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Remote Healthcare Jobs: A Complete Guide That Will Make You Extra Money

Remote working has historically been something that mainstream companies are reluctant to consider. However, in this year of the global pandemic, more employers than ever are opening up remote work options for their employees, including remote healthcare jobs (also sometimes called ‘telecommute’ or ‘telehealth’  jobs).

Advances in technology over the last ten years have made it viable for many healthcare roles to be carried out remotely, creating an efficient work system for many more members of staff.

Remote healthcare has consistently been in the top five remote working industries since 2015.

I’ve searched the online healthcare resources and pulled together a list of ten remote healthcare jobs for you to review.

Note that most of these require an existing professional qualification, however, some are viable options even without that specific professional qualification if you have the right experience in a relevant sector.

Remote Healthcare Jobs

Table of Contents:

  • What Is A Remote Healthcare Job?
  • Remote: full-time or partial?
  • Constraints
  • Top Ten Remote Healthcare Jobs
  1. Medical Billing and Coding
  2. Medical Writer
  3. Remote Counselor
  4. Medical Insurance Advocate
  5. Nurse Educator
  6. Remote Nurse Practitioner
  7. Telephone Triage Nurse
  8. Case Manager
  9. Medical Director
  10. Legal Nurse Consultant
  • Excellent Resource Websites
  • Conclusion

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What Is A Remote Healthcare Job?

Jobs in the medical and healthcare fields are relatively stable, currently in-demand, and are only predicted to rise as our aging population continues to need ongoing healthcare. 

The pandemic has further increased the demand for healthcare staff across a range of settings, both acute and in the community.

US News reported earlier this year on the surge in telehealth work over the 12 months from mid-2019 to mid-2020:

The growth in telehealth from April 2019 to April 2020 almost doubled its 4,347% growth from March 2019 to March 2020.”

This is an older, but excellent piece from the Telegraph about the incredible patient-related statistics when telehealth is implemented successfully. 

Many disciplines within the healthcare sector are represented in my article and there are many more available. 

Remote healthcare recruiter jobs didn’t make it onto my list, but are one of the roles on the rise – have a look at this site if recruiting is your thing.

Top Ten Remote Healthcare Jobs 

1.Medical Billing and Coding

This role is all about processing and reporting the information required by medical insurance companies.

You may work directly for the insurance company, or you might be working for an intermediary who the insurers outsource coding to. 

Medical billing remote jobs usually feature high in lists of work-from-home roles.

Both of these roles require familiarity with medical processes, terminology, procedures, and systems, and most would usually require in-office experience before you would be allowed to work remotely. 

They will also require you to have completed some training before you are able to begin working.

Some of the companies offering medical coding jobs from home include:

Some of these companies also hire staff for medical coding jobs from home no experience. 

2.Medical Writer

If you love to write and have knowledge and an understanding of healthcare or certain health conditions, you could be in demand as a medical writer. 

Medical niche companies are often on the lookout for writers who can distill their concepts, products, diagnostic groups, and other medical niches into plain language text. 

Nursing staff, medical researchers, and doctors are all popular careers that can transition into full-time or supplementary writing careers. 

Some of those roles are more editorial, with physicians often sitting on the editorial boards of online medical publications and medical/healthcare niche websites. Others are primarily writing roles.

You could end up writing content for a range of clients and publications including:

  •  healthcare journals,
  •  medical blogs, 
  •  textbooks,
  •  promotional information,
  •  medical website content,
  •  and more.

Writing is one of the roles that is easy to add to our list of remote health jobs, as it can obviously be done from anywhere. 

This also makes your job search wider, as you could work for companies and organizations all over the world!

Check out these companies for potential writing leads:

I have a library of articles about becoming a writer here on my website, so make sure to check them out for top tips and advice!

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3.Remote Counselor

If you have a background in counseling or mental health caring, this could be the niche for you. 

Counseling, psychiatry, and therapy practitioners are all moving into virtual workspaces. 

While it may have been a short-term substitute initially, these professions are seeing great success with virtual work in many countries.

 Being a remote counselor means appointments are completed via telephone, online platform or video call, and the entire assessment process and intervention can be carried out virtually.

4.Medical Insurance Advocate

Insurance companies need people who have skills and experience within the medical/healthcare field to work with their teams who process medical claims and deal with customer support issues. 

These advocacy roles fall well within the remote healthcare jobs sector.

Having a background in nursing, medicine, or a similar profession allows you to support customers with billing and insurance issues, offer advice and explanations of treatment options, process medical claims, and handle patient inquiries. 

Some of the companies hiring in this specialty include:

5.Nurse Educator

Nurse educators are the key to any nursing program – the professionals who bring the clinical setting into the classroom for their students. 

You need a:

  •  clinical nursing background,
  •  a number of years of experience (requirements vary according to individual institutions),
  •  a passion for your profession, and 
  • the ability to communicate well with your students.

Each state has its own nursing program and you will require a Master’s level qualification to be able to teach remotely on their programs. 

You would be responsible for planning your curriculum, delivering the teaching, evaluating your students, giving them feedback, and preparing them for the workplace.

There are also opportunities for nursing/medical/healthcare staff to branch out into course creation and development as part of their remote healthcare jobs from home.

Look out for institutions that are seeking to increase their online qualification presence, create and develop new courses in their cohort, or start courses from scratch in a new field.

Institutions usually require a master’s level qualification for these teaching roles, though some require at least a doctorate in the field of instruction. 

Read up some more on this article from The Balance Careers.

Most students have those one or two lecturers who brought their subject alive. If that could be you, then have a search through these institutions for potential academic vacancies:

6.Remote Nurse Practitioner

As a remote nurse practitioner, you would be responsible for dealing with patient queries on the phone, usually around diagnoses, medication, signposting, and onwards referrals. 

You are also sometimes in the position of resolving that patient’s issues.

You need a specific skill set, as you do not have access to the usual set of diagnostic tools (eyes on the patient, lab testing, clinical support from your team) including: 

  • strong listening skills
  • excellent patient interaction
  • a high level of tech skills
  • good knowledge of prescribing and medications

The Remote Nurse is an excellent resource for those thinking of making the switch to remote working. Have a look at these other sites for job listings:

7.Telephone Triage Nurse

A telephone triage nurse is someone who works on triaging patients at their initial point of access to a healthcare service. 

These nurses handle calls from patients and evaluate their health and medical needs. They can also support patients who have questions about their injuries, diagnoses, or medication.

This is one of the positions on my list that obviously requires a full nursing license in all states. Please check each job listing for more specific requirements:

8.Case Manager

Case managers are essentially patient-care coordinators, overseeing the entire process that any single patient progresses through during their time under the case manager’s team. 

Case management is an excellent career option for experienced clinical staff who are keen to progress in the healthcare system but do not wish to reduce their patient contact.

Case management work can be done within a clinical setting and as one of the remote medical jobs from home, as it primarily requires access to patient records, policies and procedures, and staff supervision.

 It is mostly a managerial position but also retains a significant amount of direct patient contact.

You are usually the main point of contact for your patients, providing them with advice, support and reassurance, offering clarity on treatment pathways, generating onward referrals to other services where needed, and generally monitoring their progress through your systems.

Case management roles can also be found in legal settings, with legal companies requiring support from qualified and experienced nursing staff to bridge the gap between them and their clients (the patients).

Companies specializing in case management employment include:

9.Medical Director

Even senior managerial roles are starting to become available among remote opportunities. 

These are usually jobs that will require an element of being on-site at times, but the bulk of the work can be completed remotely.

You will need extensive experience in the managerial sector, including hiring, managing, and supervising staff, along with patient care and strategy creation.

Companies to look at for these managerial type of roles:

10.Legal Nurse Consultant

This role is an interesting one in which nursing professionals provide a bridge between the medical/healthcare field and the legal professions.

Most legal professionals don’t have the expertise or experience to make sense of medical reports, understand the terminology, grasp why certain decisions were made about patient care, and many other issues which is where legal nurse consultants come in.

You could be working on aspects of legal proceedings such as committing medical information into plain language, creating summaries of patients’ illnesses, injuries, and their implications for the legal staff. 

It could also involve giving expert advice on malpractice cases, personal injuries, workplace compensation claims, and more.

This is a growing niche that is only predicted to continue to grow but one that does require you to receive in-state training. has some excellent resources about the training requirements, the pay, and the opportunities in legal consulting.

Resources that can help you in this niche include:

Excellent Resources for Remote Jobs In The Medical Field

Whilst writing this article I found a few treasure-trove websites that contain so much that you would want or need to know when looking into making the transition to remote healthcare jobs. 

Check them out for more information and inspiration:

Remote Healthcare Jobs: Full-Time or Part-Time?

Be aware that ‘remote’ may mean full-time or partial remote working, so it is vital to clarify its meaning with your employer or client. 

‘Remote healthcare’ covers a range of roles including telehealth nursing, medical billing, and coding, case management, insurance, and legal work. 

But the range of remote medical jobs is constantly expanding and now includes specialist doctors, medical practitioners, and counselors. 

In their online guide to remote healthcare jobs, Virtual Vocations lists thirteen companies that are continuously hiring virtual/remote healthcare staff, strongly suggesting that this sector is growing consistently and robustly. 

Some Things you Should Know About Remote Healthcare Jobs:

Experience-related opportunity?

Remote working is sometimes only available for staff who have been in the office for some time.

So, make sure to check with the company advertising the role before you assume it will be a remote role. This is usually dependent on state regulations governing healthcare.

Contractor or employee?

Many of these remote jobs will be contracted employment complete with benefits, where some will be independent contractor case-by-case work. 

Again make sure you are clear on the parameters of the role you wish to apply for.

Does it affect the salary?

In some instances, remote working roles often attract lower salaries than in-house work, even at a professional level. This isn’t always the case but is something to keep in mind when job searching.

So if you have expertise or experience in the medical field, or are interested in expanding your related experience, hopefully this guide helped you understand all the best telecommute healthcare jobs.


There is no doubt that remote working is here to stay. Healthcare is a booming employment sector and remote working is set to drive that rise, as it provides benefits for both staff and patients across many settings. 

Evidence is flooding in highlighting the positives and benefits for both patients and staff when utilizing telehealthcare/remote healthcare working:

We live in exciting times! 

If you have a healthcare background, why not explore the remote working roles that catch your eye. It’s plain to see that remote healthcare jobs are a permanent fixture on the healthcare scene. 

How could your working and family life look different if you were to take one of these roles? 

Post me a comment if you are interested!

Remote Healthcare Jobs: A Complete Guide That Will Make You Extra Money

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