Get Paid For Used Oil

15 Get Paid For Used Oil Companies That Pay in 2023

Did you know you can get paid for used oil?

Yes, that cooking oil that you’ve been pouring down the sink. You can earn from that! There are companies out there that are paying for your used oil.

I chanced upon this golden nugget of information the other day when my family and I were digging into a glorious plate of crispy, oily fried chicken and someone randomly said, ‘There’s enough oil in here to fry another batch of chicken!”. 

It got me thinking about what happens to leftover oil from restaurants, and do they (gasp!) reuse it? 

That’s when I learned that most restaurants resell their used cooking oil. 

I know what you restaurant owners or car repairmen might be thinking – oh my gosh, how many gallons of oil have I wasted over the years not knowing this?

It’s not too late! 

You can still get paid by bringing your oil to collection centers of companies that collect used oil for recycling. Yes, both cooking and engine oil.

Keen to know which companies process used waste oil for money or can help you recycle them at no cost? Here’s a list of them:

Used Cooking Oil 

1. DAR PRO Solutions

2. Eazy Grease 

3. Neste

4. SeQuential 

5. SK Oil Sales 

Engine Waste Oil 

1. Advance Auto 

2. Benzoil 

3. Auto Zone

4. City Recycling Stations

5. Crystal Clean

6. O’Reilly Auto Parts 

7. Safety Kleen

8. Service Stations

9. Walmart  

10. We Buy Waste Oil 

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Get Paid For Used Oil

Can You Get Paid For Used Oil?

Yes, you can get paid for used oil. Places like restaurants can get paid by used cooking oil (UCO) collectors when they collect the oil. These collectors then recycle the UCO into biodiesel fuel. 

Recycling can only take place if the used oil is clean. Should the oil be contaminated, there is a chance the oil collection company will pay for the oil. 

Why Do You Get Paid For Used Oil?

You can get paid for used oil simply because there is a demand for used oil. Used motor oil can be turned into a new supply of lubricants, while used cooking oil can be recycled into biodiesel fuel. 

Used cooking oil is a key component of biodiesel. 

Get Paid For Used Oil

How To Get Paid For Used Oil?

These are two main ways to get paid for used oil:

  • Reselling your used oil to a used oil collector, whether it is cooking oil or motor oil.
  • Recycling used oil and using it to make soaps, lubricants, candles, and even animal feed, and then selling it to potential buyers. 

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Companies To Look For To Get Paid For Used Oil 

These are companies you can look out for if you want to sell used oil or recycle your oil at no cost:

Used Cooking Oil 

1. DAR PRO Solutions – DAR PRO will provide your company with a grease container and come around to collect it anytime once the tank is filled.

2. Eazy Grease – Get paid for used cooking oil by selling it in bulk to Eazy Grease. They’ll even provide same-day payment. 

3. Neste – Neste buys used cooking oil however they do not provide collection services so you may have to work with a local waste management company to collect your oil before selling it to Neste. 

4. SeQuential – SQ provides a free used cooking oil collection on top of free containers. Aside from compensating you for the oil collected, they also provide grease trap cleaning services, helping your business stay cost and operationally efficient. 

5. SK Oil Sales – SK Oil Sales collects used oil using its modern, environmentally friendly Fryvacs that are free to use. 

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Get Paid For Used Oil

Engine Waste Oil 

1. Advance Auto – Advance Auto provides free oil recycling at most of its stores and turns it into lubricating oil. 

2. Benzoil – Benzoil buys a variety of waste oils. Check in with them to see if your type of waste oil is going to bring you some cash! 

3. Auto Zone – Most AutoZone shops will take in used motor oil and also recyclables such as batteries. While you won’t get paid for this (or may receive some vouchers), the recycling is completely complimentary and fuss-free! 

4. City Recycling Stations – Check with your local recycling stations within your city to see if they have a recycling program. Chances are they will offer to recycle your waste oil for free or even provide some small compensation if there is a significant amount. 

5. Crystal Clean – One of the biggest oil re-refiners in the US, Crystal Clean provides regular visits to remove used oil and also has proper paperwork and documents for peace of mind when it comes to compliance. 

6. O’Reilly Auto Parts – This reliable automobile parts store provides convenient drop-off locations for used oil and even takes in oil filters, batteries, radiators, and other car parts. 

7. Safety Kleen – You can recycle your used oil with Safety Kleen if you have a commercial address, and are located in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. 

8. Service Stations – Service stations countrywide typically provide oil changes, and with that, they may extend this to free oil disposal or also compensate you if there is a substantial amount of oil to be recycled. 

9. Walmart – Yes, you read right, you can return your used oil to Walmart for free even if you’ve not purchased it at Walmart before! Just make sure you drop it off at a location with an adjacent Walmart Auto Care Center. 

10. We Buy Waste Oil – For those in the UK, rejoice, WBWO is a reputable waste oil collection and recycling company for both waste cooking oil and engine oil. 

Does Waste Oil Have Value?

Waste oil has a lot of value – it can be worth anywhere from $1.25 to $6 per gallon. 

So make sure you check to see if there are any companies or collectors in your area that are willing to take in waste oil before you dump it away! 

Other Ways To Recycle Used Oil

Aside from using refined oil to produce other fuel oils, it can also be used as a lubricant, or as a raw material in refineries and petrochemical plants. 

Get Paid For Used Oil

Best Way To Handle Used Oil

When handling oil used for cooking, the best way is to wait for it to cool completely after heating, before emptying it into an old non-recyclable container with a lid. 

You can choose to throw it in the trash in the container or choose to recycle the oil with a used cooking oil recycling plant. 

FAQs On Get Paid For Used Oil 

Is Used Cooking Oil Worth Money?

Yes, used cooking oil can be worth money, and companies that recycle this are starting to grow at an exponential rate. The industry is estimated to be worth close to $9 billion by 2026

Do People Buy Used Oil?

Generally, used oil collection centers accept used oil from places like restaurants and car repair shops. But there could be people who serve as middlemen between these companies and sellers who would opt to buy your used oil.

Just take this enterprising Malaysian man who started collecting used oil from his neighbors and friends to support his family! 

What Do Companies Do With Waste Cooking Oil?

Companies collect your waste cooking oil and refine it to produce biodiesel fuel. 

Aside from helping you get rid of your waste oil, it’s also a great way to make money while doing some good for the environment as biodiesel fuel is a greener alternative to regular diesel. 

Get Paid For Used Oil

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How Much Is Recycled Cooking Oil Worth?

Recycled cooking oil is currently worth about 15 cents per pound of oil, with the rate taken from what recycling companies sell the used oil they’ve collected at.  

Can You Make Money Off Used Oil?

Yes, you can absolutely make money off used oil by selling it to waste oil recycling companies who will then recycle it to produce biodiesel fuel. 

Once the glycerin is removed from the biodiesel fuel, it can also be used as a heating fuel for any type of home heating oil burner. 

How To Make Money With Used Engine Oil?

You can make money with used engine oil by selling it to waste oil recycling companies or directly to a waste oil refinery plant. 

These companies would then take your oil and recycle it to form biodiesel fuel. 

Get Paid For Used Oil

Do People Buy Used Motor Oil?

Yes, some people who serve as used-oil collectors do buy used motor oil. 

They will then pass this on to a waste oil recycling company directly, sell it to the company for a slight profit, or even use the oil to make products like candles and soaps

Other uses of used cooking oil also include making paint removers, powering oil lamps, using cooking oil as a lubricant for household products, and also as a car cleaning solution. 

Honestly, there are many more non-commercial uses to used cooking oil than you can imagine, beyond just re-refining it to make biodiesel fuel! 

Does Autozone Make Money On Used Oil?

Autozone doesn’t give you money for used oil, but neither does it charge you when recycling your used oil through its Oil Care recycling program. It doesn’t directly make money on used oil. 

Can You Get Paid For Used Motor Oil?

Yes, you can get paid for used motor oil! You just need to find a waste oil recycling company that will collect it from you for free and compensate you for the amount. 

Companies like We Buy Waste Oil pay you for your used motor oil. 

Who Gets Paid For Used Motor Oil?

Anyone can get paid for used motor oil as long as they contact a used oil collection center that not only takes the used motor oil but will compensate them for it. 

Who Pays For Used Oil?

There are many companies out there that would pay for used oil, some of them include SeQuential, DAR PRO Solutions, Eazy Grease, and Neste

These companies not only provide you with the means to collect your used oil, but will come down to your commercial address for free, and pay you for the oil they’ve collected. 

Who Pays For Used Motor Oil?

Companies such as We Buy Waste Oil and Benzoil will pay for used motor oil. 

Some companies will not compensate you for the used motor oil but may provide fuel vouchers or help you dispose of your used oil for free. 

Where To Sell Used Oil?

There are many places where you can donate or sell your used cooking oil for recycling. These are SeQuential, DAR PRO Solutions, Eazy Grease, and Neste

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How Much Does Used Oil Sell For?

Used oil can sell for anywhere from $1.25 to $6 per gallon.

This amount looks set to increase with fuel prices going up and more people looking for regular fuel alternatives. 

Get Paid For Used Oil

Of all the things and jobs you can earn from, I bet you never imagined you could get paid for used oil.

Oil is a very valuable resource and you can only imagine how this demand for used oil will go up over time, especially with the rising price of oil. 

Even if you don’t work in a commercial kitchen, most of us own vehicles, and with this newfound knowledge, I hope you’ve come to realize that you can also earn money from used motor oil. 

The next time you have any leftover oil, instead of just letting it trickle away like water, why not approach some of these companies I’ve talked about above and check if they’ll take your oil in exchange for some cash?

Some might offer to take your oil in for free (and save you the hassle of disposing of it), but some might just offer you vouchers or cold hard cash.

Drop these oil recycling companies a query and find out! 

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