
  • Hair Dryer
  • Storage Box
  • Smoke Detector
  • Fully stocked toiletries
  • Sofa Bed
  • Netflix
  • Weekly Cleaning Service

Things You Should Know About Coliving In Taipei

Before you start your Taipei Coliving Adventure, there are certain rules and etiquettes for you to be aware of.

1) Be Friendly 

Coliving is about being part of a community of like-minded individuals. You are encouraged to be approachable and friendly to your fellow residents. 

You are not expected to become best friends. But it is good to get some basic information such as their names and what they do. 

2) Be Clean And Tidy

Please remember that you share communal spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, most coliving rooms in Taipei are shared as well. 

Therefore you must practise good hygiene habits to ensure it is a comfortable environment for everyone.

3) Check Before Inviting Visitors

If you are inviting any friends or family to visit, please make an effort to check with your housemates. 

Not everyone would be comfortable having visitors, as some of your housemates may just want to relax or work in peace.

4) Have Meetings In Designated Working Areas

If you have a work call or meeting, please have them in the designated working spaces. It is not respectable to have work meetings in the communal areas that are used for leisure and relaxation. 

5) Be Quiet After 10 pm

Most people would be ready to sleep by this time. The polite thing to do is to keep your voice down then.

6) Respect The Home Rules

There are standard coliving rules to follow in any coliving space. Please be mindful though that each home will still have its own set of house rules such as consumption of alcohol or smoking areas. 

Do take note of your own home rules.

coliving taipei

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Coliving?


  1. Affordable

Coliving is much more affordable than your standard rental package. This is because you need not purchase any furniture or pay any separate bills. Everything is included in your monthly bill including your utilities, WiFi and furniture.

The living cost in Taipei is well affordable. You can even hire furniture if you want.

  1. Flexible Arrangements

Coliving allows you to stay for as short as 1 month. 

That is how convenient it is. You could be on the go without needing to be tied down to bulky belongings. You may enjoy a short stay in Taipei through coliving.

Additionally, you only need to be concerned about your bill. Even if the rest of your roommates pay late or do not pay, you will not be responsible for it, nor do you need to worry about being kicked out.

  1. Live With Like-Minded People

Most coliving arrangements include an interview assessment to determine if you will be able to fit in with the current residents. Hence, you are more likely to get along with the like-minded people that you live with.

  1. Fuss-Free

You do not have to worry about purchasing furniture or thinking about decorating your home. As everything is already included in your bill, you just need to bring your essential luggage. 

  1. Family Away From Home

For all its splendour of living on the go, everyone still needs some proper social interactions. Your coliving community will offer this, especially when you are missing family and friends from your home.

You do not want to let yourself feel too lonely, otherwise, you may suffer from the epidemic of loneliness.

coliving taipei


  1. Shared Communal Spaces

Coliving means that you share communal spaces such as bathrooms, hall, working space and kitchen. There will be no privacy here and this is something for you to get used to. 

  1. More Expensive Than Hostels

If you are used to living in hostels, then coliving will be more expensive for you. However, do look on the bright side as coliving is much more comfortable with a full set of amenities.

  1. Living With Complete Strangers

You will not know the people you are living with as you cannot control who lives with you. 

You will not be able to give an opinion to your coliving operators on who they can hire. Naturally, it will take some time to get used to this. 

coliving taipei

Cool Coworking Spaces For Digital Nomads In Taipei

If you feel like you want a change in scenery while you do your remote work, you can always visit any of these amazing coworking spaces. 

As a digital nomad Taipei is a fascinating place. As for coworking space Taipei has lots of those.

You will be able to meet more Digital Nomads and make new friends. The prices shared refer to the Hot Desk option. 

Hot Desk means that there is no reserved desk for you. You work in an open space, with no private cubicle. 

Happy exploring!

  1. Keep Working – €11.90 or $14.45 / day & €95.35 or $115.50 for any 10 days
  2. SkyCo – €166.85 or $202.24 / month 
  3. International Entrepreneurship Hub €104.30 or $126.42 / month 
  4. The Hive Taipei€15 or $18 / day & €104.30 or $126.40 / month 
  5. Connect €11.90 or $14.45 / day & €107.40 or $130 for any 10 days 
  6. Happen €5.95 or $7.20 / day & €119.30 or $144.45 / month 
  7. CLBC – €119.30 or $144.45 for any 10 days & €178.80 or $216.70 / month 

The standard amenities at these locations are:

  1. High-speed WiFi
  2. Water, Tea, and Coffee
  3. Printing Services – chargeable
  4. Electrical Ports for Charging
  5. 24/7 Access
  6. Mailing Services – chargeable
  7. Microwave
  8. Shower Facilities
  9. Meeting Room – chargeable
coliving taipei

Unique Information About Taipei

Every city has its own set of unique quirks that make it special, and living in Taipei will be no different. 

  1. Buy An Easy Card

The Easy Card is Taipei’s fare card that is used to travel on public transport, pay taxi fares and even make payments at most convenience stores. 

You can store money inside and pay for your expenses. 

This would be a cheaper alternative than whipping out your international credit card and paying expensive banking fees every month. 

Any money left over when you are leaving Taipei can be refunded when you return the card.

  1. 7/11 Will Be Your Best Friend

In most cities, 7/11 stores hike up the prices on necessities.

However, in Taipei, you can sit down and have an affordable meal, print documents, send and receive packages and purchase entertainment tickets, throughout the day. 

Talk about a one-stop convenience store.

  1. Is It Chinese Taipei Or Taiwanese Taipei?

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan. There is a lot of confusion in the International community on whether Taiwan is part of China or recognized as its own country

In certain situations, such as the Olympics, athletes from Taipei are known as representing Chinese Taipei.

However, there are certain countries such as Japan and the USA that do not recognize this term, and instead refer to Taipei as Taiwanese Taipei. 

For coliving Taiwan is a great and affordable place.

Hence, a word of caution for you. Please be careful of how you speak regarding this sensitive matter.

  1. Rules And Etiquette On Public Transport

What may be acceptable in your hometown can be an offence with a fine unleashed on you in Taipei. 

For example, in most cities, it would be fine to sit on a seat that has been designated for the elderly, disabled or pregnant women, and then give it up when they enter the train. 

However, in Taipei, it is highly frowned upon and nobody does it. 

You are not allowed to consume any food or drinks on public transport. Even chewing a tiny mint will earn you a fine.

  1. Carry An Umbrella At All Times

The weather in Taipei can be notoriously extreme. You can have blasts of heavy rain or be fried in the hot sun during the summers.

Regardless of what you experience, an umbrella will be a good friend to you at all times.

  1. Learn Basic Mandarin

Most residents in Taipei do speak at least some basic English. Their government has an ambitious plan to make English one of their national languages by 2030

However, if you wish to endear yourself to the locals or become experienced in ordering their delicious street food, please consider learning some basic Mandarin.

Did you know that Mandarin is becoming the fastest-growing language to learn based on Globalization

If you are planning to expand your business or deal with the enormous market in China, chances are your Mandarin skills will give you a huge advantage. 

If you colive in Taipei, you might as well let your new-found Mandarin skills be the best souvenir to leave with.

FAQs About Coliving In Taipei

What Is The Best Month To Go To Taipei, Taiwan?

The best months to go to Taiwan are between February and April. If you can’t make it then, though, think about going in the fall, from October to December.

Taiwan can be visited for the least money between August and September.

Taiwan is the least crowded between November and January.

What Is The Best District To Live In Taiwan?

The best district to live in Taiwan is New Taipei. It is by far the most popular area in Taiwan for foreigners to relocate to. New Taipei, although it is recognized as a city in Taiwan, was only recently established and is located between the northern Taiwanese cities of Taipei and Keelung.

Where Do Most Foreigners Live In Taipei?

the area where most foreigners live in Taipei is in the Eastern District around Taipei 101. It is the most affluent and fashionable area. A leafier neighborhood to the north of the city center called Tianmu is home to many long-term foreigners. It is the financial and commercial district, a well-developed and vibrant area of Taipei.

How Many Days In Taipei Is Enough?

To really uncover the city’s DNA, I recommend staying at least 3-5 days in Taipei. With 1 or 2 days in Taipei, you’ll be able to see the city’s most iconic sights. When visiting a new place, it takes at least 3 days to get a feel of the place. The 1st day is spent getting the pulse and settling down.  

What Is The Rainiest Month In Taipei?

The period May-September is very rainy throughout the country because of the summer monsoon, while in the other seasons, rainfall depends on latitude and slope exposure. However, winter is the least rainy season everywhere.

Are Taiwanese Friendly To Foreigners?

Yes. Taiwanese society as a whole seems to be friendly and receptive to immigrants. Taiwanese people can be shy, though. The appeal of the island is rooted in how approachable Taiwanese people are. Despite some prejudice by local authorities and animosity from certain residents, Taiwanese society as a whole seems to be hospitable and welcoming of foreigners.

What Are The Hottest Months In Taiwan?

The hottest months in Taiwan are from June to August with the highest temperature up to around 38℃ (100℉). The average temperature for the rest months is around 25℃ (77℉). Taiwan has a humid climate.

Are There Any Americans Living In Taiwan?

Yes, Taipei City is where many expats, including Americans, end up living in Taiwan, and it is also home to some of the country’s most famous attractions. Taipei is one of the best destinations for expats to live. One of the main reasons is that the Taiwanese people are mostly friendly and welcoming.

Is English Widely Spoken In Taiwan?

No, English is not widely spoken in Taiwan. Mandarin, is the official language in Taiwan. Surprisingly, the people here use English for most purposes, especially in major companies and Universities. There are a good number of English speakers in this area who will converse with you in English.

Co living in Taipei has many options! What are you waiting for?

There you have it, folks. This is your most comprehensive guide to coliving in Taipei. You have been given the perfect recipe to start your epic Taipei coliving adventure. It has something for everyone. 

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I wish you good luck and hope you have a wonderful time in Taipei.

Coliving In Taipei : An Epic Guide 

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