8 Easy Ways To Make Money With Your Car

Do you want to make money with your car?

If you require spare cash and you have a car, you can make extra money with it!

Although running a car has its own costs, if you use these 8 easy ways to make money with your car, you can pay off the costs and have extra to save!

Here are 8 easy ways to make money with your car:


  1. Rent your car out
  2. Deliver groceries
  3. Drive people around
  4. Rent your car space out
  5. Use your car as an advertisement
  6. Carpooling
  7. Deliver packages
  8. Help people move house

If you are looking for other ways to make a little extra money, it’s worth reading these articles:

  1. Rent your car out

It is entirely possible to make extra money from your car by renting it out.

If you aren’t using your car during the week and it is just sitting on the driveway, renting it out to people who don’t have a car is a great way to earn a bit of extra money!

Here is a list of car rental apps that connect you with people who need to rent a car.

The car rental companies insure your car, so if anything happens you will be compensated for any damage.

  1. Deliver groceries

You can earn extra cash from your car by delivering groceries for busy people.

You can have cash in your account on the same day and you can work whenever you want.

Here is a list of companies that are willing to hire and pay you to deliver groceries for them:


  1. Drive people around

You can earn a bit of extra money by driving people to their destinations.

It’s a good idea to think about peak times when people need a car such as on the weekend or during concerts on trips to the airport.

If you can make yourself available in those times, you have a higher chance of making more money.

A few companies that connect you to paying passengers are:

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Wingz– targets airport drop-offs, (earn around $25 per hour)
  • HopSkipDriveaims to give kids access to transportation
  1. Rent your car space out

If you take public transport or even walk to work, you can rent out your empty car space.

I have used these apps to rent car parking in London and paid A LOT of money, so it works.

You can rent your car space out on these apps :

  1. Use your car as an advertisement

‘Car wrapping’  is a good way to earn anywhere from $50 to $400 to advertise on your car.

Companies will pay to wrap your car in advertisements.


Because your car is a prime piece of advertising property.

When you drive around swearing at people in rush hour traffic, your car could be earning you hundreds of dollars.

Here is a list of companies that will pay you for the privilege of wrapping your car:

  1. Carpooling

You can save on commuting costs by carpooling. It reduces fuel or transport costs.

The best part is, some of these carpooling apps even match drivers and passengers according to musical preference.

Here is a list of ride-sharing apps.

  1. Get paid to deliver packages

We all know that the online shopping industry is booming.

In response to this increased demand, package delivery companies are now hiring people to deliver online packages for them.

Here is a list of courier companies but feel free to google any in your own respective country.

  1. Help people move house

Not everyone has a car but nearly everyone has to move house at least once in their lives.

I remember having to move my stuff to a new apartment in Barcelona. I googled house delivery trucks but they were so expensive so I found a list of alternative house moving apps.

Making extra money from your car doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated. With a little bit of common sense and willingness to search for opportunities, you can pay off your car expenses and save a little extra for a rainy day.

If none of the websites mentioned above operate in your country, it is worth inputting the tip and adding your country.

For example, car wrapping + Malaysia should give you a list of companies that will pay you to wrap your car in advertisements.

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