Get paid to color

Get Paid To Color: 21 Profitable Ways That PAY WELL! [2024]

Want to get paid to color? It is one of the easiest ways to make money 🙂

Your coloring hobby can be a gold mine for earning hundreds – or thousands – of dollars with just your vibrant creativity.

Did you know that art can also be therapeutic?

As someone who embraces all things color, doing crafts is my way to escape from stress but also to have fun with colors. To my surprise, I discovered there are many ways to make money for color lovers!

get paid to color
Me having decision fatigue from all these beautiful colorful fabrics for my next craft project

Kill two birds with one stone; work towards your mental and financial health goals by monetizing your artistic side and start to make money for coloring! 

Buckle up your creativity because these are brilliant ways to make money! Here are my favorite ways to get paid to color. 

If you have a good eyes for colors, keep on reading because I know you’ll love the extra bit of pocket money you’ll be earning soon.

Get Paid To Color: 21 Easiest Ways To Monetise Your Creative Skills! [2024]

1. Make & Sell Coloring Pages

2. Produce Coloring Books

3. Use Coloring Apps That Pay You

4. Become A Coloring Content Influencer

5. Start A Coloring Niche Blog

6. Sell Your Artwork Online

7. Test & Review Coloring Products

8. Start A Youtube Channel On Coloring

9. Help People With Art Therapy

10. Create An Online Coloring Course

11. Start Interior Designing

12. Start a Coloring Box Subscription Business

13. Create Design Elements

14. Sell Your Own Brand Of Coloring Supplies

15. Host A Coloring Workshop

16. Provide Freelance Coloring Services

17. Become An Art Teacher

18. Host Children’s Coloring Playdates 

19. Illustrate For Children’s Books

20. Enter Or Host Coloring Competitions

21. Become A Color Consultant [Trending!]

Affiliate Link Disclosure

Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

1. Make & Sell Coloring Pages

Coloring pages for both children and adults have been a hit in recent years and this is one of the best ways on how to make money by coloring. 

Answer this growing demand by designing and selling your own coloring pages! Etsy is a popular online marketplace for independent creatives like you to sell their works. 

If you’re new to Etsy, check out this profit-making printables course that shares the right tools for understanding keyword research, marketing tactics, pricing strategies, and more. 

Accelerate your earnings up to thousands of dollars!     

2. Produce Coloring Books

Coloring books are no longer a child’s plaything. Adults everywhere in the world are buying coloring books for their own pleasure.  

Many find it a stress-relieving and grounding activity that helps them unwind after a long day. 

You can also consider to include a guide on how to color well for beginners. You can make color by number for real money this way.

This is your calling to produce coloring pages for money and sell your own original coloring books to start making money. Capitalize on your flair for illustration, design, and coloring. 

Stay on top of the latest trends that resonate with your target market to come up with engaging themes for your coloring books. Here are some ideas to make money by coloring pages: 

  • Color by Number
  • Mandala Magic
  • The Secret Garden
  • Cosmic Coloring Quest
  • A World Traveler’s Palette
  • Tropical Paradise

Yes, you can totally get paid to color by number! 

3. Use Coloring Apps That Pay You

Wonder if there’s a get paid to color app out there to make you money? Yes, there are lots of ways to get paid to color by number app! 

Mistplay is one of the free coloring apps that pay you money. Its loyalty program partners with new coloring game apps like Cross Stitch, Tap Color, Coloring Book, and Coloring Mandala to let you coloring earn money.

Join Mistplay’s 2 million active users by testing new coloring games. 

You earn units that can be redeemed for Visa cash cards to be exchanged for money, or online shopping gift cards redeemable on Amazon, Starbucks, and such.

I know, I know. Is this make money coloring apps even legit?

Get paid to color pictures online? No, it really is. In fact, Mistplay was named one of Canada’s Companies-to-Watch in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50™ Awards

So, If you are looking for color game to earn money, give Mistplay a try!

4. Become A Coloring Content Influencer

If you love coloring, you can bet there are countless others who share the same interest. 

In this modern era of social media, communities of shared passions connect seamlessly and consume content from anywhere in the world. 

Create your own coloring content and share it online on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube to be a coloring content influencer. 

As you post your work consistently and others stay engaged with you as an artist, your reach grows. 

Then monetize your platform and influence with affiliate partnerships, sponsored ads, and even art brand ambassadorship. Now, you get paid to color at home!

5. Start A Coloring Niche Blog

You know me and blogs! I can’t recommend starting a coloring niche blog enough. 

You can write on topics like choosing the right coloring materials, tips for beginners, color theory, and everything else you’re passionate about in the coloring niche. 

My successful blogs are the key to my current financial independence and stability. If I can do it, so can you! Learn how I got paid for blogging on WordPress

Keysearch is my secret tool to analyze keyword topics people are searching for online, and how many – or how few – resources are answering their needs. 

This is where your blog steps in. As traffic grows with the right strategy, earn big bucks with display ads, affiliate partnerships, sponsored posts, and plenty more. 

I have a course that teaches beginners exactly how I monetize my blogs!

6. Sell Your Artwork Online

When you’ve got a talent, monetize it to earn money by coloring! 

Get paid for coloring to your heart’s content then sell your masterpieces online. This is an excellent way to fulfill your creative side while filling up your pocket. 

Here’s a cheeky tip: Frame up your artwork beautifully then charge more for it! 

Online marketplaces like Etsy and FineArtAmerica are dedicated to creative endeavors where you can showcase and sell your artwork to earn money. 

Facebook Market Place is an option too. Alternatively, set up your own store on reliable platforms like Shopify and market your brand intensively. 

Not only do you gain a fantastic source of income, but it also validates your talent for coloring. Now that’s an artist’s dream come true, don’t you think so?

7. Test & Review Coloring Products

When you’re familiar with coloring, you also have a keen knowledge of various coloring products and materials. 

Why not get paid for testing and reviewing products like coloring pencils, crayons, paper, inks, and books? 

Turn experience and knowledge into cash, while helping other artists discover the right products that work for them. 

Brands pay a lot to influencers and content creators with a healthy reach online. 

So start building your personal brand online and perhaps soon, you no longer have to wonder how to make money coloring. 

In the meantime, try to reach out to local businesses that make coloring goods and ask if they’d be open to sending you their products for paid reviews. 

Sometimes smaller brands need product feedback and content for their own platforms, so this might just get you paid!

8. Start A Youtube Channel On Coloring

Just like becoming a coloring content influencer, except now you focus solely on Youtube. 

Start a channel on coloring – share your coloring process, take on coloring prompts, show your different methods, color on varying mediums, and more.

You don’t need fancy setups, just work with what you have first. Once you gain more views over time, get paid to color online by joining the YouTube Partner Program.

This is where it begins. Earn money from advertisements, Youtube Shopping features, sponsored reviews, and brand partnerships. 

Many Youtubers have also made thousands of dollars selling their merchandise!

For example, Coloring Pages TV get paid to make coloring video on YouTube. It might be bizarre but some people find it therapeutic to watch others coloring too.

9. Help People With Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of therapy that uses creative expression to improve mental health and well-being. Through this approach, individuals can explore and express their emotions, reduce anxiety, and enhance communication skills.

Becoming an Art Therapist can be the door to getting paid to color while using art as a tool to help people with their personal challenges. 

To do this, certification could be required – typically a Master’s degree in Art Therapy or a related field. 

A state license may also be required, depending on where you are. You can practice art therapy in schools, nursing homes, private practices, or mental health clinics. 

Isn’t it cool to know that your love for art can leave a positive impact and support your community in its journey to better mental health?

10. Create An Online Coloring Course

When you’ve reached a level of proficiency in a specific skill like coloring, empower other beginners to learn and grow just like you did – and can become a paid color specialist! 

Create an online coloring course where you break down your methods into practical tips and tricks, as well as the favorite coloring materials that work for you.

Remember back when you were learning, what would you have liked to have known then? 

Package and sell these as an online course to earn passive income, or host online courses at a higher rate for more engaging, personalized sessions. 

Serve your audience sincerely from the heart, and trust that abundance will come your way.

11. Start Interior Designing

This may sound a little extreme, but you really can get paid to color if you start interior designing. If you are good at coloring, you’re likely to draw well too. 

It’s common for designers to use paper and colored pencils to design and draw interior concepts for clients to understand their vision.

You can color and illustrate creative ideas to reimagine and decorate spaces. Play with color schemes, creative textures, and patterns to change its atmosphere.

The best part is, you don’t need to go into debt to earn a degree to become an interior designer. All you need is your creativity, plenty of practice, and hard work. 

12. Start a Coloring Box Subscription Business

Get paid to color by curating and selling coloring box subscriptions for children and adults. 

Include fun coloring pages, various coloring materials, curated art supplies, and more in different themes each time to make it interesting. 

Busy working parents will thank you for saving them the hassle of coming up with entertainment materials for their kids.

Start small by offering quarterly subscriptions in your neighborhood. 

As you learn what coloring enthusiasts enjoy and demand increases, grow further by offering monthly plans nationwide or even worldwide shipping. 

13. Create & Sell Design Elements

If you have the gift of coloring and design, make money by creating and selling vibrant design elements to companies and brands. 

Use free online design tools like Canva  – or Procreate if you have the budget – to create clip art, geometric shapes, generic logos, graphics, and more to sell on sites like Creative Fabrica

Alternatively, sketch and color on paper then scan it up to digitalize these design elements. 

If you’ve already got an Etsy store running, add these to your range of creative products for art fans to purchase directly! 

Helpful Posts On Starting A Successful Etsy Shop:

14. Sell Your Own Brand Of Coloring Supplies

Consider white-labeling coloring supplies and sell these as your own brand! 

White labeling means making minor modifications to existing products manufactured by a factory or company, then marketing them as your brand. It’s completely legal. 

While this may require some initial investment, it can be lucrative if you’re thinking of starting a long-term business and building your personal brand as an artist. 

Once you have the products ready, you can list them on Fulfiled By Amazon (FBA) to start making money and outsource the order fulfillment to Amazon. 

This service also efficiently handles delivery, returns, and storage.

While you have flexibility on the type, design, and product you want to make money from without actually fussing about the entire manufacturing process, be sure to carefully choose and test thoroughly before putting your name to it. 

15. Host A Coloring Workshop

You’ve got skills, you’ve got originality, you’ve got the coloring materials.

So host a coloring workshop to get paid to color. You can make it a skill-up workshop for beginner artists, or simply a fun activity to enjoy with friends. 

If “Paint & Sip” can be a worldwide sensation, so can coloring workshops in a casual, relaxed setting. It is becoming a popular colouring earn money methods for many artists.

You can host a creative coloring workshop for children or a relaxing session for adults – perhaps with a cheeky glass of wine!

Market it to your friends and neighbors, or approach local businesses, playgroups, nursing homes, and other community centers that may benefit from this activity. 

16. Provide Freelance Coloring Services

Looking to get paid to color online as a side hustle? 

I’ve worked with many freelancers on various jobs, so let me tell you that providing freelance coloring services can be a lucrative way to make money. 

Fiverr is a good platform to start for color paid gig.

I did a quick search and found plenty of services like coloring children’s books, drawing coloring books, portrait coloring, digital coloring, and color restoring on offer. 

This is your chance to stand out from others with your distinctive skill set and style to make money on a freelance basis. 

I’ve previously done a clear comparison of popular freelance platforms for your further consideration; time to make that colouring money! 

17. Become An Art Teacher

Teaching others to color is another expression of your love for coloring. 

This is why becoming an art teacher or instructor is a great way to make money, and maybe even start a fulfilling career. Even budding artists don’t always know what color palettes work well for their drawings, or how to add color in specific finishes. 

Opt to teach online or in-person, in group or private classes. This provides a good opportunity to reach a broad audience, which leads to more money for you. 

When planning your class, ensure that you include specific learning goals, enjoyable activities, and assessments to keep students engaged. 

Imagine your joy to one day find your student’s name next to artworks by great artists like Jackson Pollock, Yayoi Kusama, Jean-Michel Basquiat, or Andy Warhol.

18. Host Children’s Coloring Playdates 

I have friends with young children and trust me, parents are running out of ideas on how to entertain their kids. 

Children are constantly seeking stimulation because kids need to play. Parents look for safe environments for children to build social skills while enjoying the freedom of play. 

This is where you can come in by hosting engaging children coloring playdates – at a fee for each child. 

Parents get to drop their kids off for a few hours to run errands and you get to make money with your time – and selling coloring supplies!

19. Illustrate For Children’s Books

If you’re a mom or dad, this is the perfect way to get paid to color at home or online besides making money colouring pages.

You already know how much children love vibrant new books with visually appealing illustrations and colorful pictures that tell a story. 

So try illustrating children’s books professionally. 

You know better than anyone how colors play a huge role in setting the tone for a story, bringing characters and situations to life to captivate children’s imagination. 

Work with authors and publishers, or produce your own children’s storybook from scratch to really capitalize those creative juices. 

Get inspired by checking out your local bookstores to find a gap that you could fill in the children’s book market. 

20. Enter Or Host Coloring Competitions

Contests pay — even coloring contests. 

Entering a coloring contest is an imaginative way to express your artistic side, showcase your talent, and stand a chance to win amazing prizes that may just be a good amount of money with a side of fame! 

Even if you only win prize items that you don’t need, you can sell them off for cash. 

On the other hand, if you want to get paid even more, host coloring competitions. 

Charge a small fee for entries and seek brand sponsorships for prizes. Open it to children and adults by offering two tiers in one competition. Give it a shot!

get paid to color
Photo credit: HaB Korea 해브코리아

21. Become A Color Consultant [Trending!]

The concept of color paid consultation was popular in the 80s, and now it’s taking the world by storm again thanks to TikTok

With your know-how and expertise in the color spectrum, you can use these skills to assist others – by showing them what colors work best on them. 

You know how clothes in a color may look great on you but not on your friend? Or how blue-based colors can make you look washed out, even emphasizing eye bags? 

Now use this strong sense of colors to conduct color analysis for others. You can earn up to a few hundred per session! 

Plus you get to help others find their colors and look their best. 

As you gain confidence and experience, these color consultations can even expand into the scope of interior designing, hair color, personal branding, and more. 

How to Create a Coloring Book for Free With Canva

You can create coloring books at no cost with a Canva-free account. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can create your own coloring book on Canva:

Step 1: Sign up and create a free Canva account.

Step 2: Choosing a Canvas

Start with a blank canvas at ‘Create a design’ and choose your preferred size. 

Step 3: Finding Design Elements

Create a Coloring Book for Free With Canva

With a blank sheet, search for artwork outline from the Element library on the left sidebar. 

For example, if you are looking for a flower design, include the keyword ‘outline’ at the back to find a black-and-white design element. 

Step 4: Designing the Coloring Book Content

get paid to color

Drag and drop the element that you want on the canvas and start designing your coloring pages. 

Step 5: Design Coloring Book Cover

get paid to color

Once completed, it’s time to design a cover for the coloring book. Make sure to place it as the first page.

Step 6: Download the File

color paid

Export the coloring book as PDF. On the top right, click on ‘Share’, then click ‘download’, select ‘PDF Standard’, and ‘download’. 

Step 7: Upload Your Coloring Book Online & Start Selling!

You can start to make money with coloring books by selling them as a digital file on various platforms- such as Etsy and Amazon KDP

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FAQs On Get Paid To Color

Can You Get Paid To Color?

Yes, you can get paid to color through so many ways online and off. 

Coloring can be made into a profitable career or side hustle when you choose the right ways to monetize the skill. Not only can you make a lot of money, but coloring can also be a therapeutic way to fulfill your creative expression. 

How To Make Money Coloring?

If you’d like to make money coloring and earn hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, here are the 21 best ways you can get paid to color:

1. Make & Sell Coloring Pages

2. Produce Coloring Books

3. Use Coloring Apps That Pay You

4. Become A Coloring Content Influencer

5. Start A Coloring Niche Blog

6. Sell Your Artwork Online

7. Test & Review Coloring Products

8. Start A Youtube Channel On Coloring

9. Help People With Art Therapy

10. Create An Online Coloring Course

11. Start Interior Designing

12. Start a Coloring Box Subscription Business

13. Create Design Elements

14. Sell Your Own Brand Of Coloring Supplies

15. Host A Coloring Workshop

16. Provide Freelance Coloring Services

17. Become An Art Teacher

18. Host Children’s Coloring Playdates 

19. Illustrate For Children’s Books

20. Enter Or Host Coloring Competitions

21. Become A Color Consultant [Trending!]

Can I Make Money Creating Coloring Books?

Yes, you can make money creating coloring books by designing, illustrating, producing, and selling them. 

Wondering are coloring books profitable? It definitely makes a lucrative side income or a thriving career in one of the most profitable genres in the independent publishing market. 

Make money selling coloring books online on marketplaces like Etsy or offline at community events, local bookstores, etc.

Where Can I Sell My Coloring Books?

Etsy is a great platform to start selling your coloring books and pages. 

Etsy is an online marketplace where creators and artists sell their artwork, creative works, or handmade crafts. 

Shoppers visit Etsy to look for hidden gems and original items that they can’t find in stores. Self-produced coloring books and pages are popular with this audience. 

Can You Make A Career Out Of Coloring?

Yes, you can make a career out of coloring by working as an independent, freelance, or self-employed color artist. 

You can work at home, in an art studio, or in formal corporate organizations like creative agencies or marketing firms. If you sell your own coloring products or services, you can enjoy a career as a successful business owner too.

Can You Make a Coloring Book on Canva?

Yes, you definitely can make a coloring book on Canva and it’s so simple! Canva is a great all-in-one stop for creating a coloring book from design to compiling a book.

With Canva’s vast design library, you can easily create your own coloring template. In the element library, look out for black-and-white patterns and start experimenting with the design layout! 

What Makes a Good Coloring Book?

So, what makes a good coloring book? The key to making a good coloring book is to have a cohesive theme-  includes a good mix of intricate and also simple elements.

For example, for an adult coloring book, you can consider soothing themes, such as nature and animals. Coloring books should help to promote relaxation and enjoyment, so be sure the design is not too complex for the target user. 

Are Coloring Books Still Popular?

So are coloring books still popular? Yes, coloring books remain popular as it is not just for children but also a hobby for all ages to enjoy as a relaxing and creative activity.

With the increasing popularity, coloring books have merged into diverse niches, to suit various interests from mindfulness themes, color by number guides to digital coloring book options. 

Should I Copyright My Coloring Book?

Should you copyright your coloring book before selling it? To copyright your coloring book, all artwork and design elements must be your own originality.

The coloring book cannot be copyrighted if it includes illustrations created by others. To do this, you can add a copyright notice to your book (e.g.,”© 2024 [Your Name]”), this helps to provide some basic protection to inform potential infringers.

How to Make a KDP Coloring Book?

Here are 5 easy steps on how to make a KDP coloring book:

1. Decide on the coloring book theme you want to create. For example, it can be a storyline, mindfulness, animal theme, and others. 

2. Use AI tools such as MidJourney to create coloring book images related to your theme.

3. Use Vectorizor to turn your AI MidJourney coloring art into SVG to improve the quality. 

4. Compile the coloring design artwork in a book format and cover design with Canva.

5. Upload your finished coloring book product to Amazon KDP and start selling!

Feeling Creative? Let’s Get Paid To Color!

There you have it, the 21 easiest ways to get paid to color no matter where you are. 

In this time and age, there are so many fun ways to get make money without having to spend years studying for a bachelor’s and master’s degree like I did. 

In fact, studies have shown that these qualifications matter less these days.

So there’s no better time to start monetizing your artistic skills than today. Start now, and start living life on your terms. Color the world with passion and creativity.

Share this article with an artist friend if you find it helpful!

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