Get paid to move to sardinia

How to Get Paid To Move To Sardinia : The Ultimate Guide!

Would you like to get paid to move to Sardinia?

Sardinia, the beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, is facing a population decline. 

When I think of Sardinia, I think of crystal-clear beaches, breathtaking mountains, and amazing Mediterranean food.

I also remember it as being one of the blue zones, places with many, many people over the age of 100!

I love the beach, I love to hike and I love to eat! Sardinia sounds like a dream destination to move to. 

Get paid to move to sardinia

So why are young Sardinians still moving out of Sardinia in droves, and why is the government trying to lure others to move here? 

Read on to find out all the information you need to know about getting paid to move to Sardinia. 

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Why Is The Government Paying People To Move To Sardinia?

Sardinia is a holiday destination that many people want to visit. So why would they have a depopulation problem?

Why would young people be moving out of Sardinia? 

Sardinia, like many places across Europe, is suffering from low birth rates and low fertility rates. 

It is also dealing with emigration. Many young people are leaving Sardinia to go to mainland Italy, and other parts of Europe. 

Initially, people were just moving from the internal villages to areas along the coasts. 

Areas along the coasts like Alghero, Cagliari, and Tortoli have more employment opportunities, which entices youth from remote villages. 

However a lot of work in Sardinia is seasonal since Sardinia’s main economic driver is tourism.

It makes sense for Sardinians to move elsewhere where they can have a more stable source of income. 

Many university-going students from Sardinia attend universities in mainland Italy or elsewhere in Europe. 

After attending university there, they try to find a job in the same city and decide to stay there permanently. This also leads to the loss of youth in Sardinia. 

Depopulation is becoming a serious issue in villages in the interior of Sardinia, so the government has taken a stand and is setting aside €45 million to help.

The move to Sardinia scheme awards €15000 to individuals who would like to move to any of the smaller municipalities of Sardinia. 

What are the requirements?

  • You need to move to a small town with a population of less than 3000
  • You need to use the money provided to buy or renovate a house in the village
  • The money provided cannot exceed more than 50% of the cost of the house
  • You must live in that municipality full-time and register for permanent residency within 18 months.

That sounds logical. The whole point of them offering the money is to get you to stay there, so the requirements make complete sense to me. 

If you are ok with these requirements and would love a chance to move to Sardinia and enjoy that slow, amazing life, what are you waiting for, amirite? 

Get paid to move to sardinia

How To Get Paid To Move To Sardinia

Now that you know the requirements, you might still be raring to go! That’s great, my friend. 

If you type ‘get paid to move to Sardinia’ in Google search, you will find many articles describing the same thing:

Get paid €15000 to move to Sardinia and live there. But nobody explains how to get it done. 

That’s probably because the Sardinia government website has no useful information on it. 

All I could find was this article describing the grant and this article which lists the names of all the municipalities involved

And it’s all in Italian!

You would think a government trying to lure people would have more accessible information online for the people who want to be lured. Apparently not!

This government wants you to really put in the effort and find some information. They’re trying to weed out the ones who are serious about this!

If you are serious about being lured, my best suggestion is to choose one of the municipalities on the list. 

Then, go to Google Maps and find a council or government office in that municipality. And call them. If you can’t speak Italian, get a friend who can. 

Surprisingly, all of these offices have websites as well. This one is for the municipality of Gadoni, and this one is for Ales. You can contact them via the website or email them.  

Get paid to move to sardinia

Issues You Might Face When Moving To Sardinia

If you did still decide to get paid to live in Sardinia, that’s great. But here are some issues that you might face while living in Sardinia. 

Since there’s such limited information available, I chose two random villages (Ales and Gadoni) from the list of participating municipalities. I then went to Google Maps to search for what facilities are / are not there in these villages.

1. Health Care

Most of the municipalities involved in this project are small villages. You cannot expect advanced healthcare facilities as they have very small populations. 

Sometimes, the village might not even have a doctor. 

That’s fine and all when you’re young and healthy. But when you’re older and more prone to health issues, this can be a real problem.

Also, if you have young kids, we all know how accident-prone they can be. Rushing to the nearest doctor or hospital can take a while, depending on where you live. 

Ales has one doctor for the entire village (but strangely, two dentists). It does have a Farmacia (pharmacy). 

Pharmacists are a great first stop before you head to see a doctor. You can purchase over-the-counter medication, prescription medication, supplements, and basic health supplies. 

Pharmacists are highly trained and can provide medical advice and recommend medications for minor ailments.

They will direct you to the nearest doctor if your medical issues need more assistance.

So farmacie (plural of farmacia) are necessary facilities in every village, especially with no doctor around. 

Gadoni, on the other hand, has no doctor. It does have a dentist. I’m starting to think Sardinians care more about their teeth than they do about other medical issues.

Gadoni also has a Farmacia

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2. Social Life

If you’ve lived in a city or even a bustling town, chances are that once you move to one of these remote villages in Sardinia, you’ll be bored outta your mind!

But if you’re after a remote, relaxed life, then I think you’re in luck. The slow life is the best life. 

This could finally be your chance to start that vegetable garden or knit some sweaters. 

Get paid to move to sardinia

But no matter how interested you are in vegetable gardens, you will need to interact with people. 

Sardinians can be quite reserved. But if you speak their language, and you’re not a rude person, I don’t see why it’ll be difficult to make friends. 

3. Schools And Education

Education in Italy is compulsory until the age of 16. Technically, all villages should have a primary school. High schools might be more difficult to find in remote villages.

Trawling through Google Maps, I see that Ales has four schools. That’s a pretty big deal in a tiny village, I would think. 

Gadoni has one school and one preschool. Not exactly ideal. 

The biggest city near Gadoni is Tortoli, which is close to 2 hours by car. Kids might not like the idea of a 2-hour drive to school every day. And neither would you. 

If you were planning on homeschooling your kids, this wouldn’t be an issue at all. It might be the best option when living in a remote village anywhere, not just Sardinia. 

4. Language

Popular tourist destinations in Sardinia are all located along the coast. Because of the high number of tourists arriving here, locals in the coastal areas and cities might be able to speak English.

In remote villages in the interior, locals mostly do not speak English. In some villages, the language of communication will be the Sardinian language. 

If you are interested in how to move to Sardinia, I think the first step might be to enroll in some Italian language classes. 

Get paid to move to sardinia

5. Finding A Job 

Sardinia’s unemployment rate ranges around 13%. The youth unemployment rate is even higher, around 32%

Just looking at the stats is probably enough to tell you that it’s quite difficult to find a job here in Sardinia. 

Not speaking Italian and not knowing the right people can make it even more difficult to find a job. People give jobs to people they know. 

If you’re serious about living in Sardinia, there are other options available, when it comes to employment.  

Remote work is a great option if you want to move to a remote region anywhere in the world. All you need is your laptop and a wifi connection, and you’re good to go. 

Another excellent option is to start your own business. Starting your own business not only provides you with an income but also benefits the community. 

Because you would create jobs for the locals there as well!

Starting your own business is a great way on how to make money in Italy. 

Get paid to move to sardinia

FAQs On Get Paid To Move To Sardinia

Will Sardinia Pay You To Live There?

Can you get paid to live in Sardinia? Well, Sardinia is paying you to move here and make it your home. 

The Sardinian government will contribute €15,000 to families who buy their first homes in a rural village in Sardinia.

You will have to meet some requirements, namely:

  • Move to a small village with less than 3000 people
  • Use that money to buy or renovate a home 
  • The money cannot exceed 50% of the price of the home or the renovation costs of the home
  • You must live there full-time
  • You must apply for permanent residency within 18 months.

2. Is It Hard To Find A Job In Sardinia? 

It is hard to find a job in Sardinia. With high unemployment rates across the island, and especially in remote villages, there are not enough jobs to go around.

This is the main reason for young people leaving the island. They want to find jobs.

If you don’t speak Italian, finding a job in Sardinia will be more of an issue.

Finding a job in Sardinia can also be a social issue. People give jobs to people they know. If you are an outsider, it will make it much harder to find a job.

Instead of finding a job in Sardinia, a better option would be to work remotely or start your own business. 

Starting a business has the additional benefit of creating new jobs for locals as well. 

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3. Is It Expensive To Live In Sardinia? 

If you’re wondering if it is expensive to live in Sardinia, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s cheaper than living in the U.S. or the U.K. 

Sardinia is slightly more expensive to live in than mainland Italy. But this will vary depending on which part of Sardinia you live in.

The Sardinia cost of living also depends highly on your lifestyle.

The cities along the coastal areas, like Oristano, Cagliari, Tortoli, would be more expensive than a tiny village in the remote interior. 

Things that can be grown within Sardinia tend to be cheaper (and much better quality). Eggs, fruits and vegetables are cheaper. 

Things like gas, which has to be shipped in from the mainland, are more expensive than in mainland Italy. 

Get paid to move to sardinia

Well, there you have it. Everything (well, almost) you need to know about getting paid to move to Sardinia.

If you’ve always wondered, ‘Can I move to Sardinia?’, this is your chance! 

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