get paid to go to school

Get Paid To Go To School? Tell Me More!

Imagine this with me: You want to further your studies but would also like to get paid to go to school. 

But, who in the right mind would be so kind in today’s world, right? 

In another situation, you had to drop out of school due to financial constraints, and a parent in your family fell sick. 

20 years have passed, and every time you go for an interview and you show your qualifications, you do not feel so good about yourself.

Did you know you can get paid to go to school for GED(General Educational Development)? 

If you are in the United States or Canada, you will know that GED is a group of four academic subject tests that qualify your academic knowledge to a high school diploma.

Growing up, if you had parents like mine who were always stressing the importance of a high school education, you would understand how important it is to have the GED qualification! 

In this article, I will prepare you with that information and also some additional material on how you can better prepare yourself for this process of how you can get paid to go to school. 

get paid to go to school

In this article, we will cover : 

  • Ways To Get Paid To Go To School
  • How Does Getting Paid To Go To School Helpful?
  • Look Out For These Warning Signs While Getting Paid To Go To School
  • Get Paid To Go To School Online
  • How Can I Make Money While Studying?
  • Can I Get Paid To Read Books?
  • Do Students Get Paid To Go To School In Sweden?

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Ways To Get Paid To Go To School

You will be surprised at the variety of ways you can get paid to go to school. Let us look at them one by one:

1.  Join The Military

If you are someone who has a high spirit of patriotism, then joining the military will not just help you make your country proud, but it will also help fund your education.

Of course, there are conditions and terms to this, and here I have provided a complete link for all the different areas encompassed in the Military Base.

I feel the Military does not just cover your education fee, but they also provide you with a variety of job opportunities to select from after graduating.

Not only that, they also take care of you and your family in the long run.

get paid to go to school

2. Applying For Grants and Scholarships

Grants are given on a one-time basis whereas scholarships are given based on academic or a special talent that one may have. 

Adult school grants and adult scholarships are given to individuals who may already possess a certain type of skill and would like to enhance it. 

Grants and scholarships, most of the time, cover your tuition fee and your accommodation and some may even give you a stipend for an entire year.

There are also back-to-school grants for adults available if you are 30+ and finally feel like continuing your studies.

Not only that, if you are a single mother, you can get paid to go to school for single mothers through this grant opportunities for women. 

You would also like to keep out on the deadline dates whilst applying for these grants and scholarships.

get paid to go to school

3. Tuition-Free Community College

This is an amazing option for you who do not want to get a degree but would want to learn a new skill and have certification in it.

Almost always, all states in your country would have a community college.

The fee for community college is normally very minimal, and even then, there are ways to get it completely for free. 

Besides that, most of the community college classes are online, so actually you will get paid to go to school online.

Their flexible schedules also will come in handy if you would like to work and study at the same time.

get paid to go to school

4. Make Your Company Pay

Companies that value their staff will send their employees to further their studies, fully funded by them. This works for the benefit of the two of you. 

You will be able to secure a certificate or a degree, and they will be able to obtain a new skill set through you for the betterment of the company.

A plus point for you – since you have new skills now, you will have higher chances of a promotion and an even higher salary!

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get paid to go to school

How Does Getting Paid To Go To School Helpful?

1. Reduce The Stress Of Finance On The Family

Paying for education can be quite stressful for an individual and a family. Imagine being in a family of 5 and having to pay each and one of their education fee.

According to the University Professional and Continuing Education Association, 42% of college dropouts voiced financial stressors as the primary course. 

So, if you can get paid to go to school, you will be helping yourself and your family to reduce that stress.

2. Improve Mental Health Status

Student loans can be very taxing to the mind in the long term. Many friends of mine who graduated 5 years ago are still paying their student loans up to today.

I see how they are very much affected by it in the sense they do not have the freedom to come to hang out with us as much as they would like.

This is because even if they do, at the back of their mind, they have to struggle with their money whilst having fun.

That is no way to live, my friend.

We already have enough worldly things that are attracting our attention and draining our minds in so many different ways. 

Why don’t we try to remove the financial burden of education from that list?

3. Increased Job Opportunity

Most scholarships or grants come with promises of a future job that is secured. For example, scholarships from the military.

Besides that, the skills you learn from universities or community colleges are normally highly sought after by companies.

My dear fellow working adults, did you also know that you could get paid to go to school for GED?  

Please take this advice from a fellow working adult to another, it is not too late for you to get those certifications you have been dreaming of!

It may have been hard to get it when you were younger and had other nonsensical commitments.

But now, with all this information at the tip of your finger, you go get it, girl! (or boy)

Trust me, this will help you in the long term and will also indirectly help boost your self-esteem.

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Look Out For These Warning Signs Whilst Getting Paid To Go To School

1. Financing Program Credibility

Please make sure you only apply for scholarships or grants from legitimate sources. 

This is to ensure you do not fall for any scam before you receive adult scholarships.

It can be quite taxing mentally if you do fall for one of these scams. 

Did you know that if you are above 40, you could apply for college grants for adults above 40, or even apply for a back-to-education grant for mature students? 

Now, how do you make sure that the university center or company you are applying for is a legit one?

You can check their accreditation. Most valid centers have their accreditation on their “About Us” page. 

If it is not there, you can search on your local accreditation sites in your country. 

If you are from the United States, you can check it out here.

get paid to go to school

2. Deadlines

It is very easy to miss these little details because if you are trying to get paid to go to school online, or physically or even trying to get paid to go to school programs, there are like a million of information for you to sift through.

Please do not depend on what other people say regarding this, especially if it is a friend or a cousin who recommended this particular financial aid or course. 

You make sure you check out the deadline for yourself and make sure the applications are submitted in time.

Keep in mind there are two important deadlines you need to look out for. One is the deadline for financial aid, as some scholarships are only open for a certain period.

Another deadline to keep in mind is the deadline for the course application on its own. 

3. Terms and Conditions

Most, if not all, financial aid, be it grants or scholarships or just funding in general, have terms and conditions that are lengthy. 

Some may sound complicated, and some of you may even give up reading halfway.

But please take my advice and please read these in detail. 

There may be certain terms that you don’t understand or are too technical for you, please do reach out to friends who have experience in it so that you know what you are getting into.

Get Paid To Go To School Online

Just as how you can get paid to go to school physically, you can also get paid to go to school online.

Some grants or scholarships are fully funded or partially funded. If you have a certain type of talent or skill that is different from others, you may apply for merit scholarships.

If you are part of the minor community, there are scholarships tailored specially for you.

According to Forbes, since the pandemic, online studies have been on the rise. 

The perks of studying online are you will get to save financially on accommodation, transportation, and other minute details.

You will have a variety of subjects to choose from all from the comfort of your home.  

The schedules for most online education are flexible. This means you can adjust your timing according to your work schedule (if you are working).

Not only that, if you are just looking to up your skills, just to learn something new but you are not interested in the certificate, you are also free to do so. This is my go-to site.

Individuals who have a degree or some sort of certification have higher chances of getting a job or even a raise at their current job.

FAQs on Get Paid To Go To School

How Can I Make Money While Studying?

Wondering how you can earn some extra money while studying? 

Among the many ways, here are a few interesting ones: 

1. Freelance jobs. 

2. Tutoring services.

3. Selling online

1. Freelance

In today’s world, almost everyone you meet is doing something in a freelance manner. This can either be freelance writing, editing videos, or even proofreading.

If you are into writing but have zero knowledge and would like to learn how to pick up some basic skills – I have you covered, my friend.

I wrote  How To Become A Freelance Writer With No Experience’ specifically to help newbies like you because I was once a newbie and I know the struggle. 

If you follow the steps I’ve mentioned here, I can guarantee you will find a freelance writing job in no time!

And guess what, it is FREE!

This will help you learn more skills and can help your resume look more appealing. 

2. Tutoring

Are you particularly smart in a couple of subjects? Well, you could try out tutoring.

It is an easy way to monetize your skills. Plus, it will help you refresh your knowledge too. 

3. Selling Online

Are you an artsy person? You could sell your art online. 

Besides that, if you are a plant lover and would love for more people to love plants, you could try to sell them online, as well.

You would be surprised by the amount of people who would be interested in that. 

You could check this out – Selling Plants On Etsy in 2024 (6 Simple Steps!) to learn some tips!

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Can I Get Paid To Read Books?

Do you like reading books and are wondering if you could get paid to read books? Yes, you can!

It is done through different jobs, such as : 

1. Book reviewer.

2. Proofreader

3. Narrator

4. Translator

1. Book Reviewer.

As a book reviewer, you will be asked to read books and provide your honest review. 

Some sites are always welcoming book reviewers such as Kirkus Reviews and Reedsy. 

2. Proofreader 

A proofreader, proofreads an article, document, or even a book, spots errors such as spelling or grammar, and corrects them! 

If you are new to this, I have prepared an article just for you to learn from – How To Become A Proofreader Online [In 8 Simple Steps].

Just follow these steps, and you will be on your way to getting paid to read a book.

3. Narrator

A narrator’s job is to recount the events of a story. Audiobook narrators are also called voice actors.

You can check out the details of this in this No Experience Voice Over Jobs That PAY WELL article that I wrote.

4. Translator

There was once I was asked to translate content that was in Spanish to English and found out it paid well.

If you are a student and are looking at How to Become a Freelance Translator, I have got you covered, my friend!

Do Students Get Paid To Go To School In Sweden?

So, if you are planning to go to Sweden and study, as a student, you will get paid to go to school. How? 

The Swedish Board Of Student Finance provides multiple ways to help you get paid to go to school: 

1. Study allowance

2. Student grants and loans

3. Education entry grant

4. Student finance for transition and retraining

1. Study Allowance

This is for those who are 20 and below, mainly the ones studying in high school

2. Student Grants And Loans

This can be applied when you reach the age of 20.

3. Education Entry Grant

This is for those of you who haven’t been working for a long time because life happened. This grant will help you earn that course you need to get yourself hired.

4. Student Finance For Transition And Retraining

This particular financial help is for adults who are already in the working field and are looking to expand their knowledge or skills.

I understand the challenges that come along with wanting to earn a certificate, diploma, or degree.

But I also hope that through this article, you will be encouraged to send out applications to get that financial aid that is so readily available.

The process may be taxing, but it is so worth it as it will ease the financial burden on you and your family. This will also indirectly reduce your mental load.

In some cases, companies or associations that give you grants and scholarships may even cover your job prospects, so you have one lesser thing to worry about.

So, what are you waiting for? Start sending out those applications already and do not forget to check their deadlines.  

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