can you sell manufactured goods on etsy

Can You Sell Manufactured Goods On Etsy?Here’s How! [2024]

Can you sell manufactured goods on Etsy?

I have good news for you. The answer is yes! 

I’m surprised, too! I used to wonder, “Is everything on Etsy handmade?”. My Google searches used to look like this:

Things I can sell on Etsy”

“Things to sell on Etsy ideas”

“Easy things to sell on Etsy”

I saw ideas like handmade jewelry, candles, slime, stickers, and so much more! I was beginning to worry because I wasn’t the best at crafting O_O

I am also really into Etsy these days, as I’m helping my sister grow her Etsy account. Here are some pictures of the store. While researching and testing what is effective for her account, I thought it would be helpful to share the details here with you so that you can also benefit and grow on Etsy!!

Can you sell manufactured goods on etsy

But after lots of research, let me tell you that Etsy does allow you to sell manufactured goods, as long as you adhere to their guidelines!

All you need to do is design your products and let your production partner manufacture your items while you’re off exploring the world. 

Can you sell manufactured goods on etsy
Me exploring the world funded by Etsy sales!

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Can you sell manufactured goods on etsy

Can You Sell Manufactured Goods On Etsy ?

The biggest question that brought you here: can you sell manufactured goods on Etsy?

The simple answer is yes. You can sell manufactured goods in the handmade category if you adhere to Etsy’s guidelines. 

As a designer, you will be coming up with the original design, sketch, template, pattern, prototype, or plan that will be manufactured by your production partner. 

Etsy does not consider simple customization as original designs. It includes selecting shapes and colors or picking from ready-made options. 

Essentially, without you and your designs, the products would not exist. You must be involved in designing if another business manufactures your product.

As mentioned above, you must be transparent about who your production partner is. You will have to include some information about them in your listings, such as:

1. The name and location of your production partners(s)

2. A description of the work that your production partner will complete for you

3. The nature of your partnership and design process. 

Your production partner must manufacture the items in their own facilities. You are not allowed to engage with an agent or contractor who outsources the work. 

Certain details of your production partner can be made private.

It means these details will only be available to selected Etsy employees. 

In fact, many sellers keep the details of their production partners private to prevent other unethical sellers from copying them. 

However, your production partner’s description and location will be available in your About section and relevant listings. 

Etsy may contact you for more information about your business, production partner, designing process, and more. 

Hence, you should always be transparent and honest about everything you disclose. 

What Is The Handmade Category On Etsy?

In the handmade category, there is a spectrum of sellers:

1. Makers

The makers are sellers who handmade their own products or used tools.

2. Designers

The designers are sellers who create original designs and work with a production partner who will manufacture the product.

3. The In-Between

Many sellers fall in the middle, as they both make and design their products. 

To sell in the handmade category, the listings in your Etsy shop must be made and/or designed by you as the seller. Reselling is strictly forbidden in the handmade category.

No matter which type of seller you are, you must be transparent on:

1. The way your items are being manufactured.

2. Who is the production partner helping you?

Can you sell manufactured goods on etsy

How To Stand Out From Other Etsy Sellers?

1. Cohesive Branding

Photography can be a tool to help you build a cohesive brand for your Etsy shop. It could mean using the same 4 to 6 backgrounds or surfaces for your product photos. 

Besides, stick to the same brand name, fonts, and colors across your social media and Etsy. This will make it easier for people to identify your brand, no matter which social platform you’re on!

2. Improve Your Photos

Imagine you’ve worked so hard to create or design your products, but your photos do not convey how awesome or useful they are to the shoppers. 

When you’re among millions of Etsy sellers, you have to step up your game. In this case, I’m talking about your product photos!

Can you sell manufactured goods on etsy

After all, first impressions do matter. To start things off, here are a few tips for you to start:

1. Excellent lighting is essential to take great photos of your products.

2. Look up free online courses or videos that teach you how to take product photos.

3. Use a clean background or surface to shift the focus on your product. 

4. Hire a photographer for the task, but this is totally optional!

5. Take some close-up shots of your products to show any important details.

6. Clean your camera lens!

As Etsy does not allow the use of stock photos for your listing, an Etsy seller needs to learn the best techniques to take excellent product photos that will draw the attention of potential buyers. 

As your items are manufactured by production partners, the photos of your listings should be either:

1. your finished product; or 

2. a photo supplied by your production partner that accurately captures the item your customer will receive. 

3. Learn SEO

Utilize SEO to your advantage! Your listing title and description should include the correct keywords related to your product and category. 

Thus, this will help the right buyers discover your products! More traffic means more clicks! It will increase your chances of more sales *ka-ching*

By the way, if you want to know how to find hundreds of low competition topics to get you thousands of visitors from Google. This will help!

You can finally master SEO once and for all and get that sweet (FREE) Google traffic for years. I went from getting 7,000 pageviews in a month to nearly 100,000 pageviews in 7 months, using these EXACT strategies!

Can you sell manufactured goods on etsy

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there are lots of tools out there to help you tackle SEO. Some of my absolute favorite Etsy SEO tools are Sale Samurai and Keysearch

Can you sell manufactured goods on etsy

4. Research Your Competition

Research what your competition is offering and not offering on Etsy. But remember, no one likes a copycat!

Notice what draws you to your competition. 

Is it the photos for their listings? Or is it the excellent customer service the reviews keep raving about?

What are a few things your competition isn’t offering?

Perhaps they aren’t offering a wide range of colors. Are their listing descriptions very vague, leaving you wanting more information?

Learn from the strengths and weaknesses of your competition and apply them to your Etsy shop and products.

Do your research every few months! You will notice what are the latest trends and keep you relevant among the listings. 

5. Improve Your Descriptions

Your listing descriptions could make or break a sale! At this point, shoppers are checking your listing descriptions to decide if they want to buy your products. 

Make sure your descriptions have everything your buyer might want to know! These could include:

1. Size and color options

2. Material information

3. How to use the product

4. Any washing/cleaning instructions

5. How to take care of the product

6. Dimensions of the product

Don’t forget to check out what others include in their descriptions. It’s not okay to be a copycat in Etsy (or anywhere actually!), but you can learn a few things from what others are doing right. 

6. Interesting Shop Names

Your Etsy shop name reflects your brand and business, which will influence the way potential buyers perceive your products. 

Aside from creating a catchy and interesting Etsy shop name to capture the attention of buyers, consider whether the name is also available on your other social media platforms. 

FAQs On Can You Sell Manufactured Goods On Etsy

What Items Cannot Be Sold On Etsy?

Wondering what items cannot be sold on Etsy? Etsy prohibited items, services, and other items that violate Etsy’s intellectual property policies cannot be sold on Etsy

An Etsy listing also should not be created to share a referral code, an ad, or anything similar that does not offer a digital or physical product for sale. 

Can You Sell Wholesale Items On Etsy?

So, can you sell wholesale items on Etsy? Yes, you can sell wholesale items on Etsy. 

Although Etsy Wholesale has shut down, you can still sell your wholesale items on Etsy. 

For those looking to venture into wholesale items on Etsy, I have a few tips for you: 

1. Utilize Your Tags

Add a “bulk order” or “wholesale” tag to the listing that you are offering at wholesale pricing. 

2. Add To Your FAQs

Mention that you accept bulk orders or offer wholesale pricing on your items in your FAQs. Don’t forget to provide your contact information for potential wholesale buyers to contact you!

3. Use A Private Listing

If a potential wholesale buyer contacts you for more information, you can create a private listing for that wholesale buyer only. 

Include all the details and policies related to your items and the wholesale pricing in the listing. The wholesale buyer can use the private listing to complete the transaction.

4. Create A Separate Listing For Wholesale Items

If you want more people to have access to your wholesale listings, create a different listing for wholesale items to prevent confusion. 

Be sure to include all the policies and information a wholesale buyer would need in the description. 

5. Offer A Coupon Code

To encourage your current wholesale buyers to purchase from you, offer them a special coupon code with a minimum order value. 

What Can I Sell On Etsy?

Are you wondering what you can sell on Etsy? There are lots of easy things to sell on Etsy, as long as you adhere to their sellers’ policies and guidelines!

Can you sell manufactured goods on etsy

1. Handmade Items

These items are physically made and/or custom-designed by you. You must use your photos in the listings, not stock photos. 

If you’re thinking about reselling on Etsy, keep in mind Etsy does not allow you to resell items in the handmade category where you (as the seller) were not involved in designing or making the items. 

2. Vintage Items

Items must be at least 20 years old to be considered vintage items. Collectible and vintage-style items are not allowed. 

3. Crafts Supplies

Etsy considers craft supplies as materials, tools, or ingredients that are used to create an item or used for special occasions. 

The nature of craft supplies can be vintage, handmade, or commercial. Party supplies can also be sold on Etsy as craft supplies. 

4. Digital Products

Buyers can purchase digital products from your shop and download the files. These files must also be made and/or designed by you as the seller. 

The files can be pre-designed or custom-made and delivered to the buyer after the purchase. 

Do Etsy Products Have To Be Handmade?

If you’re wondering whether all Etsy products have to be handmade, the answer is not all Etsy products have to be handmade

If designing is your forte, you can still sell the items you’ve designed. In other words, the items listed in your shop are unable to exist or be created without your designs. 

Etsy does not consider the following as an original design by the seller:

1. Picking from ready-made options

2. Simple customization (e.g. selecting shapes and colors)

As a designer, this would mean you require another business or outside assistance to help you produce the physical products. 

Your production partner must produce your items within their facilities and are not allowed to outsource the work to anyone else. 

You must also disclose information regarding your production partner in the listings and the way your products are made.

Can You Sell On Etsy If It’s Not Handmade?

Are you thinking whether you can sell on Etsy even if it’s not handmade?

Yes, you can sell non-handmade items on Etsy that are within Etsy’s rules for selling. 

Can you sell manufactured goods on etsy

1. Vintage Items

Items that are at least 20 years old are considered vintage items. Etsy may request more information about the vintage items listed in your shop. 

There are also a few reasons why an item cannot be verified as vintage. For example, an item that belonged to a relative who has been dead for over 20 years is not considered vintage.

There is a great Etsy article for you to refer to for more information on vintage items.  

2. Craft Supplies 

The primary purpose of craft supplies is to create an item or be used for a special occasion, which includes party supplies. It can be handmade, vintage, or commercial. 

One little tip is that “blanks” that are primarily for crafting can be sold as craft supplies, but “blank items” that can be used as it is are not considered craft supplies. 

If you want more information on which craft supplies can be sold, Etsy has an informative article for you to go through!

Does Etsy Sell Used Items?

Wondering whether Etsy sells used items? 

Etsy does sell used items under the vintage and craft supplies categories only. Your used items must be at least 20 years old if it’s under the vintage category.

Detail the accurate condition of the item. If there is any wear or tear, you must disclose it in your description and your product photos. 

Can You Sell Trademarked Items On Etsy

For anyone wondering whether you can sell trademarked items on Etsy, word on the street is you can’t sell trademarked items on Etsy if you don’t have permission to do so.

While many sellers might do so on Etsy, these get taken down eventually. You don’t want to be one of them!

A simple way to determine whether you can sell is to ask yourself whether you created the item, design, character, or concept. 

No? Create something original! You’ll definitely be safe 😉 

And there you have it! A guide to answer your question “Can you sell manufactured goods on Etsy?”

There is a world of possibilities out there for you to sell your manufactured goods on Etsy. 

It does take time to see that money rolling in, so be consistent with your effort, and don’t give up on your Etsy shop!

Keep in mind that while selling manufactured goods on Etsy is possible, don’t forget to adhere to Etsy’s seller policy

If you feel selling manufactured goods isn’t for you, I have a guide on how to sell digital downloads on Etsy for you!

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