The Best Coworking Space in Bali [2023 Update]

Finding a coworking space in Bali can be both easy and difficult because there are many top-notch ones available for you to choose. 

Every coworking space in Bali guarantees high-speed WiFi, real ergonomic chairs, complete office amenities and ultimately, a paradise-like atmosphere.

Over the years, thousands of young professionals have flocked to Bali to live the nomadic dream. Bali’s high-spirited laptop warriors work anytime and anywhere, wrapping their hands around an iced coffee.

Coworking Space In Bali

It can get pretty lonely as a solo digital professional, but coworking spaces helps you meet people who are open to sharing new ideas and experiences.  

If you’re thinking about replacing your 9-5 grind with sending emails from cool, island offices, this article is for you.

Here is a list of the best coworking space in Bali:

  1. Outpost Ubud Coworking (Canggu, Ubud & Ubud Penestanan)
  2. Biliq Coworking Space (Seminyak)
  3. Connco Work Hub (Canggu)
  4. Bali Bustle Coworking Space (Kuta)
  5. Tropical Nomad (Canggu)
  6. Dojo Coworking Space Bali (Canggu)
  7. Colabo Coworking (Jimbaran)
  8. Livit Hub (Sanur)
  9. Kinship Studio (Canggu)
  10. GoWork Park 23 (Kuta)


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Coworking As A Digital Nomad In Bali

Bali coworking spaces are designed to boost your creative juices and sustain the flow. 

Nestled in Balinese villages, these brilliant spaces are surrounded by lush green paddy fields, or located just a couple of minutes away from the beach. 

This article even described Bali as a tech startup ecosystem in paradise.

Imagine what you can do on your lunch breaks. Surfing, swimming, strolling along the beach – every impossible thing you couldn’t do if you’re bound to an office desk.

Coworking Space In Bali

The interiors are stylish, some with a hint of Balinese decorations, the working areas are spacious, the windows are big, the rooms are bright, and most come with a terrace or a rooftop area.

The price of coworking packages varies but one thing for sure is, they never compromise on quality.

Best Coworking Space In Bali

1.Outpost Ubud Coworking (Canggu, Ubud & Ubud Penestanan)

Outpost is one of the giant coworking spaces in Bali. They just launched the latest coworking Ubud Penestanan.

Outpost spaces at all three locations offer high-speed WiFi, light-filled collaboration areas, air-conditioned work zones, bookable meeting rooms, workshop spaces and Skype booths. 

There’s a beautiful garden and a swimming pool outside to have one foot dipped while Skyping with a client.

The friendly staff will make you feel at home, and your fellow Outposters will always be there, ready to share knowledge and new ideas.

If you sign up with Outpost, you’ve also entitled to member perks like discounts and vouchers thanks to their partnership with international and local businesses. 

Outpost offers a nice Bali coliving option too.

Talk about designing your best life  – Outpost has certainly nailed it!


  • Lite Pass – 25-hour access, from $49 per month
  • Medium Pass – 70-hour access, from $115 per month
  • One Pass – Unlimited access, from $188 per month
  • One Pass Plus – Dedicated desk, from $208 per month
  • Daily rate – From $16 per hour

2.Biliq Coworking Space (Seminyak)

Biliq got its name from bilik – which means a room or space. 

The founders of Biliq got inspired by the drawbacks of having to work with crowded cafes with spotty WiFi connection.

Coworking Space In Bali

This coworking space in Seminyak is the first in Bali to charge its customers at a per-minute rate. Affordable, yes, but their service quality and beautiful space are not compromised at all.

The workstations are well kept, the Flexi desk is a favourite, and there are also meeting rooms and high-speed WiFi throughout. 

Need to take that private call or video chat? Try the soundproofed Skype room!

You can choose between outdoor seating or an indoor air-conditioned area. Help yourself with a well-kept pantry or get a double shot cappuccino from the cafe.

Biliq has been staying true to the values remote workers need and become Bali’s best-rated coworking space on Google Review. 

There’s a garden and a swimming pool too if you suddenly miss the sun. 

If you sign up for Biliq’s Monthly Unlimited membership, you’ll be able to enjoy many benefits with their partners at no extra cost. 

Biliq regularly organises cool events for their members​, such as coffee appreciation class, SEO workshops and free pancakes night.


  • Flexi – From $10 per day
  • 5 days per month – From $45, valid for one month
  • 10 days per month – From $83, valid for one month
  • Unlimited pass – From $132, valid for one month

3.Connco Work Hub (Canggu)

The Connco Work Hub was built not just for working purposes, but it can make guests feel at home, instantly. 

This coworking space in Canggu lets you enjoy their open-plan workspace, get cozy on one of the soft couches or better yet, the sun-soaked rooftops overlooking the lap pool. 

If somehow your brain isn’t cooperating that day, jump into the giant pool for a refreshing mid-afternoon swim surrounded by the lush tropical gardens.

Are you planning to run an important workshop or organise a virtual team building? 

Don’t worry, just get in touch with their friendly staff and they will arrange a private meeting room and Skype area for you.

Did I mention the free sessions, including meditation, Bahasa Indonesia class or pizza nights out? Yep, they are all-inclusive at Connco!

Connco Work Hub is the working space in Bali that’s certain to drive your productivity to the maximum.


  • Fixed Desk – From $208 per month
  • Unlimited pass – From $139 per month
  • Hourly pass – From $83 per month (100 hours), $55 (50 hours), $35 (25 hours)
  • Day pass$8

4.Bali Bustle Coworking Space (Kuta)

Bali Bustle Coworking is located in the buzzing Kuta town, heavily surrounded by boutique stores and restaurants. 

The large shared desks, the vibrant coworking community, their grand bright windows and high-speed Wi-Fi, will guarantee a productive workday in the heart of town. 

But that’s not all they have because Bali Bustle also promotes teamwork by providing comfortable meeting rooms and Skype rooms for your international calls.

If you’re having writer’s block or perhaps the creative juice is not flowing so much, switch your laptop off for a brief workout session at their onsite gym. 

Or you can just take your smoothie up to the rooftop lounge to chill by the swimming pool.

The best part is, Bali Bustle’s coliving accommodation is on site! So, if working out or relaxing by the pool aren’t working, walk over to your room and take a nap or two.

This coworking space di Bali (in Bali) also organises exciting events like ping pong tournaments, cooking class, tea time and yoga sessions. You will never get bored!


  • Day pass – $7
  • Weekly pass$35
  • Monthly pass$76
  • Yearly pass$714

5.Tropical Nomad (Canggu)

It’s easy to recognise this coworking Canggu space if you’re riding your scooter through the famous Canggu Shortcut connecting Berawa to Batu Bolong

Somewhere in the centre, you’ll see a big white building with a tropical ambience – a perfect place for you to expand your networking, get inspiration, or simply be inspiring! 

This place really lives up to its name. As you step into the door, you’ll be greeted by bright white interiors sending the island feeling straight to your bones.

Shared desks are well organised, the WiFi speed is great and there are plenty of private meeting rooms and Skype rooms. 

If you need fresh air, just head over to the balcony with a view – you might as well get some #officeoftheday posts.

Every week, the team holds sharing sessions with motivational speakers, inspiring entrepreneurs and skilled workers to up your momentum.

If you sign up for their membership, you’ll be able to enjoy many benefits with their partners at no extra cost. 


  • Trial pass$8 
  • One-day pass$12
  • Starter pass$49
  • Hourly pass$69 (50 hours), $118 (100 hours)
  • Unlimited pass$187
  • Dedicated desk $208 

6.Dojo Coworking Space Bali (Canggu)

Do you want to listen to the waves without taking your laptop away from the desk? If yes, you should try Dojo Bali Coworking Space.

This hip two-storey venue is one minute away from the world-famous surf break Echo Beach

Dojo Bali takes pride in its state-of-the-art facilities, six business-grade load-balanced fibre optic lines (read more here) and an amazing pool surrounded by lush tropical gardens.

Coworking Space In Bali

This remarkable coworking space is fully air-conditioned and comes with conference rooms, private skype booths, hot showers and large breezy spaces and nooks.

When hunger strikes, Dojo’s cool cafe with an excellent menu is ready at your service. 

You should also try their ever famous fresh blend of dragon fruit from the onsite Nalu Bowls smoothie shack. 

Dojo also hosts a coliving space so you can stay with other like-minded digital nomads.

The team is always striving to keep their guests busy (in a good way) so keep an eye on their series of retreats, workshops and educational programmes. There’s always something to learn and share!


  • Day pass $10
  • Hourly pass$49 (30 hours), $69 (50 hours), $118 (100 hours)
  • Off-peak pass$90
  • Unlimited pass$187

7.Colabo Coworking (Jimbaran)

Welcome to Jimbaran’s premier coworking space and creative hub! 

Colabo is a coworking space that provides indoor and semi-outdoor areas, a meeting room, Skype booths and a cafe. This space is surrounded by Jimbaran’s picturesque lush green forest.

Working at Colabo lets you enjoy an incredible atmosphere. 

If you’re an avid surfer, you’re in luck. Colorado is only a proximate distance to Bali’s best surf breaks and pristine beaches.

If you just arrived in Bali and feel spoiled for a choice of coworking space, Colabo is perfect because it’s just 20 minutes away from Ngurah Rai International Airport

Colabo Coworking Space has never shied away from hosting social activities. There’s a unique tiered lawn where they often host movie nights for up to 200 people.

If you love yoga, you’re in luck too! Colabo holds regular yoga classes (six times a week) to ensure you keep your work-life in balance.


  • Day pass$10
  • Basic membership$42, valid for 2 weeks
  • J-Pro membership$76, valid for one month
  • Unlimited pass$139, valid for one month
  • 3-month unlimited pass$347

8.Livit Hub (Sanur)

Livit Hub’s tagline – ‘Work Reinvented’ is defined by their aim to create a digital and physical hub for disruptive business-building, sustainable remote work structures and innovative entrepreneurial skills.

This space boasts impressive service and super accommodating staff. Its 10 years history of providing a space for people to work and play makes it a favourite among Sanur digital nomads.

Think ergonomic chairs, multipurpose rooms, air-conditioned space, standing tables, hammocks, video conference rooms, snack stations and a slide! What could be better than that?

A 360° view of Sanur island town from their rooftop, yes! Once you’re standing on this roof to watch the epic sunsets, all problems are forgotten – even for a while.

Don’t forget to try the delicious meals from Livit’s The Kitchen House Cafe. Great brekkie, epic lunch creations and buffet… 

What makes it more special is that they use local sustainable products, like napkins made of recycled batik and furniture made out of old boats. Isn’t that amazing?

They also host birthday celebrations, movie nights, weekend outings and workations (discounts, fixed working spaces, meal plans and a wide range of accommodation alternatives).


  • Cafe coworking$7 daily, $34 weekly, $121 monthly
  • Cafe coworking plus$11 daily, $57 weekly, $199 monthly
  • Premium coworking$21 daily, $100 weekly, $348 monthly
  • Premium coworking plus$406 monthly

9.Kinship Studio (Canggu)

This uber-cool coworking space is the first of its kind in Bali. 

The founders converted an old warehouse into a creative workspace for the creators, doers and makers around the globe to connect.

Coworking Space In Bali

This Bali coworking space in Canggu is tailored to solo entrepreneurs and teams of up to eight people in private offices. 

The team regularly organises workshops, events and exhibitions like guided meditations, business tips and live figure drawing to ensure the creatives are in constant networking and skill sharing.

On the fully air-conditioned ground floor, you’ll find a nice setup of communal space.

The shared space is organised with spacious tables and comfortable chairs to ensure unlimited productivity.

If you prefer a little privacy, you should contact the team soonest. They have a limited number but highly demanded private offices that come with an array of inclusions.

Kinship is also the only one that provides a photography studio, fully equipped with Broncolor lighting, available for half-day or full-day rental.


  • Day pass $15
  • Weekly pass$55
  • Monthly pass$139
  • Permanent desk$187
  • Photography studio$173 (half day), $277 (full day)

10.GoWork Park 23 (Kuta)

This Indonesia leading premium coworking space is located in the Park23 Mall, providing easy access to all your favourite restaurants, cafes and shops. 

Since it’s also very close to Ngurah Rai International Airport, you’ll find many hotels, bars and nightclubs in the area.

It’s beautifully designed, making one feel like they are in a world-class working environment – which is undeniably true.

When they say premium, be prepared to experience a community platform that’s thoroughly researched in terms of technologies, content and services. 

GoWork’s coworking space is composed of hot desks and private offices, meeting rooms, event spaces, printing services, and Skype booths. Expect a lightning speed internet connection too!

Although it’s built in a mall, GoWork made sure that every private office comes with an outdoor space to give you the feel of what it’s like to be working in Bali.

When work gets too taxing, you can relax in the lounge areas and enjoy a cup of artisanal coffee to recharge.

Otherwise, scoot over to the north of Kuta to relax in the famous Kuta Beach, or a little bit further to enjoy the beauty of the Seminyak region.


  • Hot Desk daily$9 per day
  • Hot Desk flexible$69 for 10x use
  • Hot Desk monthly$90 per month
  • Private office$159 per month

The Digital Nomad Scene In Bali

It’s completely buzzing.

According to Statista, there are over 4000 digital nomads in Bali as of 2019. And this number might have doubled or tripled over these two years, who knows.

The digital nomad scene in Bali is prominent in areas like Canggu, Ubud, Kuta, and Seminyak. 

Regardless where you’re based, all four regions are home to excellent coworking spaces and work-friendly cafes.


The vibe of coworking Bali in Canggu makes this town a digital nomads’ favourite. Here, people surf and party a lot. It’s also home to Bali’s top surfing spot, Echo Beach

It’s crowded with people who come here to catch the beautiful sunsets and attend the beach party after. You will find hundreds of cool cafes and restaurants along the streets. 


Ubud is the wellness hub of Bali. Most people here are avid yoga goers and there are tons of yoga studios in Ubud. The spiritual activities scene here is quite prevalent too. 

There’s a wide variety of cafes and restaurants that cater to all types of budget and appetite. Being in a coworking space in Ubud means you’re closer to nature – jungles, rice fields and waterfalls.


Kuta is the hectic neighbour of Seminyak. It’s packed with backpackers and tourists and the nightlife is super roaring. 

Kuta Beach might not be as beautiful as the beaches of Uluwatu but it’s still a great place to catch the sunset and waves. The streets are full of small shops and malls. There’s also Waterbom Bali – a famous waterpark with 17 slides.


If you prefer to spend your days in a modern and trendy atmosphere, then you’ll love Seminyak. The digital nomad scene in Seminyak is rather distinct from the rest of the island.

Aside from Canggu, Seminyak is also flooded with expats and foreigners. The shopping, restaurants, and the pubs and bars here ooze a more ‘high-end’ kind of vibe. 

Indeed, coworking in Bali sounds like a surefire way to run your business. It’s like working in paradise. It’s a dream come true. 

Aside from the first-class service and amenities, what’s important is the really strong sense of community. 

People are always so helpful, they make connections genuinely, and they know how to mix personal and professional relationships naturally. 

Balancing work and play is a breeze on this beautiful island. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about losing out on fast WiFi when work calls.  

So, let the coworking spaces be the platform for you to write your own rules and reality!

The Best Coworking Space in Bali

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