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How To Delete Upwork Account + Things I Wish I Knew![2023]

You’re here because you want to know how to delete your Upwork account. Maybe you keyed in something wrong when you registered, or you’d just like to start over.

Whatever your reason is, I’m here to tell you how to delete an Upwork account, let you know what happens when you close an Upwork account and things I wish I knew before I clicked delete account on Upwork. 

Be warned though, once you choose to remove your Upwork account, you lose all of your information within, including your current feedback rating, job history and earnings data. 

Ready? Then read on to find out just how to delete your account from Upwork

You have no time and want to know immediately: how do I delete my Upwork account?

 Here’s a quick guide if you’re in a hurry:

  1. Close Outstanding Projects
  2. Withdraw Your Proposals
  3. Check And Withdraw Oustanding Payments
  4. Close Your Account 
Delete upwork account

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Delete upwork account

How To Delete Upwork Account 

Now if you’re wondering how to delete my Upwork account, chances are that you’re going through some issues with Upwork and want to leave the site. 

The first approach would always be to get in touch with Upwork support first to ask them for help in solving those issues you might be facing. 

However, if the support team isn’t able to help and you’re still determined to delete your account on Upwork, then follow these steps:

1. Close Outstanding Contracts

Click on ‘My Jobs’ and check if you have any active jobs.

If you do, click on the individual job, followed by ‘…’ to get to the options menu, and then click on ‘End contract’ to close it. 

Repeat this for the other jobs that you have open or outstanding. 

2. Withdraw Your Proposals 

Go to ‘Proposals’ under ‘Find Work’ to see the current proposals that you’ve sent previously. 

Click into each active proposal, scroll down and click ‘Withdraw proposal’ to complete this task.

Repeat this for every active proposal open till you’ve withdrawn all proposals.

3. Check Your Payments

Now once you delete your Upwork profile you will not be able to access your pending payments, so make sure you’ve checked that you don’t have any outstanding payments that haven’t been withdrawn. 

Go to your profile icon on the right side of the top bar and click on ‘Settings’. 

Delete upwork account

Click on ‘Get Paid’ to check on your balance. If there is any, then click on ‘Get Paid Now’ to withdraw the outstanding balance.

4. Delete Upwork Account 

Now after you’ve settled all outstanding matters including contracts, proposals and payments, you’re at the final step on how to close your Upwork account. 

Go to settings, which you can find when you hover over your profile photo on the top bar. 

Click on ‘Contact Info’ and you’ll see ‘Close my account’ under all your contact information. 

Upwork will ask you if you’re certain you’re going through with this Upwork account delete, as well as the reason behind why you’re deleting your account. 

Delete upwork account

Click on ‘Confirm’ if you want to proceed with Upwork remove account. 

There, now you’re all done with the steps on how to delete your account on Upwork!

Bonus – How To Delete Upwork Account For Clients Or Company Owners

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Now most of us might be freelancers, but if you’re also a client or have progressed to being a client during your time on Upwork, here are the steps on how to delete account in Upwork:

  • Ensure you are the company owner and have admin rights
  • Remove all team members from your company
  • Close outstanding contracts that your company has 
  • Close any open jobs your company has by removing the job posts 
  • Make sure all your hires have been paid – this is very important if you want to develop your reputation as a dependable client! If you are on any hourly contracts, the freelancers’ weekly billing cycle must conclude before you can proceed to close your company.
  • Finally, go to ‘My Info’ under settings and close your account, similar to the Upwork delete account steps for a freelancer as highlighted above. 
Delete upwork account

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Deleted My Upwork Account 

The fact that you’re on here, checking how to deactivate your Upwork account means you’re pretty set on deleting your Upwork account.

But hold it – the process to delete Upwork account is unfortunately permanent and not reversible so you’ll want to make sure you’re extra sure of this decision. 

Here are some things you should know before you proceed further on Upwork on how to delete your account:

1. Deleting Your Account Could Be Permanent 

If you do regret your decision to delete your Upwork account, contact Upwork support first thing to get help. 

While some say that there is a possibility of recovering your Upwork account if you accidentally choose to delete it, this process could take a long time.

 You may not also get back all the information you previously had on your account.

So, yes definitely think twice before you delete your Upwork account because you might not be able to get it back. 

2. You Cannot Create Another Account

Upwork’s Terms of Service clearly state that everyone can only own one account.

 It doesn’t matter if you use a different email address. 

If Upwork finds out that you’re opening a different account but are the same person, they might suspend you. 

Some people create new accounts because they’ve received a negative review on their previous account and want to start anew, or some might have done so because they did something illegal previously. 

Upwork has no way of knowing if your intentions of setting up a new account are genuine or illicit so it may likely get you suspended if you try to go around these rules. 

Delete upwork account

3. Upwork Has Visibility Options

Honestly, we’ve all had moments where we feel like taking a break – from our jobs, from life and yes, even from a platform like Upwork.

If you want to take a wee break from the platform because you’re feeling overwhelmed, then I’m here to tell you, you do not need to delete your Upwork account! 

Just change your account visibility settings! 

Simply change your account visibility to ‘Invisible’ and your profile settings to ‘Private.

 For additional insurance, you can even put your availability to ‘Not Available’ to double-ensure that no one comes around and disrupts your self-imposed break! 

4. One Bad Review Isn’t A Dealbreaker

You might be choosing to delete your Upwork account because you feel discouraged by a bad review and think that it’s the end of your Upwork career. 

It is not, and it will not be unless you allow it to. 

If you’ve received negative feedback and feel that you didn’t deserve it, what you can do is:

  • Speak with the client and ask if there was any miscommunication or misunderstanding during the project. 

Sometimes clients may have misunderstood your tone or your submission, and proceed to give you negative feedback without first talking about any avenues of recourse.

The client may or may not edit their feedback, but hey, at least you tried instead of mulling around! 

  • Dispute the feedback if the client was the unreasonable party as long as you have documentation. This could include evidence that your client was being unresponsive or asking for things that violate Upwork’s terms of service. 
  • Issue the client a full refund. What you may not know is that feedback is only visible if the client has paid you for the work. If you opt to refund the client, their feedback will be removed from your profile. 

Yes, you lose money, but it could be worth it if you don’t agree with the negative feedback. Do note that while the feedback doesn’t appear on your profile, your job satisfaction score will still be affected somewhat. 

FAQs On Deleting Upwork Account

Can I Delete My Upwork Account And Create A New One?

Yes, you can delete your Upwork account but you cannot create a new one after you’ve chosen to cancel your Upwork account. 

Having more than one account is a violation of Upwork’s Terms of Services.

 And even though you may have deleted your account, creating a new one is still equivalent to having more than one account per person. 

If you are deleting your account because of reasons like your profile name doesn’t tally or you’d like to change your email address, you can always change it under Contact Info or contact Upwork support to do so. 

How Long Does It Take To Delete Upwork Account?

It takes about 48 hours to delete Upwork accounts. Once that has passed, Upwork closes your account permanently and you cannot go back into your account or retrieve any information from there. 

How Do I Delete My Upwork Account From My iPhone?

On your iPhone or Upwork app, click on Settings. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Delete Account’ to delete your account. 

Make sure you’ve done your due diligence on making sure you have no outstanding jobs, proposals or payments before you choose to do so. 

Why Can’t I Close My Upwork Account?

You probably can’t close your Upwork account because you have outstanding activity on your account, such as open jobs, proposals or pending payments. 

Make sure you follow the steps highlighted above on how to delete your Upwork account closely and you shouldn’t have any issues. 

Delete upwork account

Can I Have 2 Upwork Accounts?

No, you cannot have 2 Upwork accounts. All users can only have one main account, however, one user can operate as both a freelancer, agency and client under the same account. 

When operating in these different roles, Upwork will allocate different profiles to each role so that your profile’s job history and financial information will be separate. 

What this means is that if you’re a freelancer and suddenly want to operate as a client to hire your freelancers, you do not need to create a new account as doing so is against Upwork’s Terms of Service. 

You just need to follow these instructions to be both a client and a freelancer with the same account.

Can I Cancel My Upwork Membership?

Yes, you can cancel your Upwork membership any time you want. Just go to Membership and Connects under Settings, followed by ‘View or Edit Membership Plan’. 

Just choose ‘Downgrade Membership’ from there and you’re good to go! 

Can I Delete My Upwork Account And Create A New One With The Same Email? 

No, you cannot delete your Upwork account and create a new account with the same email. Upwork is extremely firm on this – everyone can only have one account in their lifetime. 

If you create a new account with the same email, this counts as having two accounts and would get your account possibly suspended by Upwork for contravening their Terms of Service. 

Can I Recover Deleted Upwork Account?

Yes, you can recover a deleted Upwork account. Just reach out to Upwork support with your account details and they will sort you out. 

Remember not to create a new account in the meantime as you’ll be contravening the Upwork terms of service. Just explain your situation to them, be patient and let the pros sort this out! 

Now I hope you have a clear answer on how to delete an Upwork account after reading this article! 

And I also hope you realize that deleting your account isn’t always the immediate first step you should look to, and have considered the points that I’ve raised about what you should know before you decide to delete your account.

While there are cases of people getting their accounts back after deleting them, you’ll always want to err on the side of caution and think doubly hard before choosing to delete your Upwork account.

If you’re keen on knowing how to succeed on Upwork, I’ve some tips for beginners on Upwork here

Keep your head down, hustle hard and don’t give up on your Upwork journey! Just comment down below on the problem you’re facing and I might just be able to help you out! 

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