8 Co Living In Los Angeles Spots [Unique + Affordable!]

Dreaming of co living in Los Angeles?

It’s easy to see why you might be tempted – the sunshine, beaches, the allure of Hollywood and the creative energy is unbeatable. There is nowhere like LA if you want to expand your network and seek opportunities. 

Co-living in Los Angeles can make that dream closer to reality than you think. Let’s take a look at how we can make this happen.

Best Co Living Spaces In Los Angeles:

  1. La Brea Avenue
  2. Outsite at Venice Beach Glyndon
  3. Ollie at Noho
  4. Santa Monica Beach Coliving
  5. Treehouse 
  6. Live The Co
  7. Ambitious Coliving
  8. Haven at Penmar


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co living los angeles

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8 Co-living Spaces In Los Angeles 

In no matter order, here’s an overview of the best co-living spaces in LA:

co living los angeles La Brea Avenue

1.La Brea Avenue

This stylish, modern apartment in West Hollywood is a great way to be at the centre of all the action in LA. 

While you’ll be walking distance from the historic entertainment district, this co-living space is also close to outdoor attractions like the hiking trails at Runyon Canyon Park, Griffith Park and Santa Monica Bay.

A gorgeous designer-furnished space that lets you enjoy the best of LA – what more could you possible ask for?

How about 2.5% off your first month’s rent if you sign up via my link!

Residents: 3 bedrooms per apartment (up to 16 residents)

Price: From USD 799 a month

Wifi: High speed

Amenities: Daily housekeeping, linens and towels, fully-equipped kitchen, washer and dryer, Netflix and cable TV, fitness studio

Other benefits: Regular community programmes, recording studio and co-working space.

co living los angeles Outsite

2.Outsite at Venice Beach Glyndon

If you’ve ever dreamed of cruising down Venice Beach or Santa Monica Boulevard, this is the perfect Los Angeles co-living space for you.

It is only a few minutes walk away from the beach, and also close by to plenty of cafes and restaurants. 

This co-living space is also a charming traditional wooden bungalow that’s been renovated to be modern inside! Plus, there’s a working fireplace and a large outdoor deck, so you can have your morning coffee while soaking up that LA breeze.

Residents: 6 rooms

Price: From USD1995 a month

Wifi: 70 mbps

Amenities: Shared kitchen, workspace, Smart TV, laundry onsite, printer, linens and toiletries, parking, professional cleaning

Other benefits: Outsite has curated weekly rituals for its members, that include Taco Tuesdays at a nearby Mexican place and Friday morning visits to the nearby Venice Beach Farmer’s Market. It’s a great way to explore new things while bonding with your housemates!

co living los angeles at Ollie Noho

3.Ollie at Noho 

Let’s be honest – when you think of LA, you think of Hollywood.

 This beautiful and modern co-living space in North Hollywood lets you live close to all the glitz and glamour.

Ollie at Noho is newly refurbished and promises aesthetically pleasing furniture and appliances. Selected units in this coliving apartment have private balconies, with al fresco dining also available.

As part of the rent, you also get access to workshops, wellness classes, and digital events, so you really feel a sense of belonging to the community.

Residents: 31 bedrooms across 5 apartments 

Price: From USD1245 a month

Wifi: High-speed wifi 

Amenities: Weekly cleaning, Smart TV, keyless entry, courtyard with gas grill, in-unit washer and dryer, stainless steel appliances, onsite car and bicycle parking, smartphone app

Other benefits: Ollie at Noho organizes virtual and in-person gatherings, health & wellness classes, workshops, demonstrations, weekday gatherings.

co living los angeles santa Monica beach

4.Santa Monica Beach Coliving 

Santa Monica Beach Coliving is a small but cozy house that’s just a few blocks away from the beach. 

This coliving space attracts entrepreneurs, tech employees, and digital nomads, so it’s the perfect place for you to build your network.

Each apartment has a relaxed, casual feel with hardwood floors throughout and fully stocked kitchens. Perfect for kicking off your shoes and chilling with your housemates after a long day! 

Residents: 3 bedrooms per apartment unit. Each apartment unit has a living area, kitchen and eating area

Price: From USD1500 a month

Wifi: 200 mbps

Amenities: Fully-furnished bedrooms and shared areas, large-screen TV with Chromecast, washer and dryer, keyless entry, all household goods included

Other benefits: Community events, co-working space.

co living los angeles Treehouse


Treehouse is a community-centric co-operative living space in LA that places an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. 

In fact, Treehouse is the first project in LA to be built from the ground up specifically for a co-living purpose

Because it is purpose-built for co-living, Treehouse boasts 24,500-square-foot and five stories worth of space, which includes art and recording studios, computer bars, event spaces, and a two-story library.

There is a variety of flat and studio options, all with:

  •  private bathrooms, 
  • individual thermostats, and 
  • extensive soundproofing. 

Residents in studios have private kitchens, while residents in flats share a kitchen with two to four flatmates, in addition to a shared Community Dining Hall. 

Residents: Up to 60 residents 

Price: From USD 1700 a month

Wifi: High-speed wifi throughout the building, and active Ethernet ports in each room

Amenities: Kitchen supplies, free kitchen cleaning, laundry room, library, resident cafe, music studio, art studio, community kitchen, and dining room, rooftop with fire pit and movie screen

Other benefits: Community Sunday dinner, free yoga, speaker series, resident events.

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co living los angeles Live The Co

6.Live The Co 

Live The Co is located at the heart of Culver, being just a seven minutes drive from the beach, and also close by to a plethora of restaurants and bars.

It offers the perfect blend of community and personal space if you’re looking for a co-living space in LA. 

There is a rooftop space with panoramic views of LA, perfect for BBQ nights or happy hours. The bedrooms are also designed to offer ultimate privacy, for when you need some quiet time.

Residents: Multiple units 

Price: From USD 830 a month

Wifi: High-speed

Amenities: Fully-equipped kitchen, stainless steel appliances, toiletries and household essentials, weekly cleaning, gym, shared lounge with popcorn machine, co-working space with printer, bicycle storage

Other benefits: weekly yoga and meditation classes, networking sessions with CEOs, community events.

shared living in Los Angeles at Ambitious Coliving

7.Ambitious Coliving

Ambitious Coliving has multiple units in West Hollywood and Downtown LA, so you’re spoiled for choice in terms of location. Ambitious also offers both short-term and long-term options, which is great if you’re still deciding whether or not shared living in Los Angeles is for you.

Ambitious screens and vets all applicants, to ensure you would be a good fit in the community. 

They target people working in the creative industry, and provide members with opportunities and special event access to grow their careers.

Residents: Multiple housing units available. Private or shared room options available

Price: From USD 850 a month

Wifi: High-speed wifi in all spaces and outdoor areas

Amenities: Weekly cleaning, Apple TV, kitchen essentials, co-working studio space, flight transfers

Other benefits: Weekly community events, booking opportunities with talent agencies, special access to red carpet or influencer events.

community living in Los Angeles at Haven

8.Haven at Penmar

Haven at Penmar is a gorgeous, sun-lit home that’s close to Venice Pier, Marina Del Rey, and the canals. 

Haven places a strong emphasis on creating a community centered around wellness and service. 

They believe in providing a space where members can live intentionally, create connections and seek mindfulness.

Haven is also a great choice if you are passionate about sustainability and the environment. They advocate for carbon-free living as much as possible, which includes encouraging a car-free lifestyle and community gardening. 

Residents: 4 bedrooms

Price: From USD 795 a month

Wifi: High-speed wifi

Amenities: Daily cleaning services, gym and yoga studio, outdoor courtyard, rooftop deck with spa, co-working space

Other benefits: Community dinner, weekly curated events, volunteering, community gardening, carbon-free living

What Is Co Living?

Co-living essentially consists of a group of people sharing a living space together, often with common facilities like bathrooms and kitchens. 

It is a modern form of communal living.

 Other than just sharing a physical space, co-living allows you to exchange ideas, share meals, and work together with others in a community.  

Co-living has become increasingly popular as the trend of remote working and digital nomads continue to grow. People are looking for more sustainable and connected ways of living and co-living provides a solution.

Why Try Co Living In Los Angeles?

I think the question should be… why wouldn’t you try co-living in Los Angeles?

LA is a city of dreamers, and it’s where many of the world’s best creatives are based. Being a digital nomad in LA lets you be at the center of the action in media, tech, arts, and innovation. 

LA is also a melting pot of people from all over the world, so everyone regardless of race, nationality or sexual orientation can just be themselves.

Being in LA also gives you access to gorgeous beaches, mountain hikes and yearlong sunshine. If you love the outdoors and nature, but also want a big city vibe with great restaurants and nightlife, LA is that perfect combo.

Coliving in Los Angeles lets you live your dream life and see if it’s right for you.

 “Making it” in LA is all about the connection and who you know, so communal living in LA can help you open doors and develop a network.

Things You Should Know About Co-living in Los Angeles

Clean Up After Yourself

Remember when you were living in a uni dorm and had that one housemate who didn’t do the dishes? You don’t want to be that person. 

You’ll be sharing a kitchen, living area and bathrooms with other people. Make sure you clean up after yourself, and put things back after using them.

Be Considerate To Others 

It’s important to be tolerant when you live with other people. The golden rule is: don’t do unto others what you wouldn’t want to be done to you.

Be sure to consult your housemates before inviting people over, and have some give and take if issues arise.

Be Friendly 

The whole point of living in a co-living space is to be part of a broader community. Make an effort to get to know your housemates, and take part in social activities that are organised.

Respect The House Rules

Different co-living spaces will have different rules. Be a team player and make sure you observe these house rules.

Know What’s Shared And What’s Not

Some co-living spaces provide shared household goods, like cleaning detergent, coffee, snacks or toiletries. Be sure to know what are shared items, and what are not.

Don’t go about taking food labelled with another housemate’s name on it!

Be Mindful About Noise

Some of your housemates may be focusing on work or even just taking some quiet time out. Be mindful about playing media out loud or taking calls, and use headphones whenever possible.

Put Your Valuables In Your Private Space

It’s common courtesy to keep your personal items in your own private space. Further, you don’t want to risk your housemates accidentally damaging your valuables (we all know the fear of water spilling on your laptop)

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Co-living?


  • Built-in Community

Co-living provides you an immediate community of like-minded folk, for you to hang out with or even expand your professional network.

This is particularly important if you’ve just arrived in a new city, as it can be very isolating to be a digital nomad. 

  • Affordable

It’s usually much cheaper to co-live than to rent your own studio or apartment, especially since co-living spaces come fully furnished, including with things like kitchen utensils. 

Many co-living spaces are also modern, renovated units that are more comfortable for digital nomads on the go.

  • Flexible lease contracts

Many co-living spaces have flexible lease contracts that allow you to stay for a few months. This makes it much easier compared to traditional apartment leases that tend to be for a whole year.

Also, co-living saves you the hassle of looking for housemates and drawing up contracts with them, and lease contracts for co-living spaces are signed directly between the individual and the co-living space operator.

  • All-inclusive rents

Your rent at a co-living will include your electricity, wifi, water and all other bills. Some co-living spaces even include gyms, studio usage and other facilities.

This makes it a lot more convenient as you don’t need to worry about the hassle of paying multiple bills and signing up for different utilities and memberships.

  • Wifi connection

Co-living spaces usually include high-speed wifi, which is super important if you’re a digital nomad who needs to hustle!


  • Shared amenities

You’ll be sharing common areas like the living area and kitchen with multiple other people, so there will always be the risk of someone being messy or not pulling their weight. 

  • No personal space

Co-living might not be the best idea if you’re an introvert who prefers a lot of alone time. You might find the idea of having to mingle with your housemates very annoying.

  • More expensive than hostels

Co-living spaces are cheaper than renting an apartment or studio on your own, but it’s definitely more expensive than hostels. That being said, co-living spaces are definitely much nicer and more comfortable, especially if you’re looking to stay for at least a few months. 

Cool Co-working Places For Digital Nomads In Los Angeles

If you’re a digital nomad co-living in Los Angeles, you may also be looking for a co-working space. Many times, co-living and co-working go hand in hand. 

Many co-living spaces we’ve featured above also include working spaces in the house. However, sometimes you just need to step away from your residence and find another space to work.

Here are some really cool co-working places for digital nomads in Los Angeles:

  1. NeueHouse Hollywood
  2. Industrious
  3. OnePiece Work Santa Monica
  4. Serendipity Lab Downtown LA
  5. The Collection
  6. Cross Campus Downtown LA
  7. BeachHouse CoWork
  8. Procolo.Co 
  9. Paper Dolls (women’s only co-working space)

Things To Be Aware Of About Los Angeles

  • LA is not a walkable city, as the city is very spread out. Most people drive or use ride-sharing apps to get around, but LA traffic is also notoriously bad.

Because of that, it’s important for you to decide which areas you’ll likely frequent and want to be based in, and then choose an LA co-living space in that area. 

  •  LA culture is the epitome of the laidback California lifestyle. The dress code is casual, so don’t be surprised if people show up for meetings in jeans and sneakers. This might not be the place for your power suit and 5 inch heels.
  • Health and wellness culture is huge in LA. Take advantage of the many hiking trails and beaches to explore the outdoors. Then treat yourself to something healthy at the many juice bars or vegan cafes.
  • LA is also known for its street food – be sure to check in at some of the amazing food trucks around the city. There are also farmer’s markets throughout LA for you to get the freshest produce.
  • This is the city of stars after all. LA attracts talents from all over the world, who are hustling while trying to make it big. Get used to the fact that you might see your neighborhood barista in a TV commercial or as a background extra in your Netflix drama. 

There are so many reasons to try co-living in Los Angeles. 

And perhaps that’s the magic of being a digital nomad – you have nothing to lose! If you decide you hate LA, you can always move on to somewhere else. 

But in the meantime, co-living in Los Angeles will let you experience a slice of the city of angels for yourself. 

Co-living in Los Angeles- An Epic Guide 

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