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Get Paid To Be An Online Listener: 21 PROFITABLE Ways (2024)

Do you want to get paid to be an online listener?

Are you someone who loves listening to people’s stories or lend an ear when they’re upset? If this is you, there’s a fantastic way for you to work and get paid to be an online listener!

I was just considering the kinds of careers that people who are good listeners could pursue, and I was surprised to learn how many opportunities there are for such people!! I decided to share the information with you all after doing some research!

Get Paid To Be An Online Listener
Get Paid To Be An Online Listener

Read on to know the 21 best ways where you can get paid to be an online listener.

Get Paid To Be An Online Listener: 21 PROFITABLE Ways (2023)

This article includes the 21 ways to get paid to be an online listener.

1. Call Reviewer

2. Online Moderator

3. Crisis Hotline Operator

4. Virtual Assistant

5. Listen To Music

6. Listen To Commercials

7. Use The Listeners App

8. Language Support To Learners

9. Earn With RadioEarn

10. Podcast Editor

11. Sign Up To Be A Virtual Friend

12. Audiobook Reviewer

13. Companionship To The Elderly

14. Customer Service Representative

15. Become A Test Subject

16. Become A Therapist

17. Become A Transcriptionist

18. Become A Counselor

19. Peer Support Specialist

20. Become A Dating/Relationship Coach

21. Join A Focus Group

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Get Paid To Be An Online Listener: 21 PROFITABLE Ways (2023)

1. Call Reviewer

For someone who doesn’t like to talk much, but is good at listening, being a call reviewer seems like the perfect job.

As a call reviewer, a company hires you to listen to recorded calls, review them as per quality standards, and help them improve their customer experience as well as sales performance.

Your payment will be based on the length of the calls and the best part is you don’t need to have any conversations.

Humanatic is one such site that hires freelancers to review recorded calls for different companies.

2. Online Moderator

Another very interesting job where you can listen to people is an online moderator job

Moderators are required on almost all social platforms these days, to regulate and maintain the decorum of the community.

But, how are moderators related to listening jobs?

Well, many social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord require moderators to listen to the video content and remove them if they are against the community guidelines.

In addition to this, Discord streaming communities often have trolls commenting and leaving inappropriate comments or voice messages, for which content moderators are required.

3. Crisis Hotline Operator

Many times people we know or love go through tough situations, when they just want us to listen to them, offer comfort, and help them in healing.

If you’re an empathetic person, you may have come across situations where you wanted to help someone out; a stranger in distress, or a loved one in pain.

You can volunteer, or get paid to be a crisis hotline specialist.

This may be quite a stressful and overwhelming job for some as it requires you to be emotionally receptive, actively listen, empathize, and offer support to prevent a potential crisis.

Most specialists also need to have a psychology degree or past counseling experience.

If you want to apply as a crisis hotline operator, you can check out volunteer or full-time jobs at 988 centers

4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are much in demand right now, with all the booming online businesses and startups all over the world.

Businesses are looking for virtual assistants who can provide general and specialized administrative services to help them grow.

If active listening is one of your strengths, you’re in luck! Active listening and attention to detail are the prerequisites for a virtual assistant job, given that you have to communicate with clients, business owners, and vendors.

Note- If you are super busy and you want to start making money by becoming a virtual assistant, you should check out the following courses that will step up your VA game!

1. Become a Booked Out Virtual Assistant

2. 5 Clear Steps To Becoming A Virtual Assistant

As a VA, you can offer services in different bundles, as per the client’s requirements.

If you have a specialized skill, for instance, bookkeeping, you can offer that as an additional service in your advanced VA package.

5. Listen To Music

I know what you’re thinking right now, something along the lines of,

You are kidding me, right? It can’t be that easy. Can I really listen to music online and earn money?

Well SURPRISE! Yes, you most definitely can earn money listening to music online. Many online sites pay for listening to music.

I have listed the sites that pay for listening to music below:

1. Spotify Music Curator: If you love listening to a variety of new music and sharing playlists with other people, this might be the job for you.

You can join SoundCampaign as a curator and get paid to be a listener by reviewing and adding new songs to your playlist.

To be eligible, you must already have a Spotify playlist with 20 tracks and 1000 followers. You can check the detailed guidelines for curators on this website.

2. Music Getaway: You can sign up to become a music curator on Music Getaway and get paid for reviewing songs! You have to do a minimum of 200 song reviews to be eligible for payment.

3. Earnably: Earnably is a platform that allows you to make money by completing tasks. Many of these tasks require you to watch music videos and review music content. You can listen to music get paid.

4. Current Rewards: Current Rewards is an app where you can earn money online by listening to music on its app. You can also earn by taking surveys or completing small gigs on the app.

5. SliceThePie: SliceThePie is a website that pays you to review new songs, commercials, fashion apparel, and accessories.

Once you’ve registered, you can select the music you want to listen to and start reviewing it. You need to listen to the song for at least 90 seconds.

The new artists will receive more exposure thanks to your reviews, which will help get them played on the radio.

6. Listen To Commercials

Another fantastic way to earn extra money is to get paid to listen to commercials. There are many online sites and apps where you can watch ads or take surveys to get paid.

InboxDollars is one such online rewards-based platform. You can take surveys, play games, and watch videos or commercials to get some extra cash.

MyPoints is another rewards program that pays you to watch videos, shop online, read emails, or take surveys.

It has a points-based system and you can redeem the points you earn for gift cards, travel miles, or cash.

7. Use The Listeners App

Available on the Google Playstore and Apple Store, Listeners is an app used by experts to listen and provide one-to-one guidance to people.

You only need to sign up on the app, make your profile, and list the topics that you have experience in, like books, sports, gardening, etc.

But why would anyone pay you for listening to them? Maybe they want some advice on a certain topic, or maybe they’re stuck on a topic and aren’t able to find an answer online.

There can be numerous reasons why anyone would want a personalized training/advice session on a topic, so why not make use of it?

The best part about this app is the flexibility! You can set your per-minute rate on the app, and also update your availability schedule.

8. Language Support To Learners

If you’re fluent in more than one language, you can use it to your advantage to earn money.

All across the world, language learners look for feedback on their sentence structure, grammar, and pronunciation.

You can effectively put your active listening skills to use by correcting accent differences and pronunciation errors while your students are practicing their speaking skills.

As a language expert, your accurate feedback & guidance can help pinpoint the mistakes of students and enhance their language expertise.

9. Earn With RadioEarn

RadioEarn is a website that pays you to listen to the radio. You need to sign up on the website (It’s 100% free!), click on the radio link, and start earning.

It also allows you to embed the radio link on your website, and earn when other people listen to the radio from your site (Oooh, passive income).

RadioEarn has a points-based rewards system and you earn 0.25 points for every 15 minutes you spend listening to the radio.

These points can be later cashed out through Paypal or converted into gift cards or bitcoins. 

Some other websites that pay for listening music online on the radio are UniqueRewards and Cash4minutes.

10. Get Paid To Be An Online ListenerPodcast Editor

I love listening to podcasts while doing laundry or cooking at home. It keeps me focused and I learn new things too!

Do you know you can become a podcast editor if you have great listening skills and love listening to podcasts?

With a surge in podcasts on a variety of topics, podcast editors are quite in demand. As a podcast editor, you’ll have to go through the raw audio files, modify and polish them to create the final version.

You can reach out to different podcasts offering your services, or make a profile on Upwork offering your specialized services.

11. Sign Up To Be A Virtual Friend

We don’t know how many people around us are experiencing social isolation and loneliness.

As per this advisory, approximately half of the adult population in the U.S. experience loneliness, with the highest rates among young adults.

To overcome this loneliness, many people look for making friends online. If you’re a good listener, you can sign up to be a virtual friend!

There are various sites like RentAFriend, FriendPC, and RentACyberFriend where you can sign up and make your profile.

Once your profile is ready and listed, people will approach you to be online friends or for emotional support.

You can set your rates on these sites however RentACyberFriend charges a 20% commission fee on your earnings while FriendPC charges around 5% of your earnings.

12. Audiobook Reviewer

Audiobooks are a priceless resource for people who love books but aren’t able to read them.

You can make their audiobook listening experience better by becoming an audiobook reviewer.

As an audiobook reviewer, publications will send you free audiobooks, which you can listen to, and then leave your reviews.

At the beginning, you might not be paid for your reviews, however, as you gain expertise in reviewing, you can get paid too!

Audiofile Magazine is a magazine focusing on audiobooks and also publishes audiobook reviews regularly.

Booklist Online is another site open for audiobook reviewing. Avid book readers who frequent libraries can apply to be reviewers; however a library degree is not a necessity. 

They pay you $15 for every review, once the review is published.

In addition, you can directly approach publications or authors too, offering them your services after establishing yourself as an expert reviewer.

13. Companionship To The Elderly

Elderly people across the world are vulnerable to loneliness and WHO estimates that every one out of three older people in the USA, China, and Europe are lonely.

So, what can you do to help them?

Most of the elderly people I’ve met simply want someone to sit and spend time with them, as they recount stories from their life.

There may be several reasons for their loneliness, and you can play a big part in making them a bit happier.

Papa Pal allows you to do exactly that! You can register on their site to be a companion or caregiver for elderly people.

There are many tasks that they need help with, so why not make it a bit easy for them?

On average, they pay around $11 – $14 an hour, but their base rate changes with the location.

14. Customer Service Representative

Customer service is a job where active listening skills are highly valued. To resolve queries, doubts, or complaints effectively, your listening skills must be excellent.

If you’re empathetic and patient, you’ll have a high chance of thriving in a customer service or customer experience role.

Customer service executives are in tremendous demand as corporations grow their businesses, and you can nearly always find openings for this position on job boards.

LinkedIn and Indeed are the best sites if you’re looking to apply for this role. Additionally, you can also check out Virtual Vocations, SimplyHired, and Flexjobs if you’re looking for remote customer service jobs.

15. Get Paid To Be An Online Listener – Become A Test Subject

Do you know you can get paid to be a test subject?

Before launching advanced products in the markets, brands look for volunteers to test them on.

The volunteers have to test the products and provide genuine feedback so that the corporation can further process the product and remove any defects.

You can become a test subject for hearing-related devices being launched and get paid for your feedback.

Another way you can get paid to be a test subject is by applying to be a volunteer for clinical trials with medical or research organizations.

Researchers need volunteers for their new products or trials, and they often pay the volunteers in return.

You can use your listening skills to provide feedback about any products/devices related to hearing that they might be planning to launch. Your insights will help them enhance the product.

You can register at ResearchMatch as a volunteer. You can also register as a volunteer with private medical corporations like Pfizer and Paraxel.

16. Become A Therapist

This is one of those positions where you are required to have a specialized educational background and experience in addition to your listening skills.

Being a therapist, you can lend an ear, and provide emotional support, and therapy to people going through trying times in their life.

Your listening skills will be very beneficial in focusing on the patient’s concerns, and advising an appropriate therapy plan for them.

You can apply to be a therapist in a hospital or work as a freelancer and get paid to listen to people’s problems online.

17. Become A Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist is a great option for you if you have fast typing skills along with strong listening skills.

Transcription is converting an audio file into a text or written form. However, you need to be able to make sense of what is being spoken so you can correctly type or note it down.

You can be a general, legal, or medical transcriptionist. Legal and medical transcription, being specialized services, have better pay than general transcription.

You can go through this course if you want to become a legal transcriptionist. This one is a complete guide on how to become a general transcriptionist.

18. Become A Counselor

Instead of becoming a therapist, you can also choose to be a counselor and support people facing emotional turmoil.

Counselors are mental health professionals who have a degree in counseling.

Counselors can find work in corporate organizations, schools, and universities in addition to hospitals and clinics.

The mental well-being of students is essential in today’s times and as a counselor, you can be the reason for their happiness and improved self-esteem.

There has also been an increase in the demand for counselors in corporate workplaces after the worsening work-life balance observed among employees.

You can help them identify the problems by listening well. This will boost their confidence and improve their overall well-being, creating a better working environment.

Job listings for counselors are usually on the website of the organization/university.

19. Peer Support Specialist

Peer support specialists are people who have gone through a certain behavioral condition and provide guidance and support to other people going through the same.

If you’ve recovered from an addiction of any kind or a certain mental condition, and you want to help other people recover, you can become a peer support specialist.

Your listening skills will help you identify repeating patterns in your own and other people’s circumstances.

Sharing similar experiences and your recovery journey will motivate many people and help them get better.

You can check out this government website for peer support specialist jobs.

20. Become A Dating/Relationship Coach

Managing certain relationships can be challenging at times in life. People are unaware of their mistakes or what they can do better as they approach the other person.

I’ve met many people who found it difficult to discuss sensitive topics like relationships because they were unsure of who to trust to give them honest advice or help them get out of a bad spot.

If you have experience dealing with relationships/dating, you can provide people guidance related to relationships by becoming an online dating/relationship coach. 

By being a good listener, you can help them overcome their inhibitions, enhance their communication skills, and build healthy relationships.

Although getting a certification isn’t a requirement, being certified will definitely boost your credibility! ICF-accredited courses for relationship/dating coaching are widely accepted across the world.

21. Join A Focus Group

Companies use focus groups to gather feedback regarding their products or services.

A focus group is a small group of consumers from your target market used to conduct market research. The group discusses and provides valuable insights into a particular product or service.

The brands conducting the group interview usually pay the participants for their contributions.

You can participate in a focus group and put your listening skills to use by understanding the questions and providing genuine and honest suggestions.

You can check out UserInterviews,, and PRCMarketResearch to join paid focus groups.

why should i become a listener and get paid?


Being an online listener is a flexible job and you can work remotely from your home or anywhere in the world. It doesn’t have a fixed time schedule which is very appealing to many people.

You can work as a freelancer and set your own hours/ schedule.

People Skills

Being paid to listen is beneficial because it allows you to improve your communication skills and become more empathetic.

It would also help you improve your active listening skills and form greater connections with people, which would be useful in other jobs as well.

Easy To Master

You can easily become a better listener as you gain more experience working with others. Working as an online listener will help you handle challenging conversations and become skilled at solving problems.

Variety Of Clients

There are numerous industries where you can work as an online listener. This will allow you to gain experience with clients from various industries while also improving your communication skills.

alternatives of paid listener jobs

FAQs on Get Paid To Be An Online Listener

Can I Get Paid To Listen?

Yes, you can get paid to listen by being a music curator on Spotify Music Curator, Music Getaway, RadioEarn, SliceThePie, or Earnably.

You can also make money by listening to commercials on InboxDollars or MyPoints, or by becoming a listener on the Listeners app.

Can I Get Paid To Listen To People Talk?

Yes, you can get paid to listen to people talk by being a virtual friend to lonely people, providing companionship to the elderly, or guiding those who need advice.

While certain listener jobs can be done remotely, some demand a physical presence.

Can I Get Paid To Listen To People’s Problems Online?

Yes, you can get paid to listen to people’s problems online if you work in a customer service position. 

You are paid to lend an ear, sympathize, and effectively resolve people’s queries or complaints in customer service through voice calls, video chat, or live chat. 

Can I Get Paid To Chat Online?

Yes, you can get paid to chat online. Some websites which allow you to earn by chatting with people are Phrendly, RentACyberFriend, FriendPC, Steady, and Talkroom. You can earn money by providing company, giving advice, or engaging in friendly discussions.

Can I Get Paid To Listen To Spotify?

Yes, you can get paid to listen to Spotify. Spotify does not hire or pay you for listening to music; however, you can become a music curator for Spotify through sites like Music Getaway and Playlist Push and get paid for reviewing music.

What App Pays You To Reply To Messages?

If you’re wondering about what app pays you to reply to messages, platforms like 1Q, JustAnswer, KGB, and Hummr pay you to reply or chat with people. 

Other sites where you can earn money by replying to messages, such as OnFrontiers and Curated, may require you to have prior expertise. 

How Can I Earn Money On Kuku FM?

Are you wondering about how to earn money on Kuku FM? Sponsors, brand advertisements, and affiliate sales are the best ways for you to make money if your podcast has a large following and engaged listeners. 

You can also promote your own digital products and services if you have a dedicated community.

Ready To Make Use Of Your Listening Skills?

At times, all someone needs is a person willing to lend an ear, for them to rant or share what they’re going through.

It is nothing to be ashamed of; rather it’s a healthy way to grow and your kindness and advice may help a person.

Active listening is a skill much required across different careers. I hope that this article helped you realize just how many jobs are open for active listeners. Why choose to wait now?

You can simply go online and apply for the jobs you liked the most. Such a convenient way to get paid while helping others out, isn’t it?

You can get started with the job search by following the 21 ways to get paid to be an online listener right away! Let me know of your experiences with listening jobs in the comments below.

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