Get paid to write poetry for greeting cards

11 Places To Get Paid To Write Poetry For Greeting Cards in 2024!

Do you want to get paid to write poetry for greeting cards sitting at home? Well, these 11 sites will help you do just that!

Poetry is a window to the soul. For some people, it’s how they express their deepest sentiments. While for others, it’s about the sweet and simple things in the mundane.

Here’s a sweet poem my dad sent me about keeping things simple:

Get paid to write poetry for greeting cards

If you have a knack for writing poetry and want to get paid to write greeting cards, then this article is for you! 

If you have never written a word of poetry in your life, there’s no need to fret. Poetry is not that complicated. I have some great tips for you to get started.

Keep reading as I give you all the deets on how to get paid to write poetry for greeting cards!

At A Glance: 

11 sites where you can get paid to write poetry for greeting cards:


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Get paid to write poetry for greeting cards

Do You Need Special Skills To Write Poetry For Greeting Cards?

Maybe you’re thinking, “Aisha I’m very different from the type of person you would consider a ‘poet’”. But I’m here to tell you poetry is really for everyone. 

Poetry is how you express your thoughts and feelings in its most condensed form. And if you are human, rest assured you’ve got thoughts and feelings to express (I hope!)

Perhaps certain people have a natural inclination or ‘talent’ towards poetry. But like with anything else, poetry is a skill that can be developed with time and effort.

Here Are A Few Tips To Get You Started On Poetry:

1. Always Carry A Poetry Journal. 

Imagine taking a stroll and seeing two kids playing ball and chasing each other around.

It reminds you of your own brother and you are suddenly hit with the urge to write something about the beautiful bond between siblings.

But by the time you get home and tend to the dishes and laundry, you’ve forgotten all about it.

The best poems often come from sudden inspiration. In these moments, words simply flow out of you without really having to think about it too much.

So always carry a small journal and pen with you so you can write anywhere, at any time. 

Of course, you could always jot stuff down on your phone. But a phone just doesn’t have quite the same feel as a physical journal.

Carrying a poetry journal alone will help you ‘feel like a poet’ and inspire you to write more. 

2. Have A Designated Poetry-Writing Spot.

Well, you can’t always wait around for inspiration to spontaneously hit you in the face. 

It’s important to create a time and space for creativity so your brain feels prepared to pump out some great ideas!

If you’re like me, you will find the best results sitting at a specific desk at a specific time in the morning, listening to a specific focus music track. 

Or maybe you will write best sitting out in nature in a park or near a lake. 

Find out what works best for you, and get the poems flowing.

3. Take Inspiration From Everything Around You.

A good poet or any good writer is also a very good observer. Take note of the daily events and ordinary people and things around you. 

What do you see? How does it make you feel? Do you notice something that you hadn’t thought about before?

Well, then write about it!

4. Pick A Niche

You might find that you’re better at writing certain types of poems than others.

Maybe you are good at writing funny poems dissing your friend or partner while still being endearing. Maybe you’ve got a raunchy sense of humor that could be put to use.

Or maybe you’re good at writing beautiful, heartfelt poems about life and relationships.

Finding a niche and sticking to it will help you write better poems.

5. Keep Writing!

Finally, don’t worry too much about writing the ‘perfect’ poem. Perfection is a byproduct, and it shouldn’t be the end goal. 

The only way to write better poems is to keep writing. Write, write, and then write some more!

If you still feel a bit stuck, here is an excellent step-by-step guide on how to write a poem by Sean Glatch.

Get paid to write poetry for greeting cards

How Can You Get Paid To Write Poetry For Greeting Cards?

Step 1: Do Some Field Work

If you want to write greeting cards, the first step is to do some market research. Go to your nearest store selling greeting cards and do some surveying.

What type of cards are on the shelf? Which cards do you like and would possibly buy for a friend/relative/coworker? 

What do you like about these cards? Did they make you laugh? Did they move you in some way?

Take some notes and some inspiration, but don’t try to copy. You want your work to be original.

Step 2: Research On The Styles Of Individual Companies

Next, spend some time understanding the styles of different companies. 

You don’t want to send in a profanity-ridden dirty joke to a company that mostly sells cards with sweet, loving messages appropriate for your grandmother.

But if raunchy humor is your thing, there are plenty of greeting card companies looking for writers who do just that.

Look at the submission guidelines of different companies as they usually explain what they want pretty well. Also, look at what they already sell. 

Some companies sell cards online, so you can view sample cards on their website. Or you might have to go into the store and take some more notes.

Step 3: Keep Your Audience In Mind

Always think of your audience when writing. What do you want them to ‘feel’ when they read your card? 

Is your message too vague or too specific? A wide range of people should be able to relate to your writing.

Step 4: Think About Visuals

When writing, think about the image you would want to accompany with your message. 

What would you like the reader to see on the front of the card versus the inside?

You don’t have to be a professional artist. Some companies appreciate stick figures or just a brief description of the type of imagery that goes with your poem.

Step 5: Create A Portfolio

So, you’ve written 50 different poems with great visual ideas tailored to each company. Next, you want to create a portfolio with only your ‘best work’. 

Some companies have a limit of 12-20 submissions at a time. Make sure you follow that.

Step 6: Keep An Eye Out For Upcoming Holidays And Submission Dates

There are specific times of the year when people buy more cards. Some greeting card companies have submission dates for holidays and even everyday cards. 

Make sure you take note of those dates. You probably won’t be accepted if you send in a Christmas card three days before Christmas.

Get paid to write poetry for greeting cards

Make Money Writing Greeting Cards For These 11 Companies

1. Blue Mountain Arts

Blue Mountain Arts wants fresh, original poems that express authentic feelings. Most of their cards feature heartfelt messages for loved ones.

The word limit is from 50-300 words. You can submit as many poems as you want via email or post. 

If your work is accepted, they will pay you USD 300/poem for exclusive rights and USD 50 for using it once in a book.

Their seasonal submission dates are below:

Christmas and General Holiday                    Jun 15
Valentine’s Day     Aug 12
EasterOct 8
Mother’s Day and GraduationNov 13
Father’s DayJan 7

2. Calypso Cards

Calypso Cards accepts submissions for general life events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays like Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc.

Their submission deadlines:

May 1stAug 15thDec 15th
HolidaySep 15th
SpringMay 15th

3. NobleWorks Cards

If you love writing offensive humor, then NobleWorks is right up your alley! They specialize in funny, raunchy jokes.

For their specific guidelines, you have to fill out a form on their website and email them to Their submission deadlines are:

2024 EverydayJan 15, 2024Aug 16, 2024
2025 Spring OccasionsMay 13, 2024
2025 Fall HolidaysNov 15, 2024

4. Creative RSVP

RSVP wants clever, unique, and genuine content that’s not overly wordy or ‘flowery’. They want emotionally sincere messages written in simple words.

Their submission deadlines:

Christmas, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’sNov
Halloween, ThanksgivingJan-Feb

5. Oatmeal Studios

Oatmeal Studios wants funny cards that sound like you are talking to a friend/relative.

They would also prefer if you briefly described an image to go with your message. 

They do not want poetry, prose, puns, gross or mean ideas, or ideas too specific.

They will pay USD 100 per idea. You can email them to

6. Papyrus

Papyrus accepts no more than 12 submissions at a time that you have to mail to them. They will get back to you in about 8 weeks.

If you want your submissions returned, you have to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with return postage. 

Get paid to write poetry for greeting cards

7. Avanti Press

Avanti Press unfortunately has a full roster right now, but to be considered in the future, you can mail copies of your samples to them at:

Avanti Press, Inc.

Editorial Department

155 W. Congress, Suite 200

Detroit, MI 48226

8. Comstock Marketplace

Comstock Marketplace accepts submissions for gag lines at USD 50 each. Their response time is 8-10 weeks.

You can mail your work to Artist Submissions, Comstock Marketplace, 1344 Disc Drive #185, Sparks, NV 89436, or via email to

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9. P.S. Greetings

P.S. Greetings specializes in Christmas cards although they do make cards for all occasions. They do not accept email, so you will have to mail your work to:

Design Director, P. S. Greetings, 5730 North Tripp Avenue, Chicago, IL 60646

Payment is negotiated on an individual/project basis.

10. Cardthartic

Cardthartic offers a long list of prompts in several categories that you will find in a form on their website. You can fill out as many or as few as you want.

They want your messages to be sincere and conversational. They will pay USD 50/message. 

They will also print your name on the card along with the name of someone you want to dedicate it to!

11. Snafu Designs

Snafu Designs wants funny, relatable messages. They will pay USD 100 and a Certificate of Originality for each idea they accept.

You can send 12 submissions at a time, and they will get back to you in 6 weeks if they’re interested. You can email them to

Get paid to write poetry for greeting cards

FAQs On Get Paid To Write Poetry For Greeting Cards

How Much Do You Get Paid To Write Greeting Cards?

So, how much do you get paid to write greeting cards? The top earners in the greeting card writing industry earn a monthly salary of USD 6,250 and an annual salary of USD 75,000

However, that is probably true for a full-time hired copywriter. Freelance card writers usually make from USD 50-300 per copy.

How Can I Sell My Poems To Hallmark?

You might be thinking, ‘Can I sell my poems for money to Hallmark’? After all, Hallmark is the hallmark for greeting cards.

However, unfortunately, Hallmark does not accept or purchase unsolicited submissions of ideas or writing for their greeting cards.

What Are Some Other Ways You Can Get Paid For Writing Poems?

Can you get paid for poetry in other ways? Yes! Here are some ways you can get paid for writing poetry:

Get paid to write poetry for greeting cards

So, now you know how to write poetry and get paid for it. So take out that poetry journal, put on your thinking cap, and write away! 

Don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it!

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