Freelance Programming For Beginners

Freelance Programming For Beginners In 10 Simple Steps! [2024]

Are you looking for jobs in freelance programming for beginners?

A lot of people with no coding experience are starting to explore freelance programming as it can be a very interesting and lucrative side hustle. Even people who are just starting to learn programming can find freelance coding jobs for beginners.

When you first start learning a new skill, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to know where to begin and how to move forward.

When I used to think about learning programming, it felt too complicated, and I wasn’t sure where to start.

As a bit of an introduction, my name is Aisha Preece!

I run 6 blogs despite having ZERO tech experience. Over the years I’ve had to learn to fix my own websites and how to code- while traveling around the world! Learning how to code has skyrocketed my income, I hope it can improve your income too!

I used to get so overwhelmed about getting started with freelance programming. I know that all the unknowns can make it hard take that first step. 

So I have created a step-by-step guide to freelance programming for beginners that you can follow to start finding freelance programming work without any stress.

Freelance Programming For Beginners

Step-By-Step Guide To Freelance Programming For Beginners

1. Identify Your Reason For Learning To Code

2. Choose Your First Coding Language To Learn

3. Complete Online Courses

4. Follow Along With Video Tutorials

5. Read Relevant Books

6. Find A Community To Get Support And Learn From

7. Learn How To Use Tools To Make Programming Easy

8. Do Coding Projects

9. Create A Coding Portfolio 

10. Start Applying For Programming Jobs

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Step-By-Step Guide To Freelance Programming For Beginners

If you want to know how to start freelancing for beginners, follow this 10-step guide and you will be on your way to finding entry level freelance web developer jobs.

1. Identify Your Reason For Learning To Code

Before you start learning programming, it can be helpful for you to identify your reason for learning to code. Knowing this will help you immensely with the next step.

Some people want to learn programming because they are looking for a specific type of job while others want to make apps or create games. 

Write down your reason so that you can come back to it in the future if you feel discouraged.

2. Choose Your First Coding Language To Learn

Depending on your reason for learning to code, the next thing you need to do is choose your first coding language to learn. There are many different coding languages and they often have different purposes.

It is advisable to get a good understanding of one programming language before learning another one. You don’t want to try to learn multiple programming languages at the same time as it can get very confusing. 

Choose one of the easier programming languages like Python or SQL when you are starting out so that you can build your confidence as you develop your programming skills.

When I was trying to decide what programming language to learn, a lot of my experienced programmer friends recommended Python and they were right. 

Within 5 minutes of learning Python, I was able to write my first program: “Hello World!” #iykyk

3. Complete Online Courses

One of the best ways to learn programming so that you can start freelance programming jobs online is by completing online courses. You can find free and paid options that provide an organized and structured way to help you master the basics.

Here are some online learning platforms to get you started: 

I know I have been guilty of starting courses and then giving up not long into them because it started feeling hard. Don’t fall into the same traps that I did.

Keep going even if it feels a bit hard, you will figure it out eventually. I can guarantee that you will be glad you didn’t give up once you get your first freelance programming job.

4. Follow Along With Video Tutorials

Another useful way to learn programming as a beginner is to follow along with video tutorials.

There are plenty of resources available on YouTube that guide how to code and how to use programming to solve problems.

These tutorials can sometimes feel like you have a friend helping you learn a new skill. I sometimes prefer the human touch that I get from video tutorials. A big plus is that you can also use the comments to ask questions and get support.

5. Read Relevant Books

Since there are a lot of different learning styles out there, some people also find it helpful to read programming books to better understand some of the theories and models behind common programming practices.

Freelance programming for beginners

6. Find A Community To Get Support And Learn From

Another great way to stay motivated in your journey to learn programming is by joining a community of fellow coders and learners. 

You can share challenges and victories with them and there are always people who are willing to help you troubleshoot and problem-solve.

Reddit has a lot of communities that you could join depending on the language that you choose to learn. 

I have gone to Reddit with so many of my questions and problems and have always found the other people there really helpful and encouraging.

7. Learn How To Use Tools To Make Programming Easy

As programming has gained in popularity, there have been more tools created to make programming easier for any coder. These tools can be particularly helpful for beginners. 

Compilers are an effective tool as they allow you to write your code in a more supportive environment.

A lot of compilers also help you to troubleshoot when you encounter any issues with your code which is bound to happen.

The first time I used a compiler, my mind was blown!

A lot of the things that had been confusing or challenging before this were automated and there was a lot of guidance and support. It really helped me have more confidence in my new skills.

With the advances in artificial intelligence (AI), you can ask AI tools to help you generate code for specific situations. Just a word of caution, always double-check any AI-generated code to make sure that it is what you need.

8. Do Coding Projects

Start doing coding projects where you create an output through writing code. You can start with small projects and games that are fun and interesting to learn.

Share the projects that you are creating by sending the games or tools to your friends to test out. You will feel a sense of pride like no other when your friends tell you how much they enjoyed playing the game you made.

You can find a lot of freelance projects for beginners online and try to do them. 

If you aren’t sure what projects you should do, look for “programming language” + “projects for beginners” to find suitable projects.

If you learning R programming language, you can try searching “R programming projects for beginners” and you will get a list of projects that you can try tackling.

9. Create A Coding Portfolio 

Compile all your coding projects into a coding portfolio that you can then use to demonstrate your skills when you are ready to start applying for freelance programming jobs for beginners.

A coding portfolio is going to be a helpful tool to have when you are applying for programming jobs. It is such a practical way to show clients your skills in action so that they can have confidence to hire you.

10. Start Applying For Programming Jobs

Once you have mastered some basic programming skills in your language of choice and created your coding portfolio, you are ready to start applying for programming jobs. 

Don’t be afraid to apply for that first job. 

There are definitely clients out there who will want to hire someone who has basic skills because they may not have the skills themselves and they are looking for someone to help them with their tasks.

Freelance programming for beginners

Best Websites To Find Freelance Programming Jobs For Beginners

There are a lot of different freelance websites where you can look for freelance programming jobs online. Here are some of the best freelance websites for beginners programmers.

Types Of Programming Jobs For Beginners

There are many different types of freelance coding for beginners jobs that you can apply for. Here are some freelance job ideas for beginners so that you know to keep an eye out for when you are looking for jobs.

  • Junior Web Designer
  • Junior Software Developer
  • Junior Web Editor
  • Data Analyst
  • Entry-Level Application Developer

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Freelance programming for beginners

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What Skills Do You Need As A Freelance Programmer?

Proficiency In A Programming Language

Developing proficiency in a programming language is the most important skill that you will need as a freelance programmer. 

Spend time learning and working in your chosen language so that you gain experience and can use the language to write effective and efficient code.

Communication Skills

As a freelance programmer, you will need communication skills to communicate with your clients and peers. 

Clear communication is necessary to ensure that you and your client are on the same page. The clients you work for are often not from a tech background and may not understand the limitations and possibilities of what can or cannot be done.

It is up to you to capture the ideas that they have and convert them into an output that meets their needs.

I have heard of so many stories of projects going wrong or taking a long time because there wasn’t a clear understanding on both sides. 

Collaborative Skills

Programmers often get a reputation for being loners in a room writing code by themselves. 

This could not be further from the truth. As a programmer, you will often find yourself needing to collaborate with others to do your work well.

Developing collaborative skills to work with others will help you a lot as you start working on the best freelance for beginners jobs.

Tips For Success In Freelance Programming

Set And Meet Expectations

To be successful in any freelance job, especially in freelance programming, you must set clear expectations with your clients regarding the output that will be delivered.

If you and the client are not on the same page, it can result in a lot of frustration and extra work. Always be sure that you are delivering the result that the client is expecting.

Keep Learning

Advances in technology and programming happen on an almost daily basis. As a freelance programmer, you must keep learning and stay on top of new developments so that you can get the best freelance jobs for beginners. 

Ask For Help

If you ever find yourself stuck and can’t figure out what to do with code that just won’t run, reach out to your peers and community for help.

There are always people out there who will try to help you and may already have a solution to the problem that you are struggling with.

FAQs On Freelance Programming For Beginners

Which Programming Language Is Easiest For Freelance?

Python is often considered the easiest language for freelancers to learn because it is written in English and you don’t have to learn many special terms to be able to use it. It is also quite fun to learn as you can use it for a lot of different things.

Can A Beginner Programmer Freelance?

If you are a beginner programmer who wants to freelance, there are many freelance programming jobs for beginners out there. When you first get started, you will need to work hard and a little luck doesn’t hurt as well. 

Don’t expect too much from your first job but know that it will get better.

Freelance programming for beginners

Can I Freelance As A Coder?

If you are wondering if you can freelance as a coder, the answer is absolutely! A lot of people get their start in coding through freelance jobs and it is very normal for coders to look for freelance work.

Freelancing is a great way to earn some money while gaining experience. 

Can You Become A Freelance Programmer With No Experience?

Did you know that most freelance developers don’t have any experience when they get started on freelancing platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr? 

You can accept tasks that you may not know exactly how to do as long as you can learn what you need to deliver the results that you agreed to.

How Do I Start Freelancing As A Beginner Developer?

There are a few steps that you can take to get started as a beginner developer:

1. Choose Your Web Development Focus

2. Learn Basic Development Skills 

3. Gain Experience 

4. Start A Freelance Business 

5. Meet Legal Requirements 

6. Create A Portfolio Website 

7. Use Your Portfolio To Get Clients

Freelance programming for beginners

How Do I Freelance As A Programmer?

Here are a few actions that you can take to freelance as a programmer:

1. Join Freelance Job Websites

2. Apply To Premium Networks For Tech

3. Use Your Existing Network

4. Join Open-Source Projects

5. Make A Website As A Portfolio

6. Write For Tech Blogs

7. Pitch Directly To Clients

Freelance programming for beginners

If you are still on the fence about whether you should start learning programming and trying to find freelance jobs for beginners, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to take action. 

Trust the process. Take the first step of your journey and the next steps will fall into place. 

Freelance programming for beginners can seem scary when you first get started but don’t let that stop you from exploring it as you will be able to find freelance jobs even if you just have basic skills.

With the growth of technology, I know that there is a lot of money to be made from freelance programming. 

As you learn more and gain more experience, you will be able to find even more opportunities to earn from freelance programming jobs.

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