Get paid to take pictures of houses

23 Ways To Get Paid To Take Pictures Of Houses!

I’ve got to know that you can  get paid to take pictures of houses! Would you like to know how? 

Yes I’m not even kidding! Taking pictures of houses is not commonly heard of, and now you can easily earn from it! 

Make it a side hustle or make it your full-time job by providing photos of houses, renovations or even stock photos for platforms. 

Real estate photography is a niche that most photographers are not interested in, and getting into this niche brings real benefits as not a lot of people are in it. 

I’ll share with you all the best platforms I’ve looked into that enable you to get paid to take pictures of houses. 

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Maybe you’re struggling to pay rent or want to make some extra cash to buy a gift for your loved ones. I know how difficult it is when the funds are tight.

Here’s the list of the platforms you can get paid to take pictures of houses: 

Get paid to take pictures of houses

Affiliate Link Disclosure

Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. I hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

1. Get Paid To Take Pictures Of HousesWebsites Looking For Pictures Of Houses

Some websites are on the lookout for people who can take photographs of houses for them! This is also to widen their list of houses they have for their clientele.

Get paid to take pictures of houses

Do you have spare time in the day to be driving around to take pictures? If you do, then great news! You can get paid simply by taking a picture of a house! 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a good DSLR yet, you can easily take one using your smartphone using the DealMachine app. 

So, how does DealMachine work? It works like a property inspections job. 

All you need to do is take a picture of a distressed or run-down and send the picture with the address with it.

Simple right? 

Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can do this while you’re driving, cycling, walking, or even running around the neighborhood.

Earn some money today and get paid to take pictures of houses near me! Sign up for free

Fergmar works very similar to how DealMachine works. Get paid to take pictures of houses that are in need of repair and send it to Fergmar! 

If you’re always on the go, driving around town and going into towns, this is perfect! The payout from Fergmar is pretty good too! 

For every house that Fergmar buys from your submitted pictures creates a stacking payout. Here’s the payout list:

1st Purchase: $500

2nd Purchase: $1000 

3rd Purchase: $2000 

4th Purchase: $4000 

And for every purchase after that it’s an additional $4,000 each! Of course this scheme resets on a yearly basis.

I say it’s considered a pretty good deal just for taking pictures of houses. Sign up on Fergmar today

‘Photos on Demand’ is ProxyPics tagline, and this platform is exactly that. 

You get assignments based on the neighborhood you’re in and you will need to complete the assignment in 24 hours. 

You’ll even be rewarded if you are told to do the same trip twice, compensating for the time and effort you have done the first time around. 

What users particularly love about using this app is how easy it is to use and how great the customer service is! 

How is ProxyPics different from other platforms? Is it legal to take pictures of houses for ProxyPics? It is on ProxyPics! 

ProxxyPics has developed an app for their photographers to be able to take still photos, View360 photos and floor plan using their mobile app. 

All you need is your smartphone to get you started. Ready to make money for taking pictures? Register and take pictures for their clients today. 

I highly recommend this app as it has a 4.8 out of 5 rating on the Apple Store.

2. Get Paid To Take Pictures Of HousesApps that Pay For Photos

Start selling your real estate photography to apps that pay for your images! Here are some apps that you can sell your photos to. 

EyeEm is one of the platforms that is popular to sell your images too. 

In EyeEm you can easily sell your pictures at their marketplace directly to EyeEm as imagery whilst also giving you the option of keeping your copyright. 

When you register as a contributor under EyeEm you can sell your work and even get the chance to be hired for a shot! 

How to real estate photographers get paid? Submit your pictures as a contributor and let your images be sold to multiple buyers. 

You’ll be able to earn money every time. Market your work out there to get a better chance to be hired for a shot too.

When people see your photos a lot, they’ll be more inclined to contact you as a photographer. 

It’s also good to note that EyeEm partners with one of the leading’s photo agencies in the world and that your work is seen by more buyers.

Open up your account and start becoming a contributor today. 

Ready to make money from taking pictures? Foap is another platform for you to get paid to take houses app to earn a high percentage of commission. 

What’s great about Foap is that it’s not only limited to the iOS application but you can also upload your pictures on Foap’s Android application.

To earn money simply upload the pictures on their marketplace and sell! The commission rate on Foap is 50% higher compared to Shutterstock too! 

To earn more, you can participate in a mission on the platform that is theme-focused. It’s announced regularly, so keep an eye out to join! 

The rewards are highly greater than the normal ones so I suggest signing up for the missions as well. 

Earn from your passion and start earning today. 

Snapped4U is another great platform for you to sell pictures. Though it’s not entirely based on real estate, Snapped4U is looking for event pictures! 

Do you have pictures of weddings or anniversaries that are happening in homes? Upload them here and get paid for them! 

Snapped4U also takes portrait photos happening at events too! Earn up to $20 per photo, with a maximum file of 8MB per picture. 

When you first register they’ll be a one-time fee of $10 that is non-refundable. Don’t worry as you’ll easily earn the money back once you start selling! 

Snapped4U has a sales commission that is not high as well, as they only charge $0.50 or 10% of the photo you sell. 

Start selling your pictures today. 

Snapwire is another platform that you can earn by taking pictures. Though it works slightly differently from all the other platforms. 

On Snapwire, you’ll need to apply for briefs that are being posted by individuals or companies that are looking for specific images. 

It can be pictures of animals, plants, birds and they are ready to pay for you to take the pictures! 

The catch? Snapwire still charges 10% of the sales you make when you close the deal, but the rest is your earnings to keep! 

There is no registration fee, and you’ll be able to get paid for the work you do! 

Pretty similar to DealMachine and Fregmar, OnSource photo inspection lets you have the inspector vibe, and you get paid to take photos of foreclosed homes. 

Get paid to take pictures of houses

You get to become an Onsource inspector as you’ll be hired to take pictures while also checking the current housing condition. 

Some of the assignments on Onsource online include taking pictures of vehicle accidents, videos of vehicles, and even foreclosure of property. 

For each completed inspection, you’ll be paid $18 and you’ll be compensated $0.65 for each mile after you’ve driven 20 miles. 

Currently the only way to download the app is through an Android Package Kit (APK), so I do suggest that you might want to try other platforms before trying OnSource. 

3. Get Paid To Take Pictures Of HousesStock Photo Sites That Buy Photos 

Do you know that you can sell your pictures to stock photo sites? I’m one of those that always downloads photos from these applications. 

Why don’t you start selling on these stock photo platforms, too? 

You can start selling your photos to Adobe Stock, it’s considered one of the best websites to sell as you can get lots of exposure from the platform itself. 

A lot of people are using Adobe Stock as it’s part of Adobe Creative Cloud. 

In Adobe Stock, they’ve set up a marketplace for people like you to sell not only images but videos, too. 

Do you have any drone footage? You can even sell directly using Adobe software. What’s great about Adobe Stock is that it doesn’t limit you to selling only still photos. 

There’s not even a registration fee that you need to pay when you register with Adobe Stock! Register for free. 

Don’t worry about your rights of work too, when you sign up with Adobe you automatically enter a non-exclusive partnership! 

You’ll be paid a 33% royalty every time you sell an image with Adobe! Want to be part of Adobe? Sign up here to become a contributor.

500XPrime is not just a platform for you to sell photos, it is also a community where you can grow as a photographer. 

Learn from other community members and receive valuable feedback when you upload photos to your portfolio. 

It’s a great place to build connections with other photographers as well. From there, you’ll be able to build your career and be hired as a photographer. 

You can showcase your wins, articles, videos, and websites when you create a portfolio on 500XPrime. 

What I particularly love about this platform is that you’ll also be able to track your performance with statistics and pulse and how you rank with the other photographers. 

From a small fee of $3.99 per month you’ll be entitled to upload unlimited photos you can sell on the platform. 

Other than earning from the profit that you make on 500XPrime, you can also join in quest from the platform. 

Quests are special challenges for photographers on specific requirements and the best pictures win rewards in cash form. 

Register yourself to be part of the community. 

Now, here’s a platform that I’m sure everyone knows: Shutterstock. It is hands down one of the best stock photo websites. 

Downloading photos from Shutterstock isn’t free, but because the imagery is so good, people are willing to pay to be able to download these photos. 

They’ve been operating for more than 15 years and have paid more than $1 billion to their contributors. You can be part of that percentage, too! 

How do you start? Simply register, and you can start selling within seconds! You can earn from a range of 15% to 40% from the amount the buyer pays. 

You can even earn more by referring more contributors to join the platform or from customers who buy photos from Shutterstock. 

Get paid to take pictures of houses

What I personally love about the platform is that they have a Shutterstock app where you’ll be able to upload and submit pictures directly from your smartphone. 

You can personalize your portfolio and track how much you’ve earned from Shutterstock using their easy-to-use tools. 

Join Shutterstock and start uploading your pictures. 

Bigstock is another stock photo platform that you’re able to sell your photos to. There are no qualms when registering with Bigstock as a contributor. 

After you sign up, you’ll need to complete the Contributor tutorial and a short test. The test is just to ensure your understanding of what type of photos Bigstock is looking for. 

Bigstock is looking for colorful, exposed, and professionally composed pictures. If monochrome is the type of photo you take, I suggest picking out another platform. 

When you’ve finished the tutorial, you’ll be able to upload your images for sale.

As a new contributor, you’ll only be able to upload 10 images to be sold and the photos will then be reviewed by Bigstock. 

Eventually, your approval rates increase, and you’ll be able to upload more photos to be sold. However, if your approval rates drop, then the images you can upload also drop. 

Don’t be disheartened by this. Look at it as a challenge to upkeep the company’s standard. 

iStock and Getty Images are popular companies that people seek photos on. This is one of the platforms that accepts not only photos but also illustrations and videos. 

It gives you a wider range of ways to earn money and you’ll be able to earn from the range of 15% to 45%. 

The range depends on the amount of photos or videos you’re able to sell. The rate is relatively lower than the other platforms but the exposure rate is much higher. 

Your photos can be purchased for social media, websites, books, billboards, TV ads and so much more! 

Start to apply as a contributor and follow the guidelines to submit your first photo. 

Once your submission has been approved you can start earning from one of the largest stock photography websites. 

Another great platform, Alamy provides more than 300 million stock photos, vectors, videos, and 360° panoramic images.

Alamy welcomes anyone from an eager hobbyist, a graphic designer or a professional photographer looking for a place to boost his revenue, they want you. 

What I find great about Alamy is that it’s one of the highest-paid commissions there is for students! You’ll be able to earn 100%! No sales commission is being taken! 

If you’re not a student you’ll still be able to earn up to 50% commission for each time your photo is being used. 

Stand a chance to see your photos being bought up globally from newspapers, books, TV shows and even websites! 

Become a contributor today. 

Pexels is slightly different from the other platforms out there. 

Pexels is still a platform where you’ll be able to share stock photos, but you won’t be paid directly for the photos that you share. 

You will be credited for the photos that are being downloaded by people, and in certain circumstances; recognition holds more value than money. 

However, you can still earn side incomes when you join in challenges and earn up to $2000 worth of cash and prizes. 

Be sure to join in their newsletter to always be updated on the challenges that they hold. 

To reach a wider audience, you can also become a partner with Pexels, building your own brand for yourself. 

Ready to be part of the team? Upload your photos today on Pexels. 

Envato Elements is not like the rest of the platforms where you sign up to become a contributor. 

On Envato, to get paid for taking pictures, you sign up to become an affiliate. There are 3 affiliate programs on Envato that you’re able to earn from. 

1. Envato Elements – The Unlimited Creative Subscription 

The unlimited creative subscription is a program where users can have unlimited downloads and a low cost. 

They can download videos, audio, and even web images. 

You earn a commission rate of up to $120 for annual subscribers and up to $60 for monthly subscribers. 

That means if you can refer to 1 annual subscription per day, you can earn up to $3,600 per month! 

2. Placeit logo – Instant Mockup, Design & Video Maker 

Placeit is a simple DIY design tool that easily helps create beautiful designs, logos, and mockups for users. 

You can earn $50 on new subscriptions and 50% on one-time users that buy Placeit. To earn $3,600 you just need to refer to 2 annual subscriptions per day. 

3. Envato Market – The world’s largest creative marketplace 

Envato Market is a place where buyers can buy a whole range of items from WordPress Themes. 

On each first purchase done by your referral, you’ll be able to get 30% off. You can easily earn $4,500 simply by referring 10 new WordPress customers every day. 

Would you like to be a contributor for DepositPhotos? Anyone from an amateur photographer to a professional photographer can sign up to be a contributor. 

All they need is your passion and your fire to be able to contribute photos and provide variety on their platform. 

The first 6 months will be tough, but after that, you’ll finally be able to get a stable income from DepositPhotos. 

Earn as low as $0.25 and as high as $33.82 per picture based on the level of contributor you are in DepositPhotos. The more you sell, the higher you rank. 

You can earn more if you have videos to upload. Earn a range of $3.83 – $64.22 per video that is being downloaded. 

For additional income, join the contest that’s being announced to earn rewards and exposure to the community! 

Become a contributor on DepositPhotos today.  

Another great platform you can sell your photos to is Dreamstime. Anyone can be part of their contributors and registering with Dreamstime is free. 

Once you register and go through a short test, you’ll be able to start selling! 

For each time your photos are being purchased, you’ll receive a 25-50% Revenue Share. Revenue shares are calculated on the net amount of purchase. 

For exclusive files, you’ll be able to receive a 10% additional bonus. On the other hand, exclusive contributors benefit from a 60% Revenue Share on all the sales. 

You can easily withdraw your earnings to your bank once your account in Dreamstime reaches a minimum of $100

The more your files are being downloaded, your contributor ranks higher and the picture price is being sold higher, too. To start earning, sign up here for free.

4. Get Paid To Take Pictures Of HousesPhotos That Turns Into Merchandise

Have you ever wondered if the picture you took would look nice on a printed shirt or a printed cup? 

Wonder no more as you’ll be able to do just that! Take your pictures and transform them into merchandise! 

Etsy is widely known as the biggest online marketplace. A lot of sellers sell handmade goods, printed digitals and photos as well. 

Get paid to take pictures of houses

This is where you can turn your photos into something tangible; put it on a mug, T-shirt, or tumbler! 

How cool would it be to have a haunted house printed on a T-shirt right? On Etsy, you can set up your personalized online shop and start selling your photos! 

A lot of people make side incomes from the Etsy marketplace. There is a charge of $0.20 fee when you list your items for sale. 

For sales commission, Etsy charges a 5% fee and processing fee of $0.25 and 3%. 

Start selling on Etsy! Need extra help on working out Etsy? Here are a few courses that I personally love and have tried. 

MiPic offers convenience at its fingertips, and that’s what I truly like about it. If you’re the type to take photographs directly from your smartphone, then even better! 

It would scan your picture gallery from the phone and show only the resolutions that are good enough to be printed well. 

The next thing you need to do is take pictures and sell them! MiPic handles everything else, like promotion, printing, and shipping! 

Customer service? Don’t need to worry about that either! The team from MiPic will handle it. 

For convenience, you earn up to 20% of the sales cut. Not too bad if you ask me, since they take all the hassle away from you. 

However, MiPic is currently only available for desktop devices and iPhone users only. 

Start your MiPic journey here

5. Get Paid To Take Pictures Of HousesFreelance Jobs As Photographers

Need to find a platform to get real estate photograph jobs? Here are some platforms that offer some side jobs. 

Fiver is an online platform where you’ll be able to get services or sell services. Need to find a gig? Look for one on Fiverr. 

How do you become a seller on Fiverr? First, set up your account for free, set up your gig, and then start offering your work to the audience! 

When a buyer decides to book you for your photography service, you’ll be notified, and you’ll be paid immediately for the work you’re about to do! 

What I like about Fiverr is that you’re able to set your worth. Try our Fiverr today! Who knows, you might get a side gig tomorrow.

Scoopshot is a place exclusively for photographers! It’s great for freelance photographers and beginner photographers that need exposure. 

You can even get paid to take pictures for insurance companies if insurance companies are on the lookout on the platform! 

The service is completely free and all you need to do is just sign up and enlist your work! 

You’ll be able to receive an assignment based on your location. Once you receive a notification it’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to accept the offer. 

For buyers, you’ll be able to look for local and professional photographers that fit your exact needs.

The platform gives you the opportunity to filter and choose the type of photographer you want for your event. 

Start your freelance job

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FAQs on Get Paid To Take Pictures Of Houses

Can I Make Money From Taking Pictures?

If you’re wondering can I make money from taking pictures the answer is your best bet would be getting into freelance photography. If you want to transform your photography career get into a niche like property or housing and build a following and a client base to get yourself the exposure you need.

Where Can I Post My Pictures And Get Paid? 

Selling photos online on some of the popular places include: 

1. Alamy 

2. 500px 

3. Shutterstock 

4. Getty Images 

5. Stocksy 

6. Etsy 

7. Dreamstime 

8. Snapped4U 

9. Foap 

10. Your own website 

Can I Get Paid For Taking Photos?

If you’re wondering can I get paid for taking photos then the answer to that question is yes you can and the easiest way to get paid for taking photographs is by uploading and selling them on stock photo sites. When a buyer selects your picture to be downloaded they will need to pay a small fee, and you’ll earn a percentage.

Getting paid to take pictures of houses is a great way to earn extra income for the household! 

The pay may not be as big when you first try out but it will definitely be better once you’ve got a portfolio up and running. 

I hope these platforms I’ve listed out for you give you the push to try out this niche. 

I’m always amazed by the pictures of houses and renovations I see when I browse the internet. 

If you’ve tried any of the platforms to get paid to take pictures of houses, please do give me a comment below!

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