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Coliving In Bali- 21 Epic Affordable Spaces In 2024!

Are you interested to try coliving in Bali? 

Looking for a co living space Bali edition? 🙂

I wanted to travel while working and looked into affordable coliving spaces in Bali. Ultimately, I made the decision to go to Bali, and colive there, and wow, was that the right choice! There were so many options! I thought I’d share some information about coliving spaces in Bali with you all because it’s such an incredible place!

Coliving In Bali

In Bali, you’ll never get bored. While you can’t wait to start work every morning, you will also feel excited about your off days. 

In this article, you’ll learn about everything the collaborative and active community in Bali can offer. 

Read on to find out!

Here is a summary of what’ll you see in today’s digital nomad article:

  1. All The Best Coliving Bali Spots
  2. What Is Coliving?
  3. Why Try Coliving In Bali?
  4. Things You Should Know About Coliving In Bali
  5. What Are The Pros And Cons Of Coliving?
  6. 10 Best Coworking Places For Bali Digital Nomads
  7. Things You Should Know About Coliving Bali


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All The Best Coliving Bali Spots

Here, we have filtered the best coliving Bali spots based on areas popular with digital nomads:

  1. 21 Residents
  2. Biliq Coliving (Seminyak)
  3. Matra Co living Bali (Canggu)
  4. Outsite Bali (Canggu)
  5. Dojo Coliving Bali (Canggu)
  6. Outpost (Ubud)
  7. Camp308 (Canggu)
  8. Tribal Bali (Canggu)
  9. Luxury Traditional Villas (Ubud)
  10. The Paica Exotic Jungle Villa (Denpasar)
  11. Luxury Tropical Villa (Canggu)
  12. Tanaga (Seminyak)
  13. Paradise (Jimbaran)
  14. Bestah (Sanur)
  15. Bali Bustle (Kuta)
  16. Hub Bali (Legian and Nasa Dua)
  17. The Onion Co (Ubud)
  18. PUCO Rooftop (Canggu)
  19. Shashvata Bali (Canggu)
  20. Cornerstone Bali (Kuta)
  21. T-Lofts (Kuta)
coliving in bali
Coliving in Ubud, Bali

1.21 Residents

This coliving Ubud space has gained immensely high traction from digital nomads around the world. 

Based on the reviews on, this place is nothing short of exceptional. They have been hosting a diverse group of global innovators and game-changers who seek great networking opportunities.

Also adopting the boutique-style Bali villas and studios, 21 Residents offers a great mix of productivity, air-conditioned spaces and open-air spaces, community events and skill sharing.

Every room is air-conditioned, comes with a private shower and a comfortable king-size bed. The sharing spaces include a kitchen, swimming pool and a lounge. The villa is also pet-friendly!

  • Price: $806 for the Standard Room, $1030 for the Deluxe Room and $1344 for the Bungalow. The minimum stay is 30 days.
  • Amenities: High-speed WiFi, daily cleaning, cable TV, terrace, swimming pool, meeting rooms, parking space, outdoor space, free toiletries.
  • Get 2.5% off your first month’s rent if you sign up via my link!

2.Biliq Coliving (Seminyak)

Do you dream of waking up to a breathtaking view of green rice fields and an unlimited supply of fresh air? Then, Biliq Coliving is the coliving Seminyak space for you. 

This place adopts the boutique hotel vibe, located in a serene and quiet part of Seminyak. Biliq made it as Airbnb’s Superhost in January 2020, thanks to its top-notch service. 

Furthermore, the rooms are equipped with an ensuite bathroom and a private kitchen. Biliq’s coliving packages include unlimited access to their coworking space, conveniently located within a short walking distance.

  • Price: $100 per week, $321 per month.
  • Amenities: High-speed WiFi, 45 sq ft spacious studio, full air conditioning space, private kitchen, ensuite bathroom, jogging track, cleaning service, coworking space access, safety box.

3.Matra Co living Bali (Canggu)

Matra is located near Echo Beach, one of Bali’s most popular surf spots.

 This coliving Canggu space comes with a terrace, overlooking a beautiful view of rice fields and the ocean. 

On weekends, you can party at Vue Beach Club, the numero uno open-air club in Bali, just a 15-minute walk from Matra.

The rooms at Matra are equipped with a private shower, a desk and a balcony with a pool view. Some rooms come with a seating area. 

  • Price: Deluxe Room (starts from $24), Twin Room (starts from $24), Dorm Room (starts from $7)
  • Amenities: Air conditioning, fridge, safety box, and a flat-screen TV. Dorm rooms come with 4 beds, air conditioning, a safety box and a hot water shower.
Coliving Bali

4.Outsite Bali (Canggu)

This Canggu coliving space is one of the most popular in Bali. if you search ‘coliving Bali Canggu’, Outsite never fails to make it on the list.

Surrounded by palm trees and rice terraces, all bedrooms are fully furnished with air conditioning and private bathrooms. There’s also a shared workspace and a fully equipped shared kitchen. 

On the outside of Outsite, there’s a garden and a pool area – a perfect place to work out or hang out with the rest of the villa.

  • Price: From $60 per night, $357 per week and $1260 per month.
  • Amenities: High-speed WiFi, full air-conditioning space, dedicated workspace, well-equipped kitchen, breakfast, fresh towels, bedroom linens, soaps and shampoos, printer, smart TV, on-site laundry, 24-hour staff availability.

5.Dojo Coliving Bali (Canggu)

This co living Canggu space gives you access to every nook and cranny of Canggu. It’s very near to local warungs, grocery stores, gyms and yoga studios, pharmacies, bars and the list goes on.

All rooms come with a private shower, a work desk, free toiletries and beach towels. 

The kitchen is a shared space and there’s a tropical garden where you can relax, sunbathe and hang out with friends after a long day at work.

Dojo Bali coliving package includes airport pickup, an unlimited Dojo Coworking pass, a SIM card and surf and yoga lessons, and a surprise welcome gift! 

In response to the current conditions around the globe, Dojo is offering a special ‘Escape to Bali’ package.

  • Price: $1800 per month (King Room Package) and $1700 (Queen Room Package)
  • Amenities: High-speed 300Mbps WiFi, daily cleaning service, fresh towels, weekly bedsheet change, private workspace, private shower, shared kitchen.

6.Outpost (Ubud)

Outpost Ubud coworking and coliving space is probably among the best, to get started as a Bali digital nomad who’s still figuring out this lifestyle. 

This place is buzzing with an active digital nomad allowing you to explore and exchange ideas, cultures and build a strong network.

This boutique-style coliving space is located in the lush green rice fields, Balinese temples and the famous Monkey Forest – offering a serene surrounding.

The villas are equipped with cosy rooms with king-sized beds and private showers, reliable WiFi, daily cleaning service, and 24/7 support staff support. The shared spaces include a kitchen and work lounge. 

Outpost members are entitled to some selected special discounts thanks to its partnership with local organisations and businesses.

Once you’ve settled in, there’s a packed schedule of events, talks, and activities with the Outpost community.

  • Price: Varies, depending on the date/season. On average, a standard room costs as low as $20 per night.
  • Amenities: High-speed WiFi, swimming pool, full air conditioning spaces, 24/7 access to Outpost coworking properties.
Coliving in Bali

7.Camp308 (Canggu)

Camp308 is yet another coliving and coworking space located close to the beach. They offer a coastal living atmosphere with a more down-to-earth environment. 

The operators of Camp308 are proud of their ability to create personalised hospitality for their guests. The place might not boast so much of the Balinese decorations but they still managed to create the ‘home away from home’ vibe. 

The rooms at Camp308 are fully air-conditioned, equipped with a fridge/minibar, and free WiFi.

This place also offers after-hour activities that are open to all guests and the local community. 

  • Price: From $31 for both King Bed and Twin Bed Standard Suite
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, swimming pool, balcony/terrace, a restaurant (package includes breakfast), air conditioning, free drinking water.

8.Tribal Bali (Canggu)

Tribal Bali is a first custom-designed coworking hostel in scenic Canggu.

The motto of this beautiful coliving hostel is Work, Rest and Play and you will find digital nomads, backpackers and remote workers making up its cohabitants.

The spacious dorms are equipped with an outdoor pool and all-day brunch menu.

This place also offers workshops and TRIBAL tours to enable networking within the coliving community living there.

  • Price: From $13.37 per month for male or female dorms
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, outdoor pool, pool table, free linen and towels, free parking. All day brunch menu cafe and local coffee barista available.

9.Luxury Traditional Villas (Ubud)

Luxury Traditional Villas located in beautiful Ubud features the jungle and temples as its backdrop. The coliving space is made up of villas and studios to choose from at reasonable prices.

If you prefer privacy while co living Ubud, then this is a good option for you. The villas are a short walk away from the communal pool, kitchenette, lounge and coworking space.

Each accommodation is equipped with a king-sized bed and en-suite bathroom.

  • Price: From $1030 per month
  • Amenities: Fast WiFi, swimming pool, meeting rooms, cleaning for rooms and common areas, communal kitchen and lounge, outdoor pool, chill out areas

10.The Paica Exotic Jungle Villa (Denpasar)

The Paica Exotic Jungle Villa sits beside a secluded river in the jungle surrounded by tropical flora and fauna.

Started out with just 9 rooms, this place has grown over the years and now accommodates 14 private individual rooms built with ethnic Balinese décor.

The longer you stay, the more discount you are offered here. Get up to 17% discount for a full year’s stay.

If you like absolute quiet away from the city’s hustling and bustling, then this is the right coliving space in Bali for you.

  • Price: From $194 per month for a single room
  • Amenities: Fast WiFi, swimming pool, cleaning for rooms and common areas, communal kitchen, bbq area, outdoor pool, breakfast (chargeable), cable tv, linen, bikes

11.Luxury Tropical Villa (Canggu)

Luxury Tropical Villa is located in the cultural epicenter of Bali island but hidden away from all the noise and crowd of the city.

With 17 luxurious suites all with ensuite bathrooms, you will be able to expect full privacy in this coliving space. The grounds feature Pavillions, private areas, more than 1 swimming pool, conference rooms and a library.

They pride in becoming the First Entrepreneur Resort in Asia, where global community of innovators, digital nomads and entrepreneurs are part of their community.

This place offers free WiFi and on-site Chef to provide delicious meals upon request (chargeable)

  • Price: From $1,260 per month all bills included
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, swimming pools, private expansive gardens, conference rooms, library, on-site cafe
Coliving in Bali

12.Tanaga (Seminyak)

Tanaga is a freshly built coliving home in Seminyak in 2024! It is a 20-room house built like an apartment complex with the whole building at your disposal.

The units are equipped with smart-coded locks which gives you security and worry-free living in a commune.

The rooms are fully air-conditioned with fast Wifi connection, smart tv and ensuite hot water showers.

The location of Tanaga is approximately 2 minutes from the beach so it’s ideal for those who love to surf and want to be close by the water.

  • Price: From $41 per night for a standard twin
  • Amenities: Free high-speed WiFi, swimming pool, air conditioning, fully equipped commune kitchen, communal dining space, coworking space, rooftop area, meeting rooms and skype booths

13.Team Relaxation (Jimbaran)

Team Relaxation (used to be called Paradise) features a 10-bedroom Villa located in the fishing town Jimbaran only 15 minutes from the iconic Rock Bar.

The accommodations provide separate and semi-open living room, well equipped communal kitchen and dining area.

The rooms at Team Relaxation are fully air-conditioned with free WiFi and LAN cable connection for internet.

This place is kid and pet-friendly, so do enquire for cribs to be rented for your room.

  • Price: From $476 per night
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, swimming pool, BBQ area, room service, airport shuttle, ensuite bathrooms

14.Bestah (Sanur)

Bestah is yet another coliving and coworking space located close to the beach. They offer a coastal living atmosphere with a more down-to-earth environment. 

Bestah was specifically curated keeping in mind the digital nomads and flexible workers who prefer to work remotely while experiencing scenic views.

The rooms at Bestah are fully air-conditioned, have a smart TV, and free WiFi.

This place also offers after-hour activities that are open to all guests and the local community. 

  • Price: $30 per day/$575 per month for the Standard Room, $35 per day/$666 per month for the Poolside room, and $40 per day/$777 per month for the Balcony room.
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, swimming pool, shared kitchen, rooftop area, air conditioning, free drinking water, coworking area, dining area, pool table, meeting room, ensuite bathrooms with showers, room cleaning

15.Bali Bustle (Kuta)

Bali Bustle co living space is located right in the middle of Kuta and just 10 minutes away from Seminyak.

The unique offering in Bali Bustle apart from other coworking coliving Bali spaces is that there is a gym inhouse and yoga on the rooftop!

The space is also well planned with many hang out places within different areas of the facility like the rooftop terrace, and each floor has its own lounge. You will never find yourself squeezed in a crowded area for that quiet working space.

The rooms are fully air-conditioned, equipped with free WiFi.

This place also offers after-hour activities that are open to all guests and the local community. 

  • Price: From $31 per night
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, swimming pool, gym, rooftop, yoga classes, onsite cafe, air conditioning
Coliving Bali

16. Hub Bali (Legian and Nusa Dua)

Hub Bali is a professional coworking space which also provides coliving options. They are available in two locations, Legian and Nusa Dua so you can choose whichever co-living bali option suits you the most.

The best part is that in Legian, their space is hardly 30 minutes away from the airport and 10 minutes away from the Double Six Beach! Just imagine how lovely it is to finish your work and go on a stroll around the beach. My dream life, truly!

The rooms have free Wifi, ensuite bathroom, kitchen and 24/7 security.

  • Price – Approx $760 per month
  • Amenities – Free WiFi, swimming pool, cafe, dining area, living room area, ensuite bathroom and kitchen, coworking space, cable tv, room services, laundry and postage services.

17. The Onion Co (Ubud)

Another Ubud coliving space, The Onion Co is quite a reasonable option if you don’t want to splurge too much. They have a variety of room types, pool facing, with and without balcony, for coliving with excellent amenities.

The space is at a walking distance from The Yoga Barn and Monkey Forest.

The rooms have air conditioning, ensuite bathrooms with hot water, and Wifi.

  • Price$32 per day
  • Amenities – Free Wifi, air conditioning, coworking space, on-site restaurant, ensuite bathrooms, swimming pool, skype production studio, sauna

18. PUCO Rooftop (Canggu)

If you’re looking for Bali coworking coliving options with rooftop coworking spaces, PUCO rooftop should be on the top of the list.

Puri Canggu has both villas and separate rooms available for digital nomads wanting to work remotely while enjoying the beauty of Bali. The deluxe rooms and villas offer more privacy and space to enjoy your time.

Their coworking space is also very professional, with both communal tables and dedicated spaces available for you to use. They also have focus rooms and meeting rooms to ensure optimal working conditions.

You can also join after-hour activities that you can participate in.

  • Price – From $18 per night
  • Amenities – Free Wifi, cable TV, air conditioning, living room, private bathrooms, room service, bottled water, communal pool, terrace
Coliving in Bali

19. Shashvata Bali (Canggu)

Another great co living in bali option, Shashvata Bali is an iconic Bali living space surrounded by the ricefields, and has soothing views of the fields, mountains and the beach.

Who doesn’t like waking up to the chirp of birds, away from the city noises?

You can work from their rooftop space, terrace or the cafe.

Their rooms have Wifi and hot and cold shower in the ensuite bathrooms.

  • Price$18 per night
  • Amenities – Free Wifi, swimming pool, ensuite bathroom, room service, cable TV, air conditioning, coworking space

20. Cornerstone Bali (Canggu)

Cornerstone Bali is a fantastic coworking and Bali coliving space located just at the edge of Canggu. They’re only 15 minutes away from the beach, so you can unwind and relax by the beach everyday after work.

This space has a variety of comfortable rooms to make your stay and work in Bali enjoyable.

The rooms have free Wifi and private ensuite bathroom with hot shower.

You can also join in the after-hour activities they provide. Cornerstone Bali also contributes towards sustainability and positive social impact, and you can get involved with it by participating in their drives and projects.

  • Price – From $6 per night in shared dorm, $16 per night in deluxe room
  • Amenities – Free Wifi, coworking space, Skype booth, IT support, ensuite private bathrooms, swimming pool, air conditioning, flatscreen TV, shared fridge, balcony and garden view, soundproofing

21. T-Lofts (Kuta)

Located in Kuta, T-Lofts was a Bali coliving coworking space created for the convenience of digital nomads and smart tourists, combining comfort with a pleasant workspace.

They have 3 types of rooms – basic studio room with shared kitchen (perfect for mini co living Bali), studio rooms with private pantry, and loft rooms with garden/balcony view, with rattan and wooden furnishings and in soothing colors, perfect for a much-need workcation.

The rooms are fully airconditioned, with Wifi access and water heaters.

  • Price – From $32 for 2 nights in a basic studio room
  • Amenities – Free Wifi, air conditioning, shared bathroom (basic studio room) or private bathroom (studio or loft room), pantry or kitchenette (studio or loft room), smart TV, fresh linens, refrigerator (loft room)
Coliving in Bali

What Is Coliving?

Coliving is living in the same space as people who are not your family members. You share common spaces such as the kitchen, living room, and other open areas. Most coliving spaces offer packages like cleaning, mail/delivery and breakfast.

Not quite a flatshare, modern coliving is designed with urban and young professionals in mind. 

Picture inspiring environment – contemporary, industrial kind of interiors, bright, open-air spaces, contemporary designs… 

Usually, the spaces are larger, better furnished because they focus more on the shared facilities.

So what’s the difference between coliving and sharing a dorm room, you ask?

Simple – coliving happens by choice!

Remote workers such as graphic designers, programmers, freelance writers, authors, entrepreneurs, are the typical ‘inhabitants’ of a coliving space. Coliving allows these like-minded people to interact and share ideas and experiences.

True, it doesn’t only sound like an ideal place to build your business but also to make friends for life, right?

The best part is, coliving spaces don’t require a deposit. Just book, pay, fly over and voila!

Coliving Bali

Why Try Coliving In Bali?

Because Bali is an amazing place for an affordable price tag. 

The island of Gods has an incredible mix of nature and fun. A unique culture and good food. Warm weather all year round. Friendly people and a flourishing digital nomad community.

Not to mention the reliable WiFi speed which is essential to all remote workers. At the time of writing, Speedtest ranked Indonesia’s WiFi speed at 7th in SE Asia:

  • Average internet speed: 33.99 Mbps
  • Average download speed: 26.11 Mbps
  • Average upload speed: 15.04 Mbps

If you’re just starting as a remote worker in Asia, Bali is a perfect choice. 

Although most of it sounds very ‘nature-friendly’, Bali shouldn’t be underestimated in terms of technology and digital.

In fact, Bali has a solid tech startup ecosystem that will open up your network to all the knowledge and resources you need.

Coliving in Bali

Coliving Uluwatu

Apart from the well-known coliving coworking bali places in Canggu, Ubud and Kuta which are popular among digital nomads, you can find coworking and Uluwatu coliving spaces too!

Uluwatu Coworking is located within Padang Padang and one of the best co living spaces if you want to work from Uluwatu in Bali. They have a range of accommodations and also have an incredible coworking space, catering to your needs.

A day pass is for $13 while a weekly pass is for $64 and you have access to their spacious coworking offices with Wifi. It also includes other amenities like the swimming pool, tennis and basketball court, and gym.

The Istana is a luxury meditation retreat center in Uluwatu and has an on-site coworking space too! It’s a great Bali coliving spaces option for digital nomads who want to try a healthier lifestyle while working and meeting with other remote workers and entrepreneurs.

They are a luxury co living space and provide yoga, meditation, and other relaxation facilities along with cryotherapy sessions and hyperbaric chambers.

Being a luxury space, their accommodation rates start from $112 per night in shared dorms and $224 per night for a double room, but they include full-day spa access (sauna + swimming pool) and a biohacking treatment per day along with free Wifi, so you can work while rejuvenating yourself!

Coliving in Bali

Things You Should Know About Coliving In Bali

If you’ve read this far, coliving in Bali indeed sounds great. The coliving spaces are excellent, the community seems promising and the work-life balance sounds like the low-hanging fruit.

However, it’s completely valid to have doubts and concerns regarding safety and getting the best value for your money.  

Before jumping into the coliving bandwagon, here are some things you should know:

  1. Pay attention to the atmosphere in general – the people who live there, what life looks like in the place, and how helpful people are. See if you are comfortable before you commit to a long term stay.
  1. Ask about the WiFi i.e. how fast is the speed, is the connection stable, etc. Also, find out if you can test the speed with tools like
  1. Research the coliving operator to see if they’re active on their website and read the reviews thoroughly.
  1. If you’ve made up your mind about coliving in Bali, you might want to check the digital nomad programmes offered by be-remote to maneuver your way around Bali coliving and coworking experience.
  1. Coliving changes the way we perceive the idea of a home so it’s only logical to have etiquette, respect your mates and be open to the idea of sharing.
  1. Getting into a coliving community requires you to undergo an admission process to get to know you, why you apply, your interest, etc., to determine if you’re a decent guest (they have their concerns too).

Also, let’s take a moment to reflect on these:

  1. Ask for permission to borrow or use something if it isn’t yours, no matter how comfortable you are with the other person.
  2. Clean up after yourself (please) and have good hygiene.
  3. Respect other people’s boundaries.
  4. Communicate honestly if you’re uncomfortable about something.
  5. Don’t take all the space because remember – you’re sharing.

If you’re an avid fan of Friends, you’ll remember the part where Phoebe secretly moved out because she couldn’t stand Monica’s way.

So let’s not be Monica, guys!

Coliving Bali

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Coliving?


  • You get to save money because coliving is cheaper rather than renting independently.
  • You don’t have to worry about paying utility bills on time, fixing furniture or contract renewal.
  • You get the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, and develop a strong sense of community.
  • You will gain an advantage in building social skills and confidence.


  • The possibility of not getting along with everyone is there.
  • If you stay in a dorm room, you don’t get to choose your roommate.
  • There are still chances of not having much privacy.
  • Internet connectivity or speed can be frustrating especially when there are too many people connected at once.
  • Monkey troubles!
Coliving in Bali

10 Best Coworking Places For Bali Digital Nomads

  1. Outpost (Ubud & Canggu)
  2. Biliq Coworking Space (Seminyak)
  3. Connco Work Hub (Canggu)
  4. Bali Bustle Coworking Space (Kuta)
  5. Tropical Nomad (Canggu)
  6. Dojo Bali (Canggu)
  7. Colabo Coworking (Jimbaran)
  8. Livit Hub (Sanur)
  9. Kinship Studio (Canggu)
  10. GoWork Park 23 (Kuta)

Things You Should Know About Coliving Bali

  1. Find out if you need a visa before travelling to Bali.
  2. Check with your accommodation if they provide an airport shuttle.
  3. Bali traffic is crazy so learn to ride a scooter if possible because it’s the common mode of transportation.
  4. Buy a SIM card at the airport or small shops in the less touristy area to get the best deal.
  5. Learn the art of haggling politely because there is a ‘tourist price’ for almost everything.
  6. Tipping is not a must. 
  7. Avoid both trying and possessing drugs unless you want to waste very long years in the notorious Kerobokan prison.
  8. Don’t drink tap water.
  9. Respect the Balinese culture.
  10. Be cautious of monkeys. Keep your valuables out of sight. 
  11. Pay attention to additional text before paying for your food. Look for a fine print either on the menu or your receipt.
  12. Avoid any water activities if you see red flags along the beaches.
  13. Download Bali’s ride-sharing services, Go-Jek and Grab apps on your phone. They are cheaper than taxi fares and the apps are easy to use.
  14. Cash is widely used in Bali compared to debit or credit cards, so withdraw money at the airport once you arrive or from the ATMs at tourist areas. 
  15. Avoid exchanging money at standalone currency booths because scams are quite frequent. 

While coliving sounds rather ‘young’ and ‘millennial’, truthfully, it doesn’t discriminate. No matter the age, if coliving suits you, by all means, you should try it.

In short, coliving makes life easier as a digital nomad. 

Everything comes in a package, even friends! You don’t have to put extra effort to meet new people. Given the time you spend together, these ‘instant friends’ may turn into lifelong friendships.  

If done right, your coliving community can feel like a family away from home. You work and play together, and you take care of each other.

As long as you can make sense of each other’s differences, your coliving space will become a place to call home, even for a while.

Coliving in Bali

FAQ on Coliving in Bali

What Is The Best Place To Live In Bali?

The best place or area to live in Bali are:

  • Kuta – The roaring scene of backpackers and tourists with the nightlife is the bustling city of Kuta. Expect to meet many digital nomads or expats centered here.
  • Seminyak – Seminyak is also flooded with expats and tourists, however the shopping and restaurants are more high-end than Kuta or Canggu. Trendy digital nomads will be concentrated here.
  • Canggu – Home to Bali’s top surfing spot Echo Beach, it’s crowded with people who catch the beautiful sunsets and attend the beach parties after. Also home to digital nomads who like to party a lot.
  • Ubud – The wellness hub of Bali, the crowd here are the yogis and spiritual beings. There’s a wide variety of cafes and art galleries surrounded by nature and paddy fields.
Coliving in Bali

How To Live In Bali For A Month?

According to Numbeo, living in Bali for a month in a villa with a swimming pool, free WiFi and cleaning helpers will not cost you more than $900. Here are some options to consider:

  • Cost of living: A budget of $1000 a month can give you a pretty good life in Bali
  • Accommodation: Depending on your preference;
  • Transportation: With a valid license, you can rent scooters at $4 per day
  • Internet and Mobile Data: According to Speedtest, Indonesia’s WiFi speed ranks 7th in SE Asia, at the time of writing.
    • Average internet speed: 33.99 Mbps
    • Average download speed: 26.11 Mbps
    • Average upload speed: 15.04 Mbps
  • Food: If your accommodation has a kitchen and you prefer to cook, here’s a basic grocery price list according to Numbeo (on average):
    • Fruits and veg (1kg): Between $2 to $2.50
    • Milk: $1.82 
    • A loaf of bread: $1.49 
    • Rice (1kg): $1.04
    • Eggs (a dozen): $2.08
    • Chicken fillets (1kg): $4.07
    • Beef (1kg): $11.75
  • Digital Nomad Visa:
    • Firstly, check this list to see if you’re eligible for free entry. This means you don’t need to prepare anything before your departure. 
    • If your country is not listed, you need to apply for a Tourist / Social Visa (B-211) at an Indonesian Embassy or Consulate outside of Indonesia. You will be required to present a sponsor letter
    • Read the full guide here.

Best Coliving Space Bali

Best coliving space in Bali are:

Where Is The Safest Place To Live In Bali?

The safest places are the main areas like Kuta, Canggu, Ubud and Seminyak. Although crimes do occur (like pickpocketing), Bali is a relatively safe place. 

Just keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t walk alone at night.
  • Watch your drinks so they don’t get spiked.
  • Arrange accommodation before you arrive.
  • Keep your things with you at all times.
  • Don’t use your phone while riding a scooter to avoid accidents and to keep it from getting snatched by another passing motorbike.
  • Explore living in co living spaces so you have closer knit community.

Where Do Most Foreigners Live In Bali?

Most expats, tourists and digital nomads live in these areas:

  1. Canggu – a nice mix between city and nature this is a good place if you are seeking a balance
  2. Kuta – if you are into the nightlife partying and hanging out, this is a good option for you
  3. Seminyak – a higher scale shopping and restaurant ambience than Kuta, the beach and surf expats are concentrated here
  4. Ubud – if you are into healthy lifestyle, retreats and yoga studios, you will find it more suitable to be based here

How Much Does It Cost To Move To Bali?

For a single individual, the average monthly cost of living in Bali is between $750 and $2600. Whether you move alone, as a couple, or with your family will all affect the costs. Other factors to consider are how often you eat out and the experiences and activities you engage in.

Is Bali safe to walk at night?

Nighttime walks in Bali are usually safe. The locals are warm and inviting, and you will find a lot of visitors during your stay. But be wary of drunk tourists, remember to lock up your belongings, avoid sketchy areas after dark, and exercise caution, especially if you’re by yourself.

Bali Co Living Is Possible!

Bali is definitely a wonderful place if you’re looking to live and work remotely in Asia. It has amazing coliving spaces which provide excellent coworking spaces too!

I loved coliving and working from Bali even though I was here for a short time, and you bet I want to experience it again.

I’d love to hear about your coliving experience in Bali in the comments!

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