Coliving In San Francisco

9 Coliving In San Francisco Unique Spaces [2023 Update]

Are you a digital nomad who wants to be at the heart of the startup scene and want to be based in San Francisco (SF)? Does coliving in San Francisco interest you!

San Francisco is one of the world’s largest technology and innovation hubs, with thousands of startups based there. This makes it a perfect place for a digital nomad to be based in. 

But what is probably stopping you is that you already know how expensive rental is in San Francisco! I am here to tell you that there are affordable options to live within the city!

Affordable in San Fransicso, really? Yes – through coliving! Communal living San Francisco is totally an option for you!

Coliving in San Francisco can help you get close to all the action. This guide will show you how, and find you the perfect living situation for your needs.

9 Best Coliving Spaces In San Francisco:

  1. Barkley Avenue
  2. Outsite Pacific Heights
  3. 908 Coliving
  4. Hack’n’sleep Nob Hill
  5. Tribe San Francisco
  6. Common City Gardens
  7. Urbanests
  8. Olume
  9. Sonder


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Coliving In San Francisco

What Is Coliving?

Co-living is a modern form of communal living.

It consists of a group of people sharing a living space together, often with common facilities like bathrooms and kitchens. 

Many co-living spaces also offer extra benefits like cleaning services and provide household goods. This makes things a lot easier, particularly if you’re a busy digital nomad. 

Other than just sharing a physical space, co-living also allows you to get to know other people, exchange ideas, and build a community.  

Why Try Coliving In San Francisco?

San Francisco is a global hub that attracts the best minds in tech, innovation, and finance. Its proximity to Silicon Valley means that many large tech companies and brand new startups are based in San Fran. 

Communal living in San Francisco can give you access to a great network of people from all over the world. 

You will be at the epicenter of new trends and ideas – what could be better?

Remote working is also the norm in San Francisco so you’ll feel totally at home there if you’re a digital nomad. Plus, being in such close proximity to other entrepreneurs can be a great motivator and enhance your productivity.

San Francisco is home to plenty of famous sights and great food. You won’t get bored on your days off as there’s so much for you to explore.

All The Best Coliving Spaces In San Francisco 

In no particular order, here’s an overview of the best coliving spaces in San Francisco:

Coliving In San Francisco

1.Barkley Avenue

This spacious ranch-style house is a great option if you’re looking for a coliving space in San Francisco.It comes with a pool, outdoor dining areas, and even work out equipment and musical instruments!

What more could you ask for?

It is located in a quiet residential area, but also a short walk away from restaurants and groceries, so you really get the best of both worlds. 

And here’s an extra benefit – you’ll get 2.5% off your first month’s rent if you sign up via my link!

Residents: 4 bedrooms (2 shared bedroom and 2 private bedrooms), up to 11 residents

Price: From USD 1200 a month

Wifi: High speed

Amenities: Cleaning services, linens and towels, fully-equipped kitchen, washer and dryer, cable TV, BBQ, swimming pool with spa, workout equipment, table tennis

Other benefits: Family dinners, game nights, parties and gatherings, nature outings, pitching sessions.

Coliving In San Francisco at Outsite

2.Outsite Pacific Heights

This co-living apartment is located on a picturesque street studded with gorgeous French and Spanish-style homes. In fact, you’ll be living in one of them if you choose to stay at Outsite Pacific Heights!

This large four-story home has enough space for you to live, work, and play. There’s an outdoor area perfect for summer BBQs, as well as an in-house workspace.

The house is just a short walk away from plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops. There are also two parks nearby so you can get your fill of nature and outdoors.

Residents: 9 bedrooms

Price: From USD 2608 a month

Wifi: 100 mbps

Amenities: Professional cleaning, fresh towels and linens, fully-equipped kitchen, dedicated workspace, private desks in rooms, outdoor area, balcony area, BBQ, on-site laundry

Other benefits: Community manager and 24/7 support, community events.

Coliving In San Francisco

3.908 Coliving

Looking for a fun communal house in San Francisco where you can meet like-minded people?

 908 Coliving is the place for SF coliving!

There is a variety of private and shared rooms, including premium rooms on the upper floors that have panoramic views of the city. The huge backyard is perfect for some outdoor grilling or just hanging out with your new housemates.

908 Coliving places an emphasis on the community aspect, so you know there will always be fun events like a backyard BBQ, movie night, networking evening or a dance party. You’ll never get bored living in a space like this. 

There’s even a piano if you want to practice some tunes (we will not take responsibility if you end up annoying your housemates). 

Residents: Up to 18 residents

Prices: From USD 1500 a month

Wifi: Commercial-grade high speed wifi

Amenities: Weekly cleaning, beddings and linens, shared bathroom and kitchen supplies, backyard with grill, sauna, hot desks for work, laundry room

Other benefits: Daily breakfasts, piano, BBQ and movie nights, community events.

coliving in San Francisco

4.Hack’n’sleep Nob Hill

This co-living space is located in Nob Hill, one of San Fran’s signature neighbourhoods. Living here, you’ll be at the heart of a historic district and close to restaurants and bars.

Hack’n’sleep Nob Hill features three varieties of rooms, catering for differing needs. 

It also features an open space kitchen and living area, so communal dining and hangouts are a key feature. The backyard and patio is perfect for some fresh air after a long day of hustling. 

Residents: 15 bedrooms 

Prices: From USD 40 a night 

Wifi: 100-250 Mbps

Amenities: Weekly cleaning of common areas, cable TV, equipped kitchen, bedding and towels, backyard and patio 

Other benefits: Professional network, community events.

coliving San Francisco

5.Tribe San Francisco

Tribe Coliving is an all inclusive San Francisco co living apartment that offers you the best of work and play. 

At 50 bedrooms, it is a bit larger than many of the other coliving spaces. 

However, this also means that Tribe offers incredible networking opportunities, as you’ll get to meet tonnes of other digital nomads and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Tribe also has some pretty cool facilities, including a game area and a theater room. No better way to wind down after a long day at work. 

Residents: 50 bedrooms

Prices: from USD 825 a month

Wifi: High-speed

Amenities: Cleaning crew, industrial kitchen, dining hall, game area, music space, theater room, gym, laundry area, open office space, memory foam mattress, 70″ smart TVs, pool tables, backyard .

Other benefits: Networking sessions, weekly dinners, game nights, BBQ’s, community events.

San Francisco coliving doesn’t get any better than this!

Coliving In San Francisco

6.Common City Gardens

Located in the heart of SoMa (or the South of Market district), Common City Gardens is the perfect place if you want to live close to both work and fun.

SoMa is home to major tech companies like Twitter and Airbnb, as well as many emerging startups. It’s also buzzing with nightlife and restaurants, perfect for any urban digital nomad who wants to experience the best of San Francisco.

The building itself has an amazing rooftop garden with panoramic city views. It’ll be a great place to hang out and get to know your new housemates.

Residents: 2-5 bedrooms per apartment

Prices: from USD 1,111 a month

Wifi: High-speed

Amenities: Monthly cleaning, onsite laundry, high-end kitchen, rooftop garden, bike storage, central heat and air conditioning, and hospital-grade air filtration.

Other benefits: Networking and community events.

Coliving in San Frasisco

7. Urbanests

This cozy coliving house in San Francisco targets young people starting out with internships or just finishing University. They offer very affordable accommodation and various sleeping options to support all kinds of financial needs.

You can opt for bunk beds in the shared triple room if your finances are tight. This is in line with the company values of striving to nurture personal growth by caring for every member.

Many young and diverse groups stay here and activities like watching movies, game nights and social gathering are common platforms to make new friends.

Browse through their intern housing or student housing pages for more information.

Residents: up to 40 people

Price: from USD 450 a month

Wifi: 560 mbps

Amenities: Fully equipped kitchen and bathroom

Other benefits: International communities, summer rentals for internships

Coliving in San Francisco

8. Olume

Olume is not your typical coliving housing however it has a community sense that allow residents to socialize in the amenities it offers.

You can opt for bunk beds in the shared triple room if your finances are tight. This is in line with the company values of striving to nurture personal growth by caring for every member.

Many young and diverse groups stay here and activities like watching movies, game nights and social gathering are common platforms to make new friends.

Browse through their intern housing or student housing pages for more information.

Residents: up to 40 people

Price: from USD 450 a month

Wifi: 560 mbps

Amenities: Fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, gym, freight elevator, rooftop terrace, fitness center, gated community

Other benefits: International communities, summer rentals for internships

9. Sonder

Sonder has 3 locations in San Francisco, but it is a global coliving brand with locations of more than 6,300 units worldwide.

The 3 locations in San Francisco are The Bijou, FOUND Union Square and Hayes Valley.

The Sonder coliving network was founded by Francis Davidson, who was quite the entrepreneur during his university days. He began identifying the problem of affordable living for students, and started managing rental for a few flats back then.

Sonders stands apart from other coliving brands, as it has award-winning interiors and a dedicated app for all the locations within the brand.

The best part? The longer you stay, the more discount you get! Stay more than 45 nights to get 40% off the regular rates.

Residents: up to 25 people

Price: from USD 104 a month

Wifi: 560 mbps

Amenities: Shower, artisan coffee, fresh towels, professional cleaning, lounge and workspace, television, kid-friendly

Other benefits: Sonder app, discounts for longer stay

coliving san Francisco

FAQ on Coliving San Francisco

Things You Should Know About Coliving in San Francisco

  • Be Friendly 

In a co-living space, you are part of a broader community who have all signed up to live together. Be sure to be friendly with everyone, as no one likes to see a grumpy sourpuss everyday. 

  • Don’t Leave A Mess

You’ll be sharing spaces with other people, so it’s important that you’re considerate of their living space too. While it’s natural to make a mess, make sure you clean up after yourself. 

  • Be Mindful About Noise

Be mindful about playing media out loud or taking calls, and use headphones whenever possible. Don’t be that guy who is blasting music while his housemates are on a work call. 

  • Know What’s Shared And What’s Not

Some co-living spaces provide shared household goods, like cleaning detergent, coffee, snacks or toiletries. Make sure you’re clear from the start which are shared items and which are not before you use them. 

  • Keep Your Valuables In Your Private Space

This is for basic courtesy (see above on not leaving a mess) but also for the security of your valuables. You don’t want to be blaming your housemates in case something goes missing. 

coliving in San Francisco

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Coliving?


  • Affordable

It’s usually much cheaper to co-live than to rent your own studio or apartment.

San Francisco is known for its notoriously high rents, so coliving in San Francisco is a particularly attractive option if you wish to experience life there.

Co-living prices also make more sense when you consider that these spaces come fully furnished, with things like kitchen utensils and other household goods often included.

  • Ready Community

Co-living means you immediately get to know a bunch of people, which is important if you’ve just arrived in a new city.

It can be very isolating to be a digital nomad, so this built-in community can help you find your feet and expand your network. 

  • Flexible Lease Contracts

Co-living spaces tend to have flexible lease contracts. This provides much more flexibility if you wish to stay for a few months, compared to traditional apartment leases that tend to be for a whole year. 

  • All-inclusive Rent

Anyone who has moved to a new city knows what a nightmare it is to set up new accounts for wifi and other utilities.

Your rent at a co-living space will include electricity, wifi, water, and all other utilities. This saves you a lot of hassle of having to pay multiple bills.

Many co-living spaces also include facilities like gyms, cleaning services, or studio usage for your convenience.


  • No Personal Space

Some people are natural introverts who need a lot of alone time – and there’s nothing wrong with that! 

However, if this is the case, co-living might not be the best option for you. You might find the idea of always having housemates around very annoying. 

  • Shared Amenities

Some of us might still have nightmares from living in a university dorm. 

While co-living is a step up from that (many spaces provide some form of cleaning service), you will still be sharing common areas with other people. There will always be the risk of someone being messy, or “accidentally” eating your sandwich in the fridge. 

One way to mitigate this is by speaking to the host and trying to resolve the issue. However, if you really can’t stand it, the best part about co-living is that leases are short term so you can just move out!

Cool Coworking Places For Digital Nomads In San Francisco

San Fran is a tech hub that attracts remote workers and digital nomads from all over the world. There is absolutely no shortage of cool coworking places in San Francisco.

These are just some of the awesome coworking spaces available:

  1. WeWork
  2. The Assembly
  3. Bespoke 
  4. The Hivery 
  5. EcoSystem
  6. Canopy
  7. Avantspace
  8. The Laundry
  9. WorkWise
  10. SOMAcentral
coliving San Francisco

Things To Be Aware Of About San Francisco

  • Be prepared to walk! San Francisco isn’t huge in terms of area, and it’s best appreciated on foot. It may also be the most efficient way of dealing with traffic.  Put on your sneakers and be prepared for some steep slopes.
  • Mark Twain once said: “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” San Francisco can be very cool and foggy, so be sure to layer up!
  • San Fran is known for its diversity and inclusion. This is the city that started the modern LGBT movement, and the annual Pride parade attracts more than a million visitors.
  • Here’s a hidden San Fran secret: there are numerous POPOS, or privately owned public open spaces, dotted around Market Street. These are outdoor seatings, urban gardens, plazas, terraces, and greenhouses where the public is welcome. It’s a great way to relax your feet, read, write, or just soak in the SF air. 
coliving in San Francisco

What is Coliving?

What is co-living? According to Wikipedia, Coliving or Communal Living is a residential community living model that accommodates unrelated people living in the same unit.

This entails a group of people living together in homes that have shared facilities like common living area, kitchen and other amenities or areas together.

They are usually designed and managed by companies specialized in house-sharing.

This is an increasingly popular option within digital nomads, students and young professionals. Living spaces San Francisco is high on the search list!

The convenience of paying one rental fee which is all inclusive including cleaning services and WiFi are becoming the preference for these groups.

SF Communal Living is becoming the most popular living options today.

Is Coliving Cheaper Than Renting?

Coliving is often much cheaper than renting. This is especially true in urban areas and big cities like New York, San Francisco and LA.

Some coliving spaces do provide an all-inclusive rental fee per month that covers WiFi, cleaning services, central heating, bike storage, air-conditioning, pool tables and cable tv. 

However do read the terms and conditions to determine which option is more financially viable for you.

Are Coliving Spaces Worth It?

Coliving spaces are worth it depending on your financial situation, and if you are looking for accommodation in cities with steep house prices. Apart from the lower prices, they also offer:

  • Community – if you are a digital nomad, chances are you will live with fellow digital nomads and build a community with them
  • Coliving management – the applicants are vetted and go through a thorough selection process, hence you can be more at ease with the people living together with you
  • Coworking space – most of the coliving spaces offer a communal working space and are already included in the rental price. This saves you looking for another coworking space for work
  • Privacy – compared to hostels or dorms, coliving space offer more privacy. You have options to choose from single bedrooms to sharing bedrooms depending on your financial needs
coliving in San Francisco

What Are The Disadvantages of Coliving?

The disadvantages of coliving can be:

  • Lack of privacy – if you are someone who enjoys living alone, an introvert or someone who thrives in personal space at home, then coliving might not be the best option for you
  • Shared amenities – just like living in a dormitory but with adults, the cleanliness of the shared bathrooms, kitchen or living areas are still dependent on the habits of the coliving mates. However you can find coliving spaces that come with professional cleaning inclusive in the rental to avoid this.
  • Location – this could be a disadvantage or an advantage depending on your circumstances. Some locations are in the middle of cities, while some are in rural areas. The locations with the perfect balance of city life and suburban escape is usually fully booked and have a longer waitlist.

Why is Coliving So Popular?

Coliving is popular especially in the urban areas where house prices and rentals are steep.

Due to it’s all inclusive rental for either short term or long term, it has become a popular option for digital nomads, young professionals and students.

It is usually managed by coliving companies and offers all inclusive rates of utility bills, WiFi, and offers good networking opportunities with the tenants that provide a sense of community.

Co living SF is an industry on it’s own!

Is Living In San Francisco Expensive?

San Francisco is the most expensive city to raise a family, according to Business Insider. The high cost of living is 84% higher than the national average and this starts with the sky-high prices for housing!

As of September 2022, the average cost of housing was more than 248% higher than the national average.

What Is The Difference Between Coliving And Coworking?

The difference between coliving and coworking are as follows:

In a coliving environment, people who share the same enthusiasm, work, interests or hobbies can live together. The phrase birds of the same feather apply here.

In a coworking environment, individuals of different tastes can come together united by a common workspace. It is more dynamic in a coworking environment.

Is Coliving Sustainable?

Yes, coliving is sustainable. In fact, coliving promotes sustainability!

By living in a shared space and using common facilities like the kitchen, living areas and hangout spaces, it actually significantly reduces negative environmental impact.

By sharing living spaces, the resources like water and electricity are shared through the use of communal living.

What Are The Origins Of Coliving?

The origin and history behind coliving is very interesting. 

It all began in Denmark in the early 20th century where the idea that families could save time, money and resources by sharing communal kitchens grew popular. 

The concept born was that each family would have their own home, but each home would be built without a kitchen. Instead, a centralized kitchen would be built within the community.

Best Coliving San Francisco

Best coliving San Francisco options are plenty. But here are a few options to choose from:

coliving in San Francisco

Shared living San Francisco and best co living San Francisco spaces are all here!

San Francisco is the perfect place to be a digital nomad if you want to be at the center of innovation and entrepreneurship. Co living San Francisco style will let you experience the best of what this city has to offer, at an affordable price. 

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