get paid to wear clothes on instagram

Get Paid to Wear Clothes On Instagram: 15 Ways That PAY WELL!! 

Have you ever wondered how to get paid to wear clothes on Instagram? 

You see it all the time when you’re scrolling through Instagram, a person posing on the staircase with their latest haul with the brands tagged. 

You can’t stop thinking if you too can be that person that get paid to wear clothes on Instagram. The answer is, you can too! 

I’ll share with you websites that are constantly on the lookout for brand ambassadors and tips on get paid to wear clothes on Instagram. 

Get Paid to Wear Clothes On Instagram:

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Get Paid to Wear Clothes On Instagram

1. Get Into The Fashion Niche

First and foremost, are you in the correct niche currently? If you’re constantly posting pictures of food on your Instagram it’s high time to change that. 

Get into the niche you’d like to get paid from, so that people are more inclined to follow and be influenced by you! 

The riches are in the niches, so NICHE DOWN into the fashion niche!

It also makes other brands more confident when you present them your profile knowing very well you’re acing those ootd’s and fashion haul! 

2. Prepare Media Kits 

When you present yourself to brands out there, you must have a media kit ready to showcase what you’re able to offer. 

In this media kit, you’d also have to list down how many brands you’ve already collaborated with and what is your worth. 

Listing down your worth helps brands to gauge how much they need to pay you with the amount of exposure and clothes you’ll be getting from them. 

This media kit can be given every time a brand approaches you or vice versa. 

Your media kit has to show your credibility in influencing your followers to purchase what you recommend.

3. Instagram Brand Content

Register yourself with Instagram Brand Content And as you grow, you can start getting paid by brands for sharing that intel.

Brands will be able to send a ‘project’ that allows you to review the details and requirements of an opportunity, as well as the rate, all within the app. 

You’ll receive projects directly in the ‘Partnership messages’ folder.

However, this feature is only available in the Business and creator accounts on US Instragram only. You can view the paid partnership Instagram eligibility on the site. 

4. Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to get paid to model clothes on Instagram? I’m quite sure you do because who doesn’t? 

Once you’ve got a following on your Instagram it’s a great idea to start enrolling yourself in affiliate marketing as you promote clothes on your feed like a clothing promoter! 

Even if you have no experience with affiliate marketing, you can take up an online course to help you master affiliate marketing

Here’s a list of companies that will pay you to wear their clothes under their affiliate program

Amazon has one of the largest bases and pays well, different products will have different commission percentages.

What you earn for a Ray Ban sunglasses might be different for a Topshop blouse. Imagine a whole outfit top to toe from different brands all with affiliate marketing! 

You can apply to be part of their affiliate on their site.  

Reebok offers a 7% commission rate on all their affiliate marketing. 

Footwear can be a bit tricky to showcase on the feed and if you’re only comfortable in only clothes they have a wide range of sportswear too! 

My Lala Leggings has a great affiliate program. It gives out a 25% commission on your sales and if you build a team, you can still earn a 5% commission on 1st tier sales! 

It’s also one of the easiest to recommend, what lady out there does not have a pair of leggings in their closet? 

Do check out their affiliate program, it’s a must enroll. 

Dresslily is one website that gives out a pretty good percentage rate at a 30% commission fee.

It also has 3 different categories for you to choose from, an agency, influencer or individual. 

The website sells women’s clothes from dresses to accessories, shoes and even swimwear! 

Don’t worry, there’s also a men’s section so if you’re a guy this can still be an option. However, the options are not as wide as the women’s category. 

Sign up for their affiliate program today. 

UrbaneBox is an online subscription that sends you clothes right to your doorstep! Their stylist will curate a box every month based on your styling preference. 

You’ll be surprised every month! 

UrbaneBox pays $15 for every subscriber, a 6% commission rate on average, and if you’re a super affiliate marketing you’ll be paid $25

UrbaneBox is one of the companies that send you clothes to model.  

For those that have a more relaxed style, you can opt for Teespring. Their platform consists of T-shirts, hoodies, leggings, sweats and more. 

You’ll be paid for every product you’re able to sell. 

Get paid to wear Shein clothes with their affiliate marketing! The percentage ranges from 10-20% commission rate.

Levels and upgrades depend on your registered site, which means Shein UK might have a different affiliate program as compared to Shein US. 

5. Fashion Referral 

Referral programs are slightly different to affiliate marketing. 

The referral program is where you earn money from getting a user to sign up with the platform you are recommending. 

You can refer when you’re doing an unboxing video with your referral code in the link.

Rent the Runway gives you 40% off on the first month and gives you another free spot for you to refer to someone. 

You also can share your reward with any of your friends and family. If you like the program, you can start referring here. 

Just like Rent the Runway, Swap gives out 40% off when the customer you referred has purchased more than $20

During referral, the person you referred to has to input your details for the website to detect that they were introduced by you. 

6. Product Tester 

Products need your honest feedback regarding their clothes! 

Surveys and feedback are always important no matter how big your company is because feedback is what makes companies improve. 

Improvement makes them think of their next product to sell, hence why they need people to become product testers! 

Here are some major brands that you can apply to be a product tester. Bear in mind that most of these big brands don’t pay you.

They might give you some goodie bags and if you’re good enough, who knows if they might upgrade you to become a fashion ambassador! 

Did you know you can apply to be a tester for Adidas? 

You need to fill in their form, and if you’re the perfect fit of what they’re looking for based on size and criteria they will send you the products! 

You’ll be given 2-4 weeks to test out the product and give detailed feedback based on your daily activity using the product. 

Once you’re done you would need to return the product to them. Interested? Check out to see if you meet their criteria

Are you an enthusiast with a broad variety? If you consider yourself one you can also apply to become a part of Columbia’s product tester. 

In Columbia, you can opt to test products for clothing or footwear. 

Just like the other brands, once you apply to test their products the company would vet through based on your answers if you’re the perfect candidate. 

Apply to become a Columbia product tester here. 

Become a product tester by sharing yourself in a profile test. 

Once you’ve been selected you’ll be a part of the New Balance Tester community and you’ll always be notified when a new prototype is being released. 

Saucony doesn’t only sell footwear, they also have apparel and a selection for kids! Fill in their form and they’ll contact you if you’ve been selected! 

7. Mystery Shopper 

Have you heard of mystery shoppers? Mystery shoppers are when you go to the store, act like a genuine buyer and purchase! 

The idea of a mystery shopper is to test the service of the store, product knowledge and even product. Here are a few companies worth looking at. 

Market Force has over 100,000 companies under them for you to go on mystery shopping! 

They have different types of industries that are involved in food, retail, finance, and even theater! 

You can schedule a day of shopping, and eating, be reimbursed for the amount that you’ve spent and on top of that be paid! 

What I love about this platform is that you’re able to pick the shops from the convenience of your phone or tablet! 

You can also see the availability of what stores are near you, schedule the time of visit, complete your task, take pictures, and send in your report! 

8. Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is one of the most used marketing strategies for brands. Brands are always on the lookout for people to carry their brands. 

Even as you scroll on Instagram you would always see influencers or artists collaborate with brands. 

Some of these influencers will create content to make their post more interesting to attract users. 

It’s always great if you can come out with good quality content to attract more brands to reach out to you for potential collaboration. 

This is a great way to get paid to wear clothes on Instagram for free!

Here’s my story on how I managed to get $15’000 on Instagram just on Sponsored post with just 1000 followers! 

If only I knew there are free courses that I could have taken, I would have probably made more money on Instagram sooner. 

9. Youtube Channel 

Once you have a base following, it’s always great to have a Youtube Channel as well. 

Since you’re already creating reels and videos on Instagram, you just need to upload the longer version on Youtube. 

Unboxing videos and product reviews garner an average of 2M views and sooner or later you’ll get your gold plate from Youtube. 

10. Flip Clothes

The upside of becoming a fashion icon is that you will always end up with lots and lots of clothes. 

Most probably more clothes than you want to keep, when you decide that, you can always sell them back on the marketplace! 

Here are a few marketplaces where you can sell your clothes. 

thredUP is great for those that have tons of clothes but have minimal time to create a listing. 

You can list your items for free however you will be charged a certain amount for processing fee and will be charged higher if you’d like your item to be expedited. 

get paid to wear clothes on instagram
  •  Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace is a very great option to consider. It’s free, you won’t be charged with anything and all you need to do is just post a picture. 

However, if you are an influencer or an upcoming artist, this may not be the best platform to be on as people will recognise your Facebook.

You can still do it with Facebook if you’re using a maiden name so no one needs to know it is you! 

Poshmark is another great site if you have lots of designer brands to let go of. You can sell them for any amount that you feel is right for you. 

Like any other platforms, they will charge a 20% processing fee if your item is listed above $15. 

11. Brand Ambassador 

Clothing brand ambassador is slightly different from affiliate marketing. In this role, you have to do more than just review the products and post them on your feed. 

Brand ambassadors help market, launch new products, review services, write blogs, do unboxing videos and so much more. 

The work may be tougher, however, it’s great exposure and if you land to be a brand ambassador for a big brand everyone will recognize you.

Hence more following for you. Gaining more followers on your Instagram will help you in the long run as other brands will see you as more influential.

Brand ambassadors are usually paid $52,000 annually or $25 hourly according to  

12. Brand Ambassadors for Swimwear 

Farai is all about summers. Bright and airy! This brand became especially popular when Kylie Jenner used one of their swimwear. 

This brand is always on the lookout for stylish clothing ambassadors. You’ll catch the attention of Farai as you build a strong presence on Instagram. 

Breezy Swim sells all kinds of swimwear, bikinis, two pieces and even one-piece suits.

This company highly depends on their brand ambassadors to do their marketing for them so they are always on the lookout. 

You can visit their site to be part of their clothing ambassador programs. 

As an ambassador, you’ll receive a 15% commission and will be invited to many of their events! 

Opensponsorship is a platform that helps brands find athletes, music artists, and content creators for the brand’s marketing campaigns. 

Brands can get transparent data about the influencer before committing. 

Sign up on Opensponsorship to get your name enlisted in their database for a chance of getting hired by a prestige clothing brand. 

13. Laid Back Style is a brand that was known for paying people to wear T-shirts. However, they may no longer be in business. 

You can take a look at their website, whether or not they may reply is uncertain. 

Fret not, there was a time when a guy decided to wear slogan T-shirts and all he did was blog, tweet, post about his T-shirts and now he’s making big money out of it! is known for dealing with t-shirts. 

The major role of the company is to connect clothing brands with consumers who like to wear their clothes and advertise these products.

Enjoy Leggings is now looking for brand ambassadors to help market their brand! 

Enjoy benefits as their ambassador and get first looks at their new products, exposure as they repost your content and even free leggings! 

One Tribe offers its customers Bohemian-style clothing from jewelry, dresses, tops, pants and even accessories! 

As a brand ambassador, you’ll be able to get 25% store credit for the sales you make! 

You can accumulate as much store credit as you’d like before redeeming it as a voucher on One Tribe. 

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14. Fights for a cause 

Izzy and Liv is a lifestyle brand that supports black culture. If you’re a brown sugar babe with a strong presence on social media, feel free to apply as their brand ambassador. 

Being Izzy and Liv’s brand ambassador gives you a lot of exclusive benefits that come in terms of a free clothing box for the duration you are their brand ambassador. 

Other exclusive benefits such as discounts, sneak peeks for upcoming products and exposure on their social media are also part of being their ambassador. 

They are even widening their brand ambassador program to kids, so if you have anyone in mind apply them today! 

Happy Earth Apparel is one company that’s main objective is to give back to planet Earth. Every piece of clothing made by Happy Earth is organic cotton. 

As someone that cares highly about Mother Earth, enrolling in this reputable company not only earns you brownie points but you’d also be contributing to helping the environment. 

Brand ambassadors for Happy Earth Apparel get exclusive products, and even earn a flat 15% commission rate. 

Another great brand that has the environment in mind is Sand Cloud. Everything they do from packaging to design is sustainability to save the marine ecosystem.

Are you an ocean lover? If you are, Sand Cloud is looking for brand ambassadors that share the same love to preserve marine life. 

Patagonia is an outdoor and clothing gear that focuses to protect the land and sea. 

1% of Patagonia’s total sales go back to domestic and international grassroots environmental projects. 

To be a part of Patagonia you require to be a professional athlete or environmentalist. You can sign up here to be Patagonia Pro.

15. Fashion Forward 

Amazing lace is all about being fashionable. Sass and attitude are what they are looking for when it comes to brand ambassadors. 

Grab the opportunity to become an ambassador for clothing and benefit from all the styling you will get from Amazing Lace! 

Unemployed Denim is for a laid-back comfort style! Unemployed Denim aims to expand its team with brand ambassadors to help market its brand. 

You can fill out their form on the site to be part of the team! 

Want to earn free gear on top of commissions? 

Give Just Strong a try and get a chance to earn lifetime 20% discount codes, features on Just Strong social accounts and sneak peeks at products! 

Earn rewards and commissions from ADAY! ADAY clothing style is clothes that you can constantly wear on repetitions and throughout the day – hence its name. 

They also support sustainability and came out with a line that is friendlier to our environment. 

FAQs on Get Paid to Wear Clothes On Instagram

Does Instagram Pay Money? 

Does Instagram pay money you may ask, the answer is you may receive income from earning from monetization tools. Certain projects from the creator marketplace that states “paid through Instagram” is income from branded content that you’ve partnered with.You can manage this feature in your Instagram payout settings in the professional dashboard that says ‘tapPayouts’. 

How Do You Get Paid For Wearing Clothes On Instagram?

If you’ve wondered how do you get paid for wearing clothes on Instagram, the trick is to do affiliate marketing! You can establish affiliate marketing with fashion brands and retailers so you can promote them both via online and offline marketing. Affiliate works by influencing your audience to purchase from your special link. 

Do Influencers Get Free Clothes? 

If you’ve been wondering do influencers get free clothes, you are right! As a compensation for promoting a brand, influencers often are rewarded with free clothes from the brand. Clothing companies usually give free products in exchange for a review or advertisement on the fashion influencer’s social media post or videos. 

I hope the tips above will give you that confidence boost that you need to start to get paid to wear clothes on Instagram and how to get paid partnerships with brands. 

Once you’ve started your engine, the sky’s the limit and you can venture to other social media platforms other than just Instagram. 

If you are a born fashionista and your heart is calling out for you, there’s no reason to delay any longer. 

Start getting that media kit ready and finding the right brand for you! Who knows the next time you’re posting an OOTD, money is rolling into your bank account! 

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