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Get Paid To Move To Italy: 11 Cities You Can Explore

Exploring a move and wondering how you could get paid to move to Italy? There are 11 cities waiting to welcome you! 

Having cycled through Tuscany recently, I’m in love with everything Italian – the food, the nature, the lifestyle. 

In Italy, you live la dolce vita = a life full of events, beauty, and pleasures! 

If I wasn’t just settling down in another new country, Italy would definitely be on my list of places to live in. And why not, especially when you get paid to do it? 

So, let’s take a look at the 11 gorgeous places you can get paid to move to in Italy and see which works best for you! 

1. Candela

2. Bivona

3. Molise

4. Vetto

5. Presicce

6. Sardinia

7. Calabria

8. Petralia Soprana

9. Presicce-Acquarica

10. Santa Fiora

11. Mantua

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get paid to move to italy

What Each Location Offers

1. Candela

Candela, with its gorgeous medieval origins, is a village woven with a tangle of steep, endless climbs and narrow alleys. 

You’ll feel at peace here as it’s recognized as one of the safest small Italian villages, and this little gem only has 2,000 inhabitants.

But the beautiful village has tons of potential and is welcoming you to get paid to live in Italy.

The requirements? Make Candela your home, secure a rental, and land a job with a minimum annual salary of €7,500 (USD $8,242).

Here’s the deal:

  • Candela offers single people €800 (USD $879), couples €1,300 (USD $1,428), and families with children €2,000 (USD $2,198).
  • You will also be eligible for future tax credits on nurseries, bills, and city waste disposal.

2. Bovina

Another town offering  €1 (USD $1.10) homes, Bivona has a dwindling population of fewer than 4,000 residents.

It’s a scenic place situated in the province of Agrigento, Sicily. But, people leave to find opportunities in bigger cities or overseas.

When you buy €1 (USD $1.10) home, you are given three years to complete the necessary renovations, and you must live there during that period.

In addition to the home scheme, Bivona also offers incentives such as tax breaks and renovation bonuses on a case-to-case basis. 

Get paid to move to Italy
Photo by Gabriel Kiener

3. Molise

In an initiative started in September 2020, Molise has been inviting people to move to Italy and get paid. 

Molise is a mountainous region lying east of Rome that typically only attracts a few tourists due to the perception of having little to do. 

However, if you cherish tranquility and natural beauty, Molise could be your paradise. 

It offers a unique blend of sea, lakes, forests, and mountains, complete with ample slopes for skiing.

Molise has been paying €700 (USD $769) a month for up to three years to those who choose to settle in villages with fewer than 2,000 residents and open a business. 

This initiative is not just a financial incentive but an opportunity to breathe life into the area and exploit the untapped resources of the region.

Here’s what you need to qualify:

  • You must be between 18 and 40 years old and a resident of Italy or the EU (or have the capacity to become one).
  • You need to move from a place with more than 2,000 residents (so you don’t depopulate another place in turn)
Get paid to move to Italy
Photo by Mark Soetebier

4. Vetto

Imagine becoming a homeowner in Italy for the price of an espresso! 

The small village of Vetto in the Emilia Romagna region is auctioning off some homes starting at €1 (USD $1.10). 

The town itself is eager to welcome newcomers and is willing to expedite the necessary paperwork to get the projects underway.

5. Presicce

Presicce, a picturesque town in Puglia, plans to offer a hefty sum of €30,000 (USD $32,988) to new residents in 2023.

Presicce is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Salento area, right in the heel of Italy’s boot. 

You’d be a stone’s throw away from the powdery beaches and clear turquoise waters of Santa Maria di Leuca. 

The fine print?

  • This money is specifically for purchasing a house there built before 1991.
  • You’ll need to register as a settled resident officially.

Bonus perk: the town officials also offer a sweet €1,000 (USD $1,099) grant for every new baby you have there.

Also: The houses involved in the deal are incredibly affordable, priced from around €25,000 (USD $27,490). 

The program’s specifics are still being finalized, and applications will be available on the local town hall’s website in due course.

Get paid to move to italy
Photo by Matteo Basile

6. Sardinia

Now here’s an opportunity to move to the second-largest island in the Mediterranean. 

Sardinia is known for its sandy beaches, clear blue skies, and vibrant turquoise waters. 

For some reason, there are not that many people in this beautiful place. 

To address the decreasing rural populations, Sardinia’s government has established an attractive relocation grant program offering new residents up to €15,000 (USD $16,494).

To qualify for the grant, you’ll need to:

  • Relocate to a Sardinian municipality with fewer than 3,000 residents.
  • Use the grant money for purchasing or renovating a home.
  • The grant can be at most 50% of the total house or renovation cost.
  • Register for permanent residency in Sardinia within 18 months of arrival.
  • The new property must be your primary residence.
Get paid to move to italy
Photo by Ivan Ragozin 

7. Calabria

How about moving to a peaceful village at the very tip of Italy, with less than 2,000 residents? 

Calabria offers a relocation grant of up to €28,000 (USD $30,788) spread over three years. The idea is to help small, quiet villages increase their population.  

Nine village towns in Calabria, Italy, including Albiona and Santa Severina, have joined the program.

To benefit from the get paid to move to Calabria, Italy program:

  • You must be younger than 40 years.
  • Commit to living there full-time.
  • Commit to either starting a new business or working within a specific profession in demand.
  • Relocate within 90 days if approved.

According to the program website, there’s around USD $755,000 in funding available to help new residents start hotels, restaurants, and other tourism businesses.

Now let’s take a further look at the 2 named participating villages:

1. Albidona, Calabria 

This Calabria village is located about 7 miles from the Ionian Sea and just 11 miles from the great mountains of Pollino National Park

If you love both the beach and the mountains, Albidona could be perfect for you. 

What’s more, it’s one of the places where you can buy a property for only €1 (USD $1.10).

2. Santa Severina, Calabria

Santa Severina sits on a rocky cliff with palm trees and river views.  Hills surround the town, and the Neto River runs through it for about 6 miles. 

Santa Severina retains buildings from the Norman period and the Byzantine Empire, making it a great place for those interested in history and architecture.

8. Petralia Soprana

Petralia Soprana in Sicily once offered cash incentives of up to €5,000 (USD $5,498) to new residents.

This charming town, located southeast of the capital Palermo, has a population of 2,992 and over 50 uninhabited houses.

Participants were required to purchase and, if necessary, restore a property in the municipality.

However, please note that the offer expired on 10 May 2023. If you’re still interested to get paid to move to Sicily, you can check directly with the local council. 

9. Presicce-Acquarica

Presicce-Acquarica, in the Puglia region, is a municipality consisting of two towns – Presicce and Acquarica del Capo. 

They are surrounded by beautiful countryside and olive groves.

Presicce-Acquarica is offering you up to €30,000 (USD $32,988) to relocate there. 

The program will cover 50 percent of the costs of purchasing a home, including any renovations that will add up to €30,000 (USD $32,988).


  • Must be used to purchase and renovate an uninhabited, pre-1991 property in the area.
  • Individuals or families must move their official residency to the town.

Bonus: You get an additional €1,000 (USD $1,099) for every baby born there.

The exact details of the scheme are being finalized, and applications will open on the local town hall’s website later this year.

10. Santa Fiora

Santa Fiora, a medieval village in southern Tuscany, is opening its doors to foreign residents, particularly digital nomads.

They’ve even upgraded to high-speed internet and are creating working areas throughout their town. 

Incentives include:

  • Up to €200 (USD $219) or 50% of total rent for two to six months for remote workers.
  • Up to €30,000 (USD $32,988) to those who open a bed and breakfast or renovate an old building into a hotel.
  • €1,500 (USD $1,649) for each baby born after becoming a resident.


  • Must prove that you have a remote job.
  • Must provide you are working as an independent contractor or online consultant if you already retire or are receiving a pension.
Get paid to move to Italy
Photo by Pixabay

11. Mantua

Mantua, a city located in Italy’s Lombardy region, recently rolled out a new incentive program.

This effort aims to promote the renovation of many vacant houses in Mantua and attract new residents. 

With several companies investing in Mantua, even big names like Adidas and Corneliani, the job prospects in the coming years are promising. 

As part of this scheme, the local council offered 100 newcomers a monthly contribution of €150 (USD $164) for a year. 

Here’s a quick overview of the program:

– Applicants should earn a monthly salary between €1,200 and €1,500 (USD $1,319 and $1,649).

– Participants must commit to a rental contract of at least 1 year.

The specific application details were to be released soon, providing an exciting opportunity to make Mantua your new home.

Italy’s Incentives To Attract New Residents

So we’ve taken a look at all the options for Italian towns paying you to move there. 

Now, want to get paid to live in Italy or are wondering how to move to Italy with no money? How did all this begin with the incentives you wonder?

It all started in ​2017 when Candela, a beautiful town in Italy’s Puglia region, launched an initiative. 

They began offering up to €2,000 (USD $2,198) to entice people to move to Candela, Italy, a town with less than 2,000 inhabitants. 

The best part? This initiative allows you to move to Italy and get paid! 

And even better, many other Italian towns have followed suit, although the offers are all for a limited time. Well, no time like the present, right? 

If you’re contemplating whether you can get paid to move to Italy from the USA, it’s entirely possible. However, the visa application process still stands as a crucial step. 

Don’t fret, I’ll delve into that soon, not just for the USA but for people from all around the globe.

Immigration And Eligibility Requirements

Getting to Italy and settling in involves a few crucial steps. Here’s a simple breakdown of the process:

1. Getting A Visa

Depending on where you’re from, the visa rules may vary. 

For most non-European Union residents, you can stay in Italy for up to 90 days on a tourist visa. If you plan to stay longer, you’ll need to apply for a “long-stay” visa. 

You can start this process by contacting your local Italian embassy or consulate and scheduling an appointment for a visa.

2. Paperwork

Before your appointment, make sure to complete all the required forms and collate the necessary documents specific to your visa type. 

The requirements may also vary from country to country, and Italian authorities reserve the right to ask you for any additional documents as they see fit.

There are still a standard set of documents everyone has to have. The standard requirements for an Italy visa are as follows:

  • Civil status documents
  • Copies of previous visas
  • Cover letter
  • Documents based on employment status
  • Italian visa application form
  • Pictures
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of sufficient financial means
  • Proof of travel
  • Travel insurance
  • Valid passport/travel document
  • Visa fees
  • Any additional documents for minors
  • Any additional documents based on the purpose of entry.

3. Permesso di Soggiorno (Permit of Stay)

Upon arriving in Italy, all non-EU citizens who wish to reside in Italy must apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno (Permit of Stay). 

You can request this at any Italian National Post Office.

Remember, this is a general guideline and might vary based on your circumstances. 

Before you start shopping for sundresses and leather sandals, do double-check the requirements with the official consulate or immigration websites.

How To Earn A Living In Italy

Once you’ve settled into your charming Italian village, you need to hold down a job. 

Lucky for you, these towns are often searching for new skills and services, so there will be plenty of job opportunities for new residents, a.k.a you. 

Here are some options you can consider:

  • Tour / Cultural guide – Share the beauty and history of your new home with tourists as a guide.
  • Tourist informant – Help tourists navigate around the area and give them local insights. 
  • Cleaner – Work in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in hotels and other establishments.
  • Generic maintenance technician – Provide repair and maintenance services to local businesses and residences.
  • Drugstore shop operator
  • Selling local food products and their marketing
  • Setting up a new hotel – Start a hospitality business to further boost the economic growth of your new home 
  • Digital nomads – Armed with a stable internet connection, you can work from anywhere.

FAQs Get Paid To Move To Italy

Which Italian Town Is Paying $25000 To Anyone Willing To Move There?

So, which Italian town is paying $25,000 to anyone willing to move there? Presicce is grappling with a surplus of abandoned homes due to people moving. They give you a $30,000 incentive to move there, which you can use to buy the homes. They typically cost $25,000 though they may need renovations.

What Cities In Italy Are Giving Money To People To Move In?

Well, what cities in Italy are giving money to people to move in? Santo Stefano di Sessanio, located in Abruzzo region, was offering $52,5000 for people to move and work there in 2021. If you work remotely, the village of Santa Fiora in Tuscany was offering 50% of your rent paid. 

Will Italy Pay You $15000 To Move To Sardinia?

Wondering, “will Italy pay you $15000 to move to Sardinia”? The government of Sardinia, Italy, is prepared to pay people €15,000 each (about $14,767) to move to the Mediterranean island. They’ve set aside €45 million (USD $49 million) to subsidize 3,000 grants of up to $15,000 each.

Which Island In Italy Is Paying To Move There?

Which island in Italy is paying to move there? Sardinia is. The sizable island off the coast of Italy is offering people €15,000 (USD $16,472) to move there. The new initiative is aimed to boost residential numbers in response to their shrinking population. 

And there we are, 11 awesome places where you can get paid to move to in Italy.

With such programs, Italy conveys a strong message to the world: Italy will pay you to live there. 

The country is ready to reward those willing to participate in reviving its underpopulated regions and enriching its vibrant culture.

Are you already imagining yourself in the “Little Naples” which is Candela? 

Or maybe exploring the medieval town of Santo Stefano Di Sessanio? 

Or perhaps you’d prefer the mix of history and nature within Molise. 

Or enjoy the paradise that is Vettor. 

Not forgetting, the old-world charm of Presicce…or any other of the small cities in Italy.

Let me know in the comments which place you’ve got your heart set on! 

If you’ve got friends and family who would love to get paid to move to Italy, share this article with them!

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