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Digital Nomad Colombia : A Practical Guide For Nomads

Digital Nomad Colombia : A Practical Guide For Nomads

Hey are you eager to start your Digital Nomad Colombia adventure? 

I don’t blame you, Colombia is an exciting place that attracts curious souls around the glove! 

Colombia culture grabs your attention, whether with their exotic fruits, contagious vibrant energy, or with their stunning salsa moves!

So, that is why in this article you will get a panoramic view of this beautiful country, the average cost of living, things to do, coworking places, and many more things that will elevate your desire to travel and live in Colombia, the land of kindness.

Now, in this Digital Nomad Colombia guide, you will see lots of information to plan your trip to Colombia. 

This is what I’ll cover today: 

  1. Why Become A Digital Nomad In Colombia?;
  2. Cost Of Living In Colombia;
  3. Colombia Weather;
  4. Digital Nomad Visas In Colombia;
  5. Top Destinations For Digital Nomads In Colombia ;
  6. Cool Co-Working Places For Digital Nomads In Colombia;
  7. Best Places To Stay For Digital Nomads In Colombia;
  8. Best Food To Try In Colombia;
  9. How To Get Around In Colombia;
  10. Things You Should Know Before Living In Colombia.


Dear reader, some of the links in this article are affiliate links, so I may earn a commission if you click on them. At no extra cost to you!! I hope you find this information valuable. Thank you for reading!

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digital nomad colombia

Why Become A Digital Nomad In Colombia?

1.Affordable Cost Of Living!

One of the top digital nomad Colombia benefits is that in Colombia you can have a decent quality of life, live in a fully furnished apartment, and eat great food at an affordable cost.

Later on, I will discuss how much but on average you can have a good life with $1,000 or less, and hey it used to be even cheaper! 

But, as Colombia is getting more popular, prices rise. Also, not every neighborhood is budget-friendly.

For example, El Poblado is one of the safest and richest neighborhoods in Medellin, and you could expect to pay between $3,360 for a 1 bedroom apartment.

However, Colombia is still pretty affordable and offers different options for every budget, even in the same neighborhood, so you just need to look for different alternatives until finding one that suits your lifestyle!

2.Yummy Local Food!

You may have read that Colombian food is kind of dull…but! Colombian cuisine is more than Bandeja Paisa. 

Yes, this is the most typical dish that you will find in every Colombian city, nonetheless don’t get discouraged if you get bored of it. 

There are other amazing dishes and food you can taste including local fresh fruits, exquisite coffee, sensational craft beer, and appetizing soups.

Also, fruits in Colombia are incredibly good. They are fresh, sweet, and overall delicious!  

Some of the best fruits you need to try are:

  • Guanabana;
  • Mango;
  • Granadilla;
  • Guayaba;
  • Lulo.

3.Easy To Make Friends

Another cool benefit of living as a digital nomad in Colombia is that local people are super friendly and love to meet foreigners, especially if they at least try to learn some Spanish or are interested in their culture.

If you are worried about how to make friends here are lots of ideas to do so:

  • Become a volunteer and teach English to local people;
  • Enroll in a Spanish course with group lessons;
  • Attend language exchange meetings;
  • Follow the Facebook groups of your city and introduce yourself;
  • Follow and participate in sport or learning group activities in your city (e.g. hiking groups, salsa groups, cooking groups, or photography workshops);
  • Use network communities like or and look for expats in your city, ask questions and join meetups!

4.Good Healthcare System 

Did you know? Colombia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), as seen in their paper publication: Measuring Overall Health System Performance For 191 Countries, Colombia ranks at the top, in the #22 position out of 191 countries.

This means you can be certain to be in good hands if something happens to you while working as a digital nomad in Colombia.

Besides, if you decide to retire here the health insurance is actually pretty affordable!

 Expats report spending an approximate of $70-$85 each month to use the EPS (Entidades Promotoras de Salud), the public health insurance plan. 

If you want to know more about the public health system of Colombia and how to obtain it, check out this post where they share concise and practical information about this topic.

Also, if you would like private health insurance, check out this guide: Best Backpacker Insurance – The Ultimate Guide, in this guide there is useful information about the health insurance companies for travelers and digital nomads.

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Cost Of Living In Colombia

1.Average Cost Of Living In Colombia

The average Colombia cost of living is between $826 (for a single person) and $1781 (for a family of 4), according to Expatisian, an international cost-of-living database.

This makes Colombia the 2nd cheapest to live in Latin America.

However, remember the cost of living will highly change based on your buying needs, lifestyle preferences and where do you live.

For example, if you live in Medellin expect to spend $843 to $1.819 per month (including rent) while if you live in Cali you could spend between $646 to $1.545 per month.

2.Necessary Living Expenses In Colombia 

To help you plan your budget, I made a list of the average cost of monthly living expenses in Colombia.

For this list, I used the data of one of the most expensive cities (Medellin) and one of the most affordable cities (Cali), this way you can estimate the minimum you would need whether you live in an expensive or affordable area.

Note – Please note this is a general estimate I created using the Numbeo and Expatistan database, remember prices can vary!

 So, always check the most updated information when planning your expenses.

Living Expenses List 

  • Food

If you stick to a budget-friendly food routine and prepare your own meals you can expect to spend between $87.22 to $130.61, this would include basic food groceries such as eggs, bread, beef, rice, vegetables, fruits, onion, etc.

  • Restaurants

Restaurant prices will highly vary based on the city you live in, for example in Medellin a meal in a modest restaurant can cost $3.95 while in a mid-range restaurant a three-course meal for two could cost $21.86.

  • Transportation 

On average, one-way bus tickets could cost around $0-60 to $0.67, a monthly pass between $27.18-$28.54, and a taxi between $0.98 to $1.36 for 1 km. 

Also, if you are planning to rent a car, one gallon of gasoline would cost between $0.65  to $0.69 approx. 

  • Utilities

For 1 person you can expect to spend between $51 to $63 on monthly utilities if you live in a 900 sq ft (85 sq mt) apartment. 

These expenses would include electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage services. 

Colombia Internet Providers

As for Colombia’s internet service providers (ISPs), here you will find a list of all the internet service providers in Colombia

Some of the best internet service providers in Colombia are:

  1. Claro;
  2. Tigo;
  3. Telmex;
  4. Movistar;
  5. ETB.

On average, an internet monthly plan of 8 Mbps can cost you around $20 to $24.

Fastest ISPs 

Additionally, to find the current fastest internet providers in Colombia, I would recommend checking out this speed test site, where you can see the fastest providers in each city.

  • Rent Per Month

A 1 bedroom apartment in a centric area would cost between $172.82 to $292.51 while outside the city center, it could cost between $158.01 to $264.13. 

For example, if you rent in one of the safest centric areas in Medellin, such as Laureles you could expect to pay $256 per month for a small 1 bedroom apartment

On the other hand, you can rent a small apartment with wi-fi for 3 guests and 1 bedroom for $251 per month in Belen, a safe quiet neighborhood in the south-western area of Medellin

  • Gym Membership

If you love outdoor activities and want to stay fit and active, a gym membership would be a necessity!  In general, expect to spend between $25 to $28 per month.

digital nomad colombia

Colombian Weather 

Colombia has magnificent weather year-round, having an average annual temperature between 16.7°C to 23.9°C

Regarding seasons in Colombia, this country only has two seasons: dry season and rainy season. 

  • Dry season 

The dry season in Colombia starts from December to January and from July to August.

  • Rainy season

The rain season starts in April to May and from October to November. 

Best Time To Go To Colombia

The best time to go to Colombia is in the dry season as these are the greatest months to enjoy good weather, go for a walk, hike, ride your bicycle and do outdoor activities.

In the dry season the rent prices drop and touristic places are less crowded so it would be a good idea to book your trip for that period. 

Good weather and budget-friendly, win-win!

Tip: This does not mean you can’t go to Colombia in the rainy season as from July to September are the best months for whale watching or surfing! 

digital nomad visas Colombia

Digital Nomad Visas In Colombia

Here I will highlight the best types of visas to start your digital nomad Colombia adventure.  I will also add the official government links and useful information for your application, let’s start:

Types Of Visas In Colombia 

There are three types of visas in Colombia: 

  • Visitor Visa (type V);
  • Resident Visa (type R);
  • Migrant Visa (type M).

To work as a digital nomad in Colombia, you need to apply for a visitor visa (if you need one) or a migrant visa. 

Do I Need A Visa?

Firstly, do you need a visa? As of now, if you are a US or Schengen visa holder you do not need a visa.

Now, if you are not a US citizen of a Schengen visa holder check out what type of visa you may need by clicking here.

Note-  As a tourist, you can stay for a maximum period of 90 days and extend for another 90 days. You don’t have to get out of the country to extend the 90 days and this applies to all tourists whether they need a visa or not.

Visitor Visa 

Getting a visitor visa is very easy in Colombia! 

Also, you can legally work as a digital nomad with a visitor visa, so this is one of the most popular visas digital nomads apply for.

The requirements of the visitor visa are:

  • Passport;
  • 1 Copy of the passport in PDF format;
  • Proof of accommodation;
  • A jpg photo of yourself.

After having all the documents you need to fill the Colombian online visa application form and pay a fee online or doing a bank deposit (if applicable).

Temporary services provider visa

Another type of visitor visa you can apply for if you are working for a legal person domiciled in Colombia is a temporary services provider visa and stay in the country for up to 2 years

Specific requirements:

  • The most important requirement for this visa is that you submit the contact summary form.

Volunteer / Cooperant

Finally, if you want to volunteer in Colombia to help protect human rights and cooperate in local projects, you can stay for up to 2 years with this visa. 

Specific requirements:

  • Name of the institution or company;
  • Foreigner’s agenda of activity and duration;
  • Statement of economic responsibility for the foreigner’s accommodation;
  • Connection to the foreigner and qualification or expertise.

Note- Those requirements are the documents the company needs to validate your role as a volunteer.

Migrant Visa

Now, what should you do if you want to stay long-term in Colombia? 

Well, in this case, you could apply for a Colombia work visa, an investor visa, or a study visa.

It will highly depend on your intentions, but even the Migrant Visa is easy to get if you have all your documents and requirements in order. 

Here are the most important requirements for those type of long term visas:

Practice A Profession Or Independent Activity

This is the best visa for digital nomads who want to work long term in Colombia, if you qualify you can stay for up to 3 years in the country. 

Specific requirements:

  • Application letter;
  • Minimum 3 certificates that prove your professional expertise;
  • Personal bank statement of the six months prior application.

Note – For the 3rd requirement you would need to show you earn 10 times the minimum Colombian wage, as of now that would be $240 * 10= $2400.

Student Exchange, Arts And Crafts Or Postgraduate Studies

If you want to study and stay for 3 years in Colombia this is a great visa to do so. This visa is best for those who enroll in a 3 year+ course, if not then there is also a shorter version of this type of study visa where you can stay for 2 years.

Specific requirements:

  • Bank statements to prove you have sufficient funds to live in the country.
  • Certificate of admission or enrollment in an authorized school in Colombia.

Resident Visa

Direct Foreign Investment

If you want to stay in Colombia for an indefinite time and have sufficient means you should apply for this visa.

 Specific requirements:

  • Make a direct foreigner investment of a minimum 650  legal monthly minimum wages (Approx. $156.000)
digital nomad Colombia

Top Destinations For Digital Nomads In Colombia


Also known as the city of everlasting spring, Medellin is located in the Aburrá Valley, a central region of the Andes Mountains.

Worried about humid sticky weather?

If you live in Medellin you will enjoy one of the best climates ever, with cool constant temperatures this tropical city is the perfect spot to enjoy good weather. 

For a digital nomad, Medellin offers incredible benefits such as:

  • A grand variety of parks, museum, and libraries to explore;
  • A diversity of cool (and affordable) co-working spaces to work from;
  • Good balance between city life and outdoor activities, such as hiking or cycling;
  • Reliable Wi-fi connection;
  • Dynamic Nightlife.

Now, If you are interested in living in Medellin, let’s see what fun things you can do here:

Best Things To Do In Medellin 

Wander Through Parks, Plazas, and Gardens

If you love nature, Medellin has various parks to visit and wander around, one of the most iconic is Parque Arvi, it is near the city and is a nice 16,000 hectares park with great trails to hike.

You can go there by using the Medellin Metrocable (a gondola lift system), where you can see amazing panoramic views of Medellin and travel to different parts of the city in a cheap, fun, and safe way. 

So, if you want to experience a Medellin lifestyle this is definitely one of the things you need to do!

Some other great interesting places to go for a walk, eat some local food, and/or enjoy street art are:

Enjoy An Exciting Nightlife

Do you want to learn Spanish while meeting people from Medillm, and different countries too?

Yes? Perfect, because Dancefree is the #1 top destination for adventure souls eager to meet local people while learning how to dance and/or learning Spanish!!!

Reviews are incredibly good, and they offer online classes too in case some days you can’t go in person (although the best way is to go in person, so try your best to attend!)

Other great places where you can enjoy a fab social life are:

Visit Historic sites and museums 

Another great activity to do in Medellin is to visit its museums and historic sites, a highly recommended spot is the Pueblito Paisa, which is a little village in Cerro Nutibara (Antioquia).

What makes this place so special is that it is a representation of a traditional XX century town, it is a very romantic town with colonial architecture, local Colombian traditional craft shops, a photo museum, and a lovely small church.

Food can be expensive, but travelers and locals love this spot as it’s a romantic, calm, and excellent place to enjoy a 360° panoramic view of Medellin city

Other fantastic places to have a cool time exploring and learning Colombian culture:

bogota medellin


Bogota is the capital of Colombia, known as Colombia’s fridge because of its cold temperature (18° C – 20°C), is one of the best cities to enjoy an active nightlife and exquisite cuisine.

It is highly weird to experience electrical outages in Bogota, so you won’t have to worry too much about power outages that could happen in smaller cities. 

The best benefits of living in Bogota are:

  • You can book cheap flights to other cities, like Cartagena and Cali;
  • It has a diverse musical offer, not only salsa or bachata, but also jazz or rock;
  • Lots of festivals, cultural activities to do, and museums to explore;
  •  One of the best cities for an affordable life in Colombia;
  • Hosts the top nightclubs in Colombia.

Best Things To Do In Bogota 

Amusing outdoor activities 

Love outdoor activities? Go to Mount Monserrate, an epic national gem in Bogota!  

3,152 meters above sea level, on this hill you will be delighted with a cool refreshing breeze and a gorgeous breathtaking panoramic view of Bogota city.

You can get up there by cable car or in a funicular ride, both of them fun to do and quicker options if you don’t want to hike the mountain. 

The best time to go would be on a weekday (less crowded).

Once on top, take your time to breathe the fresh air, see the local crafts shops, pay a visit to the beautiful church where you can see a glorious statue of the virgin Morenata of Montserrat, and taste some delicious traditional Colombian food!

Here are other fun natural and exciting places to visit in Bogota:

Immerse in the culture and history of Colombia

Barrio La Candelaria is the cultural epicenter of Bogota.

One of the top things to do in Bogota, in Barrio La Candelaria you can enjoy nice architecture by walking around colored Spanish colonial buildings with cute balconies, meet local artisans, and see their traditional crafts or the amazing street graffiti art.

And! Do not forget to enjoy the yummy food you can find here, especially the coco tea at embajada de la coca.

Some other cultural centers and museum you can’t miss to visit are:

Drink Beer and Vive la Vida 

If you want to experience Bogota’s nightlife then I recommend you book the tour Bogota Pub Crawl

It is a terrific first step to getting to know Bogota’s nightlife best spots for eating lots of local food, drink craft beer and get to visit different cultural sites with a local guide.

Here are some places you can go on your own to have some drinks and experience different unique experiences tasting Colombian cocktail flavors, dancing in thematic night clubs and music tours:

Note- If you would like to do a musical tour experience in Bogota to learn how to dance salsa,  cumbia or tango I would suggest you check out Bogota Nightlife Tours, but if you prefer to learn how to make beer then this Bogota Craft Beer Tour is for you!

Cartagena Medellin


Nicknamed as The Magic City, Cartagena is located on the northern coast of Colombia and is a paradise for nomads who are looking to live in a beautiful historic city near the old grand sea.

While living in Cartagena expect to live in a city bursting with historic corners and buildings to explore as this city holds some of the oldest castles in Colombia, the Castillo de San Felipe.

So, some of the best benefits of living and working in Cartagena are:

  • Wonderful place for water sport adventures;
  • Superb seafood hub;
  • Ideal city for learning salsa;
  • Sensational beaches;
  • Remarkable historic places.

Best Things To Do In Cartagena

Historic sites

When you visit the Walled City of Cartagena you will feel as if you have successfully traveled back in time; to the past of Cartagena.

In this old town, you can wander around classic narrow old streets, surrounded by colorful beautiful colonial homes, flower balconies, historic museums, and wonderful old churches.

Also, after chilling out at the public squares you can go grab something to eat in the restaurants or buy local souvenirs in the merchant shops, this is a must-stop for everyone living in Cartagena.

Other historic sites you have to visit are:

This is perfect for a digital nomad in Colombia that loves history and culture.

Water Sports And Beaches 

One of the best water sport schools in Cartagena: Cartagena Kitesurf School

This is a wonderful school where you can learn to do water sports such as kitesurfing, kayak and paddleboard on different beaches and places near Cartagena such as La Guajira, Rosario Islands, and Salinas del Rey.

As a plus, this is rated as some of the cheapest schools that have great instructors certified by the World Kite Sport association.

Here are other wonderful water sports to do in Cartagena including diving experiences, the possibility of taking underwater pictures, and boat rental services:

Out of the beaten path activities

Although the king city for learning salsa is Cali (which I’ll mention later), Cartagena has splendid options for learning salsa and doing out-of-the-beaten-path activities.

For example, you can take cooking classes in EMEkitchen Cooking Class where you’ll learn to do traditional Colombian food but also get to meet local chefs, practice your Spanish and make some new local friends! 

Here are other activities where you can take classes to learn a new skill and make new connection while living in Cartagena:


Near Cartagena, you will find Barranquilla, nicknamed as Colombia’s Golden Gate, a less known coastal city that welcomes foreigners with welcomed arms.

One of Barranquilla’s most popular events is Barranquilla’s Carnival which UNESCO declared as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, it usually lasts 4 days and is a moment to enjoy beer, party, dance, and just let yourself be.

Although small and with less touristic places than Bogota or Cartagena, Barranquilla has cool things to offers, some of them are:

  • Amazing seafood to taste;
  • Beautiful colonial architecture to appreciate;
  • Great place for boat tours and river lovers;
  • Nice areas for walking, exercising, and for cultural events.
  • A variety of seafood restaurants and tasty local food.
Barranquilla medellin

Best Things To Do In Barranquilla

Walking around Barranquilla

The Gran Malecón del Río – Sector Puerta de Oro is the top destination for locals and tourists to spend a nice day walking alongside the magnificent views of the Magdalena River.

Here you can settle back, enjoy the nice fresh breeze and eat traditional Colombian food.

It is also a great place to get some drinks, take your dog out (if you have one), and go play some basketball or soccer game with locals.

As a plus, you can also ride your bicycle here and exercise, so overall is a great place to be in Barranquilla.

Similar places to walk around, enjoy cultural activities and buy some traditional Brazilian handicrafts are:

Visit Barranquilla museums

If you live in Barranquilla you could visit the Mapouka Museum, it is a small museum inside a private university ( North University) with interesting historical exhibitions of pre-Columbian artifacts. 

The artifacts are linked to the Karib culture, are well maintained, and are an accurate representation of pre-hispanic and colonial periods.

Another history museum you can visit is the Museo del Caribe where you will learn about the history of Carnival and interactive activities to enjoy like dressing up.

Taste Barranquilla local food

If you want to eat abundant local food and also visit a historic center in Barranquilla, then you must go to Bar Restaurante La Cueva, price range is between $9-$19 and it is famous because it was the favorite bar of Gabriel Garcia Marquez ( a Colombian novelist).

Here you can enjoy a romantic vibe, eat delicious food while listening to live music, and dance with your friends, or alone, why not? 

Here are other restaurants to enjoy delicious Barranquilla local cuisine:

Cali Medellin


Lastly, a very attractive place to be for your digital nomad Colombia adventure is Cali, also known as The Salsa capital of the world (although salsa dance style did not originate here).

Do you love dancing? 

If so, book your place to live the Cali lifestyle! 

This is because Cali breathes salsa, a Latin American type of dance, even popular Latin American salsa songs have mentioned this city, as a way of honoring its relevance for its role in salsa history!

Besides this, Cali is a great place for digital nomads thanks to:

  • Cheap accommodations, restaurants, and local food;
  • Exciting nightlife and dancing clubs;
  • THE place to learn salsa in Colombia;
  • Beautiful churches and cathedrals to see;
  • Cool museums, parks, and historic neighborhoods to explore.

Best Things To Do In Cali 

Learn Salsa!

You can’t live in Cali and not learn or dance salsa, it would be like going to Italy and not eat pizza!

A great academy to learn salsa is SalsaPura, in this school, you will have a fun unforgettable experience.

Classes are for all levels so you don’t have to worry about zero dancing skills.

Also, the teachers are world-class instructors accustomed to working with foreigners so you’ll be in a very friendly environment.

Other cool local schools to check out are:

Time to dance!

Now that you know how to dance salsa what is the next logical thing to do? 

Go have a great time dancing and drinking!

For this I would recommend you Tin Tin Deo, one of the best bars and nightclubs in Cali, where you can enjoy a friendly atmosphere, listen to great salsa and get cheap drinks.

It is also rated a friendly place for foreigners, where you can see great dancing shows without feeling forced to dance or drink if you don’t want to.

Other bar and nightclubs to check out are:

Go for a stroll

In Cali you can go for a stroll to Gato de Tejada, this is an interesting park next to a river where you can see different cat sculptures!

It is considered a safe place for a nice walk where you can eat local food and buy local crafts. Also, if you are a cat lover and love art you just can’t miss this park! 

Some other parks to enjoy a great afternoon with cool architecture, deep cultural history or art sculptures to see are:

Digital nomad Colombia

Cool Co-Working Places For Digital Nomads In Colombia

Although traveling is the best part of being a digital nomad, its important for us to work so we can actually fund this lifestyle.

When you arrive as a digital nomad in Colombia, you will want to find all the best co-working spaces in Colombia. We have done all the research for you! 🙂

CoWorking Space Medellin 


CoworKid is a coworking space in Medellin ideal for a digital nomad in Colombia that want to have a Medellin life experience, but also have children that need to be taken care of, especially if they are between 6 months to 3 years.

In this coworking space you can expect to pay 330.000 COP ($90) per month for a hot desk, or 850000 COP ($232) per month for a dedicated desk.


  • High-Speed Wi-fi;
  • Standing desks;
  • Kitchen;
  • Chill out areas.

Any free services? Water and coffees are free.

Extras: They offer Montessori classes to your child once you are a subscribed member.

Other interesting coworking spaces in Medellin:

CoWorking Space Bogota

Selina Chapinero Cowork

Located in the financial district of Bogota, Selina Chapinero Cowork this coworking space is a highly rated coworking area thanks to its friendly staff and warm comfortable spaces.

Rooms have an open design, have good lighting, and are beautifully decorated, if you subscribe you can use a hot desk for COP 380.000 ($104) per month or 550.000 COP ($150) per month for a dedicated desk.


  • High-Speed Wi-fi;
  • Kitchen;
  • Areas for relaxing;
  • Works 24h from Monday to Sunday.

Any free services? Coffee is free.

Extras: They offer workshops, events, and networking opportunities once you are a member.

Other interesting coworking spaces in Bogota:

  • ArtWork: Starting at COP 770.910 a month ($211)
  • HubBOG: Starting at COP 653.994 a month ($179)

CoWorking Space Cartagena


One of the best and affordable co-working spaces in Cartagena, TuWork offers well-equipped, good-designed spaces, ultra-high-speed fiber-optic internet.

As for prices, using a hot desk costs around 10.000 COP ($2.74) per hour while dedicated desks cost around 15.000 COP ($4.11) per hour.

Their coworker page prices are not updated, so I would suggest you check out their official page for updated prices and deep information about their services:

Also, another benefit of coworking here is the great customer service they offer. 

Digital nomads repeatedly highlight how well they felt with the attentive staff and coworking companions, so if you need a supportive space do not look further, here it is!


  • High-speed Wi-fi;
  • Air Conditioning;
  • Copy center (prints and scanners);
  • Customizable lockers;
  • Kitchen;
  • Spacious areas to network and relax;
  • Nice rooms to enhance creative work.

Any free services? Coffees are free.

Extras: They offer workshops and networking events to subscribed members.

Other interesting coworking spaces in Cartagena:

CoWorking Space Barranquilla

A great coworking site in Barranquilla, CoWork Entre Todos is located in the center of Barranquilla.

With a great location, this coworking space is near public transportation stations so getting there and coming back to your home won’t be much of a problem. 

Prices start from 304.289 COP ($83) a month for a hot desk and 507.149 COP ($138) a month for a private office.


  • Good wifi;
  • Personal lockers;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Garden;
  • Showers;
  • Chillout room;
  • Print and scanner.

Any free services? They offer a free trial day.

Other interesting coworking spaces in Barranquilla:

  • BworkPlace: Starting at COP 350.000 a month ($95)
  • LYD House: Starting at COP 610.000 a month ($167)

CoWorking Space Cali

Inspiro Workstation

Located in the working district of Cali, Inspiro Workstation is close to everything you may need, banks, restaurants, coffees, transportation stations, markets, and so on.

They offer spacious desks and offices starting from 442.990 COP ($115) per month for one hot desk and 575.000 COP ($157) per month for a dedicated desk.


  • High-speed wi-fi;
  • Fridge;
  • Standing desks;
  • Air conditioning;

Any free services? Free drinking water.

Extras:  This coworking space is designed to boost creativity and connect entrepreneurs so if you want to get inspired and meet new digital nomads come here! 

Other interesting coworking spaces in Cali:

  • RioCowork: Starting at COP 582.100 a month ($159)
  • Yoffice: Starting at COP 2.009.910 a month ($550)

Places With Free Wi-fi In Colombia

Want to check free wifi places? Check out wifi map, where you can check different places in your city that offer free wi-fi!

digital nomad colombia

Best Places To Stay For Digital Nomads In Colombia

Eager to start the digital nomad Colombia adventure? 

If so, here are some of the best places to live in Colombia for digital nomads, including coliving spaces!


Poblado – Entire loft ($40/night)

Located in one of the safest (and richest) neighborhoods of Medellin, this modern loft in Poblado offers a high-speed 100 Mbps internet,  gracefully decorated spaces to boost your creativity, and a pool where you can relax and swim like a happy duck.

This place is very comfortable as it has air conditioning to keep you fresh, Netflix to entertain you, and a fully equipped kitchen to cook your meals.

Also, it offers a dedicated workplace to work on your laptop and long-term stays are allowed.

Entire Apartment in Medellin ($17/night)

Located in Buenos Aires neighborhood, this apartment is strategically located near public transportation stations which is a great benefit to quickly explore different parts of the city.

It is also close to supermarkets, restaurants and lots of museums like Museo Casa de la Memoria and beautiful public squares like Plaza de Botero so you can also save some bucks on public transportation or taxis by living here.

Also, it offers a dedicated workspace, wi-fi, and long-term stays are allowed. 

Laureles Coworking + Coliving ($17/night)

If you are looking for coliving Colombia places, then you should know Medellin has a great co-living building in Laures, a safe neighborhood.

Perfect for a digital nomad in Colombia that just want a bit of peace and security.

Embraced by colorful walls and bright big windows this place offers you a community of creators when you can rent a private studio, enjoy coworking spaces, go to weekly events for networking, and have a dedicated desk for you to work.

As a plus, they also have relaxing common areas, a gym studio, Netflix, and coffee bar discounts!

This coliving place is pet friendly, has fast wi-fi and the minimum stay period is 1 month.

digital nomad Bogota


Apartment in Normandia ($10/night)

Conveniently located near Bogota airport, this small cozy apartment is located in a calm secure neighborhood close to a police station so you can have a sense of security here.

This place is also located near bars, restaurants, and parks like the Botanic Garden where you can go for a walk and explore Bogota’s vibrant nature.

It also offers a dedicated workspace, wi-fi, and a fully equipped kitchen to cook your food.

This is a pet-friendly place and allows long-term stays. Perfect for a digital nomad in Colombia who loves pets! (like me 🙂 )

Apartment in Chapinero ($11/night)

Located in Chapinero, this neighborhood is a safe place to hang out and explore local cafes, restaurants, malls, and bars.

It offers wi-fi, a dedicated workspace, and a fully equipped kitchen. 

On the other hand, it is an affordable apartment that allows pets and long-term stays for 2 guests. 

Chapinero Coworking + Coliving ($21/night)

Are you looking for coliving places in Bogota?

Then check out this chic eclectic coliving apartment in Chapinero neighborhood, where you will be delighted with a unique decor style, spacious areas to relax and socialize, a dedicated desk, and a fast reliable wi-fi.

It is close to Quinta Camacho, a neighborhood with art galleries and near Zona G, an area full of restaurants.

The minimum period of stay is 1 month and offer local tours for an extra fee.

digital nomad colombia


Private Room near Old Town ($10/night)

This private room is close to Cartagena’s old town, a beautiful cultural town in Cartagena with colorful colonial architecture, bars, and historic museums to see.

The site offers a quiet calm place far from traffic jams and noisy city sounds, it has hammocks for you to lay down and relax, a backyard (with iguanas!), and a simple kitchen for basic meals.

Also, aside from air conditioning, good wi-fi, and affordable prices, one of the best things about this apartment is the outstanding good customer service by the host and housekeeper that will guide you through the neighborhood and help you experience a wonderful life in Cartagena.

Apartment overlooking the old town ($25/night)

If you would like to be near Cartagena’s old town but prefer to have an apartment just for you, then check out this spacious place that offers a reliable wifi speed of 100 Mbps, a living room, kitchen, and a lovable balcony where you can get a splendid view of the old town.

It is also close to restaurants, shops and the biggest mall in Cartagena so you are in a convenient location with good wifi and great views!

Plus, it allows smoking, long term stays and is a pet-friendly home.

Bed in Dorm Room in Getsemani ($10/night)

This colonial-style building in Getsemani offers incredible facilities for your digital nomad stay; a swimming pool, rooftop terrace, and a courtyard lounge are just some of them.

To help you have a good productivity time you can enjoy good wifi and coworking spaces inside the modern building. 

It also offers classes such as surf lessons for water sport lovers, a nightclub to dance, a fitness room to stay fit, and a movie room to chill out.

Additionally, it allows pets and is a kid-friendly space.

digital nomad colombia


Entire Apartment in El Prado ($18/night)

This apartment located in El Prado is a great location for mobility as you are close to public transportation such as buses and taxis. 

Not only this, you are close to supermarkets, parks and shopping malls so you have a lot of interesting places within a short distance. 

On the other hand, it has reliable fast wifi and a dedicated workplace so you can work from home if needed.

As a plus, this apartment accepts pets and is located in a quiet calm area where you can enjoy silence.  

Entire apartment in Betania ($27/night)

This is an amazing modern apartment located in a safe area, here you can enjoy working with a mega fast wifi of over 100 Mbps, dedicated desks, and a cozy place bathed in natural light. 

You also have a balcony to see the sunset, use a pool to freely swim, a washer to clean your clothes and a fully equipped kitchen to cook your dinner and afternoon snacks! 

The host allows a long stay period and the apartment has a capacity for 5 people.

Casa Vrde ($7/night)

Casa Vrde is a local housing service for exchange students, expats, or digital nomads.

Located in Porvenir neighborhood, this budget-friendly place offers you the opportunity to exchange experiences with people from different countries while living in a comfortable chill house.

They offer wifi, washing machines for cleaning your clothes and a kitchen for you to use. 

Also, all rooms are private and you can choose between private bathrooms or shared bathrooms. 

digital nomad cali


Apartment in Tejares de San Fernando ($14/night)

This comfortable apartment is located in Tejares de San Fernando, a safe neighborhood near supermarkets, parks, and restaurants.

Here you will enjoy great lighting, good wi-fi, and a dedicated workspace to do your work.

 Also, this apartment has a charming balcony/garden place where you can have some sunbath time and get refreshed.

Apartment in Juanambu ($14/night)

Located in Junambu, this cozy comfortable apartment is in a convenient area near the center and within walking distance from bars, nightclubs, and restaurants.

It is also near the previously mentioned Gato de Tejada Park! So, you can enjoy great art and walk routes near this place.

As for facilities, it offers wi-fi and has a fully equipped kitchen with fridge, microwave and an oven to cook your food.

Long-term stays are allowed. 

Coliving House in Miraflores ($15/night)

A vibrant coliving Colombia house in Miraflores neighborhood, in this apartment you can benefit from different convenient amenities such as a fast wi-fi to work fast, a coworking space to work surrounded by other nomads and a terrace to have some fresh air and coffee after the job is done!

Perfect space for a digital nomad in Colombia!

It also offers classes to learn a new skill while socializing such as salsa, photography, Spanish classes, or guided hiking tours, if you want outdoor activities. 

Colombian food

Best Food To Try In Colombia

Colombian cuisine is a mix of European, Indian American, African, and Spanish cultures. 

Each region has a different typical dish, however if you live as a digital nomad in Colombia, these are the 5 best foods to try out.


Arepas is a delicious salty flat dough made of ground maize. 

This is a prehispanic dish that originated in Colombia and Venezuela. You can eat it with cheese, jam, pork, eggs, black beans and as a side dish. 

Arepas are very important for Colombian cultural gastronomy and can be eaten in breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are very delicious so you definitely have to try them out when visiting Colombia!

Some versions of arepas you can taste in Colombia are:

  • Only with cheese on top (the classic version); 
  • Made with sugar and traditionally served with a cup of hot chocolate (arepa de choclo);
  • The dough is fried, then a fried egg is inserted and then the dough is fried again. (Arepa de huevo).

If you want to taste arepas and some delicious Cartagena food I would recommend you to visit Quero Arepa.

Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja Paisa is Colombia’s national dish, it is a high-calorie meaty dish made with white rice, pork rinds, steak, beans, eggs, avocado, arepa, plantains, and ground beef. 

Ufff! You feel full only by thinking about it. 

Bandeja Paisa is a typical dish that originated in the northwest of Colombia, in the Antioquia region which includes Medellin, Buritica, or Bolívar.

Also, if you want to taste some tasty local Medellin food including Bandeja Paisa check out  Mondongos Poblado.

Interesting fact – Any person that is born or lives in the Antioquia region is called a Paisa.

Colombian food Sanchoco


Sancocho is a hearty soup that is made with potatoes, corn, different kinds of meat (e.g. chicken, pork ribs, cow ribs, or fish), plantains, and yuca. 

This highly loved comfort dish in Colombia is usually eaten at lunchtime, parties, or family celebrations. It is traditionally served with avocado and white rice as side dishes. 

Also, you can find different versions of the Sancocho in Colombia. 

For example, in the Antioquia region, you will find the Sancocho Paisa that is typically made with pork or cow meat while in the coastal region of Colombia ( e.g. Cali and Barranquilla) the sancocho is commonly made with fish.

If you want to eat one tasty sancocho in Cali check out Ringlete, on the other hand, if you want to eat the meaty version go to 3 Tipicos in Medellin. 

Cazuela De Mariscos

Colombian’s seafood stew, the Cazuela de Mariscos is a traditional dish of the Caribbean region such as Cartagena and Barranquilla. 

 It is typically cooked in coconut milk and made with lobster, shrimp, squids, clams, and fried vegetable stew. Alternatively, it can also cream, parmesan cheese, and white wine.

Perfect for cold days or lunchtime do not miss the opportunity to eat this delicious Cartagena food, you can check out Porton de San Sebastian and eat one with some delicious coconut rice and patacones as side dishes. 


Empanadas are a street food staple in Latin America,  these are a type of baked or fried crescent-shaped savory pastries made of dough.

You may very well put on weight when you are a digital nomad in Colombia, due to these delicious savoury treats!

In Colombia empanadas vary a lot based on where you are, however, one of the most popular empanadas can be stuffed with:

  • Potato filling;
  • Cheese;
  • Smashed potatoes and shred beef/pork;
  • Meat stew;
  • Chicken, rice, and veggies;
  • Octopus, parmesan cheese, seafood sauce.

You can find empanadas throughout Colombia, it is the perfect afternoon, morning, and night snack.  If you want to try out the best empanadas in Bogota check out El Kiosco Golosinas.

Note – Empanadas are addictive so be careful, you could end up eating 5 empanadas and still want more to bring home.

digital nomad Colombia

How To Get Around In Colombia

The you are a digital nomad in Colombia, you will want to move around and immerse yourself in the culture.

In general, the public transportation of Colombia is functional. Including ways of transportation such as:

  • Fast transport buses (buses dedicated to specific routes);
  • Uber and Taxis;
  • Cable car 
  • Cycleway;
  • Subway.

To optimize your time I will recommend the best way to travel in Colombia considering each city I have previously mentioned as every city has different ways of transportation, and some have a great subway system while in others taxis are your best choice. 

Let’s go!


The best way to get around in Medellin is through the Metro (subway) and MetroCable (cable car). 

Here you will have the updated information about ticket costs, which are around 2400 COP to 3400 COP ($0.66-$0.93), for a single ride.

As for the Metrocable, this system is integrated with the Metro which means you won’t have to pay any extra fees unless you are going to Parque Arvi, if so you must pay a fee of 5200 COP ($1.42).

Also, foreigners can use the Civica card that lets you use the metro system at cheaper prices and gives you access to the Encicla system ( free public bike system). 

It’s free to get and easy just go to any of Civica offices. For instance, there is one inside San Antonio metro station, where you need to show your passport and there you have it, a cheaper way to get around Medellin.

As for the bus system the fare goes around 2200 COP ($0.60). To check out the bus routes, you can download this free app: Bus Paisa (only for iPhone).

Note – The only city that has a subway in Colombia is Medellin. 


The safest and most efficient way of traveling in Bogota is through Bogota’s bus rapid transit system called TransMilenio, fares are between 2500-2300 COP ($0.62-$0.68).

On the official website, you can check out the detailed updated information about fares and how the system works.

As for routes and checking out available schedules I would recommend you to download the official app TransMiApp, you can read this article on the official website to understand how the app works (although it is very intuitive).

An alternative is to use the moovit app where you can also check bus routes, schedules, and other useful information about traffic and best routes to use based on your location. ( This the most used mobility app in Bogota)

If you want to use a taxi please bear in mind to always book a taxi through an app or a website where you can see multiple good reviews, NEVER hail a taxi from the street, as you could be robbed or worse. 

Great sites to book a drive are Easy Taxi, a Cabify ap‪p (only for App users), or TaxiLibres (available for App and Android users) which is one of the best taxi apps in Colombia available in Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Bucaramanga, Cúcuta and Manizales.


Yellow taxis are the best way to get around in Cartagena. 

According to Numbeo the price range for 1km goes from 6500-8000 COP ($1.77-$2.17). 

However, always remember to ask the price and contact at least 3 drivers to negotiate. 


Cartagena drivers have a bad reputation for overcharging their fares, especially if they realize you are a foreigner. 

Also, Cartagena has a very affordable public transport system: Transcaribe, fares start from 2300 COP ($0.63). If you want to use the transcaribe system you need to buy a bus card in one of their stations that costs around 4000 COP ($1.30). 

However, it can get quite crowded and it is considered a less convenient way of getting around Cartagena, so it is best to use the taxi.


Barranquilla is another city where the best way to get around is by taxi.

The fares cost between 5000 to 8000 COP ($1.36-$2.17), you can check which taxis are available through the TaxiLibres app.

Also, a cheaper way to get around the city would be with the bus system or the Transmetro which is the equivalent of Bogota’s TransMilenio. 

Transmetro fares start from 2300 COP ($0.62), you need to buy a bus card to use it which can be bought at any of their bus stations. 

Also, you could check near bus stations using apps like rome2rio app.


Last but not least Cali, here the best way of transportation is by bus, using MIO a fast bus and metro cable public system.

MIO is a cheap and an efficient way of transportation that will get you to any place in Cali, all the buses are air-conditioned and clean. 

Each trip can cost you around 2000 COP($0.54) and to use it you need to buy a MIO card, which costs around 3000 COP ($0.81) and can be purchased in many of the bus stations.

The second best way to get around in Cali are taxis, prices are between 4700-6700 COP ($1.29 -$1.83) according to Numbeo, and you can check available trusted drivers in the TaxiLibres app.

digital nomad Colombia

Things You Should Know Before Living In Colombia

1.Credit Card? Cash, Please

As a digital nomad in Colombia, you will pay the majority of your local food and services with cash.

This is because cash is majorly accepted in stores, restaurants, local vendors, markets, and so on, but credit cards are not so loved.

This means you have to be well prepared and check beforehand where the available ATMs are in the zone you are going to visit and withdraw some cash.

As a plus, here is an ATM travel guide where you can read useful information about ATMs in Colombia. 

Note – Only withdraw what you need as it is not safe to wander around carrying too much cash. 

2.Protect Your Belongings 

Colombia is safer than before which is why it is attracting more and more tourists as years pass.

Even so, Colombia has security problems such as pickpocketing and robbery.

As a digital nomad in Colombia, you need to:

  • Not leave your things alone. E.g., on a tablet or on the floor;
  • Use anti-theft travel gear to secure your things;
  • Never go alone to deserted streets, especially if it’s night;
  • Withdraw money in busy places, best if there are guards;
  • Don’t wear jewelry or anything that makes you stand out too much.

I know that it may seem a little scary to read that but overall Colombia is a secure place to visit, it is just you need to be aware of strangers and those who would like to quickly grab your phone and run away.

To secure your things, some anti-theft gearing I recommend are:

  1. Anti Theft Convertible Backpack;
  2. Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag.

Note- Always have a copy of your passport and know where your country consulate is just in case something happens. 

3.Do Not Glorify Narco Tourism

Colombian people have a sad history with violence and drug trafficking, series like Narcos from Netflix or the Museum Pablo Escobar in Medellin tend to portray a side of the story and do not express accurately the pain and suffering Colombians have with this subject.

What does this mean? 

Do not speak lightly about the subject, Colombians are sensitive about it and Medellin locals do not like Pablo Escobar so if possible avoid the Pablo Escobar Museum.

4.Watch Your Step 

When you are living as a digital nomad in Colombia, always look before you step, Colombian’s streets can have lots of holes and broken pavements.

And yes, this may seem trivial but if you are not careful you can fall and break an ankle, and then bam! Have to use your travel health insurance and reschedule everything.

So, as trivial as it may seem it is actually a great tip to remember.

Also, don’t forget to bookmark the article: Best Backpacker Insurance – The Ultimate Guide, where you can find practical detailed information about travel insurance companies that will aid you in your healthy emergencies 🙂


It may come as a surprise but turns out Uber is illegal in the majority of cities in Colombia! 

However, Uber is still available in various cities, including Medellin (only that they work illegally), regardless of this, it is best to avoid problems with the police and use a normal taxi.

The only cities where Uber is legal to use are: Bogota, Barranquilla, and Bucaramanga. 

Also do not use ride-sharing services like Indriver or Didi as these are also illegal in Colombia.


Tell me..where would you like to go in Colombia? 

After this Digital Nomad Colombia Guide, I hope you have learned more about this vivid beautiful country and that one of the best assets it has is Colombian people!

Although, some other things such as its nature, local food and cultural museums are the other best reasons to visit and live for a while in this country (or stay if you fall in love with a Colombian! Who knows…)

Anyhow, Colombia is an affordable place to live, has lots of coworking places and it is relatively easy to get a visa which makes it one of the best countries in South America for your next digital nomad experience! 

Digital Nomad Colombia : Practical Guide For Nomads

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