Teach English Online South Africa

Teach English Online (South Africa Edition)

Teach English Online (South Africa Edition)

I am creating a ‘Teach English Online South Africa Edition’ because it is no secret that online teaching jobs for South Africans can be hard to find.


Whether we like to admit it or not, parts of the world are still quite prejudice and would prefer to hire ‘white’ native speakers to teach their students.

That, coupled with the lack of awareness that English is the first language of most South Africans leads to the incorrect classification of South Africans to be non-native speakers… and thus paid less.

However, there are still many online schools that are more open-minded and are hiring south African teachers to teach English online.


I am not a recruiter and I DO NOT earn anything if you click on any of my links to the online schools. I am providing this information on the schools based on personal experience, research on forums, and by speaking to various teachers in those online schools.

You are welcome to choose any school that suits your circumstances as I DO NOT earn any money from online school referral links.

However, there may be links to products and services recommended on here that are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

Teach English Online South Africa – The Benefits

  • You get to work from the comfort of your own home
  • You get to earn in dollars, euros, and pounds
  • You have an appreciation for multiple languages, so you can better assist a learner
  • You can work while you travel

Teach English Online Jobs From South Africa- How to start?

  1. Have a 120 hour Teaching English as a Foreign Language ‘TEFL’ certificate
  2. Have a headset* and a laptop
  3. A good internet connection
  4. A degree- This is optional but it helps if you have it
  5. Teaching experience – This is optional but it helps if you have it

*It is good to have, but I just used my Apple earphones

2- A Teaching English as a Foreign Language ‘TEFL’ certificate

This is NON-NEGOTIABLE. If you want to find teach English online jobs from home in South Africa, the ONLY way a school is going to hire you is if you have some form of teaching qualification.

The good news is, you can get one quick, for a reasonable price, online.

I recommend the 120-hour online course ran by Let’s TEFL which focuses specifically on online teaching as well as teaching English as a foreign language

I have taken the course myself and the great thing about this TEFL compared to other providers is its focus on preparing you to teach English online.

By the end of the 120-hour TELF certificate, you will have both the qualification and knowledge to teach English as a second language.

Note- I have taken the course myself.

Teaching English Online South Africa with Let's TEFL

Teach English Online South Africa – Places Hiring

Without further due, here is a list of 28 places that will hire you to teach English online from South Africa

  1. Early Birds Education

Classes with Early Birds Education are 25 minutes with students from the age of 5 to 15. They pay their teachers a flat rate of £7.50 per class. They do not require teachers to provide feedback or spend a lot of time preparing for classes.

They provide all materials and offer support at all times. If you are interested in applying, their email is earlybirdsedu@gmail.com

  1. Waijiaoyi

Waijiaoyi pays between $10-$22 per hour. Peak hours are 13:00-18:00 on weekdays and 08:00-18:00 on weekends. A degree is Required

  1. Landi English

Landi English pay $13-$16 and their Peak Hours (Beijing Time) are Weekdays: 18:30 – 21:00 and Weekends: 09:00 – 21:00

  1. NovaKid

NovaKid is an American company that pays around  $16 per hour, with a flexible schedule. Their students are mainly kids between 4-12.

  1. VivaLing

VivaLing focuses on children and their payment is between $13-$38 per hour

  1. Lingoda

Lingoda pays $7-$13 per hour and they have flexible hours so you can teach 24/7.
You need to have a degree to join.

  1. BlingABC

Bling ABC pay $15-$27 per hour and require a degree to join

  1. Verbal Planet

Verbal Planet doesn’t require a degree and has 24/7 flexible hours. Payment is $12-$26 per hour.

  1. Skima Talk

Skima Talk pay between $10-$16 USD per hour and no degree is required. The hours are flexible.

  1. UUabc

UUABC payment per hour is $14 – $20,  Peak Hours (Beijing Time) are Weekdays: 17:50 – 21:15 and Weekends: 10:15 – 21:15

  1. Panda ABC

Panda ABC pays between $13-$30 per hour and they have group classes. Their peak hours (Beijing Time) are Weekdays: 18:30 – 21:00 and

  1. ABC360


ABC 360 pay between $11 to $15 per hour and their students are aged between 5-15 years of age. You need to have a bachelor’s degree and commit to at least 12 teaching hours per week (3 hours a day, 4 days a week, Beijing time).


  1. Palfish

Palfish pay between $10 to $18 per hour and you need to commit to at least 3.5 hours a week, a degree is required for their kids’ program and a TEFL.


  1. Say ABC


Say ABC pay between $15 to $28 for a 40-minute lesson for group lessons. You have to have a bachelor’s degree and they assign 3 months contracts which can be renewed easily.

 Note- A South African teacher mentioned in a FB Group that they aren’t hiring anymore but then another one said they are. So approach with caution, try for yourself but just keep this in mind if you don’t hear from them. 

  1. Micro Language


Micro Language pays between $18 to $22 and you will be teaching kid aged between 3-18. They prepare the coursework for you and classes are between 25 to 50 minutes long.


  1. LikeShuo

The pay at Like Shuo pays between $14-16 per hour and has a flexible schedule.

 Note- A South African teacher mentioned in a FB Group that they aren’t hiring anymore but then another one said they are. So approach with caution, try for yourself but just keep this in mind if you don’t hear from them. 

  1. Hi Talk

Hi Talk pay between $12 – $16 per hour and require online teaching experience and the ability to commit to at least 10 hours a week.

The great thing about Hi Talk is that it’s an adult-onlyaudio-only platform. Which means you can work in your pajamas!

  1. Dada ABC


Dada ABC pays you between $15 – $25 and they require a degree. The rate also depends on how well your demo class goes. I used to work for Dada and they were really good to me!

But something to note it, there have been reports from some South African teachers that they weren’t hired due to their race but I definitely saw quite a few South African teachers when I worked there. Maybe their policy has changed.

 Note- A South African teacher mentioned in a FB Group that they aren’t hiring anymore but then another one said they are. So approach with caution, try for yourself but just keep this in mind if you don’t hear from them. 

  1. Cambly


Cambly is one of my favorite platforms. It is a conversational English platform that pays $10.50 an hour. No preparation or classes needed. You just log in, take calls and talk!

Very flexible and easy to get started. It is a great online teaching South Africa job

  1. First future


First Future pay between  $18 – $23 an hour but you need to have a Bachelor’s degree, 1-year teaching experience, and a TEFL certificate or teaching qualification.


  1. I Tutor Group


I Tutor Group starts at $10 per hour but some teachers have been known to make $30 an hour. All the teaching materials are provided and teachers need a Bachelor’s degree, a TEFL certificate or equivalent and at least 1-year teaching experience


  1. iqbar

iqbar pay £10 an hour on weekdays and £12 an hour on weekends, Teachers can choose to be contracted or Flexi, but contracted teachers earn a higher rate.

Teachers need to be a native speaker of English or be fluent with a clear accent, have at least a 120-hour TEFL certificate or equivalent and 1 year of teaching experience.


  1. Amazing Talker

 Amazing Talker has flexible hours, you set the rate and the course and materials.

  1. Wonderkids

  2. 51 Talk

  3. Native Camp

  4. English E Class


Tip 1- I have found some really good online teaching opportunities for South Africans on Facebook groups. I recommend you join :

Tip 2- Don’t be afraid to find your own private students using FB ads or by posting your services on South African Facebook groups.

That way, when people search for ‘ TEFL online South Africa’ your name will come up

Tip 3 – A really good resource to find online teaching jobs south Africa is here.

Online Teaching Jobs for South Africans- How to Increase Your Rate

There are so many, many online schools out there and unfortunately, some pay better than others.

It can be incredibly demotivating to find out you are going to be paid significantly less than others although you are a native speaker.

I have a solution:


Offer to teach English ALONG WITH A SKILL.

For example, I niched down to become a Business English Tutor and an English IELTS Specialist.


Because these two areas are in high demand and working professionals who want to improve their language skills, and climb the corporate ladder, have the money and desire to pay Business English teachers to help.

Also, students will pay EXCELLENT MONEY to learn how to pass IELTS exams.

You essentially fix a specific problem for the student using the English language, so the student pays you more for the privilege of learning how to fix it.

You could also offer to teach:


  • English + Business skills
  • English + Pronunciation specific lessons on accent modification
  • English + Presentation skills
  • English vocabulary + conversation skills

Those are just a few ideas if you are interested to teach English online as a South African.

How to become an IELTS Specialist:

If you want to become an IELTS Teacher, take the Teaching IELTS 30 Hour Online course. It trains you on how to become an online IELTS teacher, so you can charge a higher rate.

Once I up-skilled and became an IELTS specialist and Business English, my rate went from $15 per hour to about $40-$65 per hour.

I could work less because I earned more and spend my free time learning how to create other income sources or gallivanting around the countryside on my motorbike.

Ps; If you like adventure travel, let’s connect on Instagram! I want to see your pictures 🙂

How to become a Business English Teacher 

The Teaching Business English 30 Hour Online Course will train you to become a Business English teacher. You receive personal tutor support, training on lesson plans, and an internationally recognized certificate, and anything you need to know about the job market.

Also, use any work experience you have working for a company in an office to help you with your lesson plans. Practical life examples are what students need.

Teach English Online South Africa Edition- Are You Still Unsure?

From time to time I receive messages from teachers who prefer a bit more training or have specific areas they need training on, so they can increase their rate quickly.

 I recommend you go through all the free information on my blog first and then if you still need some extra guidance,drop me a note. My coaching rate is reasonable and I give discounts to my existing subscribers.

I have course materials, my own lesson plans, and training summarised for anyone that wants to learn how to increase their rate and start finding well paid private students.

But don’t just listen to me, you can have a look at their reviews here and decide for yourself whether it is something you need.

I don’t have time to teach more than 2-3 hours so I intend to train you up and get you ready in 2-3 hours max.

Teach English Online From Home South Africa – Some Tips to Succeed

1.Decorate your background

Even though you are teaching from the comfort of your own home, you must be professional and treat it like any other job i.e. don’t turn up in your pajamas.

Always ensure your back is turned to a wall and decorate the wall with appropriate learning materials.

If you are teaching kids, stick a map behind you and some balloons.

I normally put a map behind me and the company logo but if you are teaching adults, make sure your background is white and looks professional.

  1. Play Music in Your Classes

Students LOVE music and dancing. I use it as a reward for children that do well in class. It also gives me a break.

Back in the day when I had housemates, they knew every single word to the song Frozen as they heard me teaching it to all my kids.


TPR stands for Total Physical Response.

Please google and youtube it as you will be tested on it in the interview and demo classes. It’s easy and you need to know about it

  1. A Killer Introduction Video

Some online schools will ask for an introduction video as part of your online application, to assess how you speak and communicate as a teacher.

Many teachers don’t take this seriously and then wonder why they don’t get booked by students!

Make sure you include :

  • Your qualifications and experience
  • What you will teach and how
  • ALWAYS include what the student will gain from your classes
  • End it with a smile.

4.Use Props

If you are teaching children,  props are a lifesaver. get some alphabet cards, fruit, and a few puppets. Also, a free app that makes animal sounds goes down well too.

Don’t spend too much money but head to the local supermarket and get some toys from the kids’ section.

5. Assign Homework

You will have to assign homework to your students during or after your classes. My advice here is, don’t spend too long on this as it is unpaid.

I just ask my students to draw stuff and then label the drawing with English words or I ask them to read a newspaper article and to identify vocabulary they don’t understand.

6. Utilize Teaching resources


If you are racking your brains trying to figure out what material to teach, you can use the resources below.

Most of them are free and some are paid.



Well there you have it,  A Teach English Online South Africa Edition!

Hope it was helpful and you find a well-paid opportunity to help you earn more and save as well as teach English from home in South Africa


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