How To Make 200 Dollars Fast! (11 Really Weird Ways)

Do you need to know how to make 200 dollars fast?

Every time I hear about making extra money, I hear the usual ‘get another part-time job’ advice. But people are making SERIOUS money from these slightly weird and quirky methods of making extra cash!

The great thing about this is, because they are slightly odd and not many people know about them …. there is less competition for you to go ahead and try them now! #makethatmoneyquickfast!

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 How To Make 200 Dollars Fast

how to make 200 dollars fast by selling hair
How To Make 200 Dollars Fast By Selling Hair

1.Sell your hair

The hair and beauty industry is booming and people are willing to pay good money to walk around with luscious healthy hair extensions.

I mean, I always thought the Kardashian had fabulous hair, turns out they are all using fake hair extensions!

You can sell your hair on:

Tip– Another tip if you want to know how to make 200 dollars fast, most hair buyers prefer hair that is untreated and thick.

Also, it helps if you provide additional information on any supplements you have taken for your hair, how you washed and products used on it to keep it healthy.

It may help you demand a better price

2.Sell your Blood plasma

Plasma is a component of blood that can be used in treatments for serious illnesses. It is a clear straw-colored liquid that can be extracted from your blood.

The American Red Cross only lets you donate once every 28 days. Nevertheless, there are private centers that will let you donate up to twice in 7 days, with at least one day in between.

You can check with each center to ask how often you can safely donate.

Plasma can be used to treat people with autoimmune diseases, blood clotting disorders, and even burn victims. So you can earn and help people while you are at it!

You can make between $20-$50 per donation and it takes about an hour and a half to extract the plasma.

The below plasma centers will pay you :

*Disclaimer- Please read up on the side effects of donating and how often it is safe to donate plasma, beforehand.

how to make extra 200 dollars by renting friendship out
How to Make Extra 200 Dollars by Renting Your Friendship Out

3.Rent your friendship

This sounds bizarre but is an actual thing. is a website that allows you to rent local friends from all over the world.  People pay to have a friend to go to the movies or an event with, or even learn a new hobby or skill with someone.

To become a friend you just need to fill in an application form describing your personality.

Important to note- Services on are strictly for FRIENDSHIP purposes only. is NOT a dating website, and NOT an Escort agency.

4.Sell your notes

Recently, an Irish student made USD3,300 in selling his high school notes. That is one savvy student who knows how to make 200 dollars fast!

If you have neat handwriting or have typed your notes up, you can make extra cash from your studious efforts!

Speaking from personal experience, students are always willing to fork out money to ease the pain of studying and get better grades.

You can sell your notes on:

Note- Please check the requirements of each site, before you decide to gather all your notes ,as some may require you to be part of a course and want proof if it too. Save yourself time because time = money!

how to make 200 dollars fast by renting out extra space
How To Make 200 Dollars Fast By Renting Out Extra Space

5.Rent your space out

I know this works because I rented and paid for storage space in someone’s garage when I went traveling for a few months.

I have also rented and paid for residential car parking spaces when I visit big cities and don’t want to pay the exorbitant parking lot fees.

You can rent out your extra space on :

Note- You can also rent rooms in your home out and make decent decent money too.

6.Donate your sperm

Ok lads. If you want to know how to make $200 fast but also have a really good time…. this one is for you 🙂

If you are reading this, you can stop awkwardly looking at your shoes and the ceiling.

You can make use of your bodily juices (LOL) by donating your sperm to the below sperm banks.

The average donation payment is between $35-$125.

You are welcome 🙂

make extra $200 selling breast milk
Make Extra $200 Selling Breast Milk

7. Sell Your breast milk

I didn’t want to leave you ladies out, so you can also earn from your bodily juices by selling your breast milk!

If you are thinking I need money now free and fast, you can make use of your breast milk and sell it at:

8. Sell your poop

This sounds rank but is an actual thing and you can earn money in the name of science.

Open Biome is an organization trying to help people recover from an infection called C. difficile

You will be paid $40 per poop donation. It’s worth checking out the website to see if you are eligible.

Make Extra $200 Selling Boxes
Make Extra $200 Selling Boxes

9. Sell boxes

Have you ever bought a computer or bits of furniture and then either taken them to the recycling center or thrown them away?

Stop right there!

You can get paid for your boxes and containers on the below websites!


10. Become a mock (pretend) jury

Attorneys need to prepare for upcoming cases and also need feedback on their cases when they prepare for trial.

That’s where you come in.

You take part in a mock jury and listen to audiotapes, read case materials and give feedback about the case.

You can apply to be a mock juror at any of these websites.

make extra $200 exercising
Make Extra $200 Exercising

11-Get paid to exercise  

Some companies will pay you to exercise.

Sweatcoin will pay you to walk. You earn Sweatcoins for every step you take which can be used to buy fitness products.

HealthyWage and DietBet are two websites that provide fitness and weight loss challenges where you can win thousands of dollars.

It’s a win-win because you also lose weight and get fit while you earn money!

Earning extra cash doesn’t need to be difficult. With a bit of creativity, you can learn how to make 200 fast!


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