How Many Likes On Instagram To Get Paid

How Many Likes On Instagram To Get Paid + Other Ways To Make Money

Want to know how many likes on Instagram to get paid?

Almost everyone’s a content creator nowadays with the easy accessibility of social media platforms. 

Your girl here jumped onto Instagram when I first started blogging back in 2018 and I now have about 11,000 followers. 

The bad news is you don’t get paid for likes on Instagram. But the good news is you can start making money from this social media platform. 

How do I know this?

Well, I made $5,000 this week from coaching, affiliate sales, and product sales from my Instagram crowd alone. On some of my best weeks, I’ve made over $15,000

Yes, you read that right. Even I was surprised! But it’s not impossible! 

Want to know how? Read on and I’ll share with you seven ways you can make money from Instagram, even with 1,000 followers

1. Coaching

2. Affiliate Sales

3. Product Sales 

4. Instagram Sponsorships 

5. Sell Photos Online

6. Monetize Your Content 

7. Resell Secondhand Items 

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How Many Likes On Instagram To Get Paid

How Many Likes On Instagram To Get Paid?

You don’t get paid based on the number of likes on Instagram. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot earn through other means.

Usually when you have say, 1,000 likes, it means you have 1,000 or more followers. 

When you have 1,000 or more followers, it makes you a micro-influencer.

Some brands are willing to pay to engage micro-influencers because they are deemed more influential and likely to bring about conversions and sales due to higher engagement rates. 

Can You Get Paid On Instagram?

Yes, you can get paid on Instagram in multiple ways. One of the most common ways is to do a sponsored post, which means you collaborate with brands and get paid when you post what they want you to post. 

How Does Instagram Pay You?

If you are a business or creator on Instagram, Instagram can pay you when you use their monetization tools, like badges, bonuses, branded content, gifts, and subscriptions. 

Not all of these features are available in all countries yet, so depending on where you are located, you might not be able to receive payouts from Instagram. 

How Much Does Instagram Pay For 1,000 Likes?

Instagram doesn’t pay for 1,000 likes or any amount of likes. 

However, assuming you have 1,000 followers and manage to find a sponsor, you can potentially make around $100 per post with an audience of that size. 

Though the amount will not be paid out via Instagram. 

Instead, the sponsor will be the one that decides whether they’d like to hire you and the price they would pay for your sponsored post. 

Here are some platforms that you can subscribe to, to get informed of sponsored posts:

How Many Instagram Followers Do You Need To Get Paid?

There’s no firm number on the number of Instagram followers you need to get paid. 

Some people don’t get paid or selected by brands for sponsorships till they get 5,000 followers. Some can get chosen with even just 1,000 followers.

I’d know! I was one of those with 1,000 followers and scored a sponsorship with a fashion label that wanted me to wear their dresses for my small but engaged audience on Instagram.

I didn’t believe it at first but it is completely possible to earn from Instagram with as little as 1,000 followers, and Instagram sponsorships are just one way. 

You don’t need a million followers to start earning. 

Here are seven other ways you can earn money on Instagram: 

7 Ways To Earn Money On Instagram

1. Coaching

I run coaching sessions for my community and when I first started I only charged $x but now my rate is $897

I coach my community on anything from how to be a freelance writer to how to monetize their blog

These sessions are released once a year to my community on Instagram first and they get snapped up almost immediately. 

One student and that’s $897

Ten students and that brings me to $8970, and getting 10 students for coaching was something I managed to achieve even with less than 5,000 followers! 

How Many Likes On Instagram To Get Paid

2. Affiliate Sales

Another way you can earn from Instagram is through affiliate sales.

Say, for example, you bought a dress and you loved it. You take a couple of photos and post them on your Instagram stories.

Your friend slides into your direct messages and asks, oh my where did you get that gorgeous dress, I want to get that for my sister’s wedding!

Instead of just telling her about Amazon or giving her a link to the dress, you can still share the dress with her but use an affiliate link from Amazon Associates instead.

An affiliate link is when a company pays you a small commission for selling its products to another buyer. 

In this case, you’ve helped Amazon close another sale on the dress with your friend so that small amount is rightfully yours! 

You don’t have to be a model or influencer to start affiliate marketing – anyone can!

 In fact, brands are starting to recognize the power of affiliate marketing, and have started to supercharge their affiliate programs to bring on more partners.  

3. Product Sales 

You can also earn money on Instagram by using it as a publicity platform to sell products, whether they are digital or physical.

I’ve helped do shoutouts for my mother’s cakes and my sister’s sustainability products on my Instagram before (and got rave reviews about them!). 

Don’t have any physical products to sell?

 You can always cobble together a digital product and then sell it as a downloadable product on Etsy

Create an Instagram post or Instagram story about your digital product and watch as people click on the link and the sales come in! 

How Many Likes On Instagram To Get Paid

4. Instagram Sponsorships 

If you want to know how to get sponsored on Instagram, I know of a full-fledged course that teaches you how to attract brands and get high-value sponsorships. 

It’s real and she teaches you step-by-step how you can make money on Instagram with just 1,000 followers, with concrete examples. 

Don’t have that money to invest in a course yet?

 Jessie also teaches a free course on how to make money on the road.  

5. Sell Photos Online

Have a great eye for photos and the world? 

You might come across followers who like your aesthetic and wouldn’t mind commissioning you to shoot photos for them or the companies they work for.

This is slightly different from an Instagram sponsorship as you’re providing them with a service and not a grid on your Instagram feed. 

How Many Likes On Instagram To Get Paid

6. Monetize Your Content 

Another way of getting paid on Instagram would be to join influencer platforms that offer you opportunities to monetize your content. 

Some influencer platforms you can start by looking into include Tribe, Webfluential, Trend, and Tap Influence

7. Resell Secondhand Items 

Ever had things lying around at home that you know are just sitting around collecting dust?

Why not try selling them on Instagram by having your own little Instagram shop?

Your friends and followers know you and trust your taste (they’re following you afterall!) so there’s a chance they might be more willing to buy something from you.

I’ve sold concert tickets and a dusty shoe rack on Instagram before. 

You never know who just happens to need a shoe rack to organize their growing shoe collection! 

(In this case, it was my former neighbor who was more than happy to come down to my place to collect the rack!)

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FAQs On How Many Likes On Instagram To Get Paid

How Many Likes Required To Earn Money On Instagram

You don’t earn money through likes on Instagram. You can’t even earn directly through Instagram by having a certain number of followers. 

In order to earn money on Instagram however, you can take on Instagram sponsorships and post branded content for brands that want to engage content creators like yourself. 

How Much Instagram Pay for 1,000 Likes?

Instagram doesn’t pay for likes, but if you have around 1,000 followers, you should be able to command $100 per post on average and earn about $1,420 a month. 

How Many Likes On Instagram To Get Paid

How Much Do Instagram Influencers Earn?

Instagram influencers can earn about $65 to $3,000 per post depending on their level of influence, niche, and number of followers.

It is also not uncommon for influencers to earn up to five digits for doing a single post or video. 

How Much Instagram Pays For 1,000 Likes?

Instagram does not pay anyone anything for 1,000 likes, even if they have many followers. You can earn from this media platform through Instagram sponsorships and branded content. 

How Many Likes Required To Earn Money On Instagram?

You don’t need a specific amount of likes to earn money on Instagram because you can’t earn money through likes on Instagram.

There are other ways to earn money on Instagram, such as through Instagram sponsorships, branded content, and affiliate programs

Can You Make Money From Likes On Instagram?

No, you cannot make money from likes on Instagram. You can only earn from Instagram by posting branded content, working on sponsorships with brands, or even selling products on Instagram. 

How Many Likes On Instagram To Get Paid

How Much Does Instagram Pay For 100k Likes?

Instagram doesn’t pay for likes, but if you have roughly 1 million followers and can get about 100k likes on your posts, you can expect to get upwards of $10,000 per post. 

You might even get the same amount if you can build a connected, engaged audience of just over 100k followers.

How Many Likes On IG To Get Paid?

There is no specific number of likes on IG to get paid as Instagram doesn’t pay content creators directly via the platform. 

How Much Likes On Instagram To Get Paid?

You don’t get paid on Instagram for having likes. You get paid on Instagram by creating content that brands want to pay for, either through collaborations or sponsorships. 

How Many Likes On Instagram Reels To Get Paid?

You can get paid on Instagram Reels if you have at least 1,000 views within 30 days if you have a business or creator account and are considered an eligible creator.

The Instagram Reels Play is, however, currently an invite-only program for now. So not just everyone can get paid after getting 1,000 views

How Many Likes Do You Need On Instagram To Get Paid?

You don’t need any amount of likes to get paid because Instagram isn’t the one paying you. 

Content creators get paid by working with brands on sponsored content, or from advertisers who pay to get their products seen on their feeds. 

How Many Likes Do You Need On IG To Get Paid? 

You don’t need a specific number of likes on IG to get paid. But you do need a certain amount of likes in order to appeal to advertisers and brands that you want to work with on collaborations and sponsorships.

Typically this can range from a few hundred likes to thousands, depending on the brand’s marketing goals. 

Some smaller brands prefer working with micro-influencers (those with a smaller reach) as they have a higher engagement rate and conversions. 

How Many Likes On Instagram To Get Paid

I hope this article has helped provide the answer to your question, how many likes on Instagram to get paid? 

The real answer is there is no specific number of likes because Instagram doesn’t pay its creators by likes. Yet.

It appears to be trialing payouts by offering bonuses for Instagram reels, however, it doesn’t seem to be a fully-public feature, and neither are the payouts standardized for now. 

While waiting for these features to roll out, you might be better off engaging with your Instagram community and building rapport with them to start making hay while the sun shines.

Once you have built a community that is receptive to your content and open to your advice, including products and services that you recommend, that’s when you can start to see the dollars roll in. 

Don’t believe me?

 Follow me on Instagram – I share some income screenshots from time to time from sales I’ve made through my followers on Instagram alone.

It definitely takes time though, to build a trusted following on Instagram and it isn’t something that happens overnight. 

Want to know more? Drop me a message or message me on Instagram!

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