Get paid to drive a car across country

Get Paid To Drive A Car Across The Country: 21 EASY Ways (2023)

Do you want to get paid to drive a car across country? 

Maybe you enjoy traveling to new destinations in your car and want to know how to make money driving cars across country. 

Driving is quite a relaxing activity for many, especially when you’re driving in the countryside. 

Who wouldn’t want to go at a leisurely pace while enjoying the scenic beauty?

I get very excited whenever I drive to newer towns and terrains, exploring the wilderness and offbeat places.

Perhaps you are used to driving your family on trips and want to know if there’s a way to earn from it.

If your answer is yes, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are many ways you can get paid to drive a car across country.

Your mind is probably racing with questions right now. HOW can you get paid to drive a car across the country? WHERE do you find such a job? HOW to start?

Let me take you through the 21 ways you can get paid to drive a car across country.

Get Paid To Drive A Car Across Country: 21 EASY Ways (2023)

This article focuses on the 21 ways to get paid to drive a car across country.

1. Ridesharing

2. Courier Delivery Service

3. Corporate Carpooling

4. Moving Services

5. Transport Service For Schools/Summer Camps

6. Amazon Flex

7. Drive On Sightseeing Tours

8. Car Relocation Services

9. Car Delivery Service

10. Driving Instructor

11. Luxury Car Experiences

12. Start A Travel Blog

13. Stock Photography

14. Start A Youtube Channel

15. Relocate Rental Cars

16. Advertising On Car

17. Elderly People Transportation

18. Relocate Pets Across Country

19. Get Paid To Drive Safely

20. Long Distance Chauffeur Services

21. Drive Enthusiasts On Liquor Excursions 

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Get Paid To Drive A Car Across Country: 21 EASY Ways (2023)

1. Ridesharing

The most convenient way for you to be paid to drive your car is to offer rides to people. 

Ridesharing is a flexible way where you can work whenever you want and get paid to drive people to their destinations.

You can also make full reservations or offer your services to passengers as a shared ride.

Uber is one of the most famous rideshare apps. With Uber, you can set your schedule and your payments are transferred to your account weekly.

Lyft is another rideshare app quite frequently used by passengers. You can start by registering on its website.

You will also get bonuses if there’s a significant demand for trips in your area or if you complete particular challenges updated on the app.

2. Courier Delivery Service

You could enjoy driving, but that doesn’t mean you have to cross the country while transporting strangers from one point to another.

Carrying out urgent same-day or next-day delivery services on behalf of courier companies is a fantastic way to earn money while on the road.

According to their website, UPS alone delivered around 24.3 million packages all over the world per day, in 2022! And this data doesn’t include the other shipping companies.

To make their jobs a bit easier, shipping companies partner up with apps that allow riders to accept orders that they can deliver the same day or urgently.

You can become a rider for Roadie, where you can choose which parcels you want to deliver. You can also complete multiple deliveries in a day.

You can earn around $13 for local deliveries and up to $650 for longer trips. What a terrific way to make money, isn’t it?

PointPickup is another app where you can get paid to deliver packages. You can update your available times and location, and orders to be delivered in the vicinity will be updated on the app.

3. Corporate Carpooling

Similar to ride-sharing, carpooling is when passengers traveling on the same route or going to the same destination share a car for transportation.

Scheduled cabs, which are used mainly by corporations, make it easier for employees to travel to and from work with their coworkers while also making it safer for them.

You can drive business employees and get paid for it.

You can freelance to get paid to drive or reach out to different companies and offer your services.

4. Moving Services

So many people relocate across towns/states due to a work transfer, to be closer to family, or for other reasons.

They’re frequently left with no choice but to hire packers and movers to transport their possessions. But what if you could get paid to drive your car across the country to move their belongings?

If you own a large SUV or a minivan, you can offer your services as a mover, as smaller cars don’t have much storage space for keeping boxes.

You can start as a freelance mover, advertise your services on Facebook, or start your own moving business.

Dolly is a delivery service with which you may become a mover. You can earn up to $50 per hour as a Dolly mover.

5. Transport Service For School Trips/Summer Camps

I remember taking a bus or my parents driving me to school, but some of my friends had to take a taxi because of the lack of buses on their route or the distance from the school.

A great way to make money driving is by transporting students on non-accessible routes or those with special needs.

HopSkipDrive is a transport solutions company where you can register as a care driver and transport students to schools, school trips, summer camps, and more.

However, you need at least 5 years of caregiving experience to apply as a care driver. The best part is you can set your schedule. The average pay of caredrivers is around $28 per hour.

Everdriven and Kidzjet are other transportation service providers providing shuttle services for schools, summer camps, and extracurricular activities.

Why hesitate to apply if you think it’s fantastic to make a difference in someone’s life by making their commute more accessible and more comfortable while still earning money?

6. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is another wonderful way to make extra money while driving across the country. You can pick up the packages from Amazon delivery stations, amazon fresh stores, or directly from local stores.

With Amazon Flex, you can choose which orders you want to deliver and set your available times without disrupting your daily schedule.

You can earn between $18 – $25 per hour on average with Amazon Flex.

7. Drive On Sightseeing Tours

What would make it easier for tourists to avoid being duped or lost when exploring new locations? A reputable local tour guide.

Oh, how I wish I could visit every beautiful tourist attraction on my vacation without the worry of being ripped off as a tour guide drove me about and explained what made each spot unique.

While driving tourists about, you can offer your services as a tour guide in and around the places you’ve been.

You have the flexibility of working as a freelancer or as part of a tour business.

8. Car Relocation Services

Moving to a new place is difficult, especially if you have a couple of vehicles with you and no idea how to carry them.

I have moved across countries several times and have had to sell my car. But what if someone wants to take their vehicle to the new location?

You can offer your services as a cross-country driver to help people move their cars to their new homes. Trucking is usually quite expensive, and people prefer to pay to drive car across country as it is a cost-effective option.

ProfessionalDrivers is a vehicle relocation company that hires professional drivers to drive cars for money.

You can also advertise your services on social media or your website as a freelancer to drive a car across country for someone else.

9. Car Delivery Service

Automobile manufacturers require people to drive new cars from the manufacturers to the dealerships or from the dealerships to the client’s home.

This might require them to travel for short or long distances.

Instead of transporting the cars in trucks, the companies prefer to hire drivers who can drive the car and deliver it to the desired location.

With increased online orders, there’s a greater demand for delivering cars for dealerships jobs.

Driveaway USA, Bennett Driveaway, and Auto Driveaway are a few companies providing driveaway and vehicle relocation services. They hire individuals to transport cars and other vehicles from dealerships across the country.

The average pay is around $25 – $28 per hour.

So, what are you waiting for?

10. Driving Instructor

Being a driving instructor is an excellent alternative for someone who enjoys driving and enjoys teaching others how to drive.

Not only do you get to drive your car to different places, but you also get paid to do so. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

I remember my dad teaching me how to drive when I was young. It was an incredible experience.

To be a driving instructor, you need to have a valid driving instructor’s and driving license.

You can apply as a driving instructor with American Champions Driving School, Desi Driving School, and West Metro Driving.

11. Luxury Car Experiences

Many tourists want to enjoy the high life and seek out luxurious transportation while on vacation.

You can apply to be a driver/chauffeur for one of the companies providing luxury car experiences.

You can get paid to drive the clients from the airport to the hotel for a wedding event or any other high-end event that calls for chauffeured luxury cars.

Luxy Ride, Empire CLS, and Luxury Ride USA are a few companies providing luxury car services. They usually have openings for drivers.

12. Start A Travel Blog

Starting a travel blog is a profitable way to earn while driving across the country. If you love traveling and driving to new places, you can start a blog in the travel niche.

There are numerous sub-niches within the travel niche that you can look into before starting your blog.

The earnings from my blogs have made it much simpler for me to travel and discover new places, and I strongly recommend you start one as well!

If you are interested in learning more, you can check out how I make over $15,000 a month from blogging and how you can get started too! How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

You can also go through this article to learn how to get paid for blogging in 2023

13. Stock Photography

Have you ever come across breathtaking pictures of scenic places? You can get paid to click and list pictures of popular tourist spots on stock photography sites.

It is a great way to drive for money while exploring new spots!

Alamy is a stock photography site where you can contribute your photographs. They even pay up to 50% of the commission earned for exclusive images!

Getty Images, Deposit Photos, Stocksy, and Adobe Stock are a couple of stock sites that pay contributors well.

14. Start A Youtube Channel

Youtube is one of the most profitable ways to make money, even now. Around 246 million Youtube users are from the U.S. alone.

Doesn’t that make it a platform worth monetizing?

You can start a travel vlog on Youtube and focus on a particular travel sub-niche that appeals to your target audience. This will make it easier for interested viewers to find and consume your content.

Starting and growing a community on Youtube means you can get paid to share content while doing what you love the most; driving across the country.

Additionally, travel agencies and travel product firms may sponsor you to promote their services.

15. Relocate Rental Cars

Rental car companies often have to relocate their cars between their branches between two cities. However, the costs incurred for transporting the cars present them with a problem.

That’s why they look for drivers who can drive cars to and from different locations.

Hiring a one-way driver saves them both time and hefty shipping costs.

Transfercar provides a service where they connect drivers with rental car companies that need their cars to be transported. They don’t exactly pay you to relocate their car; instead, they offer it to you for free to drive to the preferred place.

But I still consider it a win. Money saved is money earned!

16. Advertising On Car

I frequently encountered cars with advertisement banners around them while traveling overseas and wondered why they were wrapped.

I recently learned that advertising on your car when driving across the country, helps make you money. Doesn’t it sound good?

Want to know how to go about it?

You just have to sign up on the Carvertise site, and they’ll check and assign a brand’s ad for your car. You don’t even have to place the adverts; they’ll do it for you!

You get paid just to drive around with an ad on your car!

Wrapify is another company providing car ad services. You can earn around $180-$450 per month, depending on the space for the ads on your car. 

17. Drive Elderly People

Most people find it challenging to move around after a certain age. What can they do to go to the doctor, get food, or travel?

Senior citizens require extra care & support, and some may also need door-to-door transportation, which is not always available with standard cabs.

If you want excellent pay while positively contributing to society, you can provide your services as an elderly transportation driver.

Veyo, Silver Ride, and Via provide specialized transportation services catering to the needs of the elderly. You can register as a driver with any of these companies or work as a freelance elderly transportation driver.

18. Relocate Pets Across Country

Pet owners know how challenging relocation may be for their furry buddies. When moving, pet parents worry about everything from the distance to the food to the mode of transportation.

The thought of relocating my beloved cat TERRIFIED me when I decided to move overseas, so I have firsthand experience of the stress pet owners have while moving their pets.

You can make relocation easier for pet parents by transporting and safely delivering the pets to their owners.

Pet transportation services are provided by Pet Van Lines, Happy Tails Travel, or Dogtainers. You can apply to be a pet transporter in any of these.

19. Get Paid To Drive Safely

Yes, this is true! Some apps and insurance companies will pay you to drive safely and avoid any accidents on the road. Crazy, right?

It seems to be so easy, but it isn’t. I’m extra cautious whenever I drive because I never know who may break the traffic rules right then.

If you’re registered in the AllState Safe Driving Bonus program, you’ll be eligible for bonus payouts every six months that you go without an accident.

You can also get similar discounts at Statefarm’s Drive Safe and Save program and Geico’s DriveEasy program.

In addition to insurance programs, some apps have a rewards-based payment system for safe driving, where you get paid for the miles you drive without using your phone.

This is a fantastic way to earn reward points and is extremely helpful for people who habitually check their phones even while driving.

OnMyWay, Safe2Save, and Mobilio give out points every time you drive without checking your phone. They can be redeemed as gift cards or vouchers.

20. Long Distance Chauffeur Services

Believe it or not, not everyone enjoys flying. Some people prefer to travel by car, taking in the scenery. And I agree with them, for the most part.

I like to drive, too, if the route takes me through many beautiful places.

You can find jobs driving cars long distances as a chauffeur for clients. Traveling by road doesn’t always mean that they want to drive themselves.

You get to travel through the country, and you’re paid for it too!

Amride, Blacklane, I Drive Your Car, Wingz, and Dryver are some well-known companies hiring chauffeurs for long-distance services.

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21. Drive Enthusiasts On Liquor Excursions

A vineyard, brewery, or distillery tour is a must-visit on any liquor enthusiast’s bucket list!

It is quite an exciting and entertaining tour that takes you through the entire process of making spirits.

You can drive the tourists to their dream destination for a trip and get paid for it too!

Interested? Some companies which hire people to drive on liquor excursions are Automotive Luxury, City Brew Tours, Class Coach NY, and Dryver. You can fill out their sign-up form or email them for openings.

FAQs on Get Paid To Drive A Car Across Country

Can I Make Money Driving Around?

Wondering whether you can make money driving around? Yes, there are several ways for you to make money if you have a vehicle and your driving license. 

You can provide ridesharing, courier delivery, pet transport, elderly transport, and many other services. It’s a great side hustle to earn some extra cash too!

Is Delivering For Shipt Worth It?

Yes, delivering for Shipt is worth it as you can make $15-$30 hourly on average. As a Shipt driver, you can collect the groceries ordered by customers and deliver them. Shipt is also quite flexible as you can set your own schedule and choose when to work.

Can You Take Multiple Roadie Orders?

Yes, you can take multiple Roadie orders to make the most out of it. It saves local businesses some time if one driver collects several packages and delivers them all at once while also allowing the driver to earn more. 

Customer satisfaction increases when orders are delivered earlier than expected.

Who Pays More DoorDash Or Grubhub?

Wondering about who pays more Doordash or Grubhub?

The average pay of DoorDash is higher than that of Grubhub, with dashers earning between $23 and $25 per hour, and sometimes $100 a day. Grubhub has a smaller client base and fewer product options.

Can you make $100 a day with DoorDash?

Yes, you can make $100 per day with Doordash by working four to five hours a day, given that dashers typically earn between $23 – $25 per hour. 

Can You Get Paid Instantly With Spark?

Yes, you can get paid instantly with Spark. You can immediately transfer your earnings from the Spark app to your bank account. When you click on the ‘Quick Pay’ option, you will be prompted to enter the amount after which the money will be transferred instantly.

Ready To Zoom Across The Country?

Driving through the country in your car is a must-have experience and there are innumerable memories you’ll make on your trip.

I discovered so many unknown but beautiful places that I might not have stumbled upon had I not been driving on my vacations.

And is there a better way to satisfy your wanderlust when you get paid to drive a car across country? 

There are so many ways you can earn while hitting the road; cherishing the moments of joy and not losing out on your earnings too! I have met many people on my trips who make extra cash driving while having the time of their life in new destinations.

Hope these 21 ways to get paid to drive across the country help you in your incredible journey to explore the country. I’ll be waiting to hear about your traveling experiences in the comments below! 

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