How To Make $200 Fast, With Your Extra Space

Learn how to make extra money on the side by using your spare space. You can make extra money fast, at home, on the side and earn cash as a stay at home mom. Fantastic side hustle, a great money making idea and you can payoff debt with the extra cash too! #makeextramoney #wfh #sidehustle

Do you want to know how to make $200 fast, with the extra space you have?

Maybe you have debt or maybe you just want some spare cash. Whatever it is, there are ways of earning money from the extra space around you right now!

What do you mean?

You can earn between USD200 to USD1,000 per month, renting your room/house out to paying guests.

I know this is possible as my mum often rents the spare bedrooms in our family house to earn an extra income and keep her busy.

She said that once all her lovely children (yap that’s me) left the nest, the house felt a bit empty. She wanted to keep a place for all of us to come back to when we visited, but also, a place she could host guests and earn a side income.

Mum has consistently been awarded more than a 9/10 for every year and was recently recognized as a Superhost’* on Airbnb. She is also always fully booked.

*The crème de la crème of hosts. Only the best hosts get awarded this 🙂

I asked her to share tips on getting started and how to succeed in getting consistently booked.

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How to make $200 fast with your extra space- 4 steps

  1. Get your house ready for paying guests
  2. Sign up to online rental platforms
  3. Create a kick-ass profile
  4. Tips to succeed and get consistently booked


  1. Get your house ready for paying guests

how to make $200 fast with your extra space and add little touches like pillows and plants

The first step of wanting to know how to make $200 fast from your extra space, is getting your house ready for paid guests.

This doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. The key is to keep it minimal and cost-effective.

Remove clutter and create warm clean spaces where your guests can relax.

Purchase new bedsheets and also, when in doubt, buy white sheets.

Invest in one or two key pieces that will add warmth and class to your house. It could be a pillow or even a plant, just one or two will do.

Note. Even a log will do. You see this log?

how to make $200 fast by adding little touches to your house

My mum made us haul this huge log, from a random beach, just so she could create an ambiance for her guests. #dedicated O_O

All guests love plants, so if you can create a little herb garden or have some plants in the back garden, it will enhance the living space and make your guests happy.

Many people worry that offering Airbnb means they have to cook breakfast for their guests.

Not at all.

Just provide simple breakfast ingredients like bread, fruit, jam, coffee, and tea, so they can help themselves and make their own breakfast.

how to make $200 fast with your space by offer bed and breakfast

Mum said she spent around $250 getting the entire house ready for paying guests.

She bought new bedsheets, duvets, and mirrors from Ikea. However, she made her money back within a month and began making a profit after.

Note- If you are looking for inspiration or need some advice on how to create a minimalist space that is comfortable and chic, for a low price, get in touch with my talented sister, Sarbira Preece.

how to make $200 fast by setting your rooms up to rent

She’s an interior designer that focuses on creating affordable luxurious spaces. Sarbira Preece provides online consultations for all her clients and creates a bespoke digital interior design scope for each client.

how to make extra money from your space using sarbira preeces online consultation

  1. Sign up to online rental platforms

The second step in wanting to know how to make $200 fast with your extra space is to sign up for online rental platforms.

There are three main platforms which are reputable and can be trusted, my mum uses them all.

She decided to go with these as she wanted a platform that she could trust and was also well known among travelers.

Airbnb takes a commission of 3%, but they will also charge your guests a service fee of around 13%. takes a commission of 15% whereas take a 10% commission.

  1. Create a kick-ass profile

Now, the only way you are going to learn how to make $200 fast from your extras pace and secure guest bookings, is if your profile is well written, has useful information and has amazing pictures of your property.

I can’t stress this enough.

Out family, the house isn’t situated right in the city center (which most tourists and guests prefer).

However, despite this, mum has managed to get bookings from people all around the world… because of her amazing profile.

How to make $200 fast with your extra space- Tips for an amazing profile

how to make $200 fast with your extra space

  • Take pictures that are bright and airy and enhance your house features.

Note – DO NOT lie about your house. It’s the fastest way to get kicked off the platforms and get a bad review.

  • Mention all the transport options near your house. It’s not that big of an issue if you live far from the city as long, as you mention the transport options for the guests to choose from.
  • Mention any positive selling points that a tourist would like.

For example, we are 5 mins drive from a new mall and there is a famous hiking spot with a waterfall near our house.

  • Mention anything a guest should be aware of.

For example, we have two chubby (or big-boned) cats. They are friendly and seem to think they are my mum’s favorite children because they probably are -_-.

All our guests love them. However, once we received one bad review from a guest and that was because she didn’t like cats. We now disclose it on the profile and actually, it is used as a selling point!

  • You can block off days you want to non-paying guests and family to visit, but if you want to earn an income fast, open them up on popular holidays like Christmas and New Year.
  1. How to make $200 fast with your extra space- Tips to succeed
  1. Good hygiene is non-negotiable

Always change the bedsheets and duvet covers and also, get a mattress and pillow hygiene protector too.

Before guests arrive, mum puts the air filter on and sprays the house with an air freshener.

She also sprays the beds with this lovely lavender scent she bought in NZ. She wants all her guests to be greeted with clean beautiful smelling sheets. Oh, mommy 😉

  1. WIFI and plug points

Make sure your WIFI is good. I have traveled to over 30 countries and nothing is more frustrating than bad WIFI. Grrr!

Invest in good WIFI and place the username and password in each guest room where its obvious and easy for the guests to see.

Also, it’s worth getting some plug extensions, you can get one for cheap. It allows you, guests, to charge up and use their electrical items, so they can connect with their families back home.

Trust me, a key part of knowing how to make $200 fast with your extra space, is to always enhance the experience for your guests. #goodreviews

  1. Water filter

If your home is in a country that needs filtered water, to save your guests having to constantly buy bottled water, you could have a water filter in your kitchen.

Every single guest has appreciated my mum installing a water filter. It is a nice touch that gives her glowing reviews.

  1. A table and bean bags

This is not essential but is nice to have. You can place them inside the rooms or in the common area.

The table allows travelers the option to work and use their laptop if they choose and also, beanbags will help them to relax and unwind.

how to make $200 fast with your extra space and offer a table

  1. Your garden can be your greatest asset

I already mentioned this above, but I will mention it again because more than 70% of our good reviews comment about our lovely plants and herbs.  You don’t need to make it complicated.

A few fuss-free herbs and plants will do. It will help your guests relax and de-stress on their holidays. Which is what we all need on our travels right?

how to make $200 fast with your extra space and have little herbs

  1. If you want to avoid the risk of non-payment, only accept card bookings

My mum said she only accepts credit /debit card booking for 2 reasons. 1- guests can’t check-in and do a runner without paying and 2- She said not everyone can be approved for a credit card so they must have some sort of financial good standing with the banks to be able to have a bank card.

It won’t guarantee you avoid the risk of non-payment, but it helps!

  1. Insect spray and anti-mosquito coils

Always provide insect spray if you live in a country with mosquitoes. There is nothing worse than uninvited guests with wings ruining your beautiful stay. It’s cheap and easy to provide bug spray, just do it.

  1. Fluffy towels and blankets

how to make $200 fast with your extra space and offer fluffy towels

If you want to know how to make $200 fast with your extra space, provide your guests with little snippets of luxury like fluffy towels and blankets.

Whether you live in a hot or cold country, its good practice to provide a light blanket for your guests in case they feel a little chilly.

Also, invest in decent fluffy towels. These are the little touches that will result in your guests leaving glowing reviews that will boost your profile and get more guests coming in droves.

  1. Give them their space

I mean this in two ways. You can be friendly and inviting with your guests but don’t be nosy. Let your guests do their own thing.

My mum always says she leaves it up to the guest to tell their life story if they want to. If they don’t, she doesn’t interrogate. She respects their privacy and I think it’s important.

Secondly, give your guests some space in the fridge to store any food they buy when they are outside. Sometimes guests may not want to eat out every night, so they can buy food and leave it in the fridge

Note. You don’t have to offer cooking facilities. It’s not a requirement, but you can if you want to.

  1. Earn extra a bit extra by offering meals

If you are determined to make as much as you can from your spare space, you could also offer to cook local meals for lunch and dinner for your guests, for an added piece.

This had been offered to me on travels when I booked into Airbnb’s and 9/10 times I have paid a bit extra so I could, 1- try the local cuisine, 2- It’s normally cheaper than eating out 3- sometimes I am too tired to eat out  4- I like to get to know my hosts and learn a new culture.

  1. How to interact with your guests

Part of knowing how to make how to make $200 fast from your extra space involves you being friendly, helpful, open, respectful but firm. Welcome your guests with open arms, but if they don’t reciprocate that respect, be firm.

You can write common rules such as no indoor smoking, quiet hours after 10 pm, switch off the lights when you leave, on the wall. If your guests come home rowdy in the early hours of the morning or smoke in the bedrooms, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask them to leave and report them.

They need to respect your house, the same way you respect them

  1. Hire a cleaner, once a fortnight

If you are getting frequent bookings, it’s worth hiring a cleaner once a fortnight to give the house a deep clean. It keeps the house nice and hygienic, without extensive effort you’re your side.

My mum does this as, she said she wants to enjoy the money she earns from her Airbnb, not spend her time cleaning the house! Fair enough 🙂


Questions you may have on how to make $200 fast from your extra space:


Is it safe?

Yes. Mum has been doing this over 2 years now and hasn’t had any bad incidents.

However, we can’t guarantee your safety and you need to check the profiles of people booking your house, ask some preliminary questions and go with your gut instinct.


What if my children or non-paying guests visit?

Just block your calendar out, so other guests can’t book your rooms.


Did you have any bad experiences?

Mum said she had an incident where the guests were really noisy after midnight.

She went to the room twice and politely asked them to keep the noise down, but they didn’t listen

The next day, she asked them to check out and reported them for bad behavior.

Part of learning how to make $200 fast from your extra space is knowing your limits and sticking to them. So you can make your house available to better guests.

What happens if you get a bad review?

Don’t worry, if you have done your best i.e. provided comfortable hygienic bedding and been helpful and friendly. Take any feedback as a learning experience.

Never get angry at the guest, reply to their bad review thanking them for their feedback and that you will try and improve.

However, if there is any false information in the comments, make sure you mention the truth.

For example, if they say the WIFI is bad, when actually, your WIFI is good, ensure you mention your WIFI speed and that most guests won’t experience that problem.

What happens if I can’t be at home when the guest checks in?

If you want to how to make $200 fast from your extra space but you aren’t at home.

Use a lockbox. A lockbox allows your guests to access the house keys from outside the house with a code.

You give a code to them once they have confirmed their booking and paid. Just make sure to lock all your valuables in one place and leave clear instructions for the guests if you aren’t there.

It also helps to be available via phone when they are checking in- just in case there are any issues.

Learning how to make $200 fast from your extra space, will help you earn is easy money from your house right now.

You can utilize the space you have and like my mum, take your self on holiday to Japan with the money you earn!

If you have any questions I haven’t addressed, mention them in the comments below!

Ps; If you want to rent my a room in my mum’s eclectic Airbnb with a Spanish garden and two chubby cats… click here 🙂 You are welcome!

Also, if you want to make money, one way of doing so is by saving some bucks on your rent and housing costs, therefore why don’t look for cheap housing alternatives? You could save money and have more to achieve your goals, if this sounds interesting to you, check my updated article:

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