Get paid to play minecraft

13 Ways to Get Paid To Play Minecraft!

Playing Minecraft is fun but imagine if you can get paid to play Minecraft and turn your passion into a lucrative income?

Yes, that’s right! It is possible to turn this dream into a reality and get paid to play Minecraft from home!

With the current 180 million active players, there is a high potential to get paid to play Minecraft by acquiring the demands and needs of Minecraft gamers. 

You can earn some serious income from playing Minecraft. Just take a look at the top-earning player in Minecraft in 2023 – player ID Sapnap has earned over $123,000 just from tournaments! 

Are you ready to become a paid gamer? Read on to find out 13 ways you can get paid to play Minecraft in 2023!

13 Ways To Get Paid To Play Minecraft

1. Stream on Twitch

2. Start a Minecraft YouTube Channel 

3. Join Minecraft Partner Program

4. Start a Blog About Minecraft

5. Use Buff Gaming

6. Sell Minecraft Artistic Works

7. Host Minecraft Servers

8. Create a Paid Membership 

9. Run a Minecraft Workshop

10. Create Online Course about Minecraft

11. Join Minecraft Competition

12. Build Things For People

13. Sell Minecraft Merch


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13 Ways To Get Paid To Play Minecraft

Making money playing Minecraft is a great side hustle, especially for teenagers who are looking to make money without a job. 

In order to monetize in Minecraft, you must be familiar with the game by leveraging the needs and demands of other players. 

As a Minecraft player, what product or service you find helpful and would pay money for in Minecraft? 

While you are brainstorming some ideas, let’s take a look at 13 different ways on how to make money from Minecraft!

1. Stream on Twitch

Twitch is the go-to platform for live streaming your gameplay and a popular way how to make money by playing Minecraft.

All you have to do is live stream your gameplay on Twitch while playing Minecraft and slowly build a following to start generating a potentially lucrative income! 

The key to being a successful Twitch streamer and earning a generous income is by building a larger audience. 

The larger your audience, the higher the chance you can diversify your income stream in Twitch. 

Here are some ways you can earn money on Twitch by live stream:

  • Donation 
  • Ad revenue
  • Twitch subscriber
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsorship/ Brand deals
  • Selling Merchandise 

On average, a Twitch streamer can earn between $200 to $400 with an average of 50 views and $30,000 or more with 10,000 average views above! 

Do keep in mind the process of building an audience on Twitch takes time as it is competitive, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have a large audience yet, and keep on streaming! 

Analyze other Minecraft streamers and take note of what makes their streaming enjoyable. 

2. Start a Minecraft YouTube Channel 

Starting a YouTube channel is another fantastic way on how to get paid to play Minecraft. The difference between starting a Twitch and YouTube channel is the long-term passive income.

By starting a Minecraft Youtube channel, the videos can continue to generate revenue for years to come, whereas, in Twitch, the income relies on active streaming only.

You can be creative with the types of content related to Minecraft to upload, from a gameplay tutorial, fun challenge, or reviews on Minecraft builds. 

Over time after posting regularly on YouTube, you will slowly generate more subscribers, and once you have achieved at least 500 subscribers, you can apply for YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and can start monetizing your channel through ads! 

Just like Twitch, you can diversify how you can monetize on your YouTube channel once you have a large subscriber by selling Merchandise, promoting your Patreon page, affiliate marketing, and sponsorship. 

3. Join Minecraft Partner Program

Minecraft Partner Program is a great platform to make money on Minecraft by selling your creations on Minecraft Marketplace- from skin packs, maps, texture, and more!

In Minecraft Marketplace, players can use Minecoin- an in-game currency to make purchases. As the product creator, you will earn a 50% cut from the purchase. 

However, not everyone can become a partner in the Minecraft Marketplace. You must first apply and wait for approval before you can start selling your creation.

Here are some requirements for Minecraft Partner Program:

  • Must be a Registered Business with information about your business and taxation as you are building a formal partnership with Microsoft. 
  • Have high-quality work samples for the Minecraft community- such as worlds, maps, skins, realms, add-ons, and servers. 
  • Passionate about Minecraft and creative about coming up with new ideas. 

You can learn how to create high-quality content within the game with the documentation provided by Microsoft- containing all the helpful information you need to know about building custom content!

Photo by Cottonbro studio

4. Start a Blog About Minecraft

Did you know you can make money from Minecraft by starting a Minecraft niche blog? As a blogger myself, I generate enough income to turn it into my full-time job! 

You don’t have to be the best writer to start a blog. You just need to be an expert in what you are writing about- in this case, Minecraft! 

Ways on how you can earn income from blogging about Minecraft:

  • Display Advertising (Starting from at least 10,000 page views)
  • Sponsorship
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Product

“But how do I know what to write about”, you might ask. The answer is simple, by understanding what your target user is searching with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Understanding SEO and finding the right keyword using a keyword tool such as Keysearch can help you understand what people are interested in and attract organic traffic to your site. 

Note: I use Keysearch because it is simple to use and I find it to be the best keyword tool for my blog! You can sign up to Keysearch to get 30% off with code OUTANDBEYOND and also a free one-month trial. 

5. Use Buff Gaming

Buff is another great way on how to make money playing Minecraft. It is a loyalty program for gamers to earn rewards from playing games on PC and mobile. Sounds too good to be true?

With over 450,000 active players daily, Buff pays players according to the performance of their game. 

Buff uses its software to collect data for in-game performance only to help understand how games can be improved. 

All you have to do is download the Buff App on your PC or mobile and let it run in the background while playing Minecraft. 

Here is the requirement to download Buff in the Windows system:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 (64- bit), Windows 8, and Windows 10.
  • Space: 50MB.
  • CPU: If your computer can run video games with Buff supports, your CPU is good enough.
  • RAM: At least 4GB, but Buff recommends 8GB.

In return, whether you win or lose, Buff will award players with points that can be converted into currency to purchase gift cards and other gaming hardware in Buff’s marketplace. 

600 Buff points are worth $5, so it takes a while to accumulate enough points to cash out for high-price tag items.

6. Sell Minecraft Artistic Works

Do you love to make art? The next method is how to make money from Minecraft as an artistic side hustle

With such a large fan base on Minecraft, why not create fun Minecraft art such as digital drawing, graphic design, animation, and much more. 

The possibilities are up to your imagination and creativity! 

For example, you can offer to make a custom Avatar skin, a custom poster for Minecraft skin or design a graphic logo for a Minecraft server. 

The best way to advertise your art or service is by using platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork.

Before selling Minecraft-related artwork, it is important to review the commercial usage guidelines. The guideline covers all scenarios about how to legally make money with Minecraft. 

Photo by Alexander Kovalev

7. Host Minecraft Servers

If you are looking for one of the most profitable ways on how to get paid playing Minecraft, hosting your own Minecraft server is the way.

What makes Minecraft fun is the community and the ability to enjoy a multiplayer game online. 

By creating and managing a server, you can provide a platform for gamers alike to come together and enjoy a friendly gaming experience. 

Setting up and running a Minecraft server can be a daunting task at first, but with a wealth of resources and tutorials online, you can find step-by-step guides on how to successfully run a server and launch it live. 

Ways you can make money by hosting a Minecraft server:

  • Membership fee for server access
  • Merchandise
  • Donation for community
  • Sponsorship
  • Live stream server gameplay

Photo by Kaboompics

8. Create a Paid Membership

Besides running a server to create a paid membership community, the alternative and easier method is to start a private Facebook Minecraft Group. 

This can be through a one-time fee or a small monthly membership fee. 

The private Facebook Minecraft group can be a one-stop place for everything related to Minecraft that caters for specific group- location, gameplay interest or topic. 

The paid members can use the group to learn more about the game, share tips, ask questions related to Minecraft, find multiplayer, or any Minecraft-related announcement.  

To attract more members, you can organize a giveaway or referral discount code, and as the group gets bigger, you can increase the membership fee and diversify different ways to monetize through promoting digital products or merchandise. 

Photo by Ron Lach 

9. Run a Minecraft Workshop

For expert Minecraft players, organizing a Minecraft workshop or camp is a great way on how to get paid playing Minecraft! 

Playing Minecraft requires a well-worth of knowledge and tricks, and if you have well-versed experience playing Minecraft, why not offer to teach those who are interested! 

First, you have to build credibility to attract Minecraft players online. 

This can be done by streaming your gameplay, starting a social media page and posting useful tips, or being active in any Minecraft forum or server. 

This will help you to build an audience, and they will most likely pay to join your Minecraft workshop as they are eager to learn more from you. 

If you prefer to run an offline workshop, why not organize a Minecraft camp in your local area, especially during the summer school holiday. 

This is also a great way to meet some Minecraft players physically, and in exchange, you can charge fees for providing a place to stay and meals. 

Photo by Yan Krukau

10. Create Online Course

Creating an online course is a great way to share your expertise in Minecraft while getting paid. 

For example, understanding the basics of how to master Minecraft can be a great introductory course for new players.

Rather than having to browse through multiple tutorials online, new Minecraft players can purchase complete beginner guides at e-learning platforms such as Udemy.

To get started, all you need is a good microphone and a basic knowledge of video editing. 

The key to designing an engaging course is to put yourself in the shoes of the new user and think about what is the essential knowledge they need to know when starting their Minecraft journey.  

Consider covering topics such as Minecraft basics, crafting, building, survival tips, and other helpful resources. 

Photo by Alena Darmel

11. Join Minecraft Competition

Joining a Minecraft competition is the most common way on how to get paid playing Minecraft.

These competitions can be found on online servers, gaming events, or even local education events that promote creativity and skill development among young players. 

The prize in these competitions depends on the size of the event and sponsorship deals. 

Some competitions award winners with cash prizes, whereas some championship award winners with gold coins for Minecraft games.   

By participating in a Minecraft competition, you get to showcase your talent but also earn more experience in improving your gameplay. 

So even if you did not win, the experience gained is far more valuable than the prize money. 

12. Build Things For People

Are you a master builder in Minecraft? Why not hone your skill and help others to build their dream world? 

This is one of the best ways how to get paid for playing Minecraft, as not every player is skillful at building. 

If you are wondering if there are players who are willing to pay for such a service? Take a look at one of the Minecraft builder services offered on Fiverr. 

Just a basic small building of size 10×10 can earn him around $50!

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13. Sell Minecraft Merch

If you are still wondering how can you get paid to play Minecraft? I got one last method, and that is through selling physical Minecraft merchandise through platforms such as Etsy. 

There are plenty of merchandise ideas for Minecraft lovers you can sell on Etsy, from custom T-shirt designs, keychain designs, 3D printed Minecraft skin, Minecraft accessories, and more! 

Similar to selling artwork related to Minecraft, it is important to review Minecraft’s commercial usage guidelines to understand the legal way to make money with Minecraft. 

FAQs About How to Get Paid To Play Minecraft:

Can You Make Money With Minecraft Server?

Can you make money with a Minecraft server? With the increasing Minecraft popularity, hosting a Minecraft server is a good option to make money while playing Minecraft. Some of the most popular Minecraft servers make Millions of dollars per year!  

To become the owner of a Minecraft server, you will need to know how to set up a hosting server, install necessary plug-ins, launch the server, and attract players. 

How to Earn Money From Gaming?

Wondering how to earn money from gaming? Here are 11 ways on how to get paid to play video game:

1. Earn money by playing game at Swagbucks

2. Earn rewards by playing game at Buff

3. Live stream gameplay on Twitch

4. Set up gaming niche YouTube Channel

5. Join gaming competition

6. Apply to join a esport team

7. Create private Facebook group for specific gaming niche

8. Sell gaming merchandise

9. Offer to teach on how to play specific game

10. Sign up as a game tester

11. Start a gaming niche blog

How Much Money Do I Need to Manage A Minecraft Server?

How much money do I need to manage a Minecraft server? The cost of running a Minecraft server can range from a few dollars per month to several hundred dollars per month. The cost depends on the size of the server, a small server for 20 players can cost around $15 per month, whereas larger servers can cost from $100 to $1000+ depending on size of players. 

How To Get Money In Minecraft For Free?

How to get money in Minecraft for free? There are 7 ways to get money in Minecraft for FREE: 

1. Bing Rewards- Try out the daily task & quizzes 

2. Microsoft Reward Quiz

3. Google Opinion Rewards

4. Buff Game

5. Swagbucks

6. Offer to build things for people in Minecraft

7. Stream gameplay at Twitch

Ready To Get Paid To Play Minecraft?

With the huge popularity in Minecraft, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make money from Minecraft as a side hustle while playing your favorite game! 

With persistence, dedication and patience, you can slowly monetize playing Minecraft into a full-time gig while growing a larger audience. 

Although the process of building an audience takes time, don’t give up too soon- be sure to find your unique style to stand out amongst other competitors.

Take the opportunity to hone your Minecraft skills, whether it’s mastering the art of constructing intricate maps or hosting engaging live streams. 

As you become good at specific skills, you simultaneously build credibility and trust with your audience.

Now you know how to make money from Minecraft, pick an idea and give it a go! 

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