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21 Get Paid To Do Jigsaw Puzzles Profitable Ways! [2024]

Did you know that you can get paid to do jigsaw puzzles? If you’re someone that loves puzzles then here’s some good news for you! It may be hard to believe but you can get paid to do something that you love!

I’m constantly looking for creative ways to make money, so I was quite surprised to learn that doing jigsaw puzzles could earn you money. Who knew that a pastime hobby could help you earn some hard cash? So, I decided to share the details with all of you puzzle enthusiasts!

Get Paid To Do Jigsaw Puzzles

If you’re an avid puzzler or just someone that just loves puzzles, here’s an article you need to read so you know the tips and hack to get paid to do jigsaw puzzles.

21 Platforms To Get Paid To Put Jigsaw Puzzles

Here are 21 platforms for you to get paid to do jigsaw puzzles.

  1. World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation 
  2. Jigsaw Puzzle World Championship
  3. Hope for Three Jigsaw Puzzle
  4. Jigsaw Explorer 
  5. Swagbucks 
  6. InboxDollars
  7. Mistplay 
  8. Nii Jigsaw 
  9. Wealth Words
  10. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles
  11. Toluna 
  12. MyPoints 
  13. iRazoo Games
  14. Gamesville
  15. Freecash
  16. Strong National Museum of Play 
  17. Bananatic
  18. Game Tester
  19. Create Jigsaw Puzzles Marketplace
  20. Vintage Cash Cow 
  21. Perk Puzzles

Affiliate Link Disclosure

Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. I hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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21 Platforms To Get Paid To Do Jigsaw Puzzles

1. Word Jigsaw Puzzle Federation 

Imagine the Olympics but for jigsaw puzzlers. That is exactly what the World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation is. 

It’s an organization that gathers players from all over the world and hosts a big round or competition.

The highest reported win for this contest is $2,500 Euros which equals nearly $3000 USD. 

Speed, preciseness, and the number of puzzles solved are what it takes to win this competition. If you have what it takes, it’s time to sign up.

There’s no online competition for this and you may have to travel to get to the competition, but it’s great exposure and to meet other avid puzzlers as well.

2. Jigsaw Puzzle World Championship

This is another big competition where everyone will gather and need to travel to Valladolid, Spain for the competition. 

Whether they will be changing the location of the competition in the future is subjective, however, the minimum age to enter is great at only 16!

There are a few categories to this contest that you can enroll for and you would have to work in teams. 

Don’t worry you can still change your teams up to 2 weeks before the competition date. 

For this competition, you represent your country, so if your country is not in the list when you enroll you can submit as an independent player. 

You can also get in contact with other people in the same country that may want to team up to represent the country in other categories of the competition.

Currently, the prize for this competition is close to $1200 USD.

Get paid to do jigsaw puzzles

3. Hope for Three Jigsaw Puzzle  

This competition is not only a competition, but it is with a cause to spread awareness for autism. 

Every single jigsaw puzzle piece in this competition represents the diverse autism spectrum.

This may not be the highly competitive competition that you are aiming for but you still get prestigious awards.

You are also contributing to families with autistic children that have limited funds to get therapies, support, and resources. 

This competition is open for ages 8 and above to go over 500 pieces of puzzle in a span of 2 hours, there are only 4 teams and the first team to complete the puzzle wins.

4. Jigsaw Explorer 

Jigsaw Explorer is an online platform that caters to all the puzzlers out there that like to have the option to play on their own or in multi-player competitions. 

Their most popular puzzles are the Editors’ Picks, Weekly Mystery Puzzles, and Holiday-Themed Puzzles. 

There’s even an option for you to upload your image and make it into a puzzle! 

However, bear in mind that Jigsaw Explorer comes with a setback of not having a zoom function. So if you’re working on larger pieces, you might strain your eyes. 

5. Swagbucks

A great way to earn money doing jigsaw puzzles is by enrolling yourself in survey sites. 

Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey sites and not only can you play online games you can also make money by doing puzzles! 

You can earn from $1 up to $45 depending on the level and complexity of the puzzle. 

You can earn more by trying out Swagbucks’ other top games like Dice, Adventure, Card Games, Monopoly, Casino and many more

As with every game, there are preset rules that you have to follow to win, after you win you’ll be able to cash out your winning money through PayPal. 

 6. InboxDollars 

Another platform that pays you for solving jigsaw puzzle games is InboxDollars. 

There’s a variety of games, too, such as card games, action games, strategy games, and many more! 

What’s excellent about InboxDollars is that you can go beyond playing games to earn. You can also do surveys, watch videos, print coupons, and even shop! 

InboxDollars also has been around for quite some time, so you don’t have to worry about it being a scam. 

The payout is quick, and they offer multiple ways to cash out your rewards like vouchers, direct deposits, checks, and PayPal. There’s also 

Therefore, if you want to monetize your free time, InboxDollars has a solution. Even better, the platform offers more. 

You can make money here by watching videos, shopping, and printing coupons. 

This means that your free time doesn’t have to be boring, as you have more options to make it as entertaining as possible

 7. Mistplay 

Mistplay is another great platform to get paid to do jigsaw puzzles. However, the Mistplay app is only available on Google Play. 

There does not seem to be any news if they are coming to Apple Store, but if they stick to their tagline, which is the #1 loyalty program for mobile gamers, then they should be on the Apple Store soon too! 

They’re called the #1 loyalty program because the longer you stay with Mistplay and play their games, the better rewards you will be earning. 

However, some in-app purchases need to be made for you to progress on the levels faster. 

What I love about Mistplay is that you don’t have to accumulate a certain amount for you to be able to withdraw your rewards. 

You can redeem as low as 50 cents from an Amazon gift card! 

Misplay doesn’t offer withdrawal through Paypal but you’re still able to withdraw cash via prepaid visa credits. 

8. Nii Jigsaw

If you like to solve puzzles for money, Nii Jigsaw is a great platform to do so! Nii Jigsaw is an app from the same makers as Nli Bordjoe. 

You can download the application from Google Store. 

There are various games that you can play for money other than puzzles like word searches and spinning the wheel. 

You can redeem the rewards and points through Paypal or gift cards. 

However, this application may be having some issues for the time being as you need APK online. 

APK stands for Android Package Kit or also known as Android Application Package. Think of it as a zip file, where it contains a lot of files inside. 

You’ll need to download and install these multiple files before you can play them. 

9. Wealth Words 

Wealth Words is one of the best puzzling platforms there is as it takes you to exercise your brain and yet pay you while you’re solving all kinds of puzzles. If you’re looking for jigsaw puzzle that pays real money, you should definitely consider this.

There’s a prize pool of games and puzzles for you to join and its reward is exceptionally high too! Each pool game is open for some time until someone can solve the puzzle. 

 The current pool size reward is $10’000! If you’d like to nick-pick your brain a little bit, Wealth Words is a platform to visit. 

Other than puzzles, there are also different puzzles like crossword puzzles, stories, and even poems! 

This platform is probably one to offer a more complex challenge for you to win. Register yourself today as it’s free!

Once you get your reward, you’ll be able to withdraw via bank, gift cards and Paypal.

 10. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles 

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is one platform that you can go on to get paid to put jigsaw puzzles together! This app ensures everyone can download their app. 

You can download it on Google Play, App Store, Microsoft, and Mobile, and you can even get it on Amazon! 

Although the rewards from this site disable you to cash out the money directly, you can collect the rewards to get more puzzles to play in the game. 

Otherwise, you’ll have limited choices of puzzle pieces. 

Paying for subscriptions also gives you extra leisure as you won’t always be bugged by ads, and you’ll get unlimited access to the Magic Jigsaw Puzzle collection. 

11. Toluna  

Toluna is another favorite site amongst players as it pays its members to solve puzzles, play games, do surveys, and invite friends! 

Puzzle options in Toluna are challenging as well, so if you’re the type that likes a little challenge rather than just earning rewards this is a great platform! 

Every puzzle you solve will earn you rewards that you’re able to withdraw after meeting a minimum cumulative amount. 

If you’d like to earn easy points, you can also do simple tasks like participating in polls. 

Withdrawal from Toluna is very fast too, you don’t have to wait too long for the credit of your rewards. 

You can withdraw it from Paypal or redeem it in terms of gift cards from major brands like Amazon, Expedia, Cola-cola, and many more.

However, if you’re a member younger than 18 years old, your reward will be made to your legal guardian. 

12. MyPoints 

MyPoints is similar to Toluna, InboxDollars, and the rest of the other reward sites out there. 

You get rewards when completing puzzles, surveys, and simple tasks like referring friends and playing games. 

This app is also available on almost every platform, Android, Apple, or Windows, so you don’t need to worry if it’s compatible with the operating system you are using. 

They also offer games other than puzzles that require you to knack your brain, such as Scrabble, Spades, Wheel of Fortune, and many more. 

The setback on MyPoints is that it uses in-app purchases for you to play the games. 

Despite paying for these in-app purchases, you’d likely get your money back when you participate in tournaments. 

For every $2 game entry, you can earn 8 points, and you can convert these points to cash or gift cards! 

As for the minimum withdrawal to Paypal, it’s only $10, and you can convert your rewards from as low as $3 to gift cards. 

13. iRazoo Games 

iRazoo is another up-and-coming popular platform, according to many. 

However, it may seem that iRazoo has closed down, and if you had played with them and had waited to accumulate points, you can no longer get them out. 

It’s uncertain if they are currently upgrading their site and will be back shortly or have ceased operations for good. 

iRazoo is similar to all the other gaming platforms that gave money-generating activities to their members. 

You had a choice of puzzles, adventures, and action, and they would update new games daily for their members. 

If they do make a comeback, it would be a great ordeal for you to sign up as well. 

14. Gamesville

Gamesville is another online gaming site where you can solve puzzle earn money. They have a range of games including puzzles as well. You’ll have to reside in the US, UK or Canada to register and earn from this site.

Depending on the game you play, you will get GV points which you can later redeem as cash or gift cards. Providing numerous options for games, this is one of the gaming portals which will entertain you.

15. Freecash

Freecash is also an online gaming website and provides the widest collection of games including puzzles. You can solve puzzles and earn money, anywhere from $5 – $500 depending on the games you play.

You can receive payments through Paypal, gift cards, bitcoins or bank transfer.

Get paid to do jigsaw puzzles

16. Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play located in New York is a 156,000 sqft highly interactive museum with exhibits and collections of toys, board games, video games, books and documents.

The average jigsaw puzzle maker’s salary can earn up to $150,000, depending on how skillful you are according to

You’re responsible for curating more genres of the puzzle, collecting the most prized collection, and even studying the history behind the puzzle pieces. 

You can also apply for certain volunteer positions that pay. Such positions come with the benefits of being able to participate in the International Center for the History of:

  • Electronic Games
  • National Toy Hall of Fame
  • World Video Game Hall of Fame
  • Brian Sutton-Smith Library and Archives of Play
  • Woodbury School
  • American Journal of Play.

17. Bananatic

Bananatic is a game testing platform and a great option if you want to become a puzzle tester. You’ll have to test the puzzle games and review them before their official launching.

Game designers need people/beta testers to try out their games, to understand if there are any glitches or issues and pay quite well.

On Bananatic, they pay you with in-app currency called bananas for completing quests within the games you play. You can redeem these bananas for gift cards, steam wallets, paysafecards and more.

18. Game Tester

Similar to Bananatic, Game Tester is a website that pays you to play games before their official release. You can sign up on their website and complete an assessment. After you pass the test, you can start with the puzzles and leave reviews.

They pay with in-app currencies – XP and GTGold which you can later redeem into pre-paid debit cards, gift vouchers or transfer into your bank account directly. 

19. Create Jigsaw Puzzles Marketplace

Create Jigsaw Puzzle is a marketplace where you can sign up for free to create an account. There will be approval before you can start selling your puzzle. 

You need to submit a form where you will have to fill in the specifications of your puzzle, including size, shape, and stock you have in hand. 

This platform is great as you get exposure to your target audience and don’t have to compete with other products. 

You just need to stand out from the rest of the jigsaw puzzle sellers out there by ensuring the jigsaw puzzle pieces you’re selling are one of a kind. 

20.  Vintage Cash Cow  

Being an avid puzzler, you may have some vintage puzzle pieces with you. 

Vintage Cash Cow is a puzzle marketplace that is exclusive for people that are selling their collection. 

As you know, certain limited collections can be rare to find and have a high demand. 

If you have one of those pieces, all you can do is fill up the form to sign up, send in a picture of your product and wait for approval. 

What’s great about Vintage Cash Cow is that they also handle the shipping cost by providing you postage envelopes once you’ve got an order. 

21. Perk Puzzles

Perk Puzzles is another great place for you to sell puzzles. 

However, they’re not limited to just puzzles, so if you’re looking for a target audience, this might not be the platform for you. 

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a wide range of audience, then this is great as they sell wall art, stationeries, and home décor.

You can even turn your products into posters and pictures! 

Selling your puzzles on a platform gives you access to other collectors, puzzle creators, and sellers. It’s a great place to build connections. 

How To Solve puzzle games for money?

You must be eager to know about the different ways you can make money by solving puzzles. That’s why I have described below the 14 ways you can earn by doing puzzles!

1. Enroll In Offline Puzzle Contests 

You can get paid to do jigsaw puzzles in contests! Get yourself in as many contests as you can, as you know in every contest there’s going to be a winner, and that winner brings back some good wins!

2. Enroll in Puzzle Contest Online 

I understand that being there physically at the competition is hard, there are also puzzle contests that you can do online.

3. Online Games That Pay 

There are plenty of online game apps which pay you to play games. You can complete puzzles and earn from it by registering on these platforms. A great way to earn cash easily!

4. Solve Puzzles Online 

Apart from the game apps, puzzle enthusiasts can solve puzzles on certain puzzle websites like Wealth Words. These websites reward you with in-app currency whenever you complete a puzzle.

5. Puzzle Games That Gives Out Rewards Points 

Game websites are similar to gaming apps, and you receive reward points every time you complete a game or puzzle on then site.

6. Become A Content Curator

When you become an avid puzzler and would like to make a career out of this, you can apply for a job at Strong National Museum of Play and find jobs involving jigsaw puzzles. 

Here are a few jobs that you can do revolving jigsaw puzzles:

  • Curator 
  • Content Creator 

Being a content creator or curator enables you to fully immerse yourself in the jigsaw puzzle world.

7. Test Puzzles For Companies

Do puzzles need to be tested? Yes, that’s a jigsaw puzzle tester job! 

Just like any other game and software, puzzles need to be tested in terms of their complexity to match their age group.

When testing puzzles, a tester needs to understand each and every age group segment to identify if the size and pieces are correct. 

As you go out to buy puzzles for young children, you may find that the younger children from ages 2-4 years have bigger-sized pieces and fewer pieces to make up their puzzles. 

The image displayed is also another factor that a tester needs to think of when testing out puzzles for companies. 

A puzzler tester job may not come by every day, but the hiring for this role is mostly on a contract basis instead of a permanent role. 

You can find these jobs for companies that produce jigsaw puzzles wholesale. 

8. Make Puzzles For Games

Are you also a creative person? You can also make puzzles for companies. Creating puzzles with their complexity isn’t as simple as it seems. 

It’s not just a make-up of breaking the pieces, you can change the layout of the puzzle making it more complex. 

However, if you need help there are a few tools to help you make puzzles easily with the image that you already have. 

9. Design Puzzles For Clients 

Once you start making puzzles on your own, sign up to sites like Fiverr or Upwork to offer design services for puzzles! 

You can upload some samples of your designs first and wait for people to connect with you. 

Certain people would like a specific shape or image, and you can create the designs for them. It’s the simplest way to get paid to do puzzles. 

You can start a career here and build your way to better clients once you get more experience.

10. Sell Puzzles 

A better way to make money out of jigsaw puzzles is to sell the puzzles! You can create puzzles of different types and sell them on puzzle marketplaces. Yes, there are online marketplaces where you can sell jigsaw puzzles for cash!!

11. Set Up A Puzzle Site

Starting a niche website on puzzles is a great way to earn passive income from your website. 

There are a whole lot of great topics, from picking out the best puzzle for your children, to how to master a 2000-piece puzzle. 

Sell tutorials on your site and teach how to create jigsaw puzzles from apps. 

  • Affiliate Marketing 

Once you’ve got your site up and running you can apply for Amazon, RedBubble and other major brands out there for affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is a great side income to add to your passive income from the website as you recommend great puzzles to your followers.

Don’t know much regarding affiliate marketing and how it works? There’s online courses that you can take and turn you into a master in affiliate! 

This course will help you understand on how to start affiliate marketing with zero knowledge. 

12. Youtube Channels On Puzzles 

One of the highest views on a puzzle video on Youtube is 29 million views that lasted short of a minute at 54 seconds. 

Imagine the earnings of this short clip that you can also do. 

The audience always engages in any videos that leave them with wonder, and puzzles are part of that too! 

You can also make a time-lapse video on how long it is for you to complete a puzzle! 

If you’re a shy person that does not want to be in front of the cameras, that’s fine too! All people want to see is your hands solving the puzzle. 

13. Become A Professional Jigsaw Puzzler 

Once you sign up for a puzzle competition, you’re not short of becoming a professional jigsaw puzzle solver or, as experts call it, a dissectologist. 

Instead of a pastime hobby, it’s time to start becoming a master in it. Professional puzzlers are careers for people who like jigsaw puzzles.

Puzzles will be and forever will continue to be a fascination to many others, it’s the joy of putting the last puzzle into pieces, making your art complete. 

This joy is something you and other puzzlers appreciate. 

14. Become A Collector

Anything after a certain period comes off as value, especially when the item has already been discontinued. 

It’s the same for puzzles! One of the most expensive puzzles ever sold was at $27,000.00 at 467 puzzle pieces. 

The puzzle was intricately made by Rachel Page Elliot as she handmade the jigsaw puzzles. 

If you’ve got a limited edition piece or special collection from Disney, Marvel or Star Wars this year, my advice is to hang on to it. 

It’s going to be a very special piece 50 years down the road. 

Why Should I solve puzzle and earn money?

  • Unique Niche: There are a variety of options which you can try out if you find this specific niche interesting and you may even find less competition as this is an uncommon niche. Completing jigsaw puzzles is a great side-hustle and you can even bond with your family over a puzzle.
  • Passion: Jigsaw puzzles are an intriguing way to engage your mind and have since always been a favorite pastime, among the young and the old. If you’re passionate about puzzles and are looking for a way to make extra money, you can do that by becoming a puzzle solver or creating and selling puzzles.
  • Community Building: You can build a community of like-minded people who love puzzles and like trying out or watching videos of you solving puzzles. You can curate special puzzles or puzzle merch for them.
  • Flexibility: The best thing is that this side-hustle is quite flexible and you can do it remotely for the most part. You can solve or create and sell puzzles from the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world and get paid to do jigsaw puzzles.

Make money solving puzzles alternatives

What if you enjoy solving puzzles and are searching for challenging careers that might call for a similar skill set? Those seeking demanding jobs can choose from a wide range of alternative career paths.


An actuary’s job is demanding but rewarding, and it might be a good fit for those who enjoy working through difficult puzzles. An actuary uses their sophisticated mathematical knowledge to assess and reduce financial risk.

This is also a very well-paying job, with average salary being $2,26,909 per year in USA.


A scopist is a specialized editor who works on the transcripts of court reporters. Scopists have to compare the shorthand of the reporters to the transcript, which is quite a challenging task.

There’s a high demand for scopists and the best part is you can have a flexible schedule and work remotely as a scopist.

Scopists make around $76,203 per year on an average in USA.

You can check out this article if you’re interested in learning more about how to be a scopist.

Software Developer

You can also consider a career as a software developer, who use their programming skills to design systems and software.

Being a software developer is a lucrative job that allows you to work remotely from any location.

Average software developer salary is $1,12,763 per year in USA.


An archaeologist’s job is very similar to putting a jigsaw puzzle together as in order to comprehend how our civilizations have changed over time, archaeologists must study, explore, and evaluate ancient artifacts.

Although you will be paid well for this work, it does require a high level of expertise in your field, critical thinking, and fieldwork abilities.

On an average, archaeologists make around $59,645 per year in USA.

FAQs on Get Paid To Put Jigsaw Puzzles

How Do I Sell My Jigsaw Puzzles? 

No longer stress out on figuring how do I sell my jigsaw puzzles, as you can sell them on multiple platforms. There are plenty of online platforms where you can sell your prized or limited jigsaw puzzles such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace or even social media platforms like Instagram.

What Do You Call A Person Who Does Jigsaw Puzzles?

The answer to what do you call a person who does jigsaw puzzles is a dissectologist. This is the official term for a person that is an enthusiast puzzler. Some people also call a professional puzzler a dissectologist. This term is also applied to those that like to do puzzles as a pastime hobby.

Can I Get Paid To Put Jigsaw Puzzles Together? 

If you’ve wondered can I get paid to put jigsaw puzzles together, the answer to that ponder is that you can! You can make a living by just putting jigsaw puzzles together! A museum collecting puzzles has approximately 7 ‘500 puzzles. The collection has puzzles running as old as 1700.

It’s truly mind-boggling to realize something so simple to you may be the answer to earning your side hustle

It’s Possible To get paid to solve puzzles

I hope this list gives you an in-depth answer to what you’d like to do. 

Whether you’re going to get paid to do jigsaw puzzles online or become a professional puzzler, have a great time doing it. 

In this article, I’ve given a list of recommendations on how to get paid to do jigsaw puzzles, so what are you waiting for? 

Start enrolling yourself in competitions and download those apps and start playing! The faster you play, the faster you’ll be able to earn. 

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