get paid to move to africa

Get Paid To Move To Africa In 2024: 11 Opportunities & Tips!

Interested to learn how you can get paid to move to Africa? 

People often head to Africa for thrilling experiences, like embarking on a wildlife safari or climbing Kilimanjaro. But there is so much more to Africa than that.

If you’re considering relocating, this huge continent has much to offer. 

You can choose from bustling cities and charming coastal towns, or even villages nestled on the edge of the world’s most captivating jungles.

As a digital nomad myself, I love to experience living and working in different countries. 

Africa is a huge continent, so it has many opportunities for discovering diverse cultures, opportunities for remote work, and business startups.

Not to mention, you get to visit wonderful places with monuments like this!

Get paid to move to africa
Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Can you imagine living in one of the most fascinating places on Earth, immersed in vibrant cultures and surrounded by friendly locals who make you feel right at home?

Keep reading, as I’m about to share with you 11 opportunities and additional tips for moving to Africa that could turn this dream into a reality.

Along with how much to move to Africa, and a list of places that will pay you to move there 2024. So are you ready to get paid to live in Africa!

11 Get Paid To Move To Africa Opportunities
1. Teach

2. Work For Amazon

3. Freelancing

4. Serve In The Peace Corps

5. Work For Cisco

6. Website Flipping

7. Work Remotely

8. Work For Motorola

9. Work For BP

10. Move To Mauritius 

11. Get An International Fellowship

  • Moving To Africa
  • Salaries In Africa
  • Living Costs In Africa
  • FAQs On Get Paid To Move To Africa

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Get paid to move to africa

11 Get Paid To Move To Africa Opportunities 

Get paid to move to Africa

1. Teach

If you’ve read any other get paid to move to another country or specific places, you’ll see that teaching is one of the more popular options.

And for a good reason, teachers are needed everywhere!

Specifically in Africa, countries like Ghana and Tanzania are looking for teachers. 

So if you are wondering how to make money in rural areas, you can access many job boards to look up teaching opportunities there;

One example is the Go Abroad program

Get paid to move to africa

2. Work For Amazon

Can you move to Africa to work for Amazon? Yes!

We usually think of Amazon only when we’re looking for cute shoes, new books, or cool gadgets.

Like this ergonomic keyboard that’s saved my hands from cramping due to the hours of typing. Ok, maybe not “we,” but I know I do…

But did you know that Amazon operates in South Africa with job opportunities? That’s one answer to the question of how to move to South Africa.

If you’re successful in your job application, you may get a relocation package to move to Africa, depending on the role.

Get paid to move to africa

3. Freelancing

A great way to get paid to move to Africa from US or any other country is to start freelancing!

Here are some cool freelance jobs that can get you started if you’re new to the whole idea.

Worried about money and wondering how much money do I need to move to Africa? Or worried about maintaining a stable job to keep the money?

You’ll be happy to know that research shows 60% of people who quit full-time jobs to freelance actually make more money!

So start now, and you could pave your own way to Africa, mitigating your concern about how to move to Africa for free 🙂

Get paid to move to africa

4. Serve In The Peace Corps

If you find yourself saying ‘I want to move to Africa’, and start to Google ‘African Countries that will pay you to move there 2024’.

Well, here’s an option you might not have thought of when considering countries that pay you to move there. The Peace Corps!

The Peace Corps allows you to make a significant difference in Africa through various developmental areas like health, education, urbanization, and more.

A fantastic benefit is that they will help you learn languages and familiarize you with the culture there. 

So not only do you get to help others, but you also can fully immerse yourself in the African culture. 

The incentives for joining the Peace Corps include a $10,000 award which makes it an excellent option when you’re looking at places that pay you to live there. 

Get paid to move to africa

5. Work For Cisco

Cisco, a company based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is constantly actively seeking talented people to join its team.

By joining Cisco, you will be a part of a company that’s very high-tech.

At the same time, have the chance to be involved in their community projects like the conservation initiative to protect African wildlife.

For many of the higher-level roles, they will provide a relocation package if you are hired, along with comprehensive training.

Get paid to move to Africa

6. Website Flipping

You might have seen on my Instagram that this is something I’m into.

Website flipping is like how people flip homes in real estate – that’s why I like to call them my digital real estate.

You find a site with growth potential, buy it, improve it, and sell it at a higher rate. Oh, and pocket the difference, of course!

You can make some serious money doing this, and it could be your ticket when you’re thinking, how can I move to Africa. 

7. Work Remotely

If we’re looking at silver linings, I’d say the best thing that came out of the dreaded P-word was the rise of remote work.

These days, many international and local companies offer the option of working remotely, and you can get paid to relocate.

You could even get jobs in sectors you might not have thought of, like healthcare.

When you open yourself to remote work, you open yourself to a world of opportunities, so give it a try!

Ps: The P-word is “pandemic”, in case we weren’t on the same page *haha*

Get paid to move to Africa

8. Work For Motorola

Motorola is a common brand name, and they’re internationally known. I think recently, they’ve come up with some cool flip phones, but I digress.

Motorola has got a solid footprint in Africa., having been here since 1994 and they’ve got jobs in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region.

The best part about getting the opportunity to work for this company is that they value fresh ideas, inclusivity, passion, and doing the right thing. 

They’re also big on diversity and creating a welcoming place for everyone to work.

You get a relocation package if you’re selected for top management roles, a great option of you want to get paid to move to Africa.

9. Work For BP

BP, aka British Petroleum, is looking for sales specialists to join their South Africa divisions.

If you have interests in energy, BP, another global company, is opening its doors wide for both those just starting out and the seasoned pros. 

If you see yourself as a creator, thinker, or someone who loves connecting with others, BP’s got a spot for you to get paid to move to Africa.

If you’re selected, not only do you get to relocate to beautiful Africa, you’re in for top-notch training, the freedom to stretch your wings, and perks and rewards that are pretty hard to match. 

Get paid to move to Africa

10. Move To Mauritius 

Fancy living the beach life? Stock up on your sunblock – we’re going to Mauritius!

The Mauritius government has started a program offering incentives if you launch a startup there. You must have a unique, viable, and scalable idea to be eligible for the program. 

You could get up to 20,000 Mauritian Rupees which is about USD $438.62. Based on the expenses of Mauritius, it will be sufficient for what you need as a startup.

Plus, you’ll be living in a tropical paradise, so win-win. 

11. Get An International Fellowship

Imagine getting paid to study. *Goodbye, student loans!*

There are many fellowship opportunities in Africa where you can pursue your passion while getting funding.

You might explore environmental conservation in Kenya or investigate sustainable agriculture in Tanzania. 

You could also study African spirituality in Nigeria or get into any other field that suits your interest.

You don’t only have to be a grad student or PhD aspirant. Many fellowships welcome undergrads and even working professionals.

Get paid to move to Arfica

Moving To Africa

Moving to a new continent is no joke. There’s a lot you need to consider – from the official detailed stuff to more subjective things like culture. 

Let’s look at some things that will help you with your move to Africa. 

  • How much does it cost to move to Africa? That would depend on the weight of the items you’re bringing over, the moving services required, the kind of transportation you need, the distance, and even the time of year you’re moving. 
  • If you want to bring your vehicle over, check with the destination country for any laws regarding the type and age of the vehicle. You’ll need to drain all fuel or other hazardous materials and disconnect the battery.
  • Check your insurance needs, including medical, dental, and life insurance.
  • Be aware of customs duties and taxes in the county you’re going to. 
  • Get necessary immunizations based on the specific country you are relocating to.
  • Plan for storage of household items that will not be traveling with you.
  • Check and double-check restricted items that cannot be imported into the country. The last thing you want is to get held up at customs!
  • Learn the language, at least the basics, and culture of the country you are moving to. You can easily learn on apps like Duolingo and Babbel
  • Prepare your furry family for the journey if they’re going along. They may require certificates, and some countries require that animals coming into the country be quarantined for up to two weeks. PetRelocation is a company that’s expert at moving pets abroad and can help you out. 

Salaries In Africa

Salaries in Africa really vary depending on the country and job. But we can take a look at some figures so you can have a better gauge. 

  • The average monthly salary in Africa is approximately USD $796
  • The average annual salary is around USD $9,549.
  • Morocco and South Africa top the list with average monthly salaries of 29,300 Moroccan Dirham (USD $2,031) and 29,200 South African Rand (USD $2,026), respectively. 
  • Nigeria has the lowest salaries, with the lowest earners receiving a take-home pay of 26,000 Nigerian Naira (USD $68) per month.

Word to the wise –  always research the salary in the role and country you’re applying for so you get a fair deal. 

Get paid to move to africa

Living Costs In Africa

Living costs also vary depending on the specific country. So, how much is it to move to Africa?

Here are some averages to help you work it out:

  • If you live in a village and only go to the city sometimes, you might only need USD $500 – $1,000 per month 
  • If you live full-time in the city, you will need more, about USD $2,000-3,000.
  • Tunisia is the cheapest country to live in Africa due to its cost of living index of 25.43. The Tunisian government subsidizes basic food like bread and milk and even gives subsidies on petrol. 
  • Senegal has the highest cost of living in Africa. The cost of living index is 46.4. Just on basic expenses alone without rent, a family of four is estimated to have a monthly cost of USD $2,451.
  • In some countries, local markets offer fresh produce at lower prices than supermarkets. If you eat out, you could go from cheap street food to expensive high-end restaurants.
  • Public transportation is generally affordable in many African countries. If you drive, though, and own a car, the cost of owning and maintaining a car can be high due to the car maintenance and cost of petrol, unless you’re in Tunisia.
  • If you have children, the cost of education can be a significant part of your budget. International schools are generally expensive. While local schools are affordable, you’d need to consider if your little ones could assimilate into the culture – and don’t forget language barriers. 
  • In some countries, utilities such as electricity and water can be unreliable and additional costs may be incurred for things like generators or water filters.

So, what is the best place to live in Africa? It really depends on the kind of lifestyle you want and the work opportunities you are looking for. 

But to give you some ideas, people often recommend places like Cape Town in South Africa, Tunis in Tunisia, and Casablanca in Morocco. 

They highlight these cities for their quality of life, opportunities, and beautiful surroundings.

FAQs On Get Paid To Move To Africa

Which African Country Is Easy To Relocate To?

So, which African country is easy to relocate to? South Africa is.

It is fully industrialized and is home to Cape Town,  the continent’s most prosperous city. Because of its location, it’s got the privilege of being urban. 

How Can I Make Money In Africa?

Wondering, how can I make money in Africa? You could specialize in farming and sell farm produce as a wholesaler or distributor.

In Africa, you can earn a good income in the agriculture market as it’s a lucrative business. Farm produce like beans, millet, and rice are great ways to make money.

Why Relocate To Africa?

Why relocate to Africa? Well, the continent has a growing economy with plenty of entrepreneurial potential. There’s a need for skilled workers in specialized sectors, which creates job opportunities.

African countries also offer high-quality education, one of the benefits of moving to Africa. It’s because they have some of the best-rated universities in the world. 

African Countries That Pay You To Move There

Here are some African Countries that pay you to move there:

  • Ghana (Peace Corps) – Work on projects that aid African residents in Ghana and receive benefits and payment of $10,000 for your service.
  • Mauritius – Get paid to move to Mauritius and receive $440 to start a business on the island under the Mauritius SMP Partnership Fund.
  • Rwanda – Get paid to move and work in Rwanda under the Workers in Occupations on Demand Program.

What Are The Highest Paying Countries In Africa?

Here are the highest-paying countries in Africa:

  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Ghana
  • Tanzania
  • Mauritius
  • Namibia
  • South Africa
  • Zambia

Is It Cheap To Live In Africa?

Africa is a large and diverse continent, and it can be cheap to live in certain areas. Here are the cheapest countries in which to live in Africa.

  • Kenya 
  • Zambia
  • Tanzania
  • Morocco
  •  Rwanda
  • Nigeria
  • Uganda
  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Tunisia

How Much It Cost To Move To Africa?

Moving to Africa will cost you around $500-1,000 USD monthly. However, this is an estimated amount as there are many factors as to how much would it cost to move to Africa.

Some of the main factors you need to consider when relocating to Africa are where you are moving to, your lifestyle expectations, and the number of people in your household.

What Is the Safest African Country To Move To?

Mauritius is the safest African country to move to. The country ranked first as the most peaceful country in Sub-Saharan Africa and 23rd worldwide.

They are at the top of the list because the country has a low crime rate and a stable government.

The beautiful island and pleasant climate give more reason to move to Mauritius.

Which African Country Is It Easy To Get A Job?

South Africa is at the top of the list of African countries where it is easy to get a job. Its excellent policies make it easy for foreigners to get work visas and permits.

With a diverse and dynamic economy, South Africa has a wide range of job opportunities. 

How To Move To Africa With No Money?

One way you can move to Africa with no money is to apply for volunteer work.

Organizations like the Peace Corps provide health and housing benefits to its volunteers as well as payment when completing your service with them.

What Visa Do I Need To Work In South Africa?

A foreigner can obtain four types of Visa to work in South Africa which are:

  • General Work Visa – The most common work permit that allows you to work for a period not exceeding five years.
  • Critical Skills Work Visa – Intended for skilled workers with employment over 12 months.
  • Intra-company Transfer (ICT) Work Visa
  • Corporate Visa

How Much Bank Balance Is Required For A South Africa Visa?

R 3,500.00 ($186) per person is the financial requirement for a Visit Visa to South Africa. 

Even if you get paid work in Africa, you still need to meet the financial threshold for the visa criteria.

This requirement is to ensure that you have sufficient funds to support the entire duration of your stay.

How Long Can You Stay In Africa On A Visa?

You can stay in Africa for up to 90 days with a short-term Visitor Visa.

If you apply for a long-term Visitor Visa, you can stay for more than three months but not more than three years.

So, yes, you can get paid to move to Africa!

Now that you know how to get paid to move to Africa, are you ready for a new adventure? 

It’s time to start drafting those plans and prepare to immerse yourself in diverse cultures. 

The mind-blowing wildlife and stunning landscapes are waiting for you, promising an enriching life experience.

Plus, think of all the amazing stories you’ll have to tell! 

Which place in Africa are you most keen to make your new home? Drop a comment and let me know. 

And hey, if you think this could help a friend, don’t hold back—spread the word!

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